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Limited level 1 can be equipped with

Physical Defence +4
桑拿网Magic Defence +4
Constitution +15
Agile +5
Not bad, it’s a red door, equipped with tough leather armor, and his blood can be increased by 3 points!
Being a mutant boss, king Slim couldn’t explode a piece of green equipment, and then Chen Moma found another piece of green equipment and a staff!
Rattan staff
Describe the ancient rattanwoodmaking staves, which are light in weight and can increase the casting speed of messengers.
Equipment quality green
Limited summoner, mage, priest level 1
Basic physical attack power 3545
Basic magic attack power 557
Intelligence +2
Spirit +15
Additional properties dry rattan
When a player successfully attacks an enemy, he has a 5% chance to summon a dry vine, which will bind the enemy and make it move in 2 seconds.
What a powerful weapon!
Chen Mo couldn’t help staring at the property of rattan stave. If he had a corresponding level 1 green weapon, it would be twice as fast to kill King Slim!
This weapon can be sold for 20,000 to 30,000 now! Chen Mo guessed.
Rattan staves can sell 20,000 to 30,000 tough leathers, and tens of millions of them can also be sold. There are still some equipment around them that have not been picked. So if you kill a mutant Slim king, he can earn 100,000 yuan at least, which is much more than his usual money.
Well, think of it as extra money. If the virtual network prevents him from making such a small sum in the game, he will not lose too much.
I’m worried that someone will come to Chen Mo and look at one thing without picking one, but pick everything up and put it in my backpack.
After picking things, Chen Mo didn’t forget to mutate King Slim’s body to make a picking skill to see if he could pick anything out.
Tell me what you got Call slime!
Hand to find out Chen Mo really picked something or a summoner skills!
The summoner of Summoning slime can summon multiple summoners from slime at one time after learning the skills.
Good thing. I wonder if you can get this skill outside. If you can’t get it, it must be more expensive than rattan staves. I don’t know how many times. After all, rattan staves have good properties, but they will be replaced at level 2, but the skills can last for a generation.
Then the silence looked at the backpack. There were more than a dozen pieces of equipment in the backpack. King Slim was a mutant boss. It was not too shabby, but this dozen pieces of equipment were almost blue in white, but none of them were mutated. The boss dropped things and it was still guaranteed.
Chen Mo finally found what he wanted in his backpack except the blue one!
Purple equipment Slim king bracelet!
Slim king bracelet
Describe the Slim King Collection Bracelet Slim King Jewelry Set with three different parts. The Slim King Jewelry can be opened to hide the attributes of the set.
Equipped with purple suit parts
Limited level 1 can be equipped with
Basic physical attack power +15
Basic magic attack power +15
Power +2
Agile +15

Tang Jixiu looked at her trembling shoulders and eyes, and the light became darker and darker. He asked again slowly.

can you?
It was a question, but he said it in a certain way.
He is determined that Qi Cancan can’t let Shen Sixun know that they can misunderstand Tang Qing by comparing them. She is lucky in misfortune because no one will worry about nothing.
As if it had been a century, Qi Cancan loosened his hand in front of him.
How long
Her voice trembled. She had fantasized about them several times, but now she wants to run away.
Until you get tired of it, okay?
Her tone is praying that her heart is cold.
JiCancan shouldn’t ask him, but ask yourself how long it will take to kick Tang Jixiu out of his heart:
Chapter 75 The heart was tender as the sea (1) 【 The ticket is full and more 】
桑拿会所JiCancan bowed slightly in situ, wiping his nose and tears while watching Tang Jixiu drink one glass after another slowly. He restrained himself from pouring half a cup every time. He seems to be in a good mood now, smiling all the time and never paying attention to her again.
He has always been so autocratic and overbearing. He has finished what he wants to say and won’t listen to Qi Cancan again.
She cried and cried and was tired. She just sat down in his bed and buried her head in the quilt and continued to sob. Qi Cancan’s mood is extremely complicated now. She can’t guess Tang Jixiu’s mind. He seems to have been a giant for more than ten years, but she is like an idiot. She shouldn’t covet that little warmth, let alone indulge in it.
The best way to get out now is to be yourself, just like you dug out your bloody heart and gave it to someone, and what did he do with you if you didn’t speak?
JiCancan clenched her hands and beat the bed reluctantly. She always told herself that she was going to be a mother and could not be so naive.
She’s gone as far as a circle now, and then she’s back in a flash.
Tang Jixiu drank the last sip of wine in the cup and looked up at JiCancan.
Have you cried enough
Although JiCancan sound pressure is extremely low, but has not stopped listening for a long time, but it is a little scratching my heart.
Ji Cancan cried her head buzzing and held her breath in her heart. She tightened the sheets and didn’t even lift her head. But at the moment, she cried enough. She grabbed a discarded bed shirt and wiped her face hard. This shirt is supposed to be Tang Jixiu’s recent change, and he still has his unique flavor.
If you cry enough, go back to the same trick. Don’t do it too many times. I’m tired of watching you play.
Tang Jixiu’s attitude is still as cold as usual.
He can easily tear all the disguises of Qi Cancan with one sentence, but when these wounds are exposed to the air, she hates everyone in her heart and can call her hypocritical Tang Jixiu.
JiCancan suddenly raised his head and stared at Tang Jixiu. Then he turned Tang Jixiu’s legs around and looked at her, and he didn’t stop it. There was quite a fight with you.
Qi Cancan will hold back Tang Jixiu even if she doesn’t. She can really pretend to be a hundred poisons sometimes.
I have to say that everything in the highend hotel is really neat and tidy. After a while, she pulled out a pen and a piece of paper from the low cabinet. She wrote a few lines in a hurry and carefully looked at it for a long time. Finally, she wrote clearly what she wanted to express. Then she put a heavy bite on the paper and made a row of impressions on the flat paper.
JiCancan took a sniffle and strode to Ji Tang to cultivate one’s morality and handed the paper to Ji Tang to cultivate one’s morality.
I can stay with you, but after three years, even if you send these photos to the Internet, I won’t say a word. Ji Tang, don’t try to tie me up all your life.
Qi Cancan and Shen Sixun agreed that after three years, she would be free. She could find a small city with a slow pace of life and spend her life safely. With children, the two of them are no longer bound by feelings and become her true self. Until now, she has realized that what she pursues is ordinary but ordinary.
She pursed her lips for fear that she was not thorough enough, so she added.
Please don’t make a mistake. I didn’t stay because I have feelings for you. I need Shen Sixun now and I won’t leave him.
Tang Jixiu looked down at JiCancan’s crooked words and was too lazy to look at the specific ones. He snorted a row of small teeth marks with some saliva, and his mouth was still mocking with some disgust.
Who asked you if you were staying together because of your feelings? Don’t do unrealistic fantasies if you know the impossible without being pressed.
JiCancan narrowed his eyes and smiled sarcastically, then thrust the paper into his mouth according to Tang Jixiu’s shoulder.
Tang Jixiu was obviously annoyed. He raised his hand and tore open JiCancan’s reflexive finger, pressing the joints in the soft chair and tapping her nose tip.

