As soon as I saw this Vietnamese gang boss came,Zhou Jielun was so scared that his feet were almost weak,Although he has never seen the real face of King Bang,But I often hear people describe his appearance,This kind of bigwig,You know it as soon as you see the momentum,No need to know。

“Boss King!”
“Boom King!”
“Boom King!”The surrounding Vietnamese gang took the initiative to say hello,I’m afraid of showing the slightest disrespect to the boss。
Chapter Four Hundred and Eighty Six Kill game
Bakuwang brought the backbone of the Vietnamese gang,I strode to Lu Menglin and Zhou Jielun。
Everyone looks like a hook,Sweeping around the two unscrupulously。
“Ha ha,I said who is so bold,Dare to call me down,It turns out that Master Lu is here。You take the initiative to come,Did you make it clear to bully us and help Vietnam??”Burst king brows lightly lock,Shouted at the two。
“what?”Hear the words of the king,The first reaction of Jie Zhou was that he had auditory hallucinations,How else can I understand every word,But they don’t seem to understand them at all.?
and,What is Master Lu’s name??Shouldn’t it be boss Lu??
At this moment,Lu Menglin shrugged,Smile,Said calmly:“I do not know you,I’m here to buy news,Not here to bully,So don’t be nervous。”
His tone,It’s like a kindergarten teacher is encouraging children,Don’t be afraid,do not worry,I am an adult,Promise not to bully you。
Zhou Jielun was dumbfounded after listening,He looked at the surnamed Lu,Look at those ruthless people,I feel like the calendar is wrong today,Shouldn’t go out at all。
“Where’s the money?”Bakuwang gloomy face,Whispered。
Lu Menglin gently stretched out his hand,Open the suitcase,Inside are stacks of Hong Kong dollar bills,At least a million。
See this box of banknotes,The Vietnamese gangs around are looking straight。
Zhou Jielun suddenly got numb scalp,Scream in my heart,Does the Vietnamese gang want to eat black??