This move is beneficial to the overall interests of the entire Golden Triangle region,Especially after the Ten Billion Club took over the forces of the Golden Triangle,It also advocates the use of duels to resolve conflicts,Avoid unnecessary wars。

of course,Those who are eligible to participate in the seed duel are the big warlords of the Golden Triangle and the surrounding big forces,Those who are not strong enough have long been swallowed so that there is no hair left,Naturally there is no chance to enjoy this treatment。
quickly,This primitive bloody duel scene,Aroused the animality of everyone present。
Chadu guessed his face flushed with excitement,Shouted at the opposite side:“Fifty million dollars!I paid 50 million dollars for this!The seed I guess will win!”
I heard that General Chatuchai was so generous,The audience thundered,Those people’s eyes are full of naked longing。
Liu Niu’er narrowed his eyes,The expression on his face looks a little weird,He seems to dislike hearing such cheers,Because in this city,He thinks he is the richest person。
“I am Liu Niu’er,Bet 80 million dollars!”Liu Niu’er raised his right arm,Shouted with a serious face。
“80 million dollars?”There was another commotion around the crowd,This number is amazing,As expected of Liu Niu’er,The richest person in the Golden Triangle。
I guess I heard Liu Niu’er’s offer,Haha laughed:“The money is amazing!Have to win!”
Liu Niu’er beckoned,His subordinates actually carried the box forward,Crash all of a sudden,Pour the large dollar bills in the box in front of everyone。
At once,Like cooking oil,Ignited the emotions of the audience。
It’s the same thing to ask for a price,It’s another matter to really pour the dollar bills in front of you!This scene is too exciting,Too shocking。
Chatuchi’s face suddenly sank,He won’t be as crazy as Liu Niu’er,Take 80 million dollars with me,But this way,The momentum seems to be suppressed by the opponent。
Thousands of people present all turned their attention to Chadukui,I want to see how this great warlord leader will respond。
Chatuches and laughs,Attract everyone’s attention with a burst of laughter,Then he glared,Tao:“I brought a dozen cars,Over a hundred people come。Whether it is weapons,Quality of personnel,All the best。If I lose,They all belong to you!”
This remark,The audience was in an uproar again。
To know,A hundred ordinary people is nothing,But one hundred well-armed elite soldiers in the Golden Triangle are no joke,All the belongings of many small and medium-sized forces may not have such strength!
“it is good!I bet you!”Liu Niu’er laughed loudly。
At this moment,Hong Tairan, who was sitting next to Chatuchai, stood up,Said with a smile:“Count me too!A small bet,Ten million dollars,Plus four green leaf dragon fruits。”