Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty Nine So many surprises

But seeing Jiang Yan’s hard work,But made Qin Feng a little worried。
But not in a hurry,Qin Feng intends to slowly adjust for Jiang Yan。
Check the time,Just five o’clock in the morning,Qin Feng is going to sleep,So Qin Feng lay down on Jiang Yan’s big bed,Fell asleep again。
Same as Qin Feng thought,University two hours,Qin Feng wakes up again。
Seeing Jiang Yan in the study is still working,So Qin Feng came to the kitchen silently,Open the refrigerator and see the only package of vegetable noodles and two eggs in it,Other than that, there are no ingredients。
Too late to buy,Because after Qin Feng has to send Jiang Yan to the company,So I can only cook the only package of vegetable noodles,Helpless,It seems I didn’t have breakfast again this morning。
A few minutes later,Qin Feng puts a bowl of hot vegetable noodles,Plus two poached eggs,Arrived in the study,Put it on Jiang Yan’s desk。
“Wow!Noodles are cooked,When did you wake up?”When Qin Feng came in,Jiang Yan just finished reading the final file。
I just feel a little hungry,I didn’t expect Qin Feng to carry a bowl of noodles,Put in front of oneself,What kind of happiness is this,I believe that only Jiang Yan can feel it。
“I feel,You are like a snail girl now,Wake up,There are so many surprises。”This time Jiang Yan,Praise Qin Feng without reservation。
Because she can feel Qin Feng’s intentions,And the way he really loves himself,If I am stingy even with a compliment,That would be too unfair to Qin Feng。
Maybe Qin Feng made these,Not to make myself praise him,But Jiang Yan will never be stingy with this compliment,At least this morning。
“Wife,if you are willing to,I’m willing to be your snail girl forever。”really,Jiang Yan’s sentence is perfect,Enough for Qin Feng to be happy for years。