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Although I was wearing Lingxi Spring in the school, I was quite afraid that the guard would stop her from asking questions, but I was quietly relieved to see that I had walked in smoothly.

However, when she was just relieved to walk towards the teaching building, several people came face to face, which made her consciously slow down.
It was two middle-aged people and a boy, and she recognized that one of them was the principal and the other was in a suit and early thirties, and she looked very attractive.
At this time, the middle-aged man in a suit and tie was conversing with the headmaster with a bag in one hand and a few pages in the other.
And the boy beside him is too familiar to be familiar with.
Ye qingting
Why did he come to school?
No, it should be how he came to school and went back at noon.
Who is that middle-aged man? Is he his father?
The boy came face to face from a distance, and she suddenly thought again, and her breathing slowly became rapid.
What kind of expression should she face if she approaches and looks at each other?
Smile politely or pretend to be a stranger.
Her eyes wandered and her thoughts were mixed.
One hundred meters
Fifty meters
Seeing that the boy coming from afar was about to pass her by, she forced herself to look at him casually.
However, at that moment, the boy suddenly bent over and tied his shoelaces.
桑拿网  title=Next to the middle-aged man low asked 1 waiting for him to move.
Chestnut hair is soft and shiny in the sun.
But his shoelaces were intact, but they were scattered again and then slowly got up again.
It suddenly occurred to her that I don’t know who told me that if a boy talks about what to do when facing a girl and avoids eye contact, it means that that person’s heart is in chaos.
But will Qing Ye court be like this?
Will he be upset?
Surely not.
He declined her.
If this is the end, if Ye Qingting doesn’t know how to face a girl who has been rejected by herself, she wants to tell him.
Not like this
Because she has always cooperated with him.
She will certainly cooperate with him
Cooperate with him politely, cooperate with him silently and cooperate with him to smile.
Cooperate with him as a qualified stranger, wrap the turbulent mind tightly, and let him pull out some hot secrets in his hypocrisy and indifference.
She didn’t slow down any more than she naturally walked past the boy who bent over and lowered her head.
The headmaster and middle-aged people greet each other from far and near.
She stopped and couldn’t help but look back.
It seems that they staggered a brake Ye Qingting and got up.
His back is still as far away as he remembers.
Heart slightly dull ache again:
Chapter 121 Chaper 11
When the stairs came, the corridor was already full of excitement. Students in twos and threes laughed and took a look at the student who was carrying a bag and walking in the opposite direction when passing by her.
She walked into the classroom with an expression on her face. Lv Xining just walked out listlessly. The two of them made a note of each other. Lv Xining shone at the moment and grabbed Lingxiquan’s shoulder with both hands and said happily, "Haha, Lingxiquan, you finally came to school. Why didn’t you come yesterday?"
Lingxi Spring was a little overwhelmed. She shrank back with enthusiasm and consciousness, but Lv Xining didn’t feel her stiffness. She continued to say excitedly, "Oh, no matter you are here, you don’t know that I have been suffocated these two days."
"There are so many words." Di Qin took Cheng Yihan and turned his eyes lukewarm.
"You" Lv Xining immediately sink a face.
Diqin didn’t look at her, but she walked straight past them holding Cheng Yihan.
Lingxiquan reacted and quickly pulled the deskmate into the classroom and pulled the corners of his mouth. "You missed me."
"Of course, you don’t chat me to death, and no one talks." Lv Xining looked at her deskmate and put the bag in the chair, took out the class and work one by one, and sat down in her desk with her hands propped up. She glanced back and walked almost to the classroom, leaving the pie mouth and saying, "But Lin Xiaoqi started to talk to me actively these two days, but I see that she is always a little awkward now."
Lingxiquan stuffed the class into the desk and looked up at her. "What?"
"Ah, do you want to? She didn’t even talk to us because of Diqin. Now that Diqin has quarreled with us, she has leaned in again. Can my heart be uncomfortable?" Lv Xining muttered.