Yunxiang was still thinking,How should I explain。

But now this time,Some things are also inappropriate。
Sister Zhou is also dumbfounded,Jiang Yunyun asked incredulously:“This gentleman,Did you not tell your boss,The first-line star Yunyun is going to act here?”
Seeing the appearance of Jiang Yunyun,Yunxiang is unwilling to hit her,Yunxiang was even suspicious,Will Qin Feng know the name Jiang Yunyun??
Because many times,Yunxiang never saw Qin Feng watch TV。
It’s just that some things shouldn’t be said so much,So Yunxiang can only do this evil person。
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Chapter nine hundred and seventy one Be sure
“I already said this,But he hesitated,Because the progress here really can’t be delayed,So I also suggest not to do this。”
“Oh,This is what you suggested,I wonder if we can talk about it?”Sister Zhou said hesitantly,There is some disgust in her heart。
Because sister Zhou suddenly thought,This should be Yunxiang’s way of wanting money。
Otherwise,Why did such a thing happen??But everyone is smart,No need to speak so clearly。
This is not,Sister Zhou also looked at each other expectantly。
Yunxiang knew that Zhou Jie had misunderstood,He said with a bitter smile:“Sorry,this place,Really can’t delay,You can also visit other villages。”