5 teas that are best for spring drink and health

5 teas that are best for spring drink and health

At the time of recovery of all things, you should choose the appropriate tonic method to nurse your body. It does not hinder the choice of tea, because the tea contains catechol, which has anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects, and can also remove free radicals.

  Is it better to drink some tea in the spring?

  1, chrysanthemum tea chrysanthemum has the effect of clearing liver and eyesight and liver and liver, especially suitable for spring attacks, but also has the effect of detoxification fitness and evacuation of wind and heat, can promote blood circulation, beauty and moisturize the skin, butTry not to drink chrysanthemum tea for people with cold hands and feet.

  2, rose tea rose has the effect of dispersing liver and qi and promoting blood circulation, but also balance endocrine, effectively regulate the liver and insulin tract, and eliminate the fatigue of the body in time.

In addition, it can relieve vascular diseases, have beauty and beauty, and improve the symptoms of dry skin and dark spots.

  3, jasmine tea can eliminate the cold in the body, but also can refresh the spirit, calm the mood, eliminate the stomach upset.

Auxiliary treatment of female reproductive function and physiological functions, and beauty and beauty, relieve the symptoms of dysmenorrhea.

  4, Lily tea when there is memory loss, insomnia and more dreams, dizziness, headache can choose lily tea, has the effect of nourishing the body, Chinese medicine believes that lily tea can calm the nerves, as long as it can relieve the anxiety of anxiety.

  5, honeysuckle tea spring wind is relatively large, easy to be exogenous wind evil, this time choose honeysuckle tea can prevent spring upper respiratory tract infection, tonsillitis and gonococcal flu, as well as adjuvant treatment of periodontitis and enteritis.

  Things to pay attention to when drinking tea in the spring 1. Pay attention to the time of drinking tea. There is also a certain emphasis on drinking tea. You should choose the time to drink tea correctly. Try not to drink too much tea at night, which is not conducive to sleep, and even makes the liver fire becomeexuberant.
Pay attention to diet when drinking tea. Some people eat greasy food and then drink tea. This is wrong, and it is easy to cause gallstones or kidney stones.

  2, according to the physical quality of the choice of tea, each person’s physique is not the same, according to their own physical fitness to choose the right tea, do not blindly, only drink the tea can achieve health effects, if the body is sunnyChoose white tea or green tea. If the body is cold, you should choose flower tea or black tea.

  Warm reminder that the spring tea that has just been listed must not be in a hurry. Because the tea leaves are not harvested for one month, the substances inside have not been completely oxidized, which may cause abdominal distension and diarrhea, and the stomach is not full of active alkaloids.Caffeine is easy to cause nerve excitement.