Chengdu Construction International Craft Commerce Environment 1 | Yin Hong, deputy director of Chengdu Planning and Natural Resources Bureau: Dedicated to the construction business environment

  Xinhuanet Chengdu February 14 Electric Chengdu is identified as an international camp environment for the construction of the international camp environment, and creates a first-class business environment as a "number one project". On February 11, Chengdu held an international camp environmental construction annual mobilization meeting, launched the "1 + 10" action plan, clearly creating the specific objectives and practical paths of international creature environmental advanced cities. The meeting is clear. By the end of 2019, all the online-related matters online can increase to more than 95%, and the time limit is compressed by more than 30%; to the end of 2020, it strives to have 100% on the network of enterprises, and the time limit is more than 50%. .

  "Let information multi-run road, let the people run less legs, let enterprises run less legs, our information is followed." Yin Hong, deputy director Yin Hong, deputy director of Chengdu Planning and Natural Resources, said, will be accepted by a window , More points, information sharing, "Internet +" and other measures, focus on continuously improve the quality of real estate registration services, and effectively create a good environment for private economic development.

Promote "one window acceptance, integrated service" "multi-point certificate, all-city" "Internet + real estate registration", strengthen information sharing, reduce the martyrics, streamline application materials, compress the time limit. (Interview / photographing Wu Xiao hierarchy / Cai Yingshui).