“If it is willing to follow me,Then I will raise it。”Think about it if sunny。

If the cat really follows her,Description is fate,Work harder、Spend more,It doesn’t matter。As an otaku,Usually don’t have much company,So a pet has a certain temptation for her.Puzzle。
What everyone did not expect is,A few steps on a sunny day,The cat really followed,It looks like,Is recognized as a long-term meal ticket。
Happy sunny day,I’m even more happy than I got three or four precious stamps,Not too dirty,Pick up the cat。Mu Yi has become a messenger,Doing the same job as Huazi——Take live broadcast equipment。
Mu Yi just leaned over,Want to touch,Who knows that the originally docile cat immediately opened his teeth and danced his claws,issue“woo woo woo woo……”Warning sound。
Smile,Mu Yi had to stay away,Very depressed。
Others watched,Like this cat more。Recognize the owner’s pet,Naturally more likable。Unlike many dogs,Just throw a bone,Will shake his head and tail to please。
“If you decide to raise,It’s better to take it to check it in two days,By the way, get a vaccine or something,Shouldn’t spend too much money。”Mu Yi reminded。
“Know it!Mu Yi,I found you more and more like my mother。”Sunny smile。
In her heart,Every man has the potential to become a nagger,Just some people“switch”It hasn’t been opened yet。
Through an alley,Avoid a few poops of cats and dogs,Hu Yang, they saw the garbage picker again。this time,Is a woman carrying a child,Holding two big bags。
Independent woman is amazing,Not only can they raise offspring,Can also support the whole family,Great。
Women’s side,Is a middle-aged person,Look at clothes,Not like picking up garbage。at this time,I saw a thing in his hand,Watched for a while。
Everyone looked at each other,Feelings Brother Hu met his peers?Some people also think that there are treasures in this place?
“Big sister,I don’t lie to you,This is made of silver,I’ll give you two hundred yuan!”Middle-aged man said。
but,The excitement flashed through his eyes,But was caught by Populus。Hu Yang’s treasure hunting eyes looked towards the thing in his hand,I found it was really a treasure。
Two hundred yuan,Kind of bullying。If usual,This kind of thing,Better not to interfere,People also pick up leaks。but,This eldest sister has a hard life,It’s a bit unnatural to do so。