“Mr. Xiang,Who is it?”Xing Rufeng looked at the Korean Xiang and asked。

Here,Only the relationship between Korean Xiang and Xiang Chen is the most familiar,I almost became a couple before,Xing Rufeng has many questions to know,Just because of my brother’s presence,Some words,Xing Rufeng doesn’t know how to speak。
After all, it’s his brother’s ex-boyfriend,If Xing Tao is present,Even if it doesn’t matter,I should feel quite uncomfortable。
“Who is he?”
Korean Xiang mutters to himself,Then smiled,Said:“By definition,We arevipif,he is the onevipmiddlevip!”
Han Yuxiang didn’t speak too clearly,But Xing Rufeng understands vaguely。
“National prefix?”
Subconsciously asked again,Then I can’t answer in Korean,Xing Rufeng made up the answer by himself。
It should be!Otherwise, how could so many big people call themselves?There are only people with the prefix of the country,To mobilize such actions。
“May have beenzhuatutu.retired!”
Han Yuxiang sighed,Shrugged helplessly。
“Korean team,There may be something I shouldn’t ask,But it’s not like that after all!You don’t mind,You and my brother?”
Xing Rufeng tentatively looked at Korean Xiang,He is usually the leader of Xing Tao,No matter how high the leader is, there are family members,It is false to say that you don’t care about Xing Tao’s personal problems,After all, he is about 30 years old,Being so alone is not the way,Besides, Xing Tao likes things in Korean,It’s no secret in each team,But these two people are always so unclear,My son is worried for his uncle。
Taking advantage of Xing Tao’s absence,Xing Rufeng also relied on his older identity,Courageously asked Korean Xiang。