The director who hopes to find a way on the contract is speechless,A moment later,He angrily said:“I think it is necessary to revise and improve the previous contract content.。”

Ignore this unwilling director,Ralph·Robbins continued:“Gentlemen,Although for Rawls·Royce,Collins·Mr. McKenney’s departure is indeed a great loss.,But actually we don’t need to be so nervous,We might as well think about it in reverse,Fortunately, Collins·Mr. McKenney is not going to our old rival Pratt·Whitney and General Electric……”
really,Heard Ralph·Robbins’s words,The expressions on the faces of the directors look much better:From this perspective,Sir Robbins is right,Although Collins·McKenney’s departure for Rawls·A huge loss for Royce,But fortunately,Collins·McKenney didn’t go to Rawls·Royce’s competitors。
See the reaction,Ralph·Robbins knows the fire is almost there,He has a slight meal,Then he said confidently:“And gentlemen,We have to understand,Rolls·Royce is Rawls·Royce,Never rely on someone,But our deep foundation and technical accumulation,Collins·Mr. McKenney’s departure will certainly bring us some losses.,But have we resigned over the years few experts?
But Rawls·Royce or Rolls·Royce,Rolls·Royce is Rolls·Royce,We are still one of the strongest companies in the world aeroengine field,We never do anything because of someone coming or leaving。”
“Yes!That’s it!”
“Jazz,well said!”
Ralph·Robbins’ words made the faces of the gentlemen of the British Empire who look bigger than the sky look better.:Yes,You collins·McKenney is indeed a little capable,But so what?Without you Zhang Butcher,Do I want to eat piggy?
Don’t even think about it!
But this way,Fernandez·When Chen cooperated,But be careful,This guy is not a good thing……
Just when the directors gave Chen Geng a label in their hearts,Ralph·Robbins spoke again,As soon as he speaks,It attracted the attention of the directors:“And gentlemen,I think Mr. McKenney’s resignation,It’s actually a good opportunity for us to make a fortune from Mr. Fernandez。
Why do you say that?
Because everyone knows the gap between the level of Huaxia people in aviation engines and ours,Also know that a successful aero engine has multiple departments、Countless designers and engineers have worked hard for many years,If the Huaxia people think that they can dig out a technical expert to make a good aviation engine……