Qin Ning glanced at him,“In this way,It’s better to live in the villa.,Be like a thief。”

Lu Haokai has some pan red,“I want to let the Anan come to home.,But the people of Gu Jia disagree.。”
Qin Ning Road:“There is no time to make you a wedding banquet now.,The old grandmother is also at home.,To make Gu Anan come over, it is indeed difficult,However, Gu Ai’an is now your legal wife.,You bring your own wife home,They have no reason to say anything。
Now our home has made this situation.,But you have to die.,How does Gu Aian are also a raising a child?,Once we do something,Their home is not possible to stand by。”
Her people,Even under hell,Also pull a pad back,Gu Anan is one of them.。
Lu Haokai:“Mother,I see,She has something to go out,This will be almost returned to Gu Jia.。”
Gu Yimei is back.,He also doesn’t like the past。
Qin Ning should have a sound,“Let me see your sister.,work on your businesses。”
Qin Ning said,Go to the second floor。
Lu Haokai stands in place,Slightly lip。
Lift,I saw the family hanging on the wall.,No Lu Hao and Lu Si,Only their family。
In his life,Lu Hao Cheng,I have become a stumbling block in his life.。
They are like people in two worlds,Strong comparison,Lu Haicheng is so unique。
Lu Haozheng all the sign,reason、Stabilize、Toughness、Attach、It is even more understanding。
In the heart of Dad,It is a person who won’t fail.。
He reborn in adversity,Whether you walk how much bend before,How much setbacks and humiliation,There is no tragedy,But let him get better and better,Successful career,reputation、status、And reputation is better than a year。
His double boxing,Tight thin lips slightly open,If you are angry, you will be out of his teeth.:“Lu Hao Cheng,I don’t believe that my life is more than you.。
There will always win you one day.,I will let you feel that the gap between us is not measuring with money.。”
He said,Turn to the lower floor,Every time I think of Lu Hao Cheng,He slowly,He will play your own advantage,Get yourself outstanding。
Gu An’an,I heard the cheerful laughter of the grandmother.,She changed her shoes in Xuanzong,I have seen Shen Jiaqi sitting on the sofa yet.。
Gu Xiandai is pulling her hand,Be happy to say。
Gu An’an’s gaze,I caught the stomach of Shen Jiaqi,That look of stomach,Let her scorpion slightly shrink,This child,Actually。
This woman,When she says her face, I want to take my child.,Finally, I secretly left the child.,Become her boss,This woman is like this,How can my mother can’t see it??
“Anan,You’re back。”
When Gu Xili came downstairs,I saw Gu Anan, standing.。
Gu Xihong,Cang Yi Lin and Gu Yi sitting on the other side,Lin Deman’s eyes look at Gu Ai’an。
Gu Anan contacts their eyes,I feel myself in my instant.,She is like an isolated child,I have no courage in an instant.。
NS875chapter:But I haven’t forgive you yet.
She toughly pulled out a smile,“dad,I am back。”
Gu An’an。
Gu Xiaoyamai is not polite:“Are you a restaurant in this home??
I want to come back.,I don’t want to come back.,If it is seen by the reporter,Our houses have been lost by you.。”
Gu Anan walked down with a slightly,if it is possible,She really wants to move out of this home.,But her now plan has not been completed,Can’t leave。
Shen Jiaqi saw Gu Anan,It is also a changing,Slightly,Some inexplicable uneasiness,Didn’t see Gu Anan。
Atmosphere with Gu’s milk,Get a bit stiff。
Gu An’an’s eyes of the emotions,She can’t be angry now,Anger,For many years, I will give up.。
She laughed:“grandmother,I have something last night.,Busy arrival,No home,I am afraid to bother everyone’s rest。”