With Lu Menglin’s rich practical experience,I just glanced at it and understood it。

Girl Li uses mental power to shock,Stagnant,and also
Is similar to the control skills in the game,Then Xiaojie turned into a leopard man,Seize the opportunity with high agility,Depends on World War I。
The tactical combination of these two kids can be said to be very exciting,Mainly because the cooperation between them is extremely tacit,Familiar with each other,In order to maximize the skills of both parties。
Eagle King’s speed is not lost to Xiaojie,It’s just that he was charged for zero and one second,He was defeated and died,I can only blame my teammates for being too weak。
Seeing the Eagle King die,The Dragon King is not at all moved,Still looks like an ancient well,He is so calm。
Xiaojie doesn’t seem to be enjoyable,After a short pause,And threw himself at the dragon king。
The girl Li focused her attention on the dragon king,Spirit power fluctuation triggers again,The same mental shock as before,Spread to the dragon king in an instant。
Dragon King’s face changed slightly,Seems to be the same as Eagle King,Controlled by mental shock。
And at this moment,The leopard man Xiaojie who works well with the girl Li has moved at high speed,Kill to the dragon king,One claw hit the dragon king’s throat。
With Xiaojie’s high agility and explosive power at the moment,As long as this claw strikes,Even if it’s just a little bit,The other party must die。
But it’s between this electric light and flint,Young girl Li suddenly looked surprised,Light lips,Seems to want to say something,But I just opened my lips,Did not make a sound。