Hot yoga feels the temperature of love_1

Hot yoga feels the temperature of love

“Yoga, which is derived from love, happens to change your posture in response to your temperature difference.” This Twins’ “High-Temperature Yoga” has not been heard before.

With the popularity of this song, the high-temperature yoga that has been popular in Europe, America, and Hong Kong, with a high temperature of 42 ° C, has also become popular in Xicheng.

Many gyms have added courses, and scholars are rushing to see them.

No appointment, you can’t get the number!

  Remember the hero who rushed in “Party A and Party B”?

Spend money to experience hardship in the countryside!

It seems that urbanites are more and more enthusiastic about spending money on their crimes, lazily nesting on the sofa, having large tube of potato chips, and watching the Korean drama’s soothing pastimes in the afternoon have been cast aside.A moment of pain is followed by joy and relaxation in the mind.

During this time, Xicheng became popular with a fitness method called “high-temperature yoga”. Yuanyuan and I went to St. Ma’s Yoga not far from home to experience the charm of “high-temperature yoga”.

(I mainly heard that I can lose weight, hehe) Under the high temperature of 38-42 ℃, complete a variety of yoga movements such as bending, stacking, folding, twisting, stretching, lifting, and pressing.It’s really hard for the average person to persist.

  According to the instructor, the practice in high temperature is to restore a natural natural heat temperature in India, so that the effects of high temperature yoga will naturally erupt.

What’s more important is that yoga is easy to be injured when the body is not hot. For yoga, which is about stretching, the temperature is very important.

An indoor temperature of 42 ° C can increase body temperature, accelerate blood circulation, and soften muscles and bones that have hardened due to exercise.

The human body is soft like iron in deciduous heat in a high-temperature environment.

  The action of high-temperature yoga is not difficult, everyone can act according to their own circumstances and relax in elegant music.

Interestingly, some of the actions that are usually not performed in the normal temperature yoga class are relatively easy to complete in the high temperature yoga class. You can obviously feel that the body becomes soft and flexible under the action of high temperature.

The chronically strained cervical spine and shoulders also seem to relax a lot.

Within a few minutes of the beginning, I was already sweating, and water and towels soon became available.

As requested, I tried to drink a small amount of water many times, but after some lessons, I still drank five or six glasses of water.

The clothes on her body were already soaked, but the whole body seemed to be combed over and over again.