But even after I believe it,Li Feifei didn’t come forward immediately,But wait for Wei Ying and Su Xiaoli to come together。Anyway, it’s four people together,She doesn’t believe it,Xin Zhao still has such a big appetite,Can deal with four by one person。

Squeeze him dry!
After thinking about this,Li Feifei felt herself swell up suddenly,Isn’t it Xin Zhao?。
Just a mere Xin Zhao!
“Fifi,Azure,Why is it so good today,Waiting for us here!”Wei Ying and Su Xiaoli finally caught up,And then asked a little excitedly。
“Our sisters have deep affection,I’m waiting for you, it’s not normal!”Of course Li Feifei will not admit that she is afraid,So I want to get somebody together。
I heard Li Feifei’s self-deception,Wei Ying gave her a blank look“Sister Feifei,You don’t think I’m blind,I won’t see a person that big,If you are timid, just say timid,Can we still despise you?!”
Even if Wei Ying said that,Li Feifei won’t believe her nonsense。
She felt that if she said something,Needless to say anything else,Wei Ying will despise herself。
“All right,Su Xiaoli covers three sisters,Afraid of what he does alone,Besides, Lord Xin’s body hasn’t fully recovered yet,Are you still worried about what he can do to me?!”When saying this,Su Xiaoli is so airy,How proud。
Seeing Su Xiaoli’s confident look,Wei Ying believed a little bit in her heart。
“Also good,Let’s go up together,there is always a solution to a problem,Our four big beauties,I’m afraid Xin Zhao won’t be alone!”
“Not bad,Sisters together,Its profit,Today we will overthrow the old landlord Xin Zhao,Return to the world a bright universe!”
“Haha,Let’s cut the chicken head today,Burnt yellow paper,Yoshie Jinlan!”
“Down with the shameless old thief Xin Zhao,Restoring peace to the world!”
Qilin looked at the second team member who was sick there,Then silently prepare to swim over,Then she was grabbed by He Weilan’s arm on the second floor。
Gave it a little harder,Then Qilin found that she didn’t take it out,Just know,He Weilan is also afraid。
“You damn girl,Nothing to do with them,This is just great,I have to save you!”Although I have some complaints about He Weilan,,But Qilin doesn’t want to watch her best friend fall into the fire pit,Then leave it alone。
The second team and four women after cheering for themselves,At this time, I swam forward again,If you don’t look at them personally,,I really thought it was a million heroes who crossed the river。