“forget it,Even if the spider is gone,But I don’t necessarily have the ability to return to the royal family and meet their princess。the most important is,At the beginning, I wanted to get the title through spiders。I am not a nobleman now,It’s not right!No change at all from before!”Liu Xing is very angry,I think Qin Feng is nonsense。

Then Qin Feng shook his head,“no no,Of course it’s not over yet。Although the spider was broken up,Has lost the ability to fight in large groups。But some of their senior staff are still running around,Even originally they have close relations with some European countries。At this time we will find those people,Then it shouldn’t be difficult to use some means to get you the noble title award!”
“This.”Liu Xing was obviously moved by Qin Feng’s words。
Chapter Four Hundred Three chapters
Seeing the meteor so divine change,Qin Feng knew that his flicker still worked,“Then it’s so decided,You clean up and get ready,We will leave tonight or tomorrow,I find a place to sleep first!”
Qin Feng was naturally tired after watching the plane for several hours,So apart from anything else, find an empty room and lie down and sleep。
Knowing that Qin Feng left,Liu Xingcai recovered from his meditation,“Bastard Qin Feng,He hasn’t apologized to me yet!I actually talked to him like this!Forget it,Big men shouldn’t be angry about this little thing!”
Liu Xing shook his head,He has always thought about his trip to Europe。But because I know my strength is not enough,So I haven’t been able to act。After returning to Myanmar, I have been living a life like a bastard。
He feels he needs to wait for a chance,only,His strength does not allow himself to do this。To know,There are a lot of spiders,Even if any,Not something Liu Xing can contend with。
And now,Since Qin Feng proposed it,And according to what Chu Xiao said before,Qin Feng belongs to the Sky Series,So he thinks,If you follow Qin Feng,Not necessarily without chance。
of course,Qin Feng said before that he wanted to catch a certain spider’s high-level fish that slipped through the net.bī)Forcing him to help,Liu Xing knows this is unrealistic。So,He plans to test Qin Feng’s strength first.,In case Liu Xing is not much different from him,Then you will lose your life if you suffer.!
So he must confirm that the two teams have the ability to protect themselves。But Liu Xing remembered Qin Feng’s spear skills,Think it’s useful。
finally,After thinking twice,Liu Xing went to Qin Feng’s room,Then kick the door open again。
If you don’t say anything, you must fight Qin Feng directly。