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I thought it was impossible for him to find a good spot so accurately. After all, it was too short for that position to be able to find a spot, but I didn’t expect him to find that spot perfectly. I have to say that he has reached the pinnacle after controlling the track! And I don’t know if you have noticed that there is a small detail when he landed on the second level just now. This exercise determines whether he can land on the second level perfectly …

I thought it was impossible for him to find a good spot so accurately. After all, it was too short for that position to be able to find a spot, but I didn’t expect him to find that spot perfectly. I have to say that he has reached the pinnacle after controlling the track! And I don’t know if you have noticed that there is a small detail when he landed on the second level just now. This exercise determines whether he can land on the second level perfectly …
At the moment, all the people have been aroused by autumn waters. When they hear him say this, they can’t help but rush and ask, What details are fuck? Tell us about it?
Qiu Shui once again smiled mysteriously and said unfathomably, Maybe many audience friends also noticed that the night baby in the hands of Mo Tianyuan, the great god, had already cut off the little monster before it fell to the ground just now!
Cut the monster before landing?
They smell speech and don’t understand. Maybe Mo Tianyuan, a great god, just happened to land on the second flat ground, stabbed him and hit him with a knife …
Listen to Qiu Shui continued, Actually, all of us can recall that Mo Tianyuan just jumped on the first flat, because the length of that flat was longer than that of the second flat, so he could step on the flat and cut the monster with a knife, and there would be no danger, but the second flat was quite short, and it was suspected that it was quite dangerous to blow the monster off after falling to the flat.
And because the meteor lion is bigger, it increases the possibility of this danger, but Mo Tianyuan has already taken out a knife to fly the little monster before he just fell to the ground, but it can be avoided that he is in danger from the little monster and the flash monster, and because he is so fast that we can’t see this column of exercises clearly, everyone will think that he fell to the ground first and then cut the monster according to our habit of doing exercises …
After Qiu Shui’s explanation, the audience gradually understood what had happened just now. Of course, many people didn’t listen to Bai for a while. At this time, they all chewed Qiu Shui’s explanation carefully, but a moment later, the audience once again sent out a breath of air.
Psst …
If everyone was surprised to see gorgeous exercises just now, then after listening to Qiu Shui’s explanation, I realized what a dazzling and complicated technique there is behind this column of gorgeous exercises!
541. 541 Handheld sword falls like a high wind!
When they heard the winter snow, they quickly looked up and looked forward.
At this time, I saw a long flat land in front of Mo Tianyuan, but this flat land is obviously not so stable. First of all, Mo Tianyuan saw two spikes with golden luster, and the tips of these spikes had a flying monster with flapping wings.
Immediately after the nail stab, two white missiles lit up, with two tandem missiles coming straight from the ground at a track position. Behind the missile, another monster floated together, indicating that its heart was about to be chopped up.
There are about three meters behind this little monster. The ground on this road section has come to an end. Mo Tianyuan came to the two spikes and saw him turn over and jump quickly. The little monster quickly cut the tip of the spike and fell as fast as the wind.
After turning over the nail, two missiles that don’t stick to the ground in front have already come crashing. If he is in the mode, he is bound to lean over and slide at this time. The socalled male man can bend and stretch, but even the missiles can be cut and fly. In the attack mode, Mo Tianyuan is contemptuous when he faces these two feet and hits many disappointing pages.
Hands up and down! Hands up and down!
Even before the two missiles touched the dark night baby’s purplish lace dress, she pulled out two silver machetes in her hand and cut them cold, exposing the lonely monster shivering in the face of the powerful coercion of the dark night baby.
Mo Tianyuan is naturally not polite, so that little monster has also become a lonely ghost in his hand. At this time, the night baby is no longer the gentle and affectionate petite woman. She is more like a bloodthirsty elf flying in the dark night and has no mercy on all guys who stand in the way.
The road ahead seems to have been calm for about three meters, and there is no longer a flat ground. The younger generation dares to obstruct her footsteps. At this time, the meteor lion also summoned a wave of meteor showers, which seemed to want to give the night baby who had just experienced a big war a mouthful of poisonous milk. However, when the audience didn’t come to breathe a sigh of relief, they suddenly saw with horror that the original Ma Pingchuan flat ground riding the meteor lion night baby suddenly collapsed in front of it and fell in two pieces!
Night Baby’s eyes are frozen. She directly looks at a missile in front of her, ignoring the provocation, but suddenly turns over and glides to see the terrain. If the missile is cut off, I’m afraid she will fall into the abyss with it …
The audience saw that Mo Tianyuan came to a fragmented fault plane at this moment. At first, he fell to the ground before his eyes. There appeared a fault with a length of about three meters, and at the right end of the fault was a flat section with the same length of about three meters. The altitude was slightly lower, for example, the edge of the screen was higher than the width of a track. A missile crashed on this flat section.
Then the missile behind the flat area seemed to know that it was alone and posed no threat to the monsterchopping night baby, so it called friends and the audience saw that the same horizontal line of the same two miserable white missiles behind the missile lit up.
There is a fault with the same short length behind the first flat section, but the second flat section with a length of about three meters behind the fault suddenly appears, and there is a cute little monster jumping in the middle of the flat section.
Everyone was shocked when they saw this. Although the number of missiles and mobs on this road section is generally small, they can’t stand it. They are located in a fragmented fault. This makes it more difficult to pass through this road section. If it is a general fault, it’s okay to encounter this difficulty there, but the two roads are close to 40,000 meters. Is it so complicated to look at this position?
However, riding a meteor lion night baby for a moment gave everyone a standard answer.
Just before the ground was broken, I saw the night baby leaping over. When she slid to the first section of the ground near Fang, she didn’t stop, and even ignored the three missiles on the ground. Instead, she directly came to the second section of the ground at a higher altitude through a gliding Shi Shiran, a place with a cute little monster.
桑拿论坛Before I could see the face of the invading enemy clearly, there was a silver light sliding in front of me, and then it became a lonely ghost in the hands of the night baby.
Everyone’s heart is startled, and they can’t help but take a breath of air conditioning. How precise exercise is needed to step on this flat ground and remove the obstacles on the flat ground in an instant? I have to say that this great god fuck is really amazing!
After thinking about this question, the audience asked themselves that if they were themselves, they would never have passed this difficult point so smoothly. Nothing unexpected happened. They either fell into the pit directly with falling to the ground, or were picked up by several missiles or smashed by mobsters, and then they might be nervous. One careless mistake led to a tragedy.
However, instead of this happening, it seems that this is not a small difficulty. How can it not be surprising that the whole road section is like flowing water?
Explain that autumn waters have repeatedly launched their own surprises at this time. That’s wonderful! Mo Tianyuan once again gave us a vivid lesson!
First of all, we can think of the first time he met the one with two nails stabbing the ground, where he turned to cut the blame. It’s no problem. It’s hard to fuck after those two nails stabbing …
I remember that there were two missiles that didn’t touch the ground behind those two spikes just now. These two missiles are closely connected. We know that many players are often used to bending over and sliding when they encounter this situation. After all, this is what we often do in our classic mode. Of course, this kind of exercise has no problem, but it can help us hide the two missiles smoothly. But if you like to play attack mode, friends will find a problem, that is, when cutting missiles, especially when these missiles are connected, it is very dangerous!
542 Chapter 542 Deadly missiles
They smell speech puzzled.
Is it dangerous to cut missiles? What’s the danger? Can’t it be said that it’s not enough to fly directly after encountering missiles in the attack mode? Where is the danger point?

Jing Anjiu sighed and said, "So did you call me a lot?"

Han Mobai didn’t deny that "I went to Jingjia and waited until Grandfather came back"
Jing Anjiu looked at him in surprise. "So you came right away?"
Han Mobai’s default
JingAn nine heart suddenly more love dearly.
Although I am very happy that he can come, I feel sorry at the thought that he has been doing this all day, and the greater his resistance to Jing Muchen is …
"jiujiu" Han Mobai suddenly called her name.
Jing’ an Jiu blinked and saw his hand drawn out of his trouser pocket, white and slender, as if it were art, and a delicate red velvet box lay quietly in the palm of his hand.
Jing Anjiu looked at him expectantly. "Is this … a birthday present?"
"Well," Han Mo said with a white nod, "Don’t open it?"
Jing Anjiu reached out and took the small box. After opening it, a bright light flashed across her eyes. She blinked quickly and saw a diamond ring lying quietly on the velvet chassis. The street lamp projected from one side to help the ring add a layer of soft light, shiny but beautiful.
JingAn nine surprised "this is …"
"Angel Love" Han Mo sounded in a low voice.
Angel love?
"What do you mean?" Jing’ an jiuwen
"The name of this ring is Angel Love, which was designed by sunrealf, a famous French designer." Han Mobai simply explained.
Jing Anjiu’s face turned red at once. Although he said it was an understatement, she immediately knew what he meant.
Isn’t "angel" his own name in English?
Yes … She couldn’t help but look at him with joy and smile and say, "I’m not asking about the name, I’m asking about … what do you mean by giving me a ring?"
He will be beaten and shy …
Who knows that Han Mobai raised his eyebrows and the old god said, "What do you mean?"
"…" JingAn nine face suddenly more red "it won’t be … proposal?"
Han Mo smiled in vain and asked softly, "Will you accept it?"
Hearing this sentence, Jing Anjiu’s heart immediately jumped "plop plop" and his voice stuttered. "Will it … will it be too fast?"
"Unhappy," said Han Mobai, reaching out for the ring and holding her right hand with the other hand. "We have known each other for thirteen years."
Jing’ an Jiu held her breath with wide eyes and watched him put the ring on his right finger.
Hey, it seems that she hasn’t promised …
And Han Mobai has nodded approvingly with her little hand "It really fits".
The size of this ring was determined by his feel, but I didn’t expect it to fit just right.
The slender white hand looks very delicate because of that diamond ring, which also matches her dress today.
His eyes slowly fell on her, and she was dressed in a romantic and elegant lace gauze skirt, showing her white and tender arms. The original black straight hair was ironed into a big volume, fluffy and soft, which also created a beautiful and moving temperament for her little face.
The whole suit is very beautiful and suitable for her temperament, just like a rose blooming in the morning, which reveals a trace of youth and purity.
"Makeup?" He asked in a low voice
JingAn nine nodded at the moment some glad I haven’t remove makeup also didn’t change clothes …
"Is it nice?" She asked a little shyness.
Because he was sure that Jing Anjiu was even more shy and touched his hair and said softly, "But I don’t think … it’s like myself."
She has never put on makeup before, although many girls in the class have learned to dress up, and the teacher’s discipline is not strict, but she seems to be really so-called and never curious about this.
Today, however, she has to admit that make-up will really make women more pleasing to the eye, especially when the lover praises them so face to face … That kind of pleasure is really legal.
Han Mo Bai Gang was about to open his mouth when his hurried footsteps suddenly sounded, followed by a familiar low-pitched sound, "Smelly little!"
Having been trained in various kinds of fighting and self-defense techniques in the past five years, he immediately became keenly aware of a surge of air. Although it could be avoided, Jing Anjiu was in front of himself …
He was severely beaten on the back by a broom.
After "Ba", the broom head directly dropped the cement and made a loud noise.
It doesn’t hurt to look at the broom head. Korean ink white can’t help but twitch slightly.
How much hatred and resentment?
How much does his future father-in-law dislike him?
I cann’t believe that the broom was interrupted by such a big effort …
"Dad, what are you doing!" Jing’ an Jiu was even more frightened and immediately rushed over to block Han Mo’s white body.
Jing Muchen just raised his broom again and was forced to stay for half a stiff face and said, "jiujiu, get out of the way. I have to teach this little stinker a lesson today!"
Han Mobai also stretched out his hand and pulled Jing Anjiu "jiujiu, next to you."
"I don’t!" JingAn nine nasty eyes are red with open hands desperately want to protect his front "dad forbid you to hit him! He came here specially to celebrate my birthday today. "
桑拿网Speaking of this, Jing Muchen was even more angry and asked Han Mobai, "How did you get in?"
The clubhouse is extremely high because there are several iron gates outside to protect it. No one can come in at night, otherwise he wouldn’t be so relieved …
Jing Anjiu didn’t understand what this meant. Han Mobai had already said "come over the wall"
Jingmuchen "…"

Defensive counterattack has always been a lot of routines practiced by Mourinho in his training.

