Overseas network: 9-3 military parade promoted the world’s World War II contribution to the Second World War II

  For the Chinese, the Second World War includes Western Battlefield (European Battlefield) and Oriental Battlefield (Asia Pacific Battlefield), which is common sense to write into textbooks. However, experts pointed out that the history of the Second World War II of the Western countries is a common point in common to China’s battlefield. Most of the financing of the China Battlefield, most of the Chinese battlefield is weak, the United States published the history of the World War I fight against China battlefield The evaluation is slightly objective, but it is also the status of China’s battlefield in an incomplete.

On the other hand, Japan’s right-wing forces have not been well clear from the end of World War II, but in recent years, it is increasingly active in Japan and international stations.

Japan’s right-wing forces have never been willing to face the history of World War II aggression, and I don’t want to referendum of war, and harm to the people of the Asian Pacific. In this context, at the afternoon of August 26th, when attending the "Overseas Net Family Salon" symposium on the top 70th anniversary and the world’s new order ", Professor Jin Guorong, Vice President of the International Relations of Renmin University of China repeatedly reaffirmed It is necessary to "highlight the significance of China’s anti-Japanese main battlefield". Another Salon Guest, Professor Wang Yi, Director of the International Relations University of China, China Japan’s Japan did not get a good reflection. As the victory country, China did not enjoy the results of the victory, (for example, the Japan made the so-called "Diaoyu Island Authority" under the Singapore of the United States.

  There is a sense of urgency and important significance to maintain the results of the victory in World War II. It is necessary to introduce the major contributions to the Eastern Battlefield World War II, in the "Overseas Master Salon" site, and the Chinese National Security Forum, the People’s Liberation Army Major General Peng Guangqian repeatedly emphasized "We must maintain the victory results exchanged in World War II, this can’t be destroyed." In the face of China’s anti-war commemorative activities "remembering history, remembering the martyrdom, cherishment of peace, and creating the future", the Japanese aspect is "the military parade contains demonstrations and unfriendship of Japan." In response to this attitude, Peng Guangqian’s response is also very calm. "China is going on in accordance with the established policy, as for the outside reaction, we have to treat it, you can explain, explain, the official position is not targeted in a specific country, we are Looking back at history, looking forward to the future, you have to have extra idea, and there is no way to love. " Of course, this Anti-Japanese victory day from September 3, also has been given a special meaning of condense the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Peng Guangqian believes that "the meaning of the big parade is multifaceted, there is a comprehensive strategic benefit".

Wang Yiwang pointed out that "big military parade is China as an adult ceremony of world leadership countries."

This is a reality of China’s comprehensive national strength and the unprecedented international influence of China ‘s integrated national strength and an unprecedented international influence. The increase in international influence is also an integral part of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. After all, before World War I, China is a half-colonial country, low international status, deeply bullied and despised.

However, the Chinese people and the Chinese army showed a strong battle will and internationalist spirit in the hard-working World War II, and won the sympathy and respect of the people of all countries. As the vice president of the International Relations of Renmin University, Professor Jin Guorong, "The War of Resistance Against Japan is a traverse, we pay 35 million casualties (at price), but this war awakens the resistance of the Chinese nation, also Make the Chinese to get a true national identity. " Although this history is in Japan, it has not been able to pay attention to it in the history book, but the more deep second-war second-war history research, more of the major value of the Eastern Battlefield, the international community, more national public festival days Memorial activities will definitely help change this regret.

(Text / Liu Guomin) (Edit: SN090).