In less than three days, this body will be eroded into a lowlevel undead by its huge ability to control the undead.

Although it has a life span of three days, it is enough for the dead Teke brother.
After being injected with a lot of undead energy because he didn’t have a fighting flame before his death, Teke himself realized that the fighting flame of the undead is not only that, but this cold fighting flame has extra damage and advantages for the soul body.
Every time Master Shan attacks or is attacked, he consumes a lot of energy. It is because of this attack that the defense can resist Master Shan hard. Now Master Shan is a digital body, and the soul and * * are mixed together. This attack against the soul can also cause great damage to Master Shan.
In addition to the tartar of Turk’s younger brother, the other senior undead also caused heavy losses to Shanye’s arms.
Longrange and fragile banshee occupation and wizard disability have greatly reduced the effect of this kind of undead enemy. Not to mention the other side’s more overbearing undead attack, it can bring great casualties to Shanye’s arms
Those more than 50 cavalry who were rescued died faster, and almost a few people died in the first round of attack, so as to counter each other’s attacks.
The cavalry didn’t have a horse, not to mention that they were still very tired at this time, and the captain was such a sixlevel professional. The rest of the people were four or fivelevel professionals. Although they could resist a few, they were extremely tired during this period, and the consumption of rushing twice was not supplemented. At this time, they experienced the war again. What strength did Basic Law play?
Even though the people are desperately resisting and defending, the number is still sharply reduced.
The captain looked at the companion’s eyes, which were bombarded into pieces by the undead attack, with fierce anger, but cast a glance that more and more senior undead were immediately as calm as a pot of cold water.
At one time, Master Shan occupied an advantage, but with more and more senior undead coming over, the situation here became more and more dangerous.
The front row is at the front, and the heavy infantry casualties are the most heavy. From more than ten to more than fifty now.
Although they are as fierce as death, there are more than 200 of the 500 welding grass corpses left at this time.
Gargoyle also damaged less than half of the frost dragon, which was killed by the enemy’s fire, and the rest was quickly put away by Master Shan. Although the frost dragon is relatively strong for most enemies, once the other party’s attack can really hurt the frost dragon, this kind of fire attack is very unfavorable.
Without the frost dragon, Gargoyle will die faster because most senior undead have the ability to attack.
Looking at the worse and worse situation, Master Shan doesn’t want to leave easily. If he loses that kind of fluctuating object again this time, Master Shan is really dead.
约茶If you succeed, 300,000 experience values will fail. According to the current experience values, it must be a death.
Even if the hope is very slim, the mountain master must look for exploration to explore a single individual. From the army of the undead, the mountain master is quietly using exploration to find that kind of fluctuating object like crazy.
ding! Exploration starts and consumes 4 experience points!
ding! Discover that advanced undead live for ten years!
ding! Exploration starts and consumes 4 experience points!
ding! It is found that advanced undead live for thirteen years!
Brush the screen to show that with the continuous death of arms, Master Shan looks as ugly as brushing the bottom of the pot.
In addition to the constant release of exploration, we must also guard against the mad dog attack of Teke’s younger brother. Although it is impossible to kill yourself, the experience consumption is no different from cutting meat.
Seeing that all the cavalry were almost dead, the captain and a vice captain were running back and forth in the heavy infantry phalanx of Shanye, and their roots were not in one place for too long. Even so, the vice captain was still injured several times, and it was not good to watch.
When San Yegen is not available, he can help them throw a few bottles of advanced weightloss drugs in the past, hoping that they can last a little longer.
Ha ha what’s the matter? Weren’t you very good just now? How come there is no attack now? ! !” Turco’s younger brother’s white eyes glared at Master Shan and puffed up, cursing and mocking.
Master Shan remained unmoved and continued to release exploration crazily.
After a long time, I almost explored all the senior undead around me, but I still didn’t get anything. My face was gloomy and I frowned and mused like a mad dog, regardless of Turk’s brother.
The same is true next time, even with the unified indication, even though I knew that the kind of fluctuation was nearby, I still couldn’t find it, even if I dug three feet, I still didn’t get anything.
In this way, it is quite normal for Master Shan to have no harvest this time.
How could it not be? Master Shan tightly locked his eyebrows and eyes, and quickly passed through the surrounding environment and various suspicious places, but there was still no gain.
Tong Shi means that he found a kind of fluctuation, but he didn’t have the slightest clue twice in a row. It shouldn’t be. Tong Shi won’t lie. Shaoshan has never seen Tong Shi lie.
Is there anything I didn’t think of when I thought about it?
But this kind of sign appeared twice, but I couldn’t find out what was going on.
In the battle, Sun Yatsen tried to meditate and think hard, and he could turn his head quickly, hoping to remember what he had neglected.
Can the surrounding really be explored again?
There was a flash of light in my mind, and a bright color slowly appeared in my eyes.
When the wrist shook, the brand on the wrist flashed slightly for a while, and then there was a burst of distortion around it. A hairy hand leaned out from it and easily tore out the shape of the great ape. His blue eyes looked around and landed on the mountain.
How much gentleness was added to the eyes? After a moment of communication, Master Shan disappeared.
With the help of the great ape, this is the last resort for Master Shan.
The Lord didn’t. Did he?
With this in mind, Master Shan summoned the great ape and wanted him to see if there were any fluctuating objects or creatures around him.
Don’t let me down! !” Looking at the disappearance of the great ape, Master Shan secretly prayed that if Yayami had anything, Master Shan really didn’t know if he should look for it.
Why? Looking for help? Turco’s younger brother is crazy with a hideous face, attacking the disappearance position of the great ape and trying to hurt each other.
Because he felt that the creature was worthy of a fivelevel professional in the level of the main material plane at this time, if his attack could hurt the other side, it would be a great blow to Master Shan, because he found that Master Shan’s feelings should be not shallow, because if he knew the Great Ape in general, he would not be so obedient.
After all, living in a very dangerous Asia, how can a creature be so good to humans?
But anyway, Master Shan is ready to take a chance with the great ape. If you can find this kind of fluctuation, you can not only get a reward of 300,000 experience points, but also get 300 copies of arms materials.
It would be a great thing to train 300 sixlevel professionals with 300 copies of hero or frost dragon materials and enough experience.
But before, Master Shan was able to find this socalled quasifluctuation.