Tian Lu flipped through the new mobile phone the salesman had brought,Key to debug each function,The salesperson kept in the ear like“fly”General“Buzzing”Keep recommending。

Brand mobile phones in various models and colors in front of you,Tian Lu struggled in her heart,Seems a little hesitant:Ye Xingkong,Who am I,It’s just a character that passersby meet,Why should I spend money to buy him,This money is not too much,But it’s not small, I’ll buy it or not?
The salesman kept pushing,“This is the latest model this year,And it’s a hit,Higher than previous pixels、Sharpness、Dozens of large capacityG,Very good……”
of course,Tian Lu is struggling between buying and not buying,Be careful:Forget it,Buy him,Friends,He will be paid in the future when he goes to work,I’m not sure I can spend money for me in the future,Come and go。
Don’t buy it,Also passable,It’s just why there is a weird feeling in my heart。Not paying back,Care a little bit,Who let him go to a big family、It’s another rich man who found a job。
Isn’t it a cheap idea?,Whatever,People,Who is not a layman,It’s not too much to have this kind of thought,Normal,Hum……
First64chapter Buy machine
Tian Lu in the dream bought a branded mobile phone for Ye Xingkong,Easy to contact。
Tian Lu standing by the counter holds the new mobile phone given by the salesman,Keep turning and inspecting,The expression frowned for a while,For a while, both sides of my mouth are beeping,I’m completely overwhelmed。
Unknowingly three to five minutes passed,The salesman sees Tian Lu not expressing opinions on buying or not,In a daze,A little impatient,So much tongue,The customers in front of me seem to ignore it,Not on the same channel at all,Yelled a few times:“Hey、Hey、This customer,Would you like to buy or not?”
Tian Lu thought it was a salesperson selling,Selectively filter out words,Until the salesman put his face close to Tian Lu,Re“Hey、Hey”Two beeps,My voice raised a little,He brought Tian Lu’s mindful thinking back to the status quo。
“Do you buy or not?”The salesman repeated。prior to,Keep introducing,Professional and dedicated attitude,Let Tian Lu couldn’t refuse,Arouse Tian Lu’s desire to buy。
“buy!”Tian Lu smiled exaggeratedly,A decisive beep to the salesman,A big deal。
The salesman quickly brought the packing box,Get the new phone on the counter,Billing into the computer,Then report the amount to Tian Lu。
Tian Lu turns on the phone,Mobile banking is popular nowadays,along with“Ding”A bang,Payment successful,QR code payment is simple and fast。
The salesman puts the packed mobile phone on Tian Lu’s packaging,Smiled and sent it to Tian Lu,The opposite of the expression at the beginning,Came a big turn。Businessmen change their faces very quickly。