On the other hand, Barcelona will have to attack Real Madrid and shrink their defense lines, and they will have to fight positional warfare before formation.
However, Real Madrid defender Jose Mourinho has improved a lot compared with the previous coach.
Barcelona’s attack for 1 minute has not yet achieved results.
Although Messi dribbled Fernando Alonso and was shown a yellow card by the referee, he never scored.
Barcelona is also a bit unlucky.
In the 52 nd minute, Fabregas had already hung a shot over a former goalkeeper, casillas, but was desperately returned to the Pepe line to clear the ball.
Although Barcelona players around the referee demanded that the goal be scored, the referee insisted that the goal was not scored
Then the big screen playback was lost first, not to mention that the ball crossed the goal line as a whole, and even the goal line didn’t arrive, so Pepe got out of the way.
The referee’s decision is accurate or wrong.
Although Barcelona players are still a little aggrieved, there is nothing they can do.
A long attack will naturally be countered by Real Madrid.
The counterattack speed of the professional Mourinho flag team is very fast, especially when there are super-fast players such as Luo, Lu Wenbin and Di Maria, the counterattack speed is the highest in the world.
In the 57th minute, Messi dribbled the ball by Ramos with a fierce and accurate tackle.
Although Messi fell to the ground and asked the referee to punish Ramos for a foul, the referee ignored him
This is a good head-on tackle.
Messi also complained bitterly that his Barcelona players also cooperated with Messi to attack when Ramos shoveled the ball and landed on Di Maria’s foot.
Di Maria immediately turned and ran with the ball in the middle. Lu Wenbin and Luo Du on the other side of Zema immediately turned and rushed to Barcelona.
Barcelona players are naturally frightened and equally desperate to defend.
But Real Madrid’s counterattack speed is too fast.
In the face of Alves’ defense, Di Mariangan didn’t try to break through directly and kicked the ball to the middle. Lu Wenbin ran ahead.
Because of the sudden defensive counterattack, Lu Wenbin had no one else to defend except busquets.
Pique defends Zemapuyol and defends Luo. Everyone else has taken part in the attack and ran to the frontcourt. It is no longer possible to defend.
Busquets even pulled and dragged Lu Wenbin and couldn’t carry the ball smoothly.
So after receiving Di Maria’s ball, Lu Wenbin kicked the ball to Luo’s side when there was no wave, and then inserted it himself.
Lu Wenbin is not the only one who can follow and defend the ball.
After receiving the ball, Ronaldo couldn’t press Puyol to continue with the ball, and Mourinho warned Ronaldo not to take a long shot casually, but to cross the ball to Zema in the middle again
However, Zema also shot smoothly with Pique’s defense method and the angle was small. Valdes had blocked most of his shot angle.
Therefore, Zema didn’t force a small angle shot, but raised his foot and knocked the ball to the rear at the moment of receiving the ball.
This is a defensive counterattack routine practiced in training.
Of course, it is also a kind of luck that the counter-attack was so smooth that the Barcelona players didn’t touch the ball several times in the middle.
Zema’s heel knock caught Puyol and Valdes off guard, but they couldn’t come when they tried to grab the ball again.
Chapter 534 Revenge
The ball ran and rushed to Lu Wenbin, who had thrown off the interference of informants in the busquets Forbidden Area and lifted his feet and shot low.
桑拿会所The ball went straight to the right corner and went to Barcelona. All the players and fans got into the net in despair.
In the 57th minute, Real Madrid made a quick counterattack and broke Barcelona’s goal again.
Lu Wenbin scored a hat-trick. Real Madrid is 4 ahead and one goal short of the 5 th defeat in the season.
Real Madrid fans in the stands jumped and danced excitedly as if it were a holiday.
Barcelona players and fans are white and bloodless.
The score of 4 reminds them of the score of the season.
Lu Wenbin, Real Madrid, has been so strong since he joined us last season, even if he is better than Barcelona, he feels desperate.
Then there were some differences in the team department of Barcelona field
Fabregas, Sanchez, Messi and other attacking players naturally want to continue attacking, score goals as soon as possible, narrow the difference and avoid being shaved by Real Madrid.
The defenders Alves, Pique, Puyol and others naturally want to make the defense stronger and not let Real Madrid score again.

Although I was wearing Lingxi Spring in the school, I was quite afraid that the guard would stop her from asking questions, but I was quietly relieved to see that I had walked in smoothly.

However, when she was just relieved to walk towards the teaching building, several people came face to face, which made her consciously slow down.
It was two middle-aged people and a boy, and she recognized that one of them was the principal and the other was in a suit and early thirties, and she looked very attractive.
At this time, the middle-aged man in a suit and tie was conversing with the headmaster with a bag in one hand and a few pages in the other.
And the boy beside him is too familiar to be familiar with.
Ye qingting
Why did he come to school?
No, it should be how he came to school and went back at noon.
Who is that middle-aged man? Is he his father?
The boy came face to face from a distance, and she suddenly thought again, and her breathing slowly became rapid.
What kind of expression should she face if she approaches and looks at each other?
Smile politely or pretend to be a stranger.
Her eyes wandered and her thoughts were mixed.
One hundred meters
Fifty meters
Seeing that the boy coming from afar was about to pass her by, she forced herself to look at him casually.
However, at that moment, the boy suddenly bent over and tied his shoelaces.
桑拿网  title=Next to the middle-aged man low asked 1 waiting for him to move.
Chestnut hair is soft and shiny in the sun.
But his shoelaces were intact, but they were scattered again and then slowly got up again.
It suddenly occurred to her that I don’t know who told me that if a boy talks about what to do when facing a girl and avoids eye contact, it means that that person’s heart is in chaos.
But will Qing Ye court be like this?
Will he be upset?
Surely not.
He declined her.
If this is the end, if Ye Qingting doesn’t know how to face a girl who has been rejected by herself, she wants to tell him.
Not like this
Because she has always cooperated with him.
She will certainly cooperate with him
Cooperate with him politely, cooperate with him silently and cooperate with him to smile.
Cooperate with him as a qualified stranger, wrap the turbulent mind tightly, and let him pull out some hot secrets in his hypocrisy and indifference.
She didn’t slow down any more than she naturally walked past the boy who bent over and lowered her head.
The headmaster and middle-aged people greet each other from far and near.
She stopped and couldn’t help but look back.
It seems that they staggered a brake Ye Qingting and got up.
His back is still as far away as he remembers.
Heart slightly dull ache again:
Chapter 121 Chaper 11
When the stairs came, the corridor was already full of excitement. Students in twos and threes laughed and took a look at the student who was carrying a bag and walking in the opposite direction when passing by her.
She walked into the classroom with an expression on her face. Lv Xining just walked out listlessly. The two of them made a note of each other. Lv Xining shone at the moment and grabbed Lingxiquan’s shoulder with both hands and said happily, "Haha, Lingxiquan, you finally came to school. Why didn’t you come yesterday?"
Lingxi Spring was a little overwhelmed. She shrank back with enthusiasm and consciousness, but Lv Xining didn’t feel her stiffness. She continued to say excitedly, "Oh, no matter you are here, you don’t know that I have been suffocated these two days."
"There are so many words." Di Qin took Cheng Yihan and turned his eyes lukewarm.
"You" Lv Xining immediately sink a face.
Diqin didn’t look at her, but she walked straight past them holding Cheng Yihan.
Lingxiquan reacted and quickly pulled the deskmate into the classroom and pulled the corners of his mouth. "You missed me."
"Of course, you don’t chat me to death, and no one talks." Lv Xining looked at her deskmate and put the bag in the chair, took out the class and work one by one, and sat down in her desk with her hands propped up. She glanced back and walked almost to the classroom, leaving the pie mouth and saying, "But Lin Xiaoqi started to talk to me actively these two days, but I see that she is always a little awkward now."
Lingxiquan stuffed the class into the desk and looked up at her. "What?"
"Ah, do you want to? She didn’t even talk to us because of Diqin. Now that Diqin has quarreled with us, she has leaned in again. Can my heart be uncomfortable?" Lv Xining muttered.

"And the chairman of the board of directors, you prepare a big gift. I’m going to visit in a few days. This time I have to find a way to make up for the fact that I can’t let the cooked duck fly. This child is too worrying. He ran away and asked me to clean up this rotten stall." Wei Xiji Yun sighed.

