Chen Geng’s voice fell,There was a burst of laughter at the scene:Chen Geng is quite interesting。
Zhang Changmou is a little embarrassed,He just about to explain,But Chen Geng waved his hand:“just kidding,Don’t mind Zhang Deputy Bureau。”
“I do not mind……”Zhang Changmou’s dumbfounding way。
Adjusted the atmosphere a bit,Chen Geng became serious again:“Deputy Bureau Zhang has just told everyone about the significance of this cooperation,I will tell you something different、At the same time, I believe this is what everyone here is most concerned about:product quality。
I don’t know if any of you here think‘The contracts are signed,As long as I produce,Can you still do?’,But I will tell you,This kind of fluke is best not to have,If you look at the sample contract we provided earlier,You will find that the product quality、The testing method has strict regulations,I will conduct random inspections for each batch of parts from each manufacturer,As long as the unqualified ones are randomly detected,Not only will the entire batch be returned,You have to compensate for the loss……”
“It’s not fair!”
Chen Geng’s voice just fell,Someone shouted immediately。
“unfair?”Chen Geng smiled:“Why not fair?”
I probably saw that Chen Geng didn’t mean to pursue it,The person who was talking suddenly became bolder:“Of course it’s not fair,You keep saying what if our products are not up to standard,Are all good for you,Why?”
Hear this,Zhang Changmou suddenly couldn’t sit still:“Mr. Chen……”
Without waiting for Zhang Changmou to finish,Chen Geng shook his head,Signal he doesn’t mind,Low channel:“Nothing,Leave it to me。”
Hesitated,Zhang Changmou finally nodded。
Chen Geng:“The gentleman who just said that these terms are in our favor,You think this condition is not fair enough for you、I think Chen Geng can make a lot of money just by shipping the parts you produce to the U.S.,But you have to work hard in sweat,So you feel unfair,Right?”
“Isn’t it that way,You capitalists are vampires……”
vampire?Chen Geng smiled,It’s been a long time since I heard someone call myself that,It feels kinda kind:“Since you think we are just sitting back、The vampire lying on you,Then I have to ask a rhetorical question:Why don’t you go to America to sell your products??This way,You don’t have to be exploited by me as a vampire, right?。”