I can’t sleep anymore,Wang Youcai sat up from the bed。He thought about it,Still can’t help getting out of bed。Opened the door and walked out gently。

In the sky at this time,A bright moon hangs high,Bright as day。The whole compound,Very quiet。Workers who have been busy for a day,I fell asleep long ago。
suddenly,Wang Youcai found a light on in the room where Mei Zi lived,A little excitement was inevitable in him。This woman pestered him to enter the mountain,When was she,I feel like she can do anything,But when you enter the mountain, you feel like you have changed。No way,What kind of stuff is she,He has to figure it out。
Thought of here,Wang Youcai tiptoed and walked straight to the room where Meizi was lit。What Wang Youcai didn’t expect was,Meizi’s room door was hidden,Leave a thin gap。Of course not to look carefully,Can’t tell at all。It may be a little hot to sleep at night,She deliberately left it out for air。
The problem is that since the door is not closed,You shouldn’t have to turn on the lights,In this case,Most people can’t find it。But it’s hard to tell if you meet someone like Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai held his breath,Lie on the door and look inside。Gosh!This dead woman actually fell asleep。She wore a thin floral pajamas,Sleeping on the wooden bed。With her breath,The two peaks on her chest also moved up and down。
Mei Zi’s thin waist was exposed,Under the light,Her exposed skin looks white and translucent。Wang Youcai’s little heart jumped wildly。He can’t help it anymore,Gently opened the door and walked in。
He turned around,Close the door very lightly,Then I put a bolt from the inside。When he looks back,But unexpectedly found that Meizi was already sitting on the bed。
“What do you want to do?”Meizi lowered her voice,Asked coldly。
Wang Youcai smiled,Walked over,Sat down next to Meizi。He smiled and said:“What am i doing,Don’t you know?”Wang Youcai said,He put his arm around Meizi’s shoulder as soon as he reached out。
“Don’t fool around!Be careful i will yell”When Meizi said this,Cute little drum。
Wang Youcai looked at Meizi’s expression,His other hand is already on Meizi’s thigh,Keep touching upwards。His hands are moving,The big mouth is also posted。
“The louder you call,I’m getting more excited”Wang Youcai was panting,He pressed the plum on the bed。
This woman has no symbolic resistance at all,She wrapped Wang Youcai with both hands instead。Wang Youcai smiled triumphantly,Reach out and press on the wall,The room suddenly became dark。
Two as dry wood hit the fire,It burned in a short while。moment,The whole house is the gasp of mixed men and women,There are women who are seductive*sound。
This night is a restless night,Wang Youcai is too tired,Didn’t get up at dawn,Until the workers went to work,He sneaked out of Meizi’s room。
Although he is very careful,But I was still seen by Liu Ying。Liu Ying angrily dropped the kitchen knife in her hand,Caught up in two strides。
“Hey!Rice noodles are almost gone,I told you two days ago,Don’t take it seriously,Don’t blame me”Liu Ying shouted angrily Chao Wang Youcai。
Wang Youcai stopped,Glancing at Liu Ying and said:“Took gunpowder in the morning,Can’t speak well?”Liu Yingbai glanced at Wang Youcai,Ran back to the kitchen。
Wang Youcai went back to the house and got dressed,Then go wash it up again,Then I walked towards the jeep parked on the edge of the yard。at this time,Plum rushed out of the kitchen,She yelled deliberately:“Boss Wang,Bring me on,I’m going to the city to do something?”