Ultra-low calorie food makes you eat more and more thin

Ultra-low calorie food makes you eat more and more thin

Weight loss has become a concern for many people, and everyone knows that if you want to lose weight, you will consume more calories than you absorb.

So what food calories are lower?

The following small series will recommend several ultra-low calorie foods for you to make you eat more and more thin!

  Ultra low calorie food low card diet food 1: bitter gourd calorie content: 19 calories / 100 grams of bitter gourd is definitely the first choice for summer diet foods, it contains vitamin C, and the content of light and sugar is very low, very suitable for dieters.
The reason why eating bitter gourd can lose weight, of course, can not be separated from it and low card and help to suppress the appetite.

In addition, bitter gourd can also promote gastrointestinal motility, detoxification and slimming effect.

  Low-calorie diet food 2: Leek calorie content: 26 calories / 100 grams of leek contains a lot of vitamins and crude fiber, can improve metabolic peristalsis, treat constipation, is an ideal diet food.

In addition, every 100 grams of only 18 calories of leek can also eat more and not fat!

Amaranth fried bean sprouts is a very nutritious healthy weight loss recipe!

  Low-calorie diet food 3: Pineapple calorie content: 41 calories / 100 grams of pineapple contains essential vitamin C, carotene and other nutrients, can help protein digestion, can decompose the body’s accumulated feces, to reduce excess meat is veryGreat help.

However, due to the increased acidity of spinach, eating too much is too healthy and beneficial!

  Low-calorie diet food 4: Papaya calorie content: 27 kcal / 100 g papaya melon is the ideal breast food, it is also the leader of slimming!

Papaya contains papain which can decompose trace amounts. Regular consumption can help you reduce your intake and trace accumulation. It is one of the ideal healthy weight loss foods.

  Low-calorie diet food 5: Cucumber calorie content: 15 calories / 100 grams per 100 grams of cucumber containing only 15 calories is inevitably a low calorie diet food, and it contains a lot of vitamins and cellulose to help you eliminateConstipation and accelerating the important substances that burn fat.

From a nutritional point of view, cucumber skin is rich in nutrients and properly preserved raw food.

  Low-calorie diet food 6: Celery calorie content: 12 calories / 100 grams of hot summer weather, people are easy to get angry, it will easily lead to constipation problems.

Constipation is an important factor in obesity in the small stomach, and it can also damage your skin.

Celery can help people to lax and improve your skin. It is a super food for beauty and body.

  Low-calorie diet food 7: Spinach calorie content: 24 calories / 100 grams of spinach contains a large amount of plant crude fiber, which promotes the body’s peristaltic effect, which is conducive to bowel movements.

In addition, the nutrients contained in spinach can promote the body’s metabolism, which plays an important role in accelerating metabolic combustion and reducing metabolic accumulation.

However, spinach is a very oil-absorbing food. If you don’t want too much oil, you should choose a relatively low-fat cooking method!

  Low-calorie diet food 8: Eggplant calorie content: 21 calories / 100 grams of eggplant is rich in antioxidants, can help you speed up the body’s metabolism, very effective for fast weight loss.

In addition, the low transients of eggplant and a large amount of cellulose can also help you increase satiety and reduce absorption of other foods, so that you can achieve natural weight loss.