She watched Gu An’an’s circle of friends,Because of work needs,Before you go to work, are in a group,Circle,Her Jiusi Game,Are luxury in her hats。

but,Gu Anan high consumption,Gu family is also raising,After all, Gu Jia,As long as you operate,Not lack of money。
but,in other words,Luxurious life,It means inferiority,Gu Anan has never confident。
Luxury senior life,Put up the face and vanity。
Blue Xin,Move forward,For Gu Ai’an appeared in Gu Jia,In fact, there is no idea.,If she is kind,I don’t want to have a sister.。
pity“Blue,Do you not go to the designer exchange today today??”
Lu Haicheng asked。
Blue Xin slightly shakes his head,Say:“Aunt,Today she is very busy,I don’t recommend that I know other designers.,Everyone is very busy today.,Hurriedly see the side,Who can’t remember?,She said that after waiting for a long time.,Go to eat together,I will introduce it to me again.。”
Lu Haocheng Road:“Teacher Li thinks about thought。
Blue,I have a meeting in the evening.,That morning, we can go back.。”
Blue Xin nodded slightly,“Just,Kiki should also go to the hospital to remove the plaster.,They also have to start school.,I have to go back to prepare for the children.。”
Her heart has been remembering her daughter。
Kiki’s hands and feet can’t move,She is not around Kiki,The little girl is still sad.,But the girl is sensible.,Know what she wants to work,Not wrapped with her。
Lu Hao Cheng listened,Laugh:“Blue,That day,Let’s send Qi Qi to the hospital.。
As for the four children to go to school, you don’t have to worry,I have already arranged.,you do not need to worry。”
Blue Xin looked back at him.,Essentials have been grateful,Have her help,She is really labor-saving。
Lu Hao is deeply awkward,“Blue,You have seen it with me.。”
Blue Xin laughs:“Human feelings!”
“But I am really。”
Lu Hao’s eyes look deep deeply。
Blue Xin is quite speechless,Just want to talk,I heard someone called her.。
Lin Dami stands at the corner of the other side,Looking at Blue Xin, loving。
Blue Xin micro slide,Not cold, not hot, called。
Lu Haocheng also looked at Lin Deman slightly,Lin Dami came over with two people,said laughingly:“Ah Cheng,You will go first.,I have some words and blue blue。”
“it is good!”
Lu Haocheng looked at Blue Xin,That’s the most perfect masterpiece,A pair of blacks deeply looked at Blue Xin,Elegant pace。
Blue Xin looked at the mother and loving mother,Know,I am afraid that I have said Jiaqi’s things.。
NS623chapter:I have not considered this matter.
Anyway, this thing will face sooner or later.,It’s better to talk to your mother.。
Children can’t have fathers,She is a single mother,Experience this kind of thing,Kids can have Dad best,Dad has a lot of influence on children.。
Lin Deman laughed:“Blue,We went to the coffee shop next door,Mom gives you ice cream and coffee。”