“Dare not,Dare not!I pay!”Liu Qiangbei cried and said。

“I also out!”Internet tycoon Ding Xing nodded quickly。
Several rich men all spoke up,To make this huge sum of money for Ming。
no way,People under the eaves,Had to bow!
These people are in pain,I also hate Mingliu secretly。
If you really lose money,,I will recognize!
But now it is the powerful characters brought by Ming Liuyin who are forcing everyone to pay,This is another taste。
In front of so many representatives of the family,Several super rich recognized this gambling capital,Lu Menglin is not afraid of them going back,And believe they dare not go back。
Even if they are not afraid of Lu Menglin,I’m also afraid that this strange-tempered fairy master will go to heaven and earth to chase and kill!
Can make more money,Lost my life,This life really passed!
And this money,Most of them will get it back from the Ming Group,In front of big capital,There are too many practical methods in business。
“Do you two have an opinion?”The invincible fairy asked Li Qingsong and Pang Yuandao。
Both of them were shocked at the same time,Then he shook his two heads like a drum。
The two of them obeyed the command of the leader,The referee,Although they don’t want to see Lu Menglin win,But Ming lost,And also lost so thoroughly,They can’t do it reluctantly。