Master the health and longevity of the four health regimens

Master the health and longevity of the four health regimens

Guide: Chinese people’s health care, in addition to the existing health care knowledge and health practices, mainly Chinese medicine health.

TCM health is the life experience of the Chinese people for thousands of years. It is an important part of human life science and a profound and profound study.

It is now an era in which TCM health education shines.

  The rise of health care in recent years has a certain social and historical background.

  First, in the process of running a well-off society, the aging of the population will soon come, and health and longevity will become a huge social demand, spending money to buy health and form fashion.

This phenomenon is impossible until the problem of food and clothing is not solved.

  Second, the whole society’s health concept, health concept, medical model has not yet undergone a new transformation, and the disease medical model still dominates. Although “main prevention” is the focus of health work, it has not achieved the “main” actual part.Health care has been in a spontaneous state for a long time, and it has been quite passive in the face of huge social needs.

  The third is that a small number of people are sensational, and the speculation of speculation is rampant, and some tricks have emerged.

  What is the true essence of TCM health education?

I want the experts to do a comprehensive overtaking.

I am here to talk about a few related opinions: First, TCM health science needs to solve its basic principles and core content, and it must be related to the spirit of the times, environmental changes, and real life.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” pointed out from the height of “the teachings of the ancient saints”, “virtual evil thief wind, avoiding sometimes, faint nothingness, sincere qi, spirit instinct, sickness and never.”

This health-care thought, from natural environmental factors to mental and physical psychology, has made clear requirements and is extremely targeted to the excessive tension and fatigue syndrome that occurs in contemporary social life.

The relaxation, relaxation, and relaxation that are now said are part of the “darkness and emptiness”.

But to say that, to do it, it is actually very difficult to practice.

It is very difficult to achieve complete relaxation, radical relaxation from the mind, and no certain ideological foundation.

In addition to the fierce competition in real life, the Chinese people’s traditional morality pays attention to introversion, modesty, ignorance, and cautiousness are being played down and lost. Now advocated is Zhang Yang, brilliant, rising, “a soldier who does not want to be a marshal.Not a good soldier, the pursuit of blockbuster, fame, so it is difficult to do “hidden and less desire, peace of mind and not fear, work and tireless.”

  Second, TCM health education suggests the general rules of human health care, health and longevity, and improving the quality of life and quality of life, but the general rules must be closely integrated with the individual’s age, physical fitness, health status, and customs, so that they can be personalized and personalized.The way to keep in good health, not to be generalized in a dogmatic manner, across the board.

It is best to find the basic and major factors that affect your health and win in the most effective way and with the greatest perseverance.

In history, Zhuge Liang is the most well-known “dark and vain”. He can’t do it without being tired, only to live to 54 years old.

Zeng Guofan has a deep health theory. He puts forward that “health is less irritating” is very reasonable. He advocates using “hot water to wash feet” before going to bed. It is also effective and easy, but only lived 62 years old.

Therefore, there is a distance between having health knowledge and sustainable practice.

What we advocate is the combination of knowledge and action. The health of a person is appropriate.

It’s too late to ignore the health, deliberate health, and excessive health.

The true health life is to naturally melt the concept of health in daily life, without revealing the traces, and become part of the rhythm of life without pretending to be a gesture.

Lu Guanglu, a master of Chinese medicine, told me that Mr. Yu Youren has several deputy pairs (calligraphy), “not living in health, but also in the world.”

I think it’s wonderful!

Mr. Yu Youren was an old man of the Revolution of 1911. He died in Taiwan in November 1964. At the age of 85, he was considered a high life.

Is it true that Mr. You Ren is not healthy?

Does he really not advocate health?


He just did not specialize in devoting to health, actually lived a healthy life in accordance with the laws of life, and only lived in the country or lived in the downtown area, and lived in the same place as the gods.

This is the highest level of health.

  Fourth, people’s health life should start from improving the lifestyle, starting from the simplest and most subtle, starting from the youth age and starting from the health of daily life.

The most important one is to have self-control ability.

The so-called “persistence” is a matter of perseverance!

People often say, take your legs and hold your mouth.

I think it is not easy for a person to control his mouth.