"You are too kind to the gentleman," sighed Lao Wang.
"Since I am his mother, of course I am responsible for him."
Chapter 57 Who says that you are unhappy without money?
Wei Xi and Gu Xiaomi left the villa by boat. Although they were still afraid of seasickness, Gu Xiaomi tried not to let Wei Xi worry. Strangely enough, Wei Xi didn’t speak and Gu Xiaomi didn’t dare to ask more questions.
"hee, where are we going?" the boat gu Xiaomi finally asked carefully
"I don’t know. Let’s find a car first." Wei Xi waved a taxi by the roadside.
Because it is a suburb, I waited for a long time to come to a taxi. After two cars, Wei Xi looked at Gu Xiaomi’s little face and looked very serious. I couldn’t help laughing and squeezed her little apple face.
"Hey, what’s your face like the end of the world?"
"Are you still in the mood to laugh?" Gu Xiaomi took a white Wei Xi.
"Why not in the mood? It’s no big deal. Don’t worry." Wei Xi took care of Xiaomi.
"What shall we do after?" Gu Xiaomi still looked worried.
"After that, we will live together."
"Why don’t you want to suffer with me now that I’m not a gentleman at our headquarters?" Wei Xi deliberately teased Gu Xiaomi.
"Do you think I am the kind of person who craves vanity?" Gu Xiaomi pursed her mouth and said.
"Of course you’re not." Wei Xi gently kissed Xiaomi on the cheek.
"I am willing to bear hardships with you because I let you break with your family. I am really sorry." Gu Xiaomi shook Wei Xi’s strong hand.
"This is also no way to let’s talk about it later." Wei Xi sighed and looked out of the window.
"Xi, where are we going now? Go home?" Gu Xiaomi looked at Wei Xi, who was lost in thought.
"Oh, no, I can’t go home. My mother will definitely send someone there to find us. Let’s find a hotel first."
Wei Xi turned to the driver and said, "Hilton, please."
"Xi Hilton is too expensive. Let’s live cheaper." Gu Xiaomi whispered in Wei Xi’s ear.
"How can I let my beloved woman be wronged with me when I say that I want you to accompany me to suffer hardships?" Wei Xi said coolly.
"Xi" Gu Xiaomi was touched by a little loss.
The car stopped and the doorman at the entrance of Hilton Hotel opened the door for them.
Wei Xi paid the fare and pulled Gu Xiaomi into the hotel lobby.
"A presidential suite, please"
"Good. Would you like to pay in cash or by credit card, sir?" The receptionist asked politely.
"swipe your card" and Wei took out a card from his wallet and handed it over.
"Just a moment," the receptionist took the card with both hands and put it into the ose machine.
"Sorry, sir, you can’t swipe this card." The receptionist handed the card back to Wei Xi.
Wei Xi took the card and read it before and after, then took out another card from his wallet.
"Try this."
"Okay, just a moment."
"Sorry, this card can’t be swiped either."
"Try this again" and hand out another one.
"Sir, I’m sorry or no"
I tried seven cards one after another, but there was no one to brush. Wei Xi’s face became more and more ugly, and the table was filled with various cards, which attracted people’s attention.
"Try this again" Wei Xi lowered his voice and took out the last card from his wallet.
"How about it or not?" Wei Xi looked at the receptionist and asked.
The receptionist shook her head.
Wei Xi had never been so embarrassed, and said angrily, "How is this possible? So many cards are not working. Is your machine broken?"
"I’m really sorry, sir. Why don’t you change another one?" The receptionist said patiently.
Wei Xi was silent.
Gu Xiaomi said to him, "Don’t worry, don’t try this one." Gu Xiaomi took out a black card from his wallet and gave it to Wei Xi.
Wei Xi smiled and shook his head.
"No, it’s my mother."
Gu Xiaomi asked, "What did you say?"
"My mother had all my cards stopped, and now I’m really poor." Wei Xi slowly put away the table card.
桑拿论坛"It can’t be that their machine is broken. Please try again." Gu Xiaomi handed the card to the front desk.
Wei Xi grabbed Carla from millet and walked out of the hotel.
"Hee, are you okay?" Gu Xiaomi looked at Wei Xi’s side face and asked.
"Nothing, but I don’t have any money now. I have to rely on you to support me." Wei Xi opened his wallet and there were some money left.
"No, I still have some savings enough for us to spend a while." Gu Xiaomi comforted.
"Now the hotel can’t afford to stay" Wei Xinai smiled.
"If you can’t stay in a better hotel, there’s nothing as good as home. It’s cold everywhere, and I’m telling you, every time I stay in a hotel, I sleep super uncomfortable." Gu Xiaomi grabbed Wei Xi’s arm and said that he was foaming at the mouth.
"I know you comfort me and thank you, Xiaomi." Wei Xi touched Xiaomi’s head.
"I’m serious," Gu Xiaomi said with a smile.
"Well, let’s go to dinner. I want to take you to Hilton’s famous western restaurant and I can’t go now," Wei Xi said with some disappointment.
"What’s delicious about dry steak? Let’s go and eat it better." Gu Xiao ran a few steps from Milla to Wei Xi.
"Come here." Gu Xiaomi took Wei Xi for a long time and finally found a small shop in an alley. Although the shop was small, it was bustling and full of people.
"Xiaomi, do we really want to eat here?" Wei Xi hesitated at the door and didn’t want to go in.
"Of course, this is my public comment. Looking for a particularly famous Beijing snack, it is said that we have to wait in line for a long time to eat. We are lucky today. You see, there is still a table to go in for a while." Gu Xiaomi pushed Wei Xi’s back and pushed him in.
"What would you like to eat?" The boss took a small table with a standard Beijing accent.

When Uncle Zhang saw Yu Enze Anbao, he immediately trotted over excitedly. He hugged Yu Enze’s waist and upturned his little face, like Yu Enze’s eyes were full of joy. "Uncle Zhang, how did you find me? I’m so happy to see you."

"Your mother told me that you studied here, and then I found you." Yu Enze made up a white lie.
This cute little guy in front of me is his son, who is five years old.
It turns out that he still has a son. He and long summer share the same baby.
For five years, he didn’t know anything all the time, so he separated from his son for no reason for five years.
Yu Enze hugged his arms, Anbao’s eyes were hot and humid, and he suddenly didn’t know whether he should be happy or sad at the moment.
Simple AnBao today, he met an uncle named Zhang by chance. He didn’t know that holding him now was his real father.
If Amber knew that he was his father, would he be happy or sad?
"Oh, that uncle Zhang is coming to play football with us, right?" Amber blinked her beautiful phoenix eyes and looked at Yu Enze.
"My good uncle is going to play football with you." Yu Enze suppressed his excitement and complicated mood and forced a smile.
In the afternoon, the sky was covered with purple and pink haze, and the sunshine was full of Anbao’s sweaty and innocent smiling face, which was like a layer of bright gold. The soft breeze echoed with his laughter after he and Yu Enze won.
"Let’s take a photo with our uncle to celebrate our victory in Laianbao." Yu Enze pulled Anbao to his side affectionately.
"Ok, uncle, don’t forget to give me one when the photos are developed." Amber couldn’t wait.
The mobile phone "clicks" a blue sky, a green lawn, a big one and a small one, and a clear smile is fixed into eternity.
My heart is beating violently and my hand is shaking. Maybe I have to cry for joy to form Yu Enze’s mood at this moment.
He stare big eyes straight wait for a while looked at the photo, one big and one small, which is almost as handsome as him. Yan Anbao is his Anbao, his own flesh and blood. Yes, Anbao is his son. It is true.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-three That uncle, you will be my father.
"Uncle Uncle" Amber cocked her little head and kept shaking her arms, staring at the photos in her mobile phone.
Yu Enze recovered his mind. His eyes were half full of glittering and translucent lips. At this moment, he wanted to tell Anbao that he was his father, but his throat seemed to be blocked by something and he couldn’t say a word.
"Uncle, why are you crying?" Amber held out her tender little hand and lovingly wiped away tears from her face.
If it weren’t for Anbao waking up, Yu Enze didn’t realize that he was rude. A five-year-old child shed tears in front of him. He hurriedly forced himself to suppress his excitement and smiled gently at Anbao’s own son in front of him. "Uncle is happy with you. Uncle shed tears happily."
"If you are happy, just laugh. Don’t shed tears. Tears are sad." Anbao solemnly told Yu Enze, "Uncle, you should laugh happily with me later, okay?"
"A good uncle must laugh like a dear Amber." Yu Enze hugged Amber in his arms. He held him tightly for fear that Amber would disappear from his world in a second. This is his baby. He loves his sweetheart and treasures his heart.
"If your father suddenly appears in front of you one day, will you be happy?"
Amber suddenly fell silent. He slowly walked to the audience and sat down to see him. He looked at the immature voice in front of him gloomily, but seemed to be carrying a limit. He floated in the air. "I don’t know if my father would be happy if he suddenly appeared in front of me. Maybe he would."
"What" Yu Enze Anbao sat beside him and his mood suddenly became heavy.
"Maybe it’s because I miss him so much that I’m sad." Amber seemed to sigh.
Yu Enze stared at the picture of Anbao, which was very similar. His cold and handsome face was covered with Anbao’s age, so he shouldn’t be so sad at this time.
Who is wrong now?
Who drew a long-unhealed wound for Anbao’s young mind?
For so many years, Amber has never had a father’s love. When he grew up in childhood, how much did he have to bear? He should not bear the pressure.
Whose fault is it?
If you want to study the matter from beginning to end, you can’t blame long summer alone, but Yu Enze is also responsible.
Although he didn’t know anything about Anbao before, he was Anbao’s biological father. He did disappear from Anbao’s world for five years. He didn’t give Anbao the fatherly love he deserved.
So he Yu Enze is also at fault.
Do you want to tell Amber who he really is?
品茶What if I told her that Amber was not prepared?

"Nothing," she looked at the front indifferently, "but what must be delayed when it is done? Early success and early liberation. "

After saying this, she slowly lowered her eyelashes and covered her eyes with despair and madness.
She suddenly became very quiet.
Lift your feet and walk to the ward. The pupil is almost transparent. "It’s getting late. Go home. I hope you know what I just told you. I’ll talk to my boss myself about the recent accident. Just ignore it."
When she figured it out, she became very quiet. If her left hand is useless, it will be useless. It’s not like Zhang Haidi’s paralysis because of a minor injury.
The next afternoon.
She took the initiative to talk for a long time in the room of the class leader and the couple, and Yu Ge sat in the waiting chair and waited.
He curled his fingers slightly and his expression was silent.
forget it
Since he Lianyin wants to be her good friend like this, the only thing he can do is to support her and take care of her when she needs help.
After the squad leader left, Yu Ge went to help Helian Yin cook. The hospital meal was terrible. He deliberately ran two blocks to buy a bowl of seafood porridge and came back. The traffic in the street came and went, singing a takeaway bag and ringing through the horn into a wide street. At ordinary times, it can cross the intersection in a few steps, but now it is as wide as the Pacific Ocean.
He panted heavily as he returned to HeLianYin ward.
It’s gloomy outside the window
Helianyinli bedside
The uninjured hand slowly put his clothes into the bag and saw him come back. She smiled weakly and said, "Thank you for taking care of me during this time. The squad leader has just agreed to my application and I will go back to the winter camp dormitory from now on."
In the song surprised "but your hand is not good …"
"No," she turned around, and her eyebrows were a little deeper than before. "The left hand surgery has been successful, so you don’t have to touch the water. Besides, our class is a right-handed teacher who has reported my left hand fracture. I hope you can keep it a secret."
Yu Ge’s eyes were complicated and he hesitated again. "Are you sure?"
"No one knows about it except the squad leader, you and me."
Long silence
Finally, he put seafood porridge on his face and compromised. "Since you insist on this, I can do my best to be you. Please eat this porridge first and then I will send you back to the dormitory."
"Good" He Lianyin cleverly responded by sitting in a hospital bed and eating seafood porridge bought by Yu Ge.
Looking at her face, pale and strong, but stubbornly insisting on stuttering porridge, the spirit of not losing made her feel shocked for the first time. He never knew that a woman could be so determined. If she had changed her side, she would have gone home to rest. How could she choose to continue her training school to win glory?
When he left, he returned to the back of his hand and took her forehead temperature.
High temperature
Yu Ge was shocked. "You still have a high fever?"
"I’ve almost returned. The doctor has prescribed medicine for me. After I go back, I will take a few more doses of medicine and I will recover."
"How can this be?"
In the song according to lit the bedside emergency light.
夜生活HeLianYin one leng was about to get up, a pair of thin hands put her shoulder and put her back into bed without disobeying.
"Give me an intravenous drip, or you’ll just sit there and get dizzy when you go to class in this state. You sit well and I’ll help you clean up."
He Lianyin’s eyes are resistant.
Yu Ge also said, "Don’t refuse you again. Since you asked me to promise you that you will keep it a secret, you should also promise me a request, that is, I won’t care about you after finishing this intravenous drip."
Hector even Yoon sighed.
Soon the doctor followed several nurses.
Yu Ge politely said to the doctor, "Doctor, it seems that she has not returned her high fever and asked her for infusion."
The doctor nodded and went out to prepare the infusion set. It didn’t take long for a nurse to come in with an infusion bag, plunge a silver needle into the infusion bag on the back of Heyian’s hand and leave with a half-silver hook.
Permeable liquid flows quietly in the infusion tube.
HeLianYin heavy new back to bed covered with white sheets corners of the mouth smile light.
"Thank you."
She was very moved.

Long summer raised her hand and just touched Xiaowa’s forehead skin, and she was shocked. "It’s so hot, Xiaowa, you have a fever."

