Looked at this situation,It seems that Yu Shan is very angry?

She is unwell,I feel more comfortable!
Regardless of her murderous eyes,I asked the servant to get the tableware for myself,Sit up。
Jerked his chopsticks on the dining table。
Yu Shan’s face is very ugly,Xiaoxue this thing,Incompetent bungler!
“Mother what’s wrong?”
Warm and warm naturally know what’s wrong with her, Just something that can stimulate her,I am happy to do it myself!
“what happened?How do you have the face to eat?Frightened mother not to say,You still don’t apologize?”Wen Yunyun, who was watching the show, had heard about it a long time ago。
Hear words,Warm and innocent blinking eyes,Said:“I don’t know?I don’t know my mother cares about me so much,I knew I would eat less。”
Looks so good。
Even Wen Guohao doesn’t like her daughter very much,But look at her so pitiful,Still playing round。
“It’s okay!Next time you are warm, pay attention,Don’t worry about your mother anymore!”
Nodded obediently。
See here,Yu Shanqi’s face flushed,I can’t say,I want to harm this daughter,I didn’t succeed, right??
Mute eats coptis,Can’t tell。