Can you treat constipation by getting cold water early?

Can you treat constipation by getting cold water early?

Autumn and winter are not only dry weather, dry skin, but even the stomach is dry.

Some friends who have no daily troubles with constipation, but they can’t get out of it for two or three days, their stomachs are getting bigger and bigger, their pants are getting tighter, and they are sitting unsteadily. What can you do?

Diet therapy for constipation is a good treatment, which will not affect the daily diet, but also lead to detoxification.

What is the cure for constipation?

  Diet therapy constipation cure constipation diet 1: cold water in the morning to get cold water after getting up.

Drink 2 after getting up in the morning?
3 cups of cold water can eliminate constipation.

This is because the cold water enters the stomach and causes the stomach-large intestine to reflect and begins the peristalsis of the large intestine.

  When constipation, water is absorbed by the body, causing the stool to become dry and hard. Drinking cold water has the water that is insufficient for the stool.

  Treatment of constipation diet 2: honey, honey treatment of constipation Most people understand, it is because honey contains a variety of nutrients and vitamins, can effectively supplement the body’s water needs.

More importantly, honey is very suitable for people who are recovering from a serious illness or who are weak, especially children and the elderly, who are physically weak and have a sick body.

Of course, healthy people often take honey and have great shortcomings in the body.

The best way to take honey is to gradually warm it and then take it, which will make it easier for the body to absorb nutrients.

  Treat constipation diet 3, coarse grains Nowadays people’s living standards have improved and the food is getting better and better. The most unfavorable thing for Chinese food is that the more luxurious the oil contained in the dishes, the more the toxins that are easily deposited in the body.Many, long-term consumption of these can easily lead to obesity, high blood pressure and constipation and other diseases.

And if you eat some coarse grains in your life, such as corn, rice and other coarse grains can not only supplement the fiber needed by the human body but also prevent constipation.