Construction Bank Hebei Branch Commission for Discipline Inspection "three-dimensional line"

A few days ago, CCB Hebei Branch Commission for Discipline Inspection has issued the "Hebei Province Branch of the 2021 Party Scriptures and Color Education Work Plan", and the classification of hierarchical nodes promote the integrity education of party documents, and strive to create a multi-level, all-round "stereo line". It is reported that the "plan" covers Party regulations such as Party Regulations such as Party Regulations such as Party Regulations, "The Administrative Division" "Criminal Law" and other laws and regulations, "Administrative Measures for the Administration" and various types The educational content of seven aspects such as the case notification.

Compacting education responsibilities of different institutions, constantly establishing and improving normalization, full coverage, and effectively integrating education resources and forming education.

"Program" pays attention to the layering classification.

For the "key minority", strengthen political theory and warning case education, and urge the "head geese" effect; the person in charge of the grassroots institution, the publication of "the person in charge of the grassroots organization", carry out special case education, urge integrity and clean compliance Autonomous; to the new party members to carry out the party’s congregation education, urge the party members’ pioneering model; carry out the regulations, legal education, and urge the new units, and supervise the "first button"; "classify the teaching, Because of the education to teach, education precisely touched the target population and effectively enhance the effectiveness of education. "Plan" is actually close to cadres’ employee ideology, actively adopting educational activities, happy education activities, organizing party history education, practicing the history of history, the history of history, learning history, and learning the history of history, motivate employees to participate actively New financial action; combined with collective education and self-education, positive education and anti-container education combined with innovative education The political ecology of the purity provides a solid thinking guarantee.

(Editor: Li Zhe, Zhu Long Super).