“Um,It’s not bad to follow Li.,Future development will definitely get better and better,I still help him to take care of the winery.。”

I heard Ye Double is also followed by Li.,Ma Xiaoliang is even secretly celebrating that he has no running road.。
Day night,Ma Xiaoliang also told Zhou Qiaoqiao to say the leaves of the leaves.。
Zhou Qiaoqi also feels some unexpected,But more firm let Ma Xiao Liang follows Li Hui Feng。
Li Hui’s ability is still skeptical about Ma Xiaoliang,After all, I have done so many years.,I always feel a kind of professional and wrong, I always feel that there is a kind of professional.。
But I think it is a rushing of the leaves.,He feels that it should be a talent.。
In this way, he feels that Horse Xiaoliang will try it.,Anyway, there is a double double,What big should not have?。
After passing,Ye Shuanghuang also opened a meeting directly,Announce Ma Xiaoliang as a temporary factory。
Everything is handed over to Ma Xiaoliang。
First arrived,Ma Xiaoliang felt crowded。
Liu Dafu originally thought that Han Shanshan left,How did this factory generally turn to him?。
I didn’t think that Li Hui lived in a person.。
How can this endure?。
When you find someone to give Ma Xiaoliang。
Even those workers greeted him with him without saying hello.,See this scene,Liu Dafu is also very dark in his heart.。
Ma Xiaoliang also did not expect the first day to meet a bunch of things.。
The factory worker negative is not said,Even the financial department report has problems。
This makes him endure.。
Directly, I found a finance and workshop director.。
Facing Ma Xiaoliang’s reprimand,The accounting of the Ministry of Finance is a face, the Director of the Finance.。
They listen to Liu Dafu said.,Ma Xiaoliang is temporary。
In the end, can the factory manager or Liu Dafu。
And they do this,Just to make Liu Dafu faster.。
Once Liu Dafu went up,Then many oils in the factory will become their。
Thinking of those they also feel, you can take a risk。
After all, the risk is the most, it’s sin.,In case,That is a bicycle change motorcycle。
Failure, the old man,I won’t have any problems.。
But let them not think of it is,Ma Xiaoliang’s sentence after completion,But it is directly let the two become face.。
The first thousand five hundred and forty-three chapters
“If you don’t want to do it?,You can have a resignation report now.。”
This exit,The other two faces come without a change。