The hero’s blood has never cooled – the heroic city of Jilin, the hero city of the guns.

  Jilin Xiaocheng four flat, between Shenyang, Changchun, along the Jingha Railway, is a transportation hub connected to the Northwest North Railway and Highways. Because of its location, Si Ping is also a military heavy place in Northeast throat. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the Communist Party of China was four times in March 1946 to March 1948, and finally won, and the four Ping has also become a hero city.

The victory of the four flat battles affected the battle of the War of the Northeast Liberation War and won the fighters in the northeast of our party and laid a solid foundation. There is a warrior bleeding, and now there is a future person to make a tribute to the martyrs. The city of the hero never lacks hot.

Siuping Milcher Memorial Tower.

(Xinhua News Agency, Zhang Nan, February 19) Pictures in May 1946, in May 1946, this is the season of the mountain, the Tago Mountain is like a coke. The Tagishan is located in the southeastern part of Siping, the first of the mountains, and stands here overlooking the Democratic coalition, the four Pacific lines, and the loss is directly related to the safety of four.

In order to grab the position, the Kuomintang’s new 6th army used the full-American equipment to carry out the carpet coverage of the Taizi Mountain. Dedicated to the Taishan is the New Fourth Army 3 division 7 brigade, his predecessor is the famous Ye Ting Independent group, known as "Iron Army", participated in the Nanchang Uprising, Jinggangshan Hostel, Fei Lingding Bridge, flat-shaped Guanjie.

In Tago Mountain, they once again interpreted a fierce tragic scene: the bullet glaminated, with the stone, stabbed … After the tenth of the enemy, the casualties have been over half.

  "The Tago Mountain is a meat grinder, and the comrades around me fall.

"The original Guangzhou Military Region Deputy Political Committee Single Print has experienced this battle.

In 2016, the elderly did not bear to return to the history, because they think of those tragic sacrificial scenes, they always tears.

  Many soldiers will put on new military uniforms before speaking.

No one knows if this fight is still alive. Time, the new four-year 3 division, the 20 group 2 battalion, the 2 battalion, Wei Kaijiang, once recalled that when he was withdrawing from the mount of the mountain wing of the tower, he made a seriously avoided artillery fire, and the seriously injured correspondent made his hand, "Don’t manage I am, otherwise I have to die. "

Since then, the correspondent has become a hurt in his heart … four wars, four war, the Northeast Democratic coalition, in the blood of the blood, eventually controlled the strategic to four levels.

  Knowing that life and death is difficult, why is it biased toward danger? Zhang Yuming, director of the Siping Battle Memorial War History Research Office, said: "It is the political advocation of the Communist Party of China to win the people’s recognition. The soldiers are mostly ordinary farmers, they believe that the Communist Party can lead everyone to a better life.

These soldiers are supported by this spirit and will not be afraid. "Siping Battle Memorial Interior. (Xinhua News Agency, Zhang Nan, February 19) Hero Commemorating the 70th anniversary of the four Pingli, Liu Yuting, the old warrior Liu Yuting, from the Guangxi Hechi. Because the annual event is high, you can’t take the plane, the old man has come to four days to come four. Such a fold, just to take a better battle The place of the place and the military uniform passed through the four flat battles to give a memorial.

  In the exhibition hall, Liu Yuting found a photo of his comrades.

He didn’t care, stood up from the wheelchair, tall and waist, respectfully a standard military ceremony. "At that time, everyone said it, who can live, remember this war years, live well.

"He said.

  There is also a middle-aged person, he only came to the memorial, keeping it in front of the photo.

Later, his gaze stayed in one place. For a long time, he bent down, gently and a photo posted a face.

The original photo of the photo was his father who had never met, his father rushed to the northeast, he has not born. After he is sensible, he knows that his father has sacrificed … hero never forgotten. In the Siping Battle Memorial, for many years, people have come to visit, remember the martyrs, and receive more than 35,000 visitors.

  From the smoked pottery in the hero deed, Zhang Yueming returned to his hometown after graduating from the University, engaged in the research work of Siping Campaign in the Siping Campaign Memorial Hall. One is more than 30 years. "History needs to be remembered, I am willing to be a heaters." She said. Historical artifacts showing the Siping Campaign Memorial Hall. (Xinhua News Agency, Zhang Nan photographed on February 19) Reborn, the old industrial base for the new Martyrs Memorial Tower, Hero Square, Renxing Street … More than 70 years, the first pass, four streets, still keep the blood memory. The city center, a fierce bridge across the Kingha Railway recorded a tragic four flat attack. Today, it is the old town full of cultural heritage, and the other is to witness the city’s new urban area. In the war age, the children were dedicated to the people. In the peaceful age, the Heroic City still worked hard for the people. The first self-propelled joint harvesting machine, the first four-level bus, the first special car … After the founding of New China, I created a miracle in four flat, which strongly supported the national construction and became an important component of the Northeast Old industrial base. part.

  Siping is still an important commodity grain base in my country. The annual food production of Pear Tree County, the national grain county is more than 4 billion pounds. It is one of the five strong counties in China, which is an important rear of food security. In the Village of Majiali, Mengjialing Town, Shibing City, implemented the "Kai Tianchi" scenic spot after the mine complex green ecological repair project. (Drone photo, Xinhua News Agency Zhang Nan, June 22, 2020) In the factory building of Southern Conda Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd., the machine roared, nearly 100 workers were working overtime to produce no-tillage sowing machine. "Annual production of nearly 8,000 free cultivation machines, supply all over the country.

"General Manager Yang Tiecheng said.

Siping City has a group of agricultural machinery manufacturing enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and main products, with an annual output value of over 2 billion yuan. In recent years, Shiping City has been transformed into the old community transformation of 253 small districts built before 2000.

In the 1980s, Tiedong District, the Tiedong District, was becoming more and more, and many residents have a moving idea.

Thanks to the renovation project, a large change in the community in 2020, which has a planned parking space, green planted green ground and a spacious and bright corridor, and the people’s happiness index greatly improved. Old City Reconstruction, Northern River Governance, Mining Treatment … "Nowadays, it is more and more beautiful, but also gets more and more strong.

"Li Gang, who lives in a festive community," We have to inherit the spirit of heroes, and strive for the city’s better tomorrow.

"Xinhua News Agency, Chen Jun, Meng Yunqi, Xue Qinfeng Video: Xinhua News Agency Jiang Mingming, Wei Meng, Xu Ziheng Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua News Agency Jilin Branch jointly produced.