Training method for proper use of home treadmill

Training method for proper use of home treadmill

Treadmills are common equipment in homes and gyms, and are the simplest of today’s home fitness equipment.

  Eat something before training. Fasting exercises can easily lead to exercise-induced anemia. Drinking a glass of juice or eating a banana before exercise can help you to exercise vigorously, but do n’t eat junk food and try to donuts.

  Alternative to the quick start mode: a good running opportunity presets a program. When you run, you only need to enter data as prompted to choose different exercise methods, such as “fat loss mode”, “cardio-pulmonary function mode”, “mountain climbing mode”, “Random mode”, etc.

Among them, the quick start mode can adjust the exercise intensity at any time.

  Pay attention to your body position: You should stand in the middle of the walking belt. You can step on the base too far forward or throw it out too far. Of course, don’t run away.

  Starting from walking: It is recommended to start from a walking speed of 4-6 km / h and gradually transition to running.

In addition, brisk walking can make more use of misfortune for energy supply, and the fat reduction effect is relatively better.

  Stop slowly: Although you are trying to move forward, your body still stays where it is, which confuses your brain, so you may feel dizzy when you step off the treadmill, and gradually reduce the speed will not happen.