“Are you looking for me,Come,Come in。”George shouted,Eyes super foreground“Ding”Glanced。I’m probably doing it to the front desk,That she is her acquaintance,No registration。

Tian Lu successfully entered the Maggie Fashion Magazine,Follow George into his office。
George put down the papers he had been holding,Asked“Assistant Tian,Why are you free to get eyelashes today??”
“I have always wanted to come to you for a while,It’s always rare to meet the right time,Afraid to disturb you,Today is here to touch,Unexpectedly,Met you,I hope not to disturb you!”Tian Lu said with a smile。
“Did not bother,You are here to shine!”George uplifts others,Humbly back。
“how,Was it nice to work with President Lin last time??I heard Lin Xin say,You live up to their expectations,Nice job,Works well。”George narrowed his eyes and continued talking,Praise。
People,Who would not listen to good things。Listen to the language from George,Always make Tian Lu deeply impressed,Tian Lu was heartbroken after listening。
But she has to be humble“You and Mr. Lin praised it,I just did my job。”
“Xuchang should praise you well,So outstanding、So capable,Earn profits and good reputation for the company。”George continues to praise her。
“All recommended by you,It is rare to have such a good business cooperation without you。”Tian Lu never forgets to talk sweetly to George about the rhetoric on social occasions。
Hearing Tian Lu’s reminder,I think I really did a good job for her company。
George suddenly exclaimed,Like recognizing one’s own credit,He said“I admit this,I made a big contribution to match you up,Lin Xin has shown enough face,Do you know who her husband is?But nowadays movie star,It’s the evergreen tree in movie songs,Tu Yifan,but,Now I have directed a few films。”
Tian Lu was taken aback,Didn’t care much at first,Listen to his introduction,Too shocking,It turned out to be the famous acting star Tu Yifan。
I heard George continue to introduce“She didn’t even invite her husband,Her husband is very famous,Any platform,Tens of millions of income is ready。”
Tian Lu checked it on the browser,Seeing Tu Yifan got married with an outsider wife more than ten years ago,The wife outside the circle is Lin Xin,So low-key?This Lin Xin is Bi Lin Xin,the same person。
Tian Lu sighs inwardly, it’s incredible,Lin Xin obviously can let her husband promote her cake shop,Don’t worry about popularity and influence。
George seemed to see through her mind,Explained“Don’t understand?Lin Xin can rely on her husband’s reputation as a cake shop‘Platform’,Why have to use the traditional way,To promote it in a popular way?”
Tian Lu nodded repeatedly,Said“You are right,Tell the truth,I really have so many questions。”
“Lin Xin’s biggest feature,Is independence、On their own,And don’t borrow her husband’s light,Don’t block her husband,Her quality and her husband’s perspective,I really appreciate。”George looked admiring。
“Oh~,Turned out to be like this,It’s amazing,Too connotative,Is a relatively low-key strong woman,Ok,Is our role model。”Listen to his introduction,Tian Lu’s Understanding of Lin Xin、Understand unlimited appreciation,The power of an example rises in my heart。