Ouyang Yutian also turned to look at Yule from time to time and ate with relish. Many times, she wanted to take a bite, but she finally suppressed it.

I can’t get past it! At this time, there was finally a man in the restaurant who accused Yu Lexing of being a suitor of Ouyang Yutian, but he finally chose to give up after being rejected by Ouyang Yutian several times.
Later, I heard that goddess Ouyang was with a very talented boy majoring in media photography, and he couldn’t help feeling sorry for the world, and finally he was with another girl who liked him.
Today, he and his girlfriend came to a restaurant for dinner and saw Ouyang Yutian and her boyfriend. He also held a blessing mentality, but after seeing Yu Le treat Ouyang Yutian like this, he endured it for a long time and finally couldn’t see it.
There was a leader, and there were many boys in the restaurant, too, so they accused Yu Le of not being.
No matter how strict your girlfriend is, just eat some ice cream and fried chicken legs. What’s the big deal?
That is, if they are not nutritious and unhealthy, why does your boyfriend eat so delicious!
Dude, girlfriends are used to spoil you. It’s not right to do so.
Yu Le’s mouth twitched slightly. Isn’t it just eating a buffet? How can you make so much trouble?
Chapter two hundred and nineteen Chen Wei story
Yu Le turned their eyes at Ouyang Yutian as if to say that being beautiful is easy to get into trouble.
Ouyang Yutian’s cheeks are also slightly red. Seeing so many people accusing Yu Le, Ouyang Yutian also got up. You all misunderstood Yu Le. It’s all my fault.
All the boys are even more angry when they see that Ouyang Yutian is still putting in a good word for Yu Le at this time.
Don’t you feel guilty when you look at other girls being bullied by you and finally helping you!
Such a good girlfriend can’t find her love with lanterns. I’m not saying that you and I are practical. Don’t pinch me back and I’ll give you kneeling keyboard. I’m really angry now.
That’s it, girlfriend. Except for my female ticket, the world is such a buddy. Why don’t you know how to cherish it, dear? I’m educating this buddy. Don’t kiss me. Don’t kiss me.
More and more men around are accusing Yu Le, and now women’s interests in this society have been respected.
Although they are boys, they will also contribute to the protection of girls.
And Yu Le is the male chauvinist who still lives in the old society!
夜生活We must educate him well today
Seeing that Ouyang Yu’s sweet voice has been covered, Ouyang Yu’s sweet voice is almost crying. Yu Le finally got up and took Ouyang Yu’s sweet hand with a calm face and looked around, saying flatly together …
Thank you for being so concerned. My girlfriend and I are sometimes you don’t know how things get into trouble, so don’t give me such a big hat so quickly.
I love my girlfriend very much, and I love her more than you do. Yu Le has been able to tell the lie completely, and even Yu Le himself was almost cheated.
While they have already seen through things, Xu glanced at Yu Le.
Is she your girlfriend? You won it back by playing games. It’s still valid for one month.
Do you love her very much? I heard that you let her wash your smelly socks every day.
Cai Xiong is the only one with a face of bitterness, and his mother’s egg is forced to drink a mouthful of dog food.
Ouyang Yutian looked up at Yu Le’s face and seriously told so many people that he loved himself. His face suddenly became more red as an apple. Did he tell me what he meant in public?
Why am I so determined not to give her ice cream and fried chicken legs? It’s not because I’m male chauvinist, Yu Le continued at this time. It’s because girls can’t eat these things for a few days every month. She was in pain for a night last night. I took care of her for a night. Do you think I dare to hurt her health because of her little gluttony?
Ouyang Yu’s sweet face turned red when he heard Yu Le’s words. How can such a thing be told to others casually?
Smell speech all this just know that everything is a misunderstanding, xu at this time is also up chin sit down is a misunderstanding.
The female companions around the men dragged their boyfriends to the stool with one hand, all kinds of grievances and complaints.
Why didn’t I see you take care of me like this when I came here these days? Look at how considerate other boyfriends are in this respect.
What? You also stopped me from eating spicy food in those days, and I didn’t listen.
You won’t be overbearing.
Be strong.
Man, one o’clock!
Those earlystage men have regretted their death, and they stopped talking when they knew it. Now they have to be told by the tigress next to them. I want to be strong, and you have to be as gentle as someone else’s girlfriend. Every time I speak louder, you take out a knife and peel an apple. How can I be strong …
Yu Le, you didn’t go back to the dormitory last night to take care of Ouyang Sao? At this time, Xu is also poking fun at Yu Le Dao
No wonder I said that no one in the dormitory turned out to be taking care of Ouyang’s sisterinlaw. Huang Xian also pondered and laughed.
Ouyang Yutian’s face is already red at this time.
Yu Le rolled his eyes at this group of animals. suspension spring, a group of people who don’t return to the dormitory late, has the nerve to say me.
Wu Min also poked fun at a few words, but Cai Xiong, Chen Wei and Chen Yun were silent.
Cai Xiong didn’t tell everyone that he was envious and jealous.
Soon the meal was finished and the money was divided. Now everyone has an idea to go back to the dormitory to sleep!
It’s not enough to sleep for a few hours after a long night’s sleep.
Xu, after they returned to the dormitory, it was almost five o’clock in the evening. As soon as they climbed out of bed, they fell asleep. I think they are ready to sleep until the next day, that is, Monday.
Before going to bed, Yu Le also apologized to the audience on the live broadcast and said the reason for not broadcasting live, so she went to sleep.
I don’t know how long I slept, but a burst of urine hit Yule, and I got out of bed and watched it for a while. It was almost midnight.
I just climbed out of bed and almost didn’t get scared to death. Seeing Chen Wei sitting in front of the bed, he was holding a mobile phone in his hand, and the screen of the mobile phone was on. He just looked at the screen of the mobile phone quietly.