"It seems to be Sister long summer. I feel that my body is so uncomfortable." Xiaowa’s tone is getting lighter and lighter.
Long summer got up from the ground without thinking, knocked on the window and shouted, "Somebody is sick! Somebody help!"
"What are you yelling about?" A man in black who was guarding them stormed in.
"My friend has a high fever. She needs to go to the hospital now." long summer was anxious.
"Elder sister, I ask you to use your head, okay? This is the middle of nowhere in the middle of nowhere. What hospital should I go to?" The black dress person shouted impatiently at long summer.
"Eldest brother, you can’t stand by and watch." long summer tugged at the arm of the black dress person and begged him. "If I treat my friend from time to time, she will really die. I beg you to save my friend.
You don’t want to take her to the hospital, but it can be so cold. You must have cold medicine with you. Give her two tablets of acetaminophen, okay? I beg you. "As long summer tugged at the arm of the man in black, long summer noticed the mobile phone in the pocket of the man in black.
"Ah, come on." long summer, a man in black, cried and wiped his tears over and over again, and thought that Chen Moran had specifically told him not to let these two women make mistakes. He reluctantly threw a box of acetaminophen tablets to the ground.
"Get well soon, Leon. We really don’t know how the boss wants us to guard the Great Northern Wilderness all day long. Why do you two drag bottles have to be killed and scraped simply?" The black dress person said "thud" and locked the door.
Long summer hurriedly picked up the cold medicine and ran back to Xiaowa. She helped Xiaowa to lean against the wall. Then she took out two pills from the box and sent them to Xiaowa’s mouth. "Xiaowa, come and swallow these two pills. If you burn them, you will return."
Xiaowa swallowed pills with difficulty, and hot tears rolled down her cheeks. She was ashamed and sad. "Sister long summer, I’m sorry that I have caused you trouble. You always leave so much food for me in my body, but you eat so little yourself. Now I’m unwillingly sick, so you have to beg those heinous people. Sister long summer, I’m sorry."
"Xiaowa, you say that again." long summer was angry. She held Xiaowa’s cold hands. "You are my sister who shares weal and woe. How can I ignore that you don’t always have negative thoughts? The stronger you are, the faster you get better."
"Well" Xiaowa nodded with tears, and all her hopes have been pinned on long summer.
"I just saw the mobile phone in the pocket of the man in black." long summer whispered to Xiaowa’s ear and told her, "If we want to find a way to get the mobile phone of the man in black, we can unite grace."
"Sister long summer, have you thought of a way?" Xiaowa looked at long summer with anticipation.
"Xiaowa, you have a good rest first. Tonight, your fever is almost gone. I’ll tell you what I think early." long summer comforted Xiaowa.
Early the next morning, long summer gently asked Xiaowa, "Are you feeling better?"
"Sister long summer, I am much better." Wow looks much better than yesterday.
Long summer touched Xiaowa’s forehead, and her fever was gone.
"Xiaowa, listen to me." long summer told Xiaowa in a tiny ear that she had found a way.
Xiaowa quickly understood long summer’s meaning and saw that she began to lie on the ground and roll in pain.
Long summer looked at Xiaowa and winked at him. Then he shouted out of the window, "No, someone’s killed! Somebody!"
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five I can count on you
"What’s the matter with the noise?" The black dress person rushed in in regret when he heard the shouting.
Long summer ran to the front of the black dress person with tears in her eyes, clutching the arm of the black dress person with both hands. "Eldest brother, please help my friend. She’s dying." She glanced at the pocket of a black dress person in the corner, but his cell phone was still good.
Lying on the ground, Xiaowa was convulsing and breathing disorder, and turned his eyes.
The sudden situation obviously made the men in black panic. It seemed that they were in big trouble. He quickly squatted down to observe Xiaowa’s situation.
Long summer behind the black dress person immediately made a wink to Xiaowa. After being instructed, Xiaowa quickly pulled out the mobile phone in the black dress person’s pocket. long summer played it by ear and directly swung the shovel by the fireplace and slapped it at the black dress person’s head to prevent the black dress person from being violently attacked. The bright red blood flowed out of the back of his head. Before he got up and resisted, he had fainted.
Long summer found out the gap between the men in black tied by the rope and Xiaowa immediately dialed the international rescue number, and then dialed the number of Yu Enze.
Yu Enze was driving back from the Woods when he heard the phone ring. He quickly took out the words from his pocket. The screen showed that it was unknown, obviously it was also processed, and it was Chen Moran calling again. He picked up "hello" grumpily.
"Boss Yu, I’m Xiaowa. Sister long summer and I are now imprisoned in Chen Moran. Canadian ehorse, come and help us." At the other end of the words, Xiaowa was anxious for help.
"Little" Yu Enze was about to speak when there was a harsh cycle busy tone.
桑拿网  title="long summer Jr. and her friends are now imprisoned by Chen Moran in ehorse, Canada. Now things have turned into a major transnational kidnapping case. Take me to save them as soon as possible." Yu Enze was in a hurry.
"Well, I’ll report to the superior immediately. It seems that we have to apply for the assistance of the Canadian police." The novel tried to pick up the words and call his superior.
Maybe it was too long when the men in black went into the hut and didn’t come out for a long time. His three men in black couldn’t help but get suspicious and decided to go into the hut together to have a look.
Wow, I saw through the window that the three men in black were coming towards the cabin. After hiding from the door frame, they clung to the wall. long summer nodded.
Long summer immediately raised his pistol from the black dress person who fainted just now because he got a shovel after receiving the information of Xiaowa’s eyes, and was ready to attack at any time.
The door was slowly opened by a man in black. long summer stepped back to hide himself better. At that moment, when the man in black first stepped in, long summer turned his gun on the temple of the man in black.
"Don’t come here. If anyone comes here, I’ll shoot him." long summer grabbed the man in black who was under her control and threatened to others while approaching in the direction of Xiaowa.
I’m the two men in black across the street saw the situation evolve to the point of life and death, and they were ruthless regardless of the willy-nilly. Their teammates were under long summer’s control, and their bodies were a random shot. long summer was quick-witted and was shot in front of him, and the men in black narrowly avoided their bullets.
As long as they proudly held guns to cover the black man who was shot dead in the corner, long summer and Xiaowa, long summer did not hesitate to send two bullets cleanly and accurately and mistakenly hit their hearts.
Looking at the three bodies in a pool of blood, long summer and Xiaowa kept gasping for breath, and their cheeks were red with fear.
"Sister long summer has one left. What should I do?" Xiaowa pointed to the ground and was firmly tied. The black dress person who had been unconscious asked long summer anxiously.
"Keep this alive, he is the evidence that the police arrested Chen Moran." long summer said that his voice suddenly became hard and his forehead was cold and his face became pale.
Xiaowa suddenly worried "long summer elder sister, what’s wrong with you"
Long summer, this just showed a bullet to Xiaowa from the left shoulder. she entered the snow, and the blood in the soft skin was soaked in the white coat, which spread all the time, and almost the second half of the body was printed as red blood.
"Sister long summer, you’re hurt." Xiaowa looked at long summer with shock. His left back shoulder was raw, and he couldn’t stop crying.
"Don’t cry, Xiaowa." long summer endured the severe pain and forced himself to laugh. "I can stand this injury. Don’t be afraid that I won’t die."
"Sister long summer, what should I do to you? You tell me and I’ll do it at once." Seeing that long summer was seriously injured and lost so much blood, she was frightened and helpless.
"Calm down, Xiaowa." long summer gritted her teeth and comforted Xiaowa. "I’m fine. This gunshot wound is nothing. It’s inconvenient for you to move now. Stay here. I’ll go out and see what you do for a while and I’ll tell you."
Long summer trudged to the door. It turned out that the men in black lived next to them. Except for the snow-capped mountains and Snowy Road, there were only two huts left. The sparsely populated place was the foot of the mountain, which was a long way away.
Although the houses of those men in black are humble, they are much warmer than those of long summer and Xiaowana. They have beds, tables and chairs and plenty of food.
Long summer opened the desktop drawer one by one and started rummaging through anti-inflammatory drugs, disinfectant and gauze daggers. Sure enough, the men in black were prepared for accidents before their death.
Don’t worry, long summer Xiaowa took all the men in black pistols and keys to hide, then hopped outside and locked them together.
"Sister long summer, what did you find?" Xiaowa jumped up to long summer and put the pistol and key on the table.
"Wow, how did you get out? You’ll hurt your feet like this." long summer couldn’t help but be scared when she saw that Wow was jumping out.
"Sister long summer, I don’t trust you. I’m afraid something will happen to you." Xiaowa’s words are serious. "I can’t escape if I lock them in."
Seeing long summer find out those potions, gauze and daggers, Xiaowa can’t help but stare big eyes. "Sister long summer, you have to take out the bomb yourself."
"I didn’t take it, you took it for me." long summer calmly watched the worried little wow.
"I" Xiaowa’s heart is about to jump out. "Sister long summer, I have been holding a knife for so long. Count it with five fingers. Do you believe me? Are you afraid of any mistakes?"
"Xiaowa" Beads of sweat dripped straight from his forehead. long summer clenched Xiaowa’s trembling hands and her eyes were weak. "Don’t panic and don’t be afraid of me."
There are also people in this wild mountain. You can help me take out the bullet. I can rely on you. Don’t you remember? You are a man with a gun. It’s nothing to help me get a bullet. I believe you and please believe in yourself. You can. "
Long summer handed Xiaowa the sterilized dagger in his hand. "Come and take this and do whatever I ask you to do."
Xiaowa swallowed heavily, and she took the dagger from long summer hesitantly. Her hands kept shaking out of control, and her heart suddenly lost rhythm, and sweat soaked her clothes.
Long summer turned his back on Xiaowa and encouraged, "Xiaowa, don’t be afraid. I believe you don’t hesitate to put a knife in it and pick it out. Are you saving your sister?" See long summer biting a wooden stick in his mouth. "Come on, sister, I am far stronger than you think. I can stand it."

I droop my eyelids

Several girls kept kowtowing. Perhaps they knew that Ye Xiangyuan had diverted the target and begged me for mercy.
But what if it succeeded yesterday?
Then I’ll be disgraced. Ye Xiangyuan will also be laughed at by Li family cronies …
I tilted my head and pretended not to hear them ask for help.
If you forgive everyone who tries to hurt me, you are not responsible for yourself.
So I can’t accept their begging for mercy.
Ye Xiangyuan gave me a look with a touch of appreciation.
He lifted the bar slightly and soon several tall men came in.
Several girls with their mouths covered can sob and cry and struggle constantly.
But in the end, I was torn off and pinned down …
Their eyes are full of despair.
Chapter 121 Shopping
As soon as I started, I couldn’t bear to look at it again. Don’t be embarrassed in silence.
Ye Xiangyuan hugged me from behind and lifted me up. Ba Shen said, "Look!"
I was forced to stare at the ground and roll into a ball of men and women.
There are people taking pictures next to them
Those girls earned their hands and feet fiercely, tied with ropes, and left a string of red marks because of their struggle. Those men were so dynamic and rude that they finally lost their strength to struggle, and some of them were almost unconscious.
Ye Xiangyuan’s breath blows my ears. "Look at me carefully. I hope you don’t need to be persecuted by me once."
I couldn’t bear to look at Tsening chess when he was punished, so he forced me to stare until the end.
He wants me to get in touch with this cruel world more deeply.
Just like he told Xiao Jin to keep training every day, so that Xiao Jin knew that he was carrying a blood feud.
I closed my eyes and opened them again, looking harder at the chaotic picture.
Section 114
To be with him is to get in touch with these bloodiness and ferocity, and maybe there are more unacceptable things waiting for me in the future.
I have to get used to it
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t let me go until it was all over.
Those girls were dragged away, leaving us in the warehouse.
There is still a strong smell in the air, which makes people sick.
No matter how much I tell myself to calm down, I am not affected by it.
Ye Xiangyuan hugged me and kissed me on the forehead, encouraging, "Baby, you are doing very well."
I wry smile.
He led me out slowly. "I’ll leave things here to Xiao Wen. Let’s go home."
I’m still a little breathless
His tone is too understated, as if the cruel punishment was just a fireworks or a playground, and a program didn’t leave any waves in his heart at all.
Once again, I really saw how cruel his world was
Maybe it’s because I’m in a low mood and the fallen leaves have been holding me far away and stuffing me into the car
At this time, it is just the most poisonous time in the afternoon. Although the sunshine is good, it will burn people’s eyes.
The car was turned on alternately, and I couldn’t help shivering.
I took a deep breath and felt the coldness of my hands and feet.
Ye Xiangyuan suddenly took off my low-heeled sandals and held my feet.
His palm is wide, hot and gently rubbed and massaged.
I looked up at him in shock.
He just looked over and his eyes were gentle and deep, as if he could drown people.
I couldn’t bear to look away, so I looked at him quietly.
He smiled and leaned in to kiss me. "Baby, don’t be afraid of me."
I suddenly felt a warm current floating in my heart, as if it had been warm from being gripped by his ankles to my body.
He judo "I have nothing to do to go shopping with you today, right?"
This makes me even more surprised.
He smiled slightly. "It took three months to come back. Sometimes, of course, you have to spend more time with your wife."
I pursed my lips.
He warmed my instep for a while and then warmed my hand before starting the car.
On the way back, the sunshine glass reflects dazzling eyes, which makes people warm.
My heart is warm too.
Finally, the car drove into the city center and stopped at Yuncheng.
夜网论坛I have a deep memory here …
I bit my lip awkwardly.

