China National Art Museum launches the construction of a beautiful Chinese subject exhibition

  This newspaper Beijing November 3 (Reporter Wang Wei) Recently, the "Non-negative Mountain – China Art Collection Construction, which is hosted by China Art Museum".

  This exhibition is a cultural and tourism department of the National Art Museum Youth Cecrection, and is included in the "Collection Activation" exhibition of China Art Museum. Works.

  These works covers art categories such as Chinese paintings, oil paintings, prints, sculptures, photography, watercolors, reflecting the establishment of New China since the leadership of the Communist Party of China, and the broad masses of the people have carried out saline, planting saline, planting trees, and treats sand, Construction of the vivid picture of water conservancy projects, divided into "Reclamation: Green Motherland" "" "" "" "" "" "

  The vice chairman of the Chinese American Association, the Chinese Art Museum Hall, Wu Xi Mountain, showing the new generation of artists to root a real life with excellent artwork with excellent artwork. Practice. In these classic works, you can see the hard work of the builders, self-reliance, hard work, and they will build a wasteland, plant trees, and build water, and strive to build a beautiful home.

(Editor: Qiu Wei, Mao Siyuan) Sharing let more people see.