However, things went far beyond their expectations. Oubei Yao Ouyang Yan’s army was wiped out and Oubei Yao died.

His body was thrown from a cliff into Crocodile Bay and divided up.
When Lu Qing received the news, even he was shocked. Oubei Yao died like this.
How is that possible?
"What about Xiaochen? Xiaochen?"
Lu Qingshen way;
"Ouyang family members arrested him. Seeing that his qualifications are excellent, they intend to train him into a ruthless killer";
Chapter 44 They provoked shouldn’t provoke people!
Qin Miao Miao white face warble way
"How is it possible that Xiao Chen won’t accept that they killed Oubei Yao and want Xiao Chen to be obedient and dream?
Lu Qing thought for a moment and then said
"There is a way for disobedient killers in Ouyang family."
桑拿会所"Removing the emotional leaves in brain cells makes people insensitive, even the memory will be disturbed."
"They’re going to cut into Xiaochen’s brain. No, no,no. Husband, help him."
Lu Qing patted her on the shoulder and said, "I’ve sent someone over. Don’t worry, I won’t let this happen. Your family will wait for news."
However, after two days in a row, there was still no news. Joanna invited her out for shopping and coffee. Although she went to the appointment, she looked very depressed.
"Meow meow, what’s wrong with you?"
Qin Miaomiao smiled at her and casually pulled a few words without explanation.
And she always seems to feel uneasy and her eyes are jumping as if something bad is always happening.
At this time, Xiao Liu suddenly walked to come over and looked pale and low.
"Little Lady’s pear garden was bombed."
"What are you talking about, Uncle Jiu? Is he okay?"
"Nine lords are missing."
Qin Miao Miao brain string immediately collapsed tight body waved the or Joanna hold her, she didn’t fall down.
"What about Uncle Jiu’s hands? Can they be linked?"
"A seriously injured man named Lao San has been taken to the hospital."
"arrange for me to meet his horse."
She’s changed all over, like a scabbard, and she’s sharper than ever.
Joanna’s eyes changed and faded;
"Do you need help?"
"Do you know the Ouyang family?"
"Know the biggest family in the mercenary killer world. Do you know where its lair is?"
Joanna smiled. "It will take some time, but I think Lu Shao might know."
"Joe, even if he knew, he wouldn’t tell me that Uncle Su’s nine is my adoptive father. His business is my business. I want to find out who he is missing."
Joanna’s eyes gradually changed low way
"Mercenaries do things without mercy. Suppose. I mean suppose."
Qin Miao Miao’s expression of eyes was extremely cold. "Then I’ll do everything I can to wipe out my lair."
"Sure enough, I like girls, so I can help you."
Qin Miaomiao went to the hospital and was seriously injured, but she could still talk. He gave her a key.
He spoke with difficulty: "All the Sujiayuan dark guards will appear when the ninth master is in trouble, but if the ninth master is missing, I can rely on you."
"How many people"
"It’s an elite"
"Be loyal to Uncle Jiu"
"If you lose your life, you can do it."
Qin Miao Miao took a deep breath and his face became more and more cold.
"Well, then let them get ready to shed their blood."
The whole pear garden was bombed. Yao in Oubei died. Ouyang Yan in Oubeichen was arrested. Can you say one thing?

He waved and Thomas came over with the calf and gave it back to Weng Mamba.

