7 medical institutions in Dongcheng suspend business

Original title: Dongcheng 7 medical institutions suspend business news (Reporter Sun Leqi correspondent Lu Jing Ting) Dongcheng Endo Preservation Office completed the full coverage supervision and inspection of 286 social office small medical institutions in the whole district, and found that there was an epidemic prevention and control problem in the inspection. The medical institutions are disclosed, and the administrative punishment and order to suspend business.

  In order to urge the medical institution to prevent the prevention and control of the epidemic, consolidate the subject of the medical institution’s epidemic prevention and control, the Dongcheng District Wei Prefare Department urgently mobilizes 40 working groups and 3 professional departments, and the 286 social school small medical institutions in the whole district Cover supervision check.

The main problems found in the inspection include: 11-type symptoms such as high-risk areas are not updated in time; 10 types of symptoms such as fever and dry cough are not filled out as required; the staff is not perfectly healthy; disinfection records; Medical beauty institutions have unwaped masks.

  Dongcheng District East Guide is concentrated on the responsible person of 17 medical institutions in the existence of epidemic prevention and control, and 8 medical institutions prominent, the East 50 medical institutions have administrative penalties, and the Beijing Pingxin Turki Interpretation Department, Beijing Yong’an Medical Chain 7 medical institutions such as the East 48 Chinese Medicine Clinic were launched according to law, ordered to suspend business.

During the suspension of business, the medical institution needs to rectify the exemption of the epidemic prevention and control. After the supervisor is reviewed, it can be opened after the supervisor is reviewed. It is not allowed to open the diagnosis without review.

Next, Dongcheng District East Guide Station will "look back" supervision inspection for medical institutions found in the previous inspections, and the medical institutions that refuse to rectify will be dealt with, and there is a serious vulnerability for the prevention and control of the epidemic. Get it. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.