The number of high-tech enterprises in Xinjiang established three-level linkage and cultivation mechanism rapid growth

Original title: High-tech enterprise rapid growth Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology website publicizes the list of 230 high-tech enterprises in Xinjiang’s first batch of reported reports. At this point, Xinjiang high-tech enterprises are expected to break through thousands.

In recent years, Xinjiang has vigorously implemented innovative driving development strategies, and cultivates high-tech enterprises as an important starting point for developing high-tech industries and enhancing corporate independent innovation capabilities. As of the end of 2020, there were 792 high-tech enterprises within the validity period of Xinjiang, with more than 10,000 scientific and technological personnel, and realized more than 100,000 employed, sales revenue exceeded 20 billion yuan. High-tech enterprises have become a backbone that cultivates high-end talents, promoting employment, driving high quality development.

Over the years, Xinjiang has improved the cultivation mechanism of high-tech enterprises in the district, land and county. The Science and Technology Department selection technological innovation has a strong enthusiasm, and has the initiative to cultivate the core independent intellectual property rights, incorporating high-tech enterprises in the backup cultivation library; encouraging the conditions of the provision of high-tech enterprises to give a one-time reward, incentive Actively declare high-tech enterprises; the projects of high-tech enterprises declared in the Autonomous Region-level Science and Technology Plan project are tilted. Relying on existing technological innovation service platforms such as National High-tech Zone, Characteristic Industry Base, Science and Technology Enterprise Incubator, Integrated Finance and Tax, Law, Intellectual Property and other intermediaries, Xinjiang provides comprehensive services to high-tech enterprises, and combined with financial, taxation and other departments , Coordinate the implementation of relevant policies and other related policies to promote the development of high-tech enterprises. The relevant person in charge of the High-tech Department of the Science and Technology Department of the Autonomous Region said, next, Xinjiang will screen a number of enterprises in the existing high-tech enterprises, giving tilting from the project, fully mobilizing the enthusiasm of enterprises, forming a demonstration leading role, Drive more high-tech enterprises to initiate innovation and create strength for the economic and social development of Xinjiang. (Xie Hui Change) (Editor: Chen Xinhui, Han Ting) Sharing let more people see.