Tadao Hojo is also an old fox in the mall,Click until,Immediately nodded:“understand,understand!I just said it casually,Let’s implement as originally planned!I hope the new issue will become a hit。”

“Lu Sang,I’m actually a scholar,I like Mishima Yukio’s work very much,I also visited Mr. Yoshiki Tanaka,I have a deep memory of Tanaka-kun who killed everyone。”
Tadao Hojo takes a turn,I tried to discuss literature with Lu Menglin again。
Lu Menglin heard the other party mention the famous Tian Zhong Fangshu,Can’t help laughing:“Yes!Butcher Tanaka deserves his name,Whenever I think of the chapter where Yang Weili was assassinated,Will be very tangled in my heart。”
Tadao Hojo is a character who is very good at communicating with people,He has a keen sense of smell,It’s easy to find what you have in common with each other。
“Lu Sang,Why don’t we go have a drink!”Tadao Hojo smiled。
“Just us?Ha ha,Don’t use it anymore!”Lu Menglin shook his head and smiled。
“Haha!An old saying in your country,Since ancient times, celebrities are really romantic!And I have always felt,Life alive,Aesthetic wine and beauty can not be disappointed!Lu Sang,please hold on,Let me arrange。”
Talk about it,Tadao Hojo beckoned at the crowd not far away。
Someone over there has been paying attention to the movement here,Seeing Tadao Hojo beckoning,Two people quickly greeted me。
“Xiaoqi,Lu Sang and I are going to drink。Need beauty,You go find some of the best!”When Tadao Hojo spoke to this little seven,,Arrogant,Like ordering a dog。
The young man named Xiaoqi looks gentle,Wearing a pure white designer shirt,Citizen on my wrist,Looks like a dog,I didn’t expect to do this kind of business。
“Good!no big deal,I will handle it。”Xiao Qi nodded and bowed。
“Wait a minute!”Tadao Hojo stopped him suddenly。
“We just drink purely,Lu Sang and I are very pure people。do you understand?The beauty you found,It’s best to be a simple girl,Just like them,Understand?”