It is precisely because I understand this layer,Macomb·Hughes scolded fiercely。
Chen Geng shrugged:“This way,Here comes the problem,entireMD-12The total investment needs to be similar45To50Billion dollars,McDonnell Douglas estimates that he won’t be able to make a few money,They just come up with technology,How much is Lockheed prepared to spend to participateMD-12this project?20100 million?still is25100 million?”
Macomb·Hughes pursed his mouth tightly,Ugly face。
also25Billion dollars,Macomb·Hughes didn’t tell Chen Geng,This time Lockheed is ready to take the most8100 million dollars to participateMD-12project,this one8One hundred million U.S. dollars,It is already the most money Lockheed can get,No matter how much1000Don’t even think about ten thousand dollars。
Facing the ugly face of Kom·Hughes,Chen Geng sighed,Spread your hands out:“So you see。”
“and so,you thinkMD-12No chance of success?”Macomb·Hughes took a deep breath,Confirm to Chen Geng。
“this is notMD-12Is there any possible success,Is it possible to spend so much money?。”
Macomb·Hughes became silent,Yes,Mr. Fernandez is right,this is notMD-12Can you succeed?,For McDonnell Douglas,They don’t lack the skills to build big airplanes,What they lack is funding,Even during this period of time, their life has been much better,But now the entire aviation industry still has little confidence in McDonnell Douglas,Although several companies have started to contact McDonnell Douglas about purchasingMD-12The problem,But so far,Didn’t even sign a contract of intent,But the more so,Everyone is becoming less optimisticMD-12Can be born smoothly。
And for those airlines,sinceMD-12Flight routes Boeing747Can also fly,Then why do we have to purchaseMD-12、Instead of already having20Years of history、More reliable and has developed to the second generation of Boeing747What?
Macomb·Hughes is really unwilling,After a while of silence,He finally couldn’t help saying:“Is there no other way??”
Chen Geng nodded:“Yes。”
“any solution?”Macomb·Hughes quickly asked。
“Throw money。”
Macomb·Hughes called a speechless:I also know that spending money can solve the problem,Isn’t the problem not money?