After all, their main goal is to guard the border with Siam.,Prevent members from being attacked by poison。In fact, as Cen Wen said,If you have time,It’s best to gather all the troops around,It’s better not to let any private armed forces have a chance。

In this way, their power can be considered solid in the true sense.。
It’s a pity they don’t have so much time,And the country may not agree。Now they are the vanguard weapon against poisonous generals,That’s why the government of Myanmar can only swallow。
Otherwise, Qin Feng’s change of the situation and even replacing the government has caused them to break out.。
After returning to the barracks,Qin Feng got in touch with Cen Wen directly。
After all he wants to take the initiative,Instead of passive defense。but
Because the air force cannot be used,So in fact, Qin Feng doesn’t have much advantage。
“Cen Wen,Did your newspaper organization find their camp??seriously,We should attack as soon as possible,This reduces the time for the other party to prepare。I can also hit them by surprise!”Qin Feng said。
“It’s useless if you are in a hurry。I have a good newspaper staff,But it’s not easy to penetrate。After all, they have to protect themselves,Besides, I didn’t pay much attention to Southeast Asia at the beginning,So I didn’t put too many dark moves here at the beginning,So the news is also a bit difficult for me。”
Cen Wen paused after speaking,“But I heard an interesting news recently。”
“what news?Chu Xiao is tracking and attacking Zhang Qiang。The latter can only run away without stopping,Even forced to enter a barracks where the Eighth War General is located。At that time, Zhang Qiang’s idea was to unite the Eighth World War to kill Chu Xiaokeng in the barracks.。Unexpectedly, Chu Xiao actually came to a wave of anti-killing,I took the military camp directly,Then even the eight generals could only escape。Zhang Qiang didn’t even have a chance to join forces with that one。”
“what?real or fake?Why I never heard of such a thing?”Qin Feng looked suspicious。
After all, Qin Fengke also trained a group of scouts,Also sent them into Siam,But they haven’t returned any useful information so far,Why can Cen Wen know so much?There seems to be details!