“Sir, you said I was just an ordinary person before waiting,It’s rare to have such a big chance,Find a confidante,Swept away,Disregard the heroes,This is what I should do。”

“But the reality is,Go to a strange world,No one can speak the truth,Do everything possible to become stronger,play hard,In the end, the strength has not improved much, let alone,I can’t be tempted when I meet a woman I like。”
“Isn’t this torturing the traversers??All fellow,I can’t do anything,I can only stay in the tavern with nothing to do every day,Then watched the fellows leave,I pray that those old villages will come back again,Ugh。”
After Li Qing heard King Jing’s question,,Said helplessly,Never experienced parting,Lovesick people,Won’t understand the feelings of those who travel through them,He’s okay,Just stay in the tavern of the heavens every day,Doing nothing。
As for the fellow travellers,Are risking their lives to go to other worlds,I can’t come back if I’m not careful,therefore,Some fellows have changed a lot,Just as it should be。
“Because this world is the weak,Respect the strong。”
After Sedum heard Li Qing, the lord of the tavern in front of him, said that he could not go to the technological plane,Although a little disappointed,But didn’t care too much,With emotion,Is their way of killing visitors from other worlds wrong??No,Because behind them is the whole world。
Are those from other worlds doing the wrong thing??nor,Because they just want to be stronger,Or,Those foreign visitors are also innocent,But the biggest mistake is,They have different positions,In the tavern,He will not kill these foreign visitors。
Because it’s not necessary,He is not a lunatic who kills countless,It’s not guilty to kill those visitors from other worlds for no reason,But if Sedum returns to his world,,Encountered visitors from another world,He won’t show mercy,I can only blame them for coming to the wrong world。
Sedum will not let go of visitors from other worlds who may cause the destruction of the entire world to enter his world because of a moment of soft heart.,He cannot bet,He won’t bet on the world he is in。
“grown ups,Yesterday I saw a fellow who is arguably the most weird among the fellow travellers。”
“The fellow traveled to the Great Qin Empire before,guess what?At that time Qin Shihuang Yingzheng had just destroyed the six countries,Then the fellow stood at the gate of Xianyang City and asked to see Emperor Yingzheng,Say something important to report。”
Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty Six Son of the Plane
“Because this guy said so swearly,The guard at the gate of Xianyang City could not make a decision for a while,Can only be reported level by level,The last incident directly alarmed the first emperor Yingzheng。”
“In the main hall,This fellow drew a map of the world directly from memory,Then tell the first emperor Yingzheng,He comes from the future,Are descendants of the first emperor,I want to help our ancestors truly dominate the world。”
“Although this fellow paints a bit sloppy,But I can barely see,Then Emperor Shi Yingzheng did not believe,As a result, the fellow memorized the genealogy,They are really descendants of the first emperor Yingzheng。”