This divorce agreement is more in line with Liu Siyuan’s wishes. Xia Wanzhen offered to give up all the lost property of Lujia and was willing to leave Lujia with a pair of children. Moreover, her children, the Army and Lu Shasha, also gave up the division of property. From then on, Xia Wanzhen drew a line with Liu Siyuan, and a pair of children also separated from Lu Siyuan.

After seeing the divorce agreement, Liu Siyuan finally returned to his original position. He was most afraid of Xia Wanzhen’s pestering and his scruples about face were not good enough to make public the fact that a pair of children were not his own flesh and blood. Therefore, he spared no effort to suppress Xia Wanzhen and detained her at the police station without trial or release, just forcing her to submit.
夜网论坛Xia Wanzhen was well-advised and drew up the divorce agreement according to Liu Siyuan’s mind. After all, they have been husband and wife for more than 20 years. She deeply understands him and knows what he is most afraid of and afraid of now.
Lu Siyuan brushed the paper and asked suspiciously, "What didn’t your mother sign?"
Lu Shasha turned a supercilious look and thought that you and I are all fools! What qualifications do you have to talk about terms when you sign this face stupidly! But on the surface, she is still a good girl, and she said with great care, "Mom said she wanted you to bail her out and settle the case. She signed the divorce agreement!"
"Hum, I am a fool!" Lu Siyuan refused to sneer and said, "What if I get her out and she goes back on her word?"
Lu Sasha sparkling pure koo water eyes seem a little surprised "dad, what makes you think so! Mom told me that if she defaults, you can sue her for intentional fraud! "
Xia Wanzhen said that their mother and son have lost all their initiative. If they want to regain lost territory, they will have a broken wrist to save themselves. It seems that they have sacrificed bitterly, but it is the only choice and way out. Because neither the army nor Lu Shasha is Lu Siyuan’s own flesh and blood, this is an indisputable fact. If Lu Siyuan does not care about his face, the crime of deliberate fraud alone will be enough for Xia Wanzhen to divorce and go to jail!
Liu Siyuan wanted to think and felt reasonable! Just nodded graciously. "She is well-informed!"
Old and immortal! I wish you an early paradise! Where are you dreaming? Go to hell! Lu Sasha consciously looked at the shelf fragrance to Liu Siyuan often work in this room … I’m afraid he will drive a crane to the west before Xia Wanzhen signs it!
It was mid-September, and autumn was as hot as a tiger. At noon, the outdoor temperature soared. Han Xiao had a great time under the sun, and he didn’t want to stop.
Li Zhenyu took Xia Xue into the air-conditioned lounge and brought her a glass of ice water.
Xia Xue is a little guilty. He pushed away so many urgent things to accompany her out to play. As a result, she finally became a playground with Han Xiao. It’s just a rare thing that Li Zhenyu has been accompanying her face and didn’t show impatience.
"Jin Woo, you go back first!" Xia Xue finally couldn’t help but say to Li Zhenyu, who was sitting there chatting and watching his mobile phone, "I’ll just wait here and laugh!"
Han Xiao broke up with Lu Yuanhang and fell in love again. She can’t be cruel to lose her. At this time, Xia Xue recognizes that Han Xiao needs her. Moreover, she wants to talk to Han Xiao later. Some words in Li Zhenyu’s field are not convenient to export.
Li Zhenyu looked up and gave her a faint look and said, "I don’t trust to leave you here alone!" "
"There is still a smile!" Xia Xue woke up and said, "She can take care of me!"
The male eyes moved back to the mobile phone and did not even look up. "No one has taken care of her yet!"
"…" Xia Xueyan answered that because he was telling the truth, Han Xiao’s present state really needed more care and companionship than her. She and Li Zhenyu stayed in the playground and waited.
Xia Xue once again looked out of the window and looked through the glass. He was busy with all kinds of selfies, but he accidentally found that the figure of Han Xiao had disappeared outside.
Where’s this girl? Xia Xue is preparing to call Han Xiao and ask where to go. When I hear the lounge door being pushed open vigorously, a hot breath blows on my face. Han Xiao is sunburned and his oily clothes are soaked with sweat. She looks a little embarrassed than a mess. She looks worse and looks angry but faint with panic.
"Smile, what’s wrong with you!" See Korean smile this sample Xia Xue got up in surprise.
"Lu Yuanhang is such an asshole!" Han Xiao is full of sweat stains, clutching his mobile phone in his hand and yelling angrily, "He, he, he actually deleted my WeChat! I added him and he actually blacklisted me! "
Han Xiaoyin could collapse the ceiling, but Li Zhenyu looked up at her lightly and looked down at the mobile phone.
"…" Xia Xue dazed carefully looked at Han Xiao to make sure she was serious or not joking. After a slight pause, she tried to speak "Smile, you and Lu Yuanhang … didn’t you break up already?"
When we break up, we should break up neatly! She doesn’t recognize how unforgivable Lu Yuanhang is. After all, she just blacklisted Wu Tianyou’s mobile phone number this afternoon.
"Who broke up with him!" Han Xiao suddenly cried out in a hurry, "Couples who don’t make a small contradiction and quarrel with each other will easily break up!"
Xia Xue raised her eyebrows slightly. She used to pull Han Xiao to sit on the sofa, then brought her a cup of ice water and handed her a disposable wet towel. "Wipe your sweat and have a drink of ice water first! Smile, you don’t know how embarrassed you are now! "
Is it awkward? Anyway, Lu Yuanhang is not there! Han Xiao doesn’t care how bad her image is. She thinks, "Hey, Xia Xue, what do you mean by Lu Yuanhang?"
What do you mean by asking her? Xia Xue realized the seriousness of the matter. Han Xiao was not a stupid woman. Didn’t she see at all that this man was ready to give up?
See Xia Xue don’t answer Han Xiao turned to ask Zhen-Yu Li "Zhen-Yu Li you and Yuan-hang Lu are familiar with help me ask him what he means! What deleted my WeChat? That’s all! Maybe I sent him too many selfie pictures to make him angry! But he added my micro-signal to the blacklist, which means several layers! "
Zhen-yu li finally looked up again very light very light to look at the Korean smile tone more light "this you have to ask others in person is more appropriate! And Xia Xue is pregnant. Can you stop letting her wait on you all the time? "
Han Xiao discovered that Xia Xue had been carrying ice water, handing wet towels and helping her to wipe her sweat. Xia Xue did not stop when she came in. She couldn’t help but get up awkwardly and press Xia Xue into the sofa. Shan Shan tunnel "I said, sister, you are now comparable to a national treasure panda. Just pamper yourself. Don’t be so busy and tired. I can’t afford an accident!"
Mouth said that the in the mind some sour with a woman to see Xia Xue Li Zhenyu side by what kind of treatment and what kind of treatment, if Li Zhenyu doesn’t take care of Xia Xuewei and pampers it because she is pregnant, then she wants to get pregnant, but Liu Yuanhang didn’t promise her future and marriage, let alone children! And she has repeatedly promised that she will never do anything stupid to get pregnant before marriage, let alone be stupid enough for a child to make a rope to tie a man.
Is in the face of this situation, Korea smile in the mind really bad taste.
Xia Xue couldn’t help shaking his head Chen way "diagnosis is not with me! Am I a cripple? I can’t even move! Smile, I want to advise you to calm down for a while and wait for a few days to calm down before thinking and Lu Yuanhang’s future development. "
If they have a future! Xia Xue added in his heart.
"I …" Han Xiao opened his mouth but accidentally dropped a tear. "I’m fine!"
I’m crying! Also said nothing! What Xia Xue wants to say is due to Li Zhenyu’s field, and Han Xiao is too strong. She is inconvenient to discover so that she can quickly give her a pile of paper towels.
Han Xiao wiped her eyes with a paper towel and laughed at herself. "The sun has been drying for a long time and tears have come out!" Head also some dizzy … "
It’s true. She’s really dizzy, bloated, short of breath and unwell.
"It won’t be heatstroke!" Xia Xue woke up and quickly picked up a wet towel and wiped her forehead. "Smile, we’ll take you to the hospital!"
"Don’t price! Don’t move! " Korea smile hurriedly give Xia Xue to press into the sofa again primly "I’m not so effeminacy! It’s hot, but it won’t faint! Just have a rest and cool off! You’re not worried! I am really fine! "
"Laughing" Xia Xue hesitated, but in the end he didn’t hold back. "You said you had a hard time with yourself on a hot day … Look at your tanned skin … be careful!"
The sun has been tossing for so long that no one can keep up with Han Xiao’s physique. She touched the burning cheeks gang, and she may get sunburned, but she grinned strangely. "Nothing! I have a special ice cream for sunburn at home, which is very effective! "
Before the words were finished, Han Xiao’s eyes flashed with light and surprise. He could clearly recognize that Lu Yuanhang was calling and took out his mobile phone, only to find that it was the number of the company’s department manager’s office. His face suddenly turned into depression and panic because she just remembered that she had taken a half-day off and promised to work overtime at noon.
"Han Xiao didn’t you say you came back at half past twelve at noon to work overtime? How come I haven’t seen you! " The department manager’s nickname, Teacher Extinction, is extremely strict with a bad face all day. This time, of course, it is not good for Han Xiao to hit the gun.
"Oh, oh, sorry!" Han Xiao quickly made up a reason: "The road is stuck in traffic … I … I’ll be there in 20 minutes at most!"
"The road traffic jam won’t go forward? Han Xiao, your performance is terrible! Now the company is busy, but you are connected to ask for leave, and now you are late. It’s unconsciousness! Don’t count on this monthly attendance bonus! "
Han Xiao drooped his head and got a good training until the extinction teacher finished his lesson and said, "I’ll go to the company road soon!" I will remember this mistake! "
"Can remember the best! Otherwise … remember that if you don’t perform well in the year-end assessment, you will be fired! " Extinction division will be reprimanded and then snapped up.
Xia Xue took Han Xiao’s hand and said, "Smile, Jin Woo and I will take you to the company at once!"
Even when there is no sadness or tears, Han Xiao can cheer up and go back to the company class.
"Smile" Xia Xue grabbed her arm and wanted to think or have to wake her up. "Your work is very important! Far more important than that man! "
"Eh," Han grinned and squeezed out an ugly smile than crying and said, "I’m white! I will definitely put my mind to work after the light snow … After all, not all women are so blessed as you! "
"…" I don’t know what Xia Xue feel this is a bit wrong, maybe she and Han Xiao deep friendship has unconsciously deteriorated?
"Xiaoxue, don’t think about it!" Looking at Xia Xue’s puzzled smile in her clear eyes, she regretted it. No matter how angry she was, she shouldn’t have rushed Xia Xue. "Our friendship won’t change! Although he is important, he is not important enough for me to give up my best friend! Besides … You’ve never wronged me! Is he has a crush on you … "
"Can you not talk about this topic in front of Xia Xue in the future!" Li Zhenyu grabbed the car keys and cast a handsome face, but it was a little cold. "And you and Lu Yuanhang had better not pull Xia Xue!"
Han Xiao was dazed. She couldn’t think of Li Zhenyu defending Xia Xue so much, for fear that Xia Xue would be wronged a little and treated others unfairly, but he was a little indifferent. So the man devoted his tenderness and feelings to a woman, and Xia Xue was the lucky one.
"all right! After I don’t! " Han Xiao reluctantly turned around and went out with tears in his eyes.
Xia Xue looked back lightly chastising Li Zhenyu, and he took hold of her shoulder. "Let’s go back and rest first! Let Tian Liang send Han Xiao to the company! "
Go back to the road and Pei Shu will drive.
In the back seat, Xia Xue snuggled up to Li Zhenyu’s shoulder and asked softly, "Jin Woo, why did you say that Han laughed at her?"
Come out for a visit. Although things are a little unpleasant because of Han Xiao and Lu Yuanhang, the relationship between Xia Xue and Li Zhenyu has been repaired. These days, the cold suspicion caused by the appearance of Wu Tianyou has slowly melted, and they have re-established a sense of trust and intimacy.

"What do you mean? What do you mean, let her be implicated?" Liu Yuefan expressed disgust and incomprehension at Yu Enze’s saying such things to him, he questioned.

Yu Enze is still very calm. His tone is calm. "What do I mean? You should know that if you really love long summer, you should bless her and let her be free instead of pestering her everywhere."
"These words long summer will naturally tell me that you are not here to preach to me passionately." Liu Yuefan was a little excited with some anger.
Yu Enze smiled faintly and revealed a faint contempt. "Who is self-affectionate? You are whiter than me, and you know long summer’s personality better than me. Since she chose to leave you, she didn’t have to look back. Even if you hurt her, she will never have anything to do with you again because she won’t give you hope for a resurgence at all."
Liu Yuefan was silent for every word and every word of Yu Enze, as if thousands of sharp arrows had accurately penetrated his heart and made him suffocate.
"Yu Enze" took Liu Yuefan a long time to slowly come out with sigh and regret. "I admit that long summer no longer loves me, but I can’t let her go. long summer is a very good and clean girl. Her world is completely different from yours.
If it weren’t for her and her father’s problems, she would have come back to be her luxurious young lady instead of working hard in a strange city alone. "Then he began to warn Yu Enze," I hope you can try your best to protect her and care for her. If you dare to do something that hurts her, I will never spare you. "
"It’s none of your business. The rest of my life is long summer and long summer." Yu Enze’s tone was so firm and overbearing that he hung up decisively.
Yu Enze lit a ky srike in front of the window. In the hazy smoke, the city outside the window is like stars twinkling, so small and boundless, but bright and dazzling. Yu Enze took a drag and quickly put out the smoke, which made him feel a little bitter.
He looked into the distance and his eyes were dark. At that moment, he suddenly felt that even though the glitz of this world could be varied and colorful, it could never cover up the loneliest and loneliest wound in everyone’s heart in the dead of night. This kind of defect was actually the same, but what was his defect? Only then could he really fill it.
夜网论坛After taking a shower, long summer just dried his hair and was about to go to bed, but the bedside table phone rang.
Let the light refract and the tears wet the pupil, reflecting the rainbow that I want most in my heart and taking me to that place with you, because you are my dream and my dream.
The lyrics of the scene and jane zhang’s penetrating voice seem to sing long summer’s true heart.
See to display is Yu Enze name long summer hesitated for a few seconds, but she still picked up the words in confusion "Enze, do you have something urgent to call me at this time?"
"long summer, I’m sorry to bother you at this time. Can you come out conveniently? I’ll be at your house," Yu Enze said softly.
"Hello, I’m going at once." long summer’s eyes widened in surprise. She didn’t expect Yu Enze to come to see her so late. She immediately put on her coat and hurried downstairs.
Long summer looked at the square not far away, and the soft silver moonlight filled the surrounding light golden lights. In the soft halo, the tall, straight, slender and handsome shadow became clearer and more moving. The evening breeze was cool and blew his light gray long windbreaker skirts. He was like the wind and the moonlight. How natural and unrestrained and agile it was, but it was cold and lonely. There was a moment when long summer could not help but feel sour.
"Why don’t you wait outside to find me directly?" long summer looked at Yu Enze’s beautiful phoenix eyes and said lovingly.
Qingyi Junyan is a warm smile. Yu Enze will gently drop his hand on long summer’s shoulder. "Just a few words, I’ll talk to you and then I can’t walk."
"Is there anything you can’t say? Do you have to go to such trouble to come over and tell me face to face?" long summer was a little angry because she knew that it would take at least an hour and a half for Yu Enze to drive here from him. It’s a long way to go, and he was very busy every day, so he had to come all the way to find her and tell her face to face. It was really unnecessary. He was crazy.
"I’m glad to see you, and there’s nothing to worry about." Yu Enze smiled brightly, and then he told long summer, "I’m going to Morocco on business tomorrow, and I won’t be back until Friday. Last Saturday night at the Queen Hotel, our university classmates had a party hosted by my friends from China when I was studying in the United States. Would you like to go with me?" Although he was calm and asked for long summer’s advice, his tone was faintly expecting.
Long summer hesitated. "Enze, is it inappropriate for me to go to your class reunion?"
"My classmates said that they must take their girlfriends with them. You should act as a Jianghu emergency. It’s not illegal for my girlfriend. Can you bear to watch me alone that day and then be scolded by them?" See Yu Enze shaking long summer’s arm like a child and pleading with her. "Okay, long summer, just accompany me. Just do me a favor, okay?"
Long summer really can’t stand Yu Enze’s sudden sugar-coated cannonball-like goosebumps falling all over the floor. It’s strange to say that this arrogant and arrogant president who is arrogant on weekdays has become a person as soon as he sees her. IQ seems to have instantly dropped to a negative number and become naive.
"Line line" long summer hurriedly gave a let Yu Enze immediately stop coquetry "I promised not yet. Say yes, just this once."
Yu Enze saw that long summer finally agreed to his request, and immediately excitedly picked up long summer, and then couldn’t help but turn around several times in a row and shouted happily, "Great, great, great."
Being dizzy, long summer consciously hugged Yu Enze’s neck for fear that she would fall from his arms if she was not careful. She shouted at Yu Enze angrily and funny, "You are quick to let me come. Yu Enze, you are having convulsions again. Are you quick to let me come?"
Driving back to the road, Yu Enze has been filled with happiness and joy. The whole person is airy. How he wishes to go faster, faster and faster. He is really looking forward to that day. He and his long summer appear in front of everyone, holding hands and smiling. They look at each other with pride and gentleness. Their eyes are full of pride, gestures and tacit understanding. Everyone has to cast envious and jealous eyes on them.
Although long summer is pretending to be Yu Enze’s girlfriend, Yu Enze is still happy because he seems to see the light of hope between him and long summer. "When will Yu Enze really enter long summer’s heart?" Yu Enze asked himself silently.
Chapter 21 Attending a class reunion
Kanebo sensai champagne lipstick tube shows luxurious, rich and silky lipstick texture in a low-key manner, and with aerodynamic design, the cone shape can automatically follow the lip curve even if it is not mirrored, and the elegant shirafuji lip color subtly reveals a little sexy and instant fragrance, which makes people feel happy.
"Wow, can I do this?" long summer looked at herself in the mirror after putting on lipstick and asked her with some uncertainty. Tonight, she will pretend to be Yu Enze’s girlfriend to accompany him to the class reunion, so she can leave everyone with the impression of "couple" when she is side by side with Yu Enze. long summer had to be more careful about her image, so she specially called Xiaowan for help.
Xiaowa hugged long summer’s neck intimately, showing an envious smile and marveling at "Sister long summer, you are really beautiful. You are destined to turn all beings upside down tonight."
Long summer hung his eyes and smiled, then gently played a small wow forehead. "Did you fill this small mouth with honey today? If it’s so sweet, kiss up to it."
Cute little wow playfully holds long summer’s arm and then sticks her cheek tightly to long summer’s arm. She smiles brightly in the mirror at long summer. "Let’s go, sister long summer, I’ll change your dress." Then she pulls long summer to the coat and hat.

Ling Feiyang’s "Spiral Nine Shadows" has just been practiced to the first level, and the realm of vigorous protection is far from being achieved!

But he doesn’t choose!
Suddenly ling float in the sky body leaps and spins rapidly!
Six mans scattered people all weapons are called to him mercilessly!
However, it is unexpected that these weapons fall on Ling Feiyang’s body, but it seems that all kinds of sharp edges slip by Ling Feiyang’s body, but it is difficult to do harm to him!
Even Ling Feiyang himself didn’t think that this "spiral nine shadows" was the first to be practiced, but it was already possible to eliminate the enemy’s strength through clever posture transformation!
At that time, Zhou Botong, an old urchin, also practiced the "spiral nine shadows" to the second level, but he was able to finish resolving the six mans scattered manual work, although it was strong, but it was far from the level of Ouyang regression. The attempt to fly in the sky did not fail!
Ling Feiyang’s figure fell lightly outside the hexagonal encirclement, and all the scattered people in red were surprised. Suddenly, the scattered people in red shouted, "Disposal!"
As the people in red ordered six mans scattered people to walk quickly and want to occupy the six corners around Ling Feiyang again!
"Bunima Bizhen!" Ling Feiyang cursed his left leg slightly, bent his right arm slightly and drew a circle with his right palm. He called out six mans and scattered people!
At the same time, a strong palm wind swept through the past to the six mans scattered people. It was a trick that "Kang Long had regrets"!
Ps Dasong military camp launched an arduous Dasong Tai Defence War! Hong Qigong Golden Wheel French King Ling Feiyang easily defeated Dalba but fell into the six-pointed star array! Ling Feiyang has just learned that the "spiral nine shadows" play a wonderful role to help him escape from this iron drum-like array. However, the battle continues. Can Ling Feiyang and Hong Qigong defeat the enemy with two enemies and nine enemies? Please see if you want to know the aftermath!
Chapter 254 Too defending the war
When Ling Feiyang fought against Six Mans and scattered people, King Hong Qigong Kinlun also launched a life-and-death struggle!
Both of them are famous for their strong martial arts, but when they hit the palm, there will be no head-on collision. Both of them are quick to test the enemy’s weaknesses, and they have already fought for more than 100 times to surrender the dragon’s ten palms and the dragon elephant’s Prajnaparamita, but they have never used it again!
However, both of them are very clear in their hearts that once the two sides fight hard, it will be that Mars will inevitably lose both sides when it hits the earth!
Dalba lifted King Kong from the ground and watched the master in his heart. Several Song soldiers rushed over to Dalba and waved out the pestle to smash these Song soldiers.
However, when the masters of Song and Mongolia were in a scuffle, Huo Dou, the king of Mongolia, suddenly rushed to Tai Zhao of Dasong!
Several Song generals in the big tent will take out broadsword to block Zhao Hong. Before Huo Dou stepped forward, he will beat the folding fan left and right in an instant. These Song generals will be knocked down by the Ministry!
Wang Jian’s lieutenant Brinton immediately stepped forward and suddenly the folding fan in Huo Dou’s hand turned into a sharp sword and stabbed Brinton in the throat!
Huo Dou this recruit biting than once killed the beggar clean clothes sent beam elders now this Zhang Yinggen can’t martial arts and where can you prevent it!
However, brinton didn’t die. Ling Feiyang saved him!
Ling Feiyang has broken through from the six-pointed star array. Although there are still six scattered people fighting, Yu Guang caught a glimpse of Huo Dou rushing to Zhao Exquisite. Ling Feiyang had long expected that Huo Dou would come in this way. continuous shooting immediately forced six scattered people to open their hands and then turned and rushed to Huo Dou!
Huo Dou martial arts is more than enough to deal with these Song generals, but where is Ling Feiyang’s opponent! See ling float in the sky to his blunt come over Huo Dou immediately gave up the idea of killing brinton turned and ran!
Although Huo Dou’s martial arts is second-rate, there are two skills that are absolutely first-rate. One is to plot against him, and the other is to escape. However, Zhao Qi suddenly rushed forward and punched Huo Dou on the nose!
Mao long fist!
Huo Dou where can think of this martial arts humble DaSong too unexpectedly dare to do it yourself hurriedly stretched out his hand to block but just a slight pause ling flying right hand has been taken!
Hasty Huo Dou will hand folding fan in front of a block made of pure iron fan bone was palm shock apart Huo Dou shoulder is still bellow a fly in the palm wind sweep!
Ling Feiyang’s flying skill is far better than that of six mans scattered people. This time difference has injured six mans scattered people in Huo Dou. At this time, all kinds of weapons behind Ling Feiyang were smashed according to Ling Feiyang! Ling Feiyang immediately cast Lingbo micro-step, left hand, right finger, and spread out six mountain scattered people to start guerrilla warfare. Six mountain scattered people can chase and block him, but the root method is once again laid into a six-pointed star array!
At the same time, the battle between Hong Qigong and King Jinlun has reached a fever pitch!
桑拿按摩Although King Jinlun’s skill is equal to that of Hong Qigong, Hong Qigong is a brave man, but it is impossible to compare King Jinlun’s roots. Besides, if the two men fight each other, it is very likely that they will both lose. At this moment, King Hong Qigong can exercise healing in Song Jun barracks, but he will definitely become a prisoner.
Hong Qigong saw that King Jinlun didn’t dare to confront him head-on, so he strengthened his confidence and began to display the dragon’s ten palms, forcing King Jinlun to retreat again and again!
King Jinlun watched the surrounding situation while dodging Hong Qigong’s report. He saw that his second brother Dalba was surrounded by a group of Song Bing, and his third brother Huo Dou and King Kong had been injured. Six mans scattered people were also trapped by the method. Ling Feiyang knew in his heart that it was hopeless to capture Zhao Qi alive!
"If you can’t catch a job, kill him!" King Jinlun’s mind suddenly rushed at Tai Zhao!
Hong Qigong immediately chased after him, but King Jinlun had already slapped him!

They can’t get in through the main entrance, but they can take another secret passage and get there through the other building.

Gu Nanqing took his steps forward and Su Man went to those fans.
Gu Nanqing turned his head and saw Su Man go to the fans and turned white with fear.
He hurried two steps and chased him step by step, grabbed Su Man and whispered, "What are you going to do?"
"I’m going to explain to Xiao You and let them know the truth!" Su Manyuan’s eyes are full of anger.
"I think you are usually very clever. Why are you so stupid? These are all fans of Chu Night! You’re not Chu night! You said they believed it? " Gu Na sighed and felt angry. She was so cute.
"Don’t just because of this I don’t care? Xiao Yu is my best friend. I can’t watch these people slander her like this! " Su Man struggled to withdraw his hand from his hand.
"They are now in an irrational time when they are angry and can’t send money. If you rush over like this, they will take it out on you! If you get hurt because of this, Lu You will know that you are her, so she will feel sorry for you. Besides, her injury in Chu night has excited fans so much. What will happen to your fans if you get hurt too? If the fans of the two sides unite, it will attract more storms and make Lu You be discredited again! Is this what you want to see? " Gu Na inclined face serious "it is not simple! You have to believe that Lin Mochen and I are dealing with it and will never let Lu You be smeared like this! "
Sue looks into Gu Nan’s deep pool, which makes people feel calm and serious.
Section 17
"If we want to clarify everything, we can hold a press conference and take security measures to ensure our personal worries. I think it will be much better to explain it than to reason with these people here. What do you think?" His voice is soft.
He won’t lie to her. She knows and believes it.
Finally, Su Man can gently nod because Gu Nanqing said it makes sense.
Those people are angry now, and she will not only explain it clearly, but also help it more and more.
Gu Na inclined to see that she nodded and promised to let go of the hands that buckled her arm. "You don’t know these bad things, Lu You, and don’t tell her that she has been sorry for saving her from injury and stopping work at Chu Night, which has increased her guilt."
"Good" Sue diffuse nod.
"Then let’s go." Gu Na pulled her.
Sue diffuse this just changed the direction of footsteps and Gu Nanqing left this chaotic scene together.
No sooner had they entered the ladder than Gu Nan tilted his cell phone and rang. He took it out and saw that it was Lin Mo-chen’s words.
He picked it up and came to Lin Mochen’s magnetic and gorgeous male voice. "Where are you now? Something happened again, do you know? "
"My horse is going to the ward. I have seen it all the way. I just want to discuss things with you." Gu Na tilted her eyes and glanced at Su Man around her. "And Su Man came to see the worry."
"Good" Lin Mochen replied.
桑拿论坛As soon as the stairs reached the floor, they got out of the stairs and went to the ward of Lu You’s office.
Gu Na raised my hand and tapped on the two doors and then went in.
Su Man hurried to lie in bed with a little bit of Lu You. "How are you, Xiao You?"
"Long …" Lu sorrow saw Su Man very surprised and opened his eyes wide.
She was really happy to have her closest friends come to see her when she was sick, and tears filled her beautiful eyes.
"You two talk about us going out." Lin Mochen said to Lu.
He is very relieved to have Su Man with Lu Yu, so he and Gu Nanqing can talk it over. He gave Gu Nanqing a wink to go out with him and took his long legs and left.
Gu Na glanced at Su Man and then rushed to Lu You to have a good rest.
After the two left, Su Man sat down on the edge of Lu You’s bed and took her hand.
"Why are you here?" Lu sorrow fundus some guilty.
"You didn’t even call me when you had such a big accident. Do you think you treat me as a friend?" Su Man’s tone was reproachful but more heart-felt. "If General Manager Gu hadn’t said something about you, I think I would have to know from others what you asked me to say about you?"
"I’m much better now, so I don’t have to take a drip today." Lu You wittily vomited a powder tongue. "I don’t want you to worry about me either."
"I’m not just worried now, but very worried." Su Man frowned.
Her mind floated when she saw the scene just now. She really wanted to tell Lu about her current situation, but she promised Gu Na not to say that everything he said was justified. If she said it, it would only hurt Lu more, but she didn’t say that it was really uncomfortable to block Su Man’s heart.
"What are you worried about?" Lu worried and blinked. "I’m really all right. You really don’t need to worry too much. It’s Chu night. He saved the injury much heavier than me. Now the film can’t be filmed, and the company lost its work."
Speaking of these worries, Lu’s eyes are pale and he blames himself.
Su Man also saw a watery light flashing at the corner of her eye-she couldn’t even see the fans making trouble when she came.
"Chu night he won’t blame you, you don’t blame yourself." Su Man patted her shoulder to comfort and grieve her. "I’m worried about Chi Yiming now."
"I heard from manager Gu that Chi Yiming fell before you, but I still can’t find anyone else or a corpse … he did such a crazy thing to you. If he is hiding in the dark now, I’m afraid he will do something bad for you." Su Man is really worried about this.
Chi Yiming looks a little gloomy, and his belly is so full of bad water that it’s hard not to think bad.
"But what does he mean by doing so? Did he regret that you broke up? Want to get you back? That’s ridiculous! This kind of man is really bm slag. "When Su Man arrives at Chi Yiming, her heart hurts badly." I wish I had a knife in my hand to chop him up now. "
"Well, don’t be angry with this kind of person, but I’m not angry because it’s not worth seeing." Lu’s sorrow, in turn, advised Su Man.
Her delicate and beautiful face is shallow and her pupils are soft.
While Sue diffuse is Leng Yan face your anger bit his lip a face very anxious to kill people.
They became a fresh contrast, but it seemed that Su Man was the one who was hurt by Chi Yiming.
"I’m not angry, anyway, is not white world how can have such a bad man! How can you hurt your mind and body again and again? He won’t let go. "Su Man couldn’t swallow this tone and grabbed the sheets.
"He is terrible, but not all men are as bad as him. You see how good Mo Chen is to me. If Chi Yiming didn’t break up with me, I don’t think I could have met Mo Chen, and I wouldn’t be so happy. On the other hand, I think I should thank him for not marrying him so that I can meet the right person at the right time." Lu You comforted himself in this way so as not to be blinded by hatred. "People like him can’t always do bad things, and there will always be God to collect them. If the time is not right, he won’t be too lucky."
Su Man nodded in agreement with Lu You’s speech.
"It’s a long time before you look around you. Gu Zong seems to be romantic and uninhibited. He hasn’t met anyone who makes him want to seriously deliver his feelings and heart." Lu You woke her up. "Although I can’t say how good he is, I can see that he treats you differently. Don’t you think Gu Zong is really ten million times better than a man like Chi Yiming?"
"if you have a sincere person around you, try not to trap yourself in your heart and be your own prisoner."
"You and Gu always came together today. Were you together yesterday?"
"Little worry, we have nothing. We met at the hospital gate." Su Man denied that he didn’t want Lu to know about them.
"A man like Gu always has cleanliness and won’t wear the same clothes for two days, but he wears the same clothes today as yesterday without changing them." Lu You observed that he was very careful and even saw such details. "Even if you had anything with Gu always, I wouldn’t feel anything wrong. Before I misunderstood him, I realized that everyone had their own difficulties and everyone lived with different masks."
"I … I …" Su Man took a sip of her lips. Yesterday, scenes flashed through her mind. Her heart was crowded with all kinds of sadness. She carefully restrained her emotions. "Gu is always good, but I am not suitable for him."
"You haven’t tried it yet. How do you know it’s not appropriate?" Lu Yu does not follow her "long rest assured that let him enter your world."
"Little sorrow blames me for not being so lucky as you. When I met him, it was not a sigh." Su Man said sadly, his eyes were reddish. "I was separated from him not only by the right door, but also by … a person."
"A person? Who is it? " Lu sorrow pressed her "you talked about love before? Is it an ex-lover? "
"No," Su Man put tears on her face and changed her smile. "Little worry, there are some things that I will tell you after you get out of the hospital. Do you want to drink water or eat apples? I pour me water or peel an apple. "
Su Man changed the subject and then got up. She added some boiled water to her drinking cup.
Then she went to the tea table and took the apple to wash her hands. She wanted to end it and had a topic with Gu Nanqing.

But it’s what makes people miss me the most. That’s the mentality now. Although I am a husband and wife with Wei Qingyi, marriage is a transaction. I don’t know if Wei Qingyi’s feelings for me are as good as I am to him. I just can’t bear to give up my lust and want to cling to it.

Depressed, vomiting blood, holding a pillow, I was lying in bed tossing and turning. If I wanted to go back to Wei Qingyi with one click, he was so kind to me. If I responded early and told him how I felt, wouldn’t it be the current situation?
The night is as cool as water. In early autumn, the moonlight shines on the windowsill. I feel very lonely. No one likes loneliness and doesn’t want to be disappointed.
I closed my sense of ignorance about Wei to protect him. I blindly believed that he was an honest man and tried to say that he was not the kind of irresponsible person.
I don’t know when I fell asleep, but I made a Mengmeng.
The next day, I was woken up by bamboo again. I was so sleepy that I didn’t want to get up, but bamboo woke up and didn’t get up. I couldn’t get up. I could hold the bamboo building while rubbing my eyes and hand it over to the housekeeper. I didn’t go upstairs to wash my face, brush my teeth and change clothes again.
"Yeah, yeah, fish, fish, fish" grabbed a small bamboo hand and reached into the water, then quickly pulled it back and then pulled it back. Bamboo was fooled by me and giggled.
Seeing that bamboo was so funny, I laughed, too. Qi Guanjia accompanied us for a while, and then I went to busy with his business. I strolled along the corridor with bamboo, and a gust of wind blew and smelled the fragrance. I was happy to hold bamboo in my heart and accelerated my pace.
When I came to the south yard around the corner, my eyes lit up and I saw clusters of golden small flowers blooming in the courtyard. It was refreshing to smell the flowers swaying in the wind!
Seeing this full house of sweet-scented osmanthus, I thought that I didn’t taste a mouthful of sweet-scented osmanthus when I made it in Osmanthus Jelly a few months ago. Who will I cook it for?
I sat dimly on a tree, stone bench, bamboo stretched out his hand and pulled the small flowers on the floating stone table. I took a few flowers and put them in front of my nose. I sniffed them and thought about it. I went back to the main house with bamboo in my arms and took a cloth bag to push the bamboo stroller and pushed the bamboo. I came back to the south yard.
I picked a sweet-scented osmanthus for bamboo to play with in the bamboo cart. I picked up the small flowers in the tree with a cloth bag and reached for the dense flowers.
桑拿会所Section 226
When Bamboo saw me picking osmanthus, it was also making baby. She stretched out her hand to pick the railing and got up. She held the car with one hand and reached into the middle with the other, making baby. She called me to take a look and picked one for her. She took osmanthus branches and sat and played with them again, so I left her alone.
There are a lot of osmanthus trees. I picked most of the bags unconsciously, and my neck was tired and my hands were tired before I sat down and rested. I saw that most of the bags were sweet.
I didn’t remember that it was Sunday until Li Jing came to find me when I forgot to play in the South Yard. I was going to eat at Li Jing’s house.
About no3 is just a deal. Chapter 23 is too lenient.
"It’s a good thing I’m here, or you’ll forget to specify it." Li Jing came to the South Yard to find me, and I forgot to agree on a good thing when I took care of picking sweet-scented osmanthus.
I ha ha quick way "this is not busy picking sweet-scented osmanthus. Come and help me pick some more. I can’t reach it" and handed the bag to Li Jing.
Li Jingnai took it and looked at the tree. He walked over and stretched out his hand and pulled the higher branches to pick osmanthus and put it in the bag. It was easy for me to pick it with Li Jing’s help.
Li Jing grew taller, and if she could reach higher, I would pick short osmanthus flowers, and soon we picked a bag full.
Li Jing held the bamboo, and I put the bag in the stroller and pushed it back to the main house. I gave the bag to the chef Rong and told him to take it to the sun and help me pick more. Chef Rong readily agreed.
"Let’s go" Li Jing said to me when he saw that I had explained the matter.
"Wait for me to get something upstairs." I said that and went upstairs. Li Jing said, "Well, hurry up."
I nodded and went back to my room to get diapers, underwear and some milk powder. I put things in my backpack and changed my clothes. I simply dressed up before I went to my handbag and backpack.
When I came to the living room and saw Li Jing smiling, I wondered, "What’s so happy?"
Li Jing shook his head and said, "Is there nothing to go?" I nodded should go to the door Li Jing holding bamboo followed out.
Li Jing’s car stopped outside the gate, and we went out of the gate. Li Jing gave me the bamboo. I held the bamboo and gave it to Li Jing. I just wanted to get in the car and saw Yi Yue driving back.

"Enze, this is what we should do." Wang Bureau patted Yu Enze on the shoulder. "I’m sorry we haven’t solved the case without your aunt Jiahui, but we won’t give up. We will do our best. You should be careful when you go to Beijing."

"I am white" Yu Enze has a low voice.
Half an hour later, Yu Enze took ten plainclothes policemen on a flight to Beijing. A brutal war in blood shed mixed with smoke was quietly starting.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-two Be calm
Hands have been tied behind her back in the dark. long summer felt that the group of them had flown for a century and finally landed again. She didn’t know she was at this moment.
The vast world is left with roaring winds that are sweeping, hitting and smashing unscrupulously. It is getting colder and quieter. long summer is shivering with cold and feels cold to the bone.
Long summer was pushed into the house, and the strong temperature difference between the house and the outside made her feel warm and precious. It was really cold just now, and now she is really hungry for this sudden and rare warmth. She heard the crackling in the fireplace, like firewood burning.
The black hood on the head was finally taken off and I went to long summer to see the light of day.
The room is narrow and closed. A little golden light in the fireplace can’t save the dullness and depression caused by dim light at all. The only small square window is also inlaid with a heavy anti-theft net. The original metal Guanghua has been eroded beyond recognition by wind, frost, snow and rain, and the old rust will be covered layer by layer.
"Crash" A little wow was rudely pushed down by a man in black, and her right foot was so painful that she couldn’t help but feel pain.
"Xiaowa Xiaowa" worried that long summer tried to run to help Xiaowa, but she was pressed by several men in black. They loosened her hands and tied them and replaced them with handcuffs.
So is Xiaowa.
"Stay here honestly and don’t play tricks for me or I’ll shoot you." An evil man in black pulled out his pistol with both hands and threatened long summer and Xiaowa viciously.
Long summer’s calm words are full of sarcasm. "Hey, man, I ask you to use your head, okay? What tricks can we two unarmed women play with you in this wilderness?"
At the moment, long summer threatened the other party. "Didn’t your boss say don’t touch us? Why do you want to disobey your boss’s orders? Come on, just shoot."
桑拿网"Hum," the black dress person was so angry that he couldn’t say a word. He went out with several people angrily, and the door was naturally heavy that only they could open the lock.
"Little wow, little wow, how are you?" Seeing that the black dress person left long summer and quickly ran to little wow’s side, handcuffed hands struggled to help her lean on her arms. "I’m sorry, little wow, it’s all my fault that I got you into trouble and made you suffer so much." long summer blamed herself and felt sad.
"Sister long summer, my right foot hurts and it’s cold. Is it going to be abolished?" Xiaowa’s forehead was cold and sweaty, and her breathing became urgent and frightened, tormenting her, and her cheeks were wet and cold.
"No, Xiaowa won’t." long summer shook his head crazily and shouted to encourage Xiaowa over and over again. "Your feet won’t be ruined. Please endure it again. Don’t be negative. Don’t give up faith. Believe me, we will be saved."
With that, long summer decided to get up. She clumsily but carefully dragged Xiaowa to the fireplace so that there was only a little pity and warmth in the room to get closer to her.
"Sister Xiaowa helps you warm your feet." Seeing that long summer put Xiaowa’s right foot on her belly without thinking, she couldn’t help shivering at the moment of contact, because Xiaowa’s right foot was like a cold hard stone tightly sticking to her soft and warm skin.
"Sister long summer doesn’t want it." Xiaowa couldn’t bear to let long summer suffer herself. She leaned forward to stop long summer. "I don’t want you and me to sacrifice myself like this."
"Xiaowa, if your right foot is not disabled, this is the only way to save it. Listen to me." long summer ordered Xiaowa seriously and put Xiaowa’s foot deeper and covered it with clothes.
"Sister long summer, there is no other person in this world who can be so kind to me as you are. I, Yang Xiaowade, can" boil tears and fall down. Xiaowa is grateful. "If they can let you live well, I will be willing to die even if I want to."
"Bah Bah" long summer hurriedly raised her handcuffed hand to block Xiaowa’s mouth. She accused Xiaowa angrily. "Xiaowa, I forbid you to say such discouraging words again. We will both live well and we must live well. None of us can die. You have heard nothing."
Wow stupefied looking at the front of long summer, whose eyes were determined and sharp, she was intimidated by long summer’s strong and tenacious atmosphere, and she dared not nod her head at long summer with words.
Wow, the cold right foot was gradually melted by long summer’s warm skin and began to return to normal. It seems that even the pain has been relieved a lot.
"Sister long summer, where did they take us? They won’t really take us to the wild mountains, will they?" Wow can’t hide his fear.
Long summer quickly came to the window, and the sky was so close that it seemed as if snow was at your fingertips. Goose feathers and snow were flying all over the sky, and all the streets were covered with thick snow, and they continued to extend forward until they reached the distant rolling and towering snow-capped mountains. The world was a vast expanse of silence, cold and pale.
"Xiaowa, we are now ehorse" long summer returned to Xiaowa and told her softly.
"where is ehorse? I’ve never heard of the name ehorse."
"My father brought me here when I was very young. At that time, my father told me that it was called ehorse, so I remembered it."
Long summer frowned and explained in detail that "ehorse is located in the northernmost part of Canada, which is a sparsely populated and snowy city and the capital of yukon. Because it is located in the Arctic Circle, the climate is very cold, which is called the Great Northern Wilderness in the ice and snow.
There is a river called Yuhe River in ehorse, which swims fast and stirs up a magnificent splash, much like a galloping white horse, so people call it White Horse Rapids, which is also the origin of the name of Baima City. "
"sparsely populated northernmost Arctic Circle" Xiaowa mechanically repeated what she heard from long summer, which seemed to represent the limit of life. It was unbelievable. She looked at long summer with trepidation. "What did long summer’s sister Chen Moran want to bring us here? Does he want us to be isolated and die?"
"Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t." long summer sighed. At this time, she couldn’t figure out what the sly Chen Moran was planning.
See long summer even more panic when you are sad. "Sister long summer, we are unarmed. Chen Moran has trapped us here and blocked all our contacts with the outside world. Do we really have hope of being saved?"
Look at me. I’m a cripple and a cripple. I’m just a drag bottle. My confidence is losing bit by bit. Sister long summer, I’m so scared. I’m so scared. "
"Listen to me, Xiaowa." long summer looked dignified. She forced Xiaowa to look into her eyes. "If we want to live, we will definitely find a way to get help. Don’t panic. We must be calm."
"Chen Moran said before that he would slowly torture me and Enze. If I guessed correctly," long summer told Xiaowa that she speculated that "this should be the first step in his plan to deal with me and Enze. He will never kill us easily before he has achieved his goal."
"Sister long summer, do you mean Chen Moran? He is really procrastinating, right?" Xiaowa realized something.
"That’s right," long summer nodded. "My intuition told me that when Chen Moran and Enze delayed, he waited for Enze to take the initiative to find him so that he could carry out his next plan."
"Isn’t it dangerous for the boss to pick it up?" Xiaowa stare big eyes.