“how about it?”

“Okay,Antiquities are antiquities,We talked for a while while we were asleep,In the end it chose to follow me。”
This is the best result,After all, every artifact has its own pride,Especially powerful things,They have greater pride。
So it’s not easy to get the other party’s approval。
For Ah Wu,Xia Chenglong is still very curious,After all, I can’t feel too strong aura from the opponent,But there is a faint thought,He is not much worse than the others here。
When I was at the fish market,He already felt the other party’s unusual,That’s why I believe this guy will be in Zhongyu,Dahua Country breaks out a world。
“Forrest Gump,how about it,Is there something new happening!”
Forrest Gump, who is more hip-hop on weekdays, is so solemn now:“Ok,Is there any movement in the Stegosaurus Mountains?!”
“Do not worry,To be more detailed!”
Oh I see,In the early morning, A-Gump and Abu also went down the mountain to check,After the changes last night,Has become a forbidden zone for everyone in front。
but……As the saying goes,Starve to death the timid。
After the initial panic,Many people have tried their best to start delving into that area。
What’s interesting is the black hole in space that can be found without regularity,They actually thought of using foreign objects to crack。
“You are talking about throwing stones for directions?”