Poor parents in the world,It seems that Sun Yuejuan has been watching them。She is afraid that Zhou Li and Xia Jian will stay together for a long time,Something will happen。

Zhou Li is away,Xia Jian quickly turned off the light and went to bed。But lying on the bed,He is not sleepy at all。Tossing and rolling on the bed,It’s probably midnight when you fall asleep。
Xia Jian, who was awakened by the knock on the door, stood up,He looked at the phone beside the bed,Found it was seven o’clock,He finished washing as fast as possible。Then rushed into the living room,Grabbed two buns and ran away。
At this moment Heiwa walked in,He moved Xia Jian’s luggage into the car。Sun Yuejuan stood at the gate,I’ve been watching Xia Jian’s car go far before returning to the house。
The Heiwa who drove the car suddenly asked Xia Jian:“President Xia!When i just came,I saw a Bentley driving away at the gate,That is your friend’s car?Too rich”
“You may have heard of this person,She is Zhou Li, the original sales director of Venture Group。Come back this time,Really rich,Shocking”When Xia Jian said this,,Eyes floating out of the car window。
Winter morning,Unusually cold。Xia Jian looked at the thin ice on the glass,Can’t help but say to Heiwa:“Turn on the heating and air conditioning!”
“Bear with me for a few minutes,Fire temperature comes up,I will turn on the heating”Heiwa said,Ha ha smile。Xia Jian didn’t speak anymore。These people who followed them,Really good,Think about the company’s interests everywhere。
Heiwa is an old driver,The car drove fast and smoothly,Unknowingly, the car has stopped in front of the terminal。Heiwa smiled and said to Xia Jian:“You wait for me here,I’ll come up to see you off after I parked the car”
“Hurry back!I have to send my luggage?I don’t even think about it”Xia Jian declined the black baby,Dragged the luggage and walked in quickly。This is winter,If it’s summer,He didn’t want to bring a piece of clothing。
Xia Jian dragging the suitcase,When going through security,I accidentally saw a familiar figure,Haven’t waited for her to react,That person was also startled,So he rushed to him in two steps。
“President Xia!Really you!also goGZ?”It’s not someone else,It’s the little witch Lu Wanting。
Xia Jian asked with a smile:“You goGZplay?Still have something?”Xia Jian looked at this woman,Found she has matured a lot。
Lu Wanting glanced at Xia Jian and said:“I have to deal with a little thing,Really didn’t expect,Can meet you here,It seems we are still destined”
The two talked and laughed and entered the waiting room together,Then I found a seat and sat down。Lu Wanting is the same as Xia Jian,Also dragged a small suitcase,The two smiled at each other,Their personalities are indeed too similar。
Lu Wanting sat next to Xia Jian like a child。She asked with a smile:“Are you still an official in your Pingdu city??”It seems his thing,Lu Wanting has no idea。
Xia Jian sighed,So he told Lu Wanting briefly about his affairs。I didn’t expect Lu Wanting to listen,Hehe smiled and said:“It’s ok,We can’t do it。Back to Bucheon,You are so capable,It’s not difficult to do one thing well”
“Tell me about your situation?Haven’t seen you for a long time”Xia Jian asked with a smile。
Lu Wanting sighed and said:“Our company andGZA company here did a business,It’s a bit of money,But what I didn’t expect was that the boss of this company was a rogue,He’s playing lazy and won’t give us money,I’m asking him for money this time”
“how many?Will it be difficult。Use the law if it doesn’t work。If you need help,Despite opening。I am now in Bucheon,It’s more convenient to do these things”Xia Jian said solemnly。