Academician experts praise Chongqing Technology Innovation

July 24th, China Academy of Sciences, on July 24th, in 2021, "Science China" Academician experts, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Research Institute of the Basic Medical Research Institute of the Chinese Medical Sciences, how to strengthen Technological innovation and other issues have accepted exclusive interview with Chongqing Daily reporters.

  Shen Yan said that technology innovation contains three completely different meanings: science, technology and innovation.

Science is to find that it is an objective existence of nature.

For scientific research, more important than "new" is the importance of scientific discovery. The important research results are before, there is no ancient people, and there are people, important scientific findings can promote the scientific research in this field. He said that technology is the invention of invention, the invention of technology is not for sale, but in order to overcome the defects of the original technologies, solve the problem that the original technology can not be solved. Technical is practical and applicable, emphasizing the value it produces. For example, developing a new drug, not only in the new medicine, but also in this new drug can not replace the existing medicine, the new drug will not occupy a sufficient market share in the market. Shen Yan said that science and technology are related.

The technology emphasizes its application value, scientific research emphasizes the research results to promote scientific development or social and economic development. New science finds that there is a possibility to promote new technologies, industries, or promote existing industrial upgrading. But science and technology are different, science is to understand nature, technology is something that creating nature. In his opinion, innovation recombines production factors to make it biggest.

Innovation is not the purpose, innovation is a way of way, the purpose is to promote development, not a decline. Shen Yan is very concerned about the development of Chongqing scientific innovation.

He said that the planning layout of the West (Chongqing) Science City is very good, the future development of the Science City depends on the construction of its talent team.

For talents, not only provide a good living environment, but also provide an environment that is suitable for its production of talents.

  As a scholar engaged in basic scientific research, Shen Yan also puts forward recommendations on how to encourage young people: on the one hand, from social orientation, social value, only society form a social atmosphere of respect for science, can Give young people correctly guide; on the other hand, the teacher’s role is also very important. Good teachers should inspire young people to explore unknown people and cultivate their love for scientific research.

(Our reporter said, Wang Fusheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences: Contributing to the public health career in Chongqing.