“Yes,It’s you。”Rosemary showed a kind expression for the first time。

“boss,boss,Your car is repaired,”Bob ran into the office very excited,Rub your hands:“Do you want to go see?”
“Repaired?”Chen Geng stood up,Surprise Road。
Since I’m the boss,Lincolncontinental Mark 2The restoration work was handed over to Bob and Anderson,Chen Geng’s request is simple:Don’t be afraid to spend money,But what must be repaired is like a new car,All parts that need to be replaced must be original parts!
Fortunately, although production has been discontinued almost20Years old,But after all, it’s not those classic cars that have been discontinued for 30 to 40 years,The accessories for this car are not particularly hard to find,The only problem is that the price of these accessories is really not expensive,If it weren’t for Chen Geng’s money now,He really can’t repair this car。
“All right,”Bob nodded repeatedly:“I assure you,Your carcontinental Mark 2Absolutely all existing in the United Statescontinental Mark2The one with the best appearance and driving quality among them。”
I heard Bob,Where can Chen Geng stand it??Get up and go out immediately:“go,Take a look!”
Bob walked in front of the dog:“boss,please follow me。”
Lincolncontinental Mark 2The repair work is carried out in the repair shop that Bob is responsible for,Don’t need Bob to lead the way,Chen Geng came to the repair shop on his own,Looking at the car covered with custom-made jerseys,Chen Geng……
Chen Geng did not have red eyes、Hypocritical trembling hands,He could not wait to tore off the black velvet jersey,next moment,Lincoln that has been renewedcontinental Mark 2It caught Chen Geng’s eyes。
Bob gave Chen Geng an extremely dog-like explanation:“boss,according to your request,This carcontinental Mark 2on,All the places you want to renovate,Refurbished by the originals we all use,Need to be replaced,They are all replaced by new original genuine parts,In addition, we have carried out a comprehensive maintenance of the engine and gearbox according to your requirements,and……”
I didn’t wait for Bob to finish,Chen Geng raised his hand:“Give me the key。”
Bob closed his mouth cleverly,Obediently give the key。
Open the door,Sit in a large, soft and comfortable calfskin seat,Chen Geng immediately felt that he was trapped in the soft leather sofa.,Comfortable,What does that sentence say?The large and soft leather sofa and the front passenger and co-pilot seats are the essence of American luxury cars.——Let’s imagine,When you and your beloved woman are racing on the road,Suddenly interested,It’s when the love is deep and the girl is pushed down,Or two people get off the car and go to the back seat?
I really disagree and have a relationship,As a result, there is still an obstructive shift lever between the driver’s seat and the passenger seat、Handbrake and cup holder blocked,I have to go to the back seat anxiously,What is a bad view?This is called horrible scenery,In Chen Geng’s view,Hold back、Foot brake(Change the hand brake to foot)And front seat,This is the essence of American cars,unfortunately,Such a fine tradition has been abandoned,You Shu Ou Zhe is angry but not angry?
Bob looked at Chen Geng sitting in a daze in the car seat with a strange look,I don’t know what my boss is in a daze,Waited for a long time,I found that Chen Geng was still quiet,He gave a cautious cry:“boss?”
“what?Oh,”Chen Geng wakes up,listenV8Low engine running sound,Did not drive,But suddenly asked Bob:“Bob,You said,It’s better to sell this car or keep it for myself?”
“Sell off……How much can this car sell?”