Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Eight Loss of soldiers

“Forget it,Don’t do it。No need!”Qin Feng said at this moment。After speaking,He looked at Zhang Enci,“have to say,This is the worst strategy I have ever seen。”
At this moment, Zhang Enci was laughing.,“Haha,It doesn’t matter if the strategy is bad or not,As long as you get the bait。look,Isn’t it all right now??”
Liu Xing looks at Qin Feng,“Qin Feng,We really just got caught?”
“What’s the point if you resist and bring these people down?It turns into conclusive evidence,And become a national wanted criminal。Really unnecessary,okay,Just leave this to me。”Qin Feng appeased everyone。
Zhang Enci smiled,“Take it all!”
The Zhang family members stepped forward and handcuffed everyone。
of course,After being taken away by them,The men in the army did not take them to prison in accordance with formal means。On the contrary, they and others were taken blindfolded to the outskirts of the capital。
“Qin Feng,We really don’t resist?It’s going to die!”Liu Xing knew that Qin Feng was sitting next to him,So I can’t help but remind。
But even now it’s a bit late to say these things。After all, they were handcuffed and still covered their faces,I don’t have the ability to break free。
of course,Unless they have thief-like skills to unlock,Otherwise, everything is said for nothing。
But Qin Feng is still very calm,Didn’t even speak。
Others are a little anxious,But out of trust in Qin Feng, he didn’t speak。
“Qin Feng!”Still Liu Xing,After all, the relationship between him and Qin Feng is actually hard to clarify。
“rest assured,Wait, then!”
In the end Qin Feng said a few words,It’s useless for Liu Xing to worry。Because this evolved into the emperor’s no hurry。
For various reasons,Finally everyone stopped talking,Was sent to the suburbs。
It’s just that Zhang Enci and others didn’t follow,Only a team of dozens of uniformed personnel is required to execute the order。