Weng Mamba was excited and hugged her, but she couldn’t help crying. My parents are really the same. Now their father is reunited, which is really gratifying, but it also means that the contract between the two sides is over, and their positions have changed and they may have to continue to be enemies.
Weng Mamba: I thank you for giving me my son back, but you evil guy is still the number one enemy of our Niutou tribe!
It really is. Yes, Mo Xiaoxie is now considering whether to put out the other party without extra trouble, so as to save the wild animals. But if you think about it, forget it. After all, Weng Mamba got the highest credit this time, but it belongs to his son. It can also be said that he didn’t get anything except a large number of genus. He has been pitted badly enough. Forget it.
Devil Bazura: Since you are the enemy, you should find out my strength. Now I will let you go, but if you dare to turn around and attack me or my hand one day, you will be forgiven. Don’t blame me for being merciless!
Weng Mamba snorted, holding the baby and turning around.
Mo Xiaoxie added, But after you have done me a big favor this time, if you have any trouble, don’t hesitate to come to me. I’m welcome if you don’t have hostility!
Weng Mamba didn’t say anything, and gradually disappeared into the darkness in the distance with a few hands.
Although we won the final victory this time, the monsters who suffered heavy losses were not happy. Now even the old cow has left, which is really a bit unstable and lowspirited.
With Buou, it seems that he is the laziest one at ordinary times, but at the moment he came over on his own initiative.
Buo the ogre That bastard will definitely come back to life, right?
桑拿会所  title=Mo Xiaoxie knew exactly who he meant. Mo Xiaoxie said, Yes, no matter how many times you kill him, he will revive your child. I’m sorry for your loss.
You are so miraculous that you must know how to completely kill that bastard. Tell me!
There is such a method, but it takes a lot of strength and it is difficult to do it. If there is an opportunity, I will help you kill that guy.
No, I will do it myself! I will be strong! Definitely!
Looking at Buo’s determination, Mo Xiaoxie was taken aback. He is always lazy at ordinary times. He is so determined. It seems that grief has hurt him a lot.
By the way, Buo, I found that you are gifted in eating. If you want to eat, you can increase your strength and don’t wave this talent! You can’t eat the ground dragon meat and get stronger!
When I heard eating and hearing that I could become stronger, Buou’s eyes suddenly lit up. Really? It turns out that I am still a genius! Great! I want to turn my grief into strength. If I keep eating, the children can really get revenge! Before the words were finished, Bouo went to eat dragon meat.
Mo Xiaoxie vaguely felt something was wrong. He had almost seen Buou become a god of food. What should he do if he was not fed enough after that day?
While he was worrying about this urgent matter, Sofia suddenly came over and said, Master, the dwarf blacksmith has been put in the dungeon. You can go there at any time!
Hearing the news, Mo Xiaoxie couldn’t help touching the +14 diamond ring. It seems that we can reorganize our equipment now!
Chapter 24 Unlucky blacksmith
Cang yue cheng cheng Zhu cheng office
Harold sat in front of his desk with a gloomy face. He clenched his fist tightly for a long time and didn’t say a word, which made him very angry.
A holy area priest was killed by a golden demon and his equipment department was lost! This insulting loss made him furious!
Looking at Hu’s anger, Harold Wu Dusire couldn’t help secretly feeling funny. It was the first time he saw his uncle being so angry. It was a typical schadenfreude in Dusire.
Uncle, your set of equipment is not cheap, is it? There are tens of millions of lost cash alone?
This kind of thing is over. Don’t do it again.
But uncle, this is not necessarily a good thing. Without pressure, there is no motivation. Although we failed this time, we can get up again. I don’t know if you can get better equipment.
Has been silent Donna Milla mouth way Dusire don’t commit tomfoolery now is not to say that these times! Uncle, the devil has just taken the fortifications of Finland City, and they must be rebuilt. They are the most vulnerable before they consolidate the fortifications, and now is the best time for us to attack back!
Macire, the former duke of Finland, agreed and nodded. Miss Donna Milla’s analysis is correct. The devil got the magic well, and his strength is bound to increase greatly. If he develops his power in the future, he will inevitably raise tigers and attack here sooner or later, and the sunset province of Pale Moon City has been a military strategist since ancient times. If something happens here, I’m afraid …
Harold nodded with a gloomy face. I know all this, but now even if I lead the city soldiers to fight back, it is mostly run. That damn demon actually knows how to make the power of Baal not be underestimated.
Wu Dusire said, Uncle, are you afraid?
Wu Dusire! Donna Milla said seriously, How can you say that?
Although Harold didn’t want to admit it, he actually nodded. Yes, I’m really a little scared. I’ve seen monsters like Bazura many times, but he’s a little different. He makes me bumpy. If I can’t destroy him as soon as possible, I’m afraid it will be a big trouble for our whole sunset province.
Wu Dusire In that case, let my father send an army to crush him, but I dare not call you. When talking about his father, Wu Dusire seems to be full of fear.
Donna Milla immediately said, That’s not feasible. Now that the army of the Eastern Expeditionary Army of the Apocalypse Army is eyeing up at the border, we can’t fight because of such a trivial matter.
If Mo Xiaoxie hears the name of the apocalypse legion, he will fly into a rage. He was defeated by the apocalypse legion’s Western Expeditionary Army before he fled here. The apocalypse legion has always been a menace to the countries around the Rhine Empire. The southern part of the forest is their territory. The four apocalypse knights respectively lead the four expeditionary forces to attack the city and plunder the land for a long time. There is no day of peace. The whole mainland people know that everyone knows the name of the apocalypse is a kind of fear.
But this kind of thing Dusire didn’t take it to heart.
Wow elder sister this is a trivial matter! You and the dragon were both killed! Miss Gong He, the grand Lord of Sunset Province, will not be thrown to death if he goes out, especially those emperors and grandchildren in the Imperial City will be looked down upon by them, and the Lord of Macire has just said that the demon will attack here sooner or later, and there is still time for him to develop. We must destroy him as soon as possible!
Dore, the former captain of the city guard, Yes, we must uphold our faith and go forward bravely without fear of sacrifice, explosion of equipment and no chance to fight!
Wu Dusire Oh, Lord Macire didn’t expect you to have such talents! He patted Dore on the shoulder with admiration.
Macire spat out in his heart, You should draw a number equal to the number of men depending on your war and explosive equipment, and even praised him. It’s really a blind cat!
Harold said with a serious face, We must fight, but we can’t just play hardball. We can play some tricks, Donna Milla. It’s a good way to join some friends in the mercenary world to attract some fighting ability, but it’s not enough. It seems that we have to merge with that guy, Banjiao Yangxian.
Donna Milla after listen to can not help but be surprised and a monster lords? Uncle, are you crazy?
Harold suddenly smiled. There is no eternal enemy in this world with eternal interests! The HalfHorn Goat Fairy is not terrible, but the demon is different, and it would be a good thing if there is an opportunity to cut the strength of the HalfHorn Goat Fairy.
Finnish city dungeon
The torch swayed from side to side in the flowing gas, and water droplets came from the darkness from time to time.

Jing Anjiu sighed and said, "So did you call me a lot?"

Han Mobai didn’t deny that "I went to Jingjia and waited until Grandfather came back"
Jing Anjiu looked at him in surprise. "So you came right away?"
Han Mobai’s default
JingAn nine heart suddenly more love dearly.
Although I am very happy that he can come, I feel sorry at the thought that he has been doing this all day, and the greater his resistance to Jing Muchen is …
"jiujiu" Han Mobai suddenly called her name.
Jing’ an Jiu blinked and saw his hand drawn out of his trouser pocket, white and slender, as if it were art, and a delicate red velvet box lay quietly in the palm of his hand.
Jing Anjiu looked at him expectantly. "Is this … a birthday present?"
"Well," Han Mo said with a white nod, "Don’t open it?"
Jing Anjiu reached out and took the small box. After opening it, a bright light flashed across her eyes. She blinked quickly and saw a diamond ring lying quietly on the velvet chassis. The street lamp projected from one side to help the ring add a layer of soft light, shiny but beautiful.
JingAn nine surprised "this is …"
"Angel Love" Han Mo sounded in a low voice.
Angel love?
"What do you mean?" Jing’ an jiuwen
"The name of this ring is Angel Love, which was designed by sunrealf, a famous French designer." Han Mobai simply explained.
Jing Anjiu’s face turned red at once. Although he said it was an understatement, she immediately knew what he meant.
Isn’t "angel" his own name in English?
Yes … She couldn’t help but look at him with joy and smile and say, "I’m not asking about the name, I’m asking about … what do you mean by giving me a ring?"
He will be beaten and shy …
Who knows that Han Mobai raised his eyebrows and the old god said, "What do you mean?"
"…" JingAn nine face suddenly more red "it won’t be … proposal?"
Han Mo smiled in vain and asked softly, "Will you accept it?"
Hearing this sentence, Jing Anjiu’s heart immediately jumped "plop plop" and his voice stuttered. "Will it … will it be too fast?"
"Unhappy," said Han Mobai, reaching out for the ring and holding her right hand with the other hand. "We have known each other for thirteen years."
Jing’ an Jiu held her breath with wide eyes and watched him put the ring on his right finger.
Hey, it seems that she hasn’t promised …
And Han Mobai has nodded approvingly with her little hand "It really fits".
The size of this ring was determined by his feel, but I didn’t expect it to fit just right.
The slender white hand looks very delicate because of that diamond ring, which also matches her dress today.
His eyes slowly fell on her, and she was dressed in a romantic and elegant lace gauze skirt, showing her white and tender arms. The original black straight hair was ironed into a big volume, fluffy and soft, which also created a beautiful and moving temperament for her little face.
The whole suit is very beautiful and suitable for her temperament, just like a rose blooming in the morning, which reveals a trace of youth and purity.
"Makeup?" He asked in a low voice
JingAn nine nodded at the moment some glad I haven’t remove makeup also didn’t change clothes …
"Is it nice?" She asked a little shyness.
Because he was sure that Jing Anjiu was even more shy and touched his hair and said softly, "But I don’t think … it’s like myself."
She has never put on makeup before, although many girls in the class have learned to dress up, and the teacher’s discipline is not strict, but she seems to be really so-called and never curious about this.
Today, however, she has to admit that make-up will really make women more pleasing to the eye, especially when the lover praises them so face to face … That kind of pleasure is really legal.
Han Mo Bai Gang was about to open his mouth when his hurried footsteps suddenly sounded, followed by a familiar low-pitched sound, "Smelly little!"
Having been trained in various kinds of fighting and self-defense techniques in the past five years, he immediately became keenly aware of a surge of air. Although it could be avoided, Jing Anjiu was in front of himself …
He was severely beaten on the back by a broom.
After "Ba", the broom head directly dropped the cement and made a loud noise.
It doesn’t hurt to look at the broom head. Korean ink white can’t help but twitch slightly.
How much hatred and resentment?
How much does his future father-in-law dislike him?
I cann’t believe that the broom was interrupted by such a big effort …
"Dad, what are you doing!" Jing’ an Jiu was even more frightened and immediately rushed over to block Han Mo’s white body.
Jing Muchen just raised his broom again and was forced to stay for half a stiff face and said, "jiujiu, get out of the way. I have to teach this little stinker a lesson today!"
Han Mobai also stretched out his hand and pulled Jing Anjiu "jiujiu, next to you."
"I don’t!" JingAn nine nasty eyes are red with open hands desperately want to protect his front "dad forbid you to hit him! He came here specially to celebrate my birthday today. "
桑拿网Speaking of this, Jing Muchen was even more angry and asked Han Mobai, "How did you get in?"
The clubhouse is extremely high because there are several iron gates outside to protect it. No one can come in at night, otherwise he wouldn’t be so relieved …
Jing Anjiu didn’t understand what this meant. Han Mobai had already said "come over the wall"
Jingmuchen "…"

This divorce agreement is more in line with Liu Siyuan’s wishes. Xia Wanzhen offered to give up all the lost property of Lujia and was willing to leave Lujia with a pair of children. Moreover, her children, the Army and Lu Shasha, also gave up the division of property. From then on, Xia Wanzhen drew a line with Liu Siyuan, and a pair of children also separated from Lu Siyuan.

After seeing the divorce agreement, Liu Siyuan finally returned to his original position. He was most afraid of Xia Wanzhen’s pestering and his scruples about face were not good enough to make public the fact that a pair of children were not his own flesh and blood. Therefore, he spared no effort to suppress Xia Wanzhen and detained her at the police station without trial or release, just forcing her to submit.
夜网论坛Xia Wanzhen was well-advised and drew up the divorce agreement according to Liu Siyuan’s mind. After all, they have been husband and wife for more than 20 years. She deeply understands him and knows what he is most afraid of and afraid of now.
Lu Siyuan brushed the paper and asked suspiciously, "What didn’t your mother sign?"
Lu Shasha turned a supercilious look and thought that you and I are all fools! What qualifications do you have to talk about terms when you sign this face stupidly! But on the surface, she is still a good girl, and she said with great care, "Mom said she wanted you to bail her out and settle the case. She signed the divorce agreement!"
"Hum, I am a fool!" Lu Siyuan refused to sneer and said, "What if I get her out and she goes back on her word?"
Lu Sasha sparkling pure koo water eyes seem a little surprised "dad, what makes you think so! Mom told me that if she defaults, you can sue her for intentional fraud! "
Xia Wanzhen said that their mother and son have lost all their initiative. If they want to regain lost territory, they will have a broken wrist to save themselves. It seems that they have sacrificed bitterly, but it is the only choice and way out. Because neither the army nor Lu Shasha is Lu Siyuan’s own flesh and blood, this is an indisputable fact. If Lu Siyuan does not care about his face, the crime of deliberate fraud alone will be enough for Xia Wanzhen to divorce and go to jail!
Liu Siyuan wanted to think and felt reasonable! Just nodded graciously. "She is well-informed!"
Old and immortal! I wish you an early paradise! Where are you dreaming? Go to hell! Lu Sasha consciously looked at the shelf fragrance to Liu Siyuan often work in this room … I’m afraid he will drive a crane to the west before Xia Wanzhen signs it!
It was mid-September, and autumn was as hot as a tiger. At noon, the outdoor temperature soared. Han Xiao had a great time under the sun, and he didn’t want to stop.
Li Zhenyu took Xia Xue into the air-conditioned lounge and brought her a glass of ice water.
Xia Xue is a little guilty. He pushed away so many urgent things to accompany her out to play. As a result, she finally became a playground with Han Xiao. It’s just a rare thing that Li Zhenyu has been accompanying her face and didn’t show impatience.
"Jin Woo, you go back first!" Xia Xue finally couldn’t help but say to Li Zhenyu, who was sitting there chatting and watching his mobile phone, "I’ll just wait here and laugh!"
Han Xiao broke up with Lu Yuanhang and fell in love again. She can’t be cruel to lose her. At this time, Xia Xue recognizes that Han Xiao needs her. Moreover, she wants to talk to Han Xiao later. Some words in Li Zhenyu’s field are not convenient to export.
Li Zhenyu looked up and gave her a faint look and said, "I don’t trust to leave you here alone!" "
"There is still a smile!" Xia Xue woke up and said, "She can take care of me!"
The male eyes moved back to the mobile phone and did not even look up. "No one has taken care of her yet!"
"…" Xia Xueyan answered that because he was telling the truth, Han Xiao’s present state really needed more care and companionship than her. She and Li Zhenyu stayed in the playground and waited.
Xia Xue once again looked out of the window and looked through the glass. He was busy with all kinds of selfies, but he accidentally found that the figure of Han Xiao had disappeared outside.
Where’s this girl? Xia Xue is preparing to call Han Xiao and ask where to go. When I hear the lounge door being pushed open vigorously, a hot breath blows on my face. Han Xiao is sunburned and his oily clothes are soaked with sweat. She looks a little embarrassed than a mess. She looks worse and looks angry but faint with panic.
"Smile, what’s wrong with you!" See Korean smile this sample Xia Xue got up in surprise.
"Lu Yuanhang is such an asshole!" Han Xiao is full of sweat stains, clutching his mobile phone in his hand and yelling angrily, "He, he, he actually deleted my WeChat! I added him and he actually blacklisted me! "
Han Xiaoyin could collapse the ceiling, but Li Zhenyu looked up at her lightly and looked down at the mobile phone.
"…" Xia Xue dazed carefully looked at Han Xiao to make sure she was serious or not joking. After a slight pause, she tried to speak "Smile, you and Lu Yuanhang … didn’t you break up already?"
When we break up, we should break up neatly! She doesn’t recognize how unforgivable Lu Yuanhang is. After all, she just blacklisted Wu Tianyou’s mobile phone number this afternoon.
"Who broke up with him!" Han Xiao suddenly cried out in a hurry, "Couples who don’t make a small contradiction and quarrel with each other will easily break up!"
Xia Xue raised her eyebrows slightly. She used to pull Han Xiao to sit on the sofa, then brought her a cup of ice water and handed her a disposable wet towel. "Wipe your sweat and have a drink of ice water first! Smile, you don’t know how embarrassed you are now! "
Is it awkward? Anyway, Lu Yuanhang is not there! Han Xiao doesn’t care how bad her image is. She thinks, "Hey, Xia Xue, what do you mean by Lu Yuanhang?"
What do you mean by asking her? Xia Xue realized the seriousness of the matter. Han Xiao was not a stupid woman. Didn’t she see at all that this man was ready to give up?
See Xia Xue don’t answer Han Xiao turned to ask Zhen-Yu Li "Zhen-Yu Li you and Yuan-hang Lu are familiar with help me ask him what he means! What deleted my WeChat? That’s all! Maybe I sent him too many selfie pictures to make him angry! But he added my micro-signal to the blacklist, which means several layers! "
Zhen-yu li finally looked up again very light very light to look at the Korean smile tone more light "this you have to ask others in person is more appropriate! And Xia Xue is pregnant. Can you stop letting her wait on you all the time? "
Han Xiao discovered that Xia Xue had been carrying ice water, handing wet towels and helping her to wipe her sweat. Xia Xue did not stop when she came in. She couldn’t help but get up awkwardly and press Xia Xue into the sofa. Shan Shan tunnel "I said, sister, you are now comparable to a national treasure panda. Just pamper yourself. Don’t be so busy and tired. I can’t afford an accident!"
Mouth said that the in the mind some sour with a woman to see Xia Xue Li Zhenyu side by what kind of treatment and what kind of treatment, if Li Zhenyu doesn’t take care of Xia Xuewei and pampers it because she is pregnant, then she wants to get pregnant, but Liu Yuanhang didn’t promise her future and marriage, let alone children! And she has repeatedly promised that she will never do anything stupid to get pregnant before marriage, let alone be stupid enough for a child to make a rope to tie a man.
Is in the face of this situation, Korea smile in the mind really bad taste.
Xia Xue couldn’t help shaking his head Chen way "diagnosis is not with me! Am I a cripple? I can’t even move! Smile, I want to advise you to calm down for a while and wait for a few days to calm down before thinking and Lu Yuanhang’s future development. "
If they have a future! Xia Xue added in his heart.
"I …" Han Xiao opened his mouth but accidentally dropped a tear. "I’m fine!"
I’m crying! Also said nothing! What Xia Xue wants to say is due to Li Zhenyu’s field, and Han Xiao is too strong. She is inconvenient to discover so that she can quickly give her a pile of paper towels.
Han Xiao wiped her eyes with a paper towel and laughed at herself. "The sun has been drying for a long time and tears have come out!" Head also some dizzy … "
It’s true. She’s really dizzy, bloated, short of breath and unwell.
"It won’t be heatstroke!" Xia Xue woke up and quickly picked up a wet towel and wiped her forehead. "Smile, we’ll take you to the hospital!"
"Don’t price! Don’t move! " Korea smile hurriedly give Xia Xue to press into the sofa again primly "I’m not so effeminacy! It’s hot, but it won’t faint! Just have a rest and cool off! You’re not worried! I am really fine! "
"Laughing" Xia Xue hesitated, but in the end he didn’t hold back. "You said you had a hard time with yourself on a hot day … Look at your tanned skin … be careful!"
The sun has been tossing for so long that no one can keep up with Han Xiao’s physique. She touched the burning cheeks gang, and she may get sunburned, but she grinned strangely. "Nothing! I have a special ice cream for sunburn at home, which is very effective! "
Before the words were finished, Han Xiao’s eyes flashed with light and surprise. He could clearly recognize that Lu Yuanhang was calling and took out his mobile phone, only to find that it was the number of the company’s department manager’s office. His face suddenly turned into depression and panic because she just remembered that she had taken a half-day off and promised to work overtime at noon.
"Han Xiao didn’t you say you came back at half past twelve at noon to work overtime? How come I haven’t seen you! " The department manager’s nickname, Teacher Extinction, is extremely strict with a bad face all day. This time, of course, it is not good for Han Xiao to hit the gun.
"Oh, oh, sorry!" Han Xiao quickly made up a reason: "The road is stuck in traffic … I … I’ll be there in 20 minutes at most!"
"The road traffic jam won’t go forward? Han Xiao, your performance is terrible! Now the company is busy, but you are connected to ask for leave, and now you are late. It’s unconsciousness! Don’t count on this monthly attendance bonus! "
Han Xiao drooped his head and got a good training until the extinction teacher finished his lesson and said, "I’ll go to the company road soon!" I will remember this mistake! "
"Can remember the best! Otherwise … remember that if you don’t perform well in the year-end assessment, you will be fired! " Extinction division will be reprimanded and then snapped up.
Xia Xue took Han Xiao’s hand and said, "Smile, Jin Woo and I will take you to the company at once!"
Even when there is no sadness or tears, Han Xiao can cheer up and go back to the company class.
"Smile" Xia Xue grabbed her arm and wanted to think or have to wake her up. "Your work is very important! Far more important than that man! "
"Eh," Han grinned and squeezed out an ugly smile than crying and said, "I’m white! I will definitely put my mind to work after the light snow … After all, not all women are so blessed as you! "
"…" I don’t know what Xia Xue feel this is a bit wrong, maybe she and Han Xiao deep friendship has unconsciously deteriorated?
"Xiaoxue, don’t think about it!" Looking at Xia Xue’s puzzled smile in her clear eyes, she regretted it. No matter how angry she was, she shouldn’t have rushed Xia Xue. "Our friendship won’t change! Although he is important, he is not important enough for me to give up my best friend! Besides … You’ve never wronged me! Is he has a crush on you … "
"Can you not talk about this topic in front of Xia Xue in the future!" Li Zhenyu grabbed the car keys and cast a handsome face, but it was a little cold. "And you and Lu Yuanhang had better not pull Xia Xue!"
Han Xiao was dazed. She couldn’t think of Li Zhenyu defending Xia Xue so much, for fear that Xia Xue would be wronged a little and treated others unfairly, but he was a little indifferent. So the man devoted his tenderness and feelings to a woman, and Xia Xue was the lucky one.
"all right! After I don’t! " Han Xiao reluctantly turned around and went out with tears in his eyes.
Xia Xue looked back lightly chastising Li Zhenyu, and he took hold of her shoulder. "Let’s go back and rest first! Let Tian Liang send Han Xiao to the company! "
Go back to the road and Pei Shu will drive.
In the back seat, Xia Xue snuggled up to Li Zhenyu’s shoulder and asked softly, "Jin Woo, why did you say that Han laughed at her?"
Come out for a visit. Although things are a little unpleasant because of Han Xiao and Lu Yuanhang, the relationship between Xia Xue and Li Zhenyu has been repaired. These days, the cold suspicion caused by the appearance of Wu Tianyou has slowly melted, and they have re-established a sense of trust and intimacy.

I don’t feel sorry to thank him "for your trouble"

It seems that I haven’t been in a coma for too long. I still feel a little sore when I touch my forehead. See Ye Xiangyuan, there is no intention to close my eyes again.
We haven’t communicated since.
As soon as the bus arrived at the hospital, a young man came running. "It’s all arranged."
Ye Xiangyuan nodded and turned to me. "He will take you for an examination."
I was so surprised that he arranged it so carefully that I quickly thanked him again.
The young man laughed. "Please follow me."
I followed him to go inside and looked back. Ye Xiangyuan had already driven away.
The young man seems to have a sunny personality and never stops smiling. He introduces himself voluntarily. "My name is Ye Wen and everyone calls me Xiao Wen."
I am busy. "My surname Ding is definitely older than you. Please call me Ding Jie."
He took good advice and said, "Ding Jie, we are going to shoot now. Er Shao has already greeted the hospital here."
桑拿Once upon a time, I guessed that Ye Xiangyuan’s identity was not simple, but a word could make the hospital handle affairs or military hospital, which is not something that ordinary people can do.
And Ye Wen around me looks cheerful but doesn’t talk much, like I see the kind of wealthy family who are specially trained.
I knew something in my heart, but I didn’t show it
Hou Ye Wen took me to see the doctor, who was very respectful to him, and I also enjoyed a top treatment.
The test results came back. I had a skin injury and didn’t hurt my head.
When the doctor prescribed the medicine and everything was in order, Ye Wen smelled me and sent me home. I declined, but I already owed Ye Xiangyuan a favor. I don’t want to bother others any more.
I want to thank him for helping me this time and meeting me at school.
Chapter 3 You vicious woman
When I came out of the hospital, I didn’t go home immediately, but went to Ningqi’s house.
His parents didn’t know about Wen Lu yet, and they treated me warmly.
I can’t help feeling sour in my heart
Although Ningqi is not a thing, his parents treat me very well.
I didn’t beat around the bush and just told you about cheating on Ning Qi.
Ning’s father and mother are both middle school teachers, and I know they are very upright people.
About is too shocked NingMa along while didn’t speak.
Ning’s dad asked calmly, "You said he had found a woman outside for two years and got pregnant with that woman?"
I, uh, I …
Actually, I suspected that Wen Lu was not pregnant, but seeing Ning Qi was so nervous about her and I was a little uncertain, so I didn’t say the question.
Ning Ma couldn’t help but scold a way: "Ning Qi, this little bastard, is so ignorant! And how that woman is so shameless! Even if you seduce a man, you dare to find a door! "
I secretly laugh at it. It can’t be Wen Lu’s fault that a slap in the face doesn’t ring.
Who knows who they are and who they hook up with first?
But I didn’t come here today to accuse Ning Qi. I wanted to settle this matter.
Ning Ma took my hand and said, "Good boy … don’t worry, I will teach you a lesson from Ning Qi."
I nodded and took her arm. "Aunt, don’t be too angry. Don’t scold him when he comes back. Listen to his explanation. Maybe he has difficulties."
Ning Ma kept nodding and boasting that I was sensible.

Li Guoliang rubbed his painful temples and looked at Fang Relan’s swollen cheeks. Finally, his eyes moved to his son’s face and he thundered, "Look at your aunt’s face! If she hadn’t stopped this slap, she would have hit Xia Xue in the face! Don’t you feel bad if Xia Xue is beaten? "

Father reprimanded Li Zhenyu for silence. He pursed his lips and didn’t refute a word.
"I can forgive your mother again! Get her out of this house! Don’t say anything about her moving away and you moving away! If you are not afraid to grieve your grandmother, you will move with it! " Li Guoliang said that he would no longer look at his son lying angrily and close his eyes.
Seeing that the situation is so cold, Xia Xue has nothing to regret. Anyway, she can do everything Li Zhenyu did. Whether she can protect Du Hua is not her concern.
I don’t know why Xia Xue agrees with the old lady Li’s statement that Du Hua is too sharp to make public and arrogant. No wonder Li Guoliang’s favor is far from Fang Relan’s. If it weren’t for Li Zhenyu, I’m afraid this family would not be in Du Hua.
Looking at the tough attitude, there was room for everything. Father Li Zhenyu’s face was even colder, but he finally turned stiffly and walked straight to the door without saying anything.
Xia Xue followed Li Zhenyu out of the ward and Li Zhenyu suddenly stopped to look at Xia Xue.
See Li Zhenyu look Xia Xue know he has something to say at this time.
Sure enough, after a moment’s silence, Li Zhenyu asked, "What is it that mom quarreled with you?"
He learned that Du Hua would never have lost her temper in front of the old lady if something had not happened that made her mad. She knew that her family was in a dangerous situation and was extremely unpopular with Li Guoliang. The old lady had never liked her. Even if she had more opinions about Xia Xue, she would not have a face in front of the old lady and Li Yuanfen.
Xia Xue thought for a moment and truthfully replied, "Because of Lu Shasha’s miscarriage!"
"What? !” Zhen-yu li unbelievable "lu sasa abortion her what is it? What’s wrong with her! "
Although the breakup with Wu Tianyou also broke down, because he and Du Hua belong to personal privacy, Xia Xue doesn’t want to disclose the situation at will. Li Zhenyu or Du Hua’s own son, if he knows that his mother has an illegitimate child outside and that illegitimate child is Wu Tianyou, it is estimated that there will be chaos again, so she is silent for a long time.
It wasn’t until Li Zhenyu’s eyes showed impatience with color that Xia Xuecai slowly tunnel "I don’t know! For specific reasons, you can ask Aunt Du that she can give you a letter reason! "
Li Zhenyu stared at Xia Xue’s eyes. Her eyes were as clear as spring water, and there was no hypocrisy or deception. She never lied to him about breaking up or getting back together. She was always honest with him.
This is really an incredible thing. Maybe Du Hua can tell him the real answer! He had to find Du Hua and ask her what she was smoking!
"Let’s go! I will go shopping with you! " Xia Xue couldn’t help but stare at Li Zhenyu’s words.
Shirley’s family was gone too far to chicken fly a dog to jump two elders in hospital. Xia Xue never imagined that Li Zhenyu was still in the mood to accompany her to go shopping. The man’s heart was really unpredictable. "No … no! Let’s go and see grandma! "
"Sailing said grandma need quiet aunt to accompany her is enough! Let’s not bother for the time being and wait for her to be quiet for two days before going to see her! "
"Oh, so that’s it!" Xia Xue nodded and said after a slight hesitation, "Aunt Du’s things …"
"Nothing!" Li Zhenyu looked faintly and his tone was even lighter. "Dad didn’t drive her out of Li’s house for the first time. Every time she can cheat, she should be able to hide this time!"
When Xia Xue and Li Zhenyu left the hospital, she caught a glimpse of a familiar shadow, which almost blinded her.
That figure is very much like Wu Tianyou! If she’s not mistaken! What is he doing here? Is Lu Shasha also hospitalized here? But yesterday, the racecourse just performed that scene, and it’s really not a shame to have the cheek to live under the nose of my cousin in the military hospital!
By calling Wu Tianyou last night and denouncing Du Hua this morning, Xia Xue can guess that these two people must have been bewitched by Lu Shasha, but she just lacks patience and interest to explain this misunderstanding to these two people and hasn’t solved it yet.
After a short time, did she consider whether to explain to Du Hua? After Li Zhenyu, she didn’t want a root, so she wouldn’t be a "child" and Du Hua. After all, Du Hua is Li Zhenyu’s biological mother!
Wu Tianyou quickly flicker into the ward. He saw Xia Xue and Li Zhenyu just now!
Although it is a glimpse, she is familiar with the beautiful image as if she were engraved in his heart, and she will never be wrong! The cool guy next to me is Li Zhenyu! He tried to avoid them, so he didn’t want to reveal his whereabouts. In fact, he came to this hospital to visit someone.
Into the ward, I saw Tang Xiongqi drinking with his arm around a hot tender model. The two of them fed each other and cuddled and teased.
Because he was planted in Xia Xue’s hands twice, Tang Xiongqi felt humiliated and suffered a belly injury. He has been in the hospital for rest. He wants to wait until the wind has passed and everyone forgets his bad luck before leaving the hospital. But Tang Xiongqi is a unwilling lonely person. Where can he keep his pillow alone? If the injury is slightly better, he will call his girlfriends to accompany him to drink and tease and lead a life of drunkenness and debauchery.
However, Tang Xiongqi soon found that there seemed to be another person in the ward. He caught a glimpse of Wu Tianyou from the corner of his eye, and he was so dismayed that he pushed away his tender model and waved her away.
"I hate pushing people so rudely, and I don’t know anything about pity!" Tender model is where crazy in love is willing to leave her proud little chest and want to stick it again.
"Get out!" Tang Xiongqi put his palm against her and pointed to the door and said, "I’ll write you a check when you come over later!" "
Seeing that Tang Xiongqi pulled his face and knew that there was no tender model again, he pursed his mouth and reluctantly went to bed. "People like you, but it’s not your check!"
"I know that you are really late to let you come and continue to hurt you!" Tang Xiongqi coaxed her a few words and finally sent her away, only to look at Wu Tianyou again.
Wu Tianyou gave up his seat before Tang Xiongqi spoke, so he was very rude to find the most comfortable place to sit. He was not in a hurry to speak, but looked at Tang Xiongqi coldly, and seemed to gloat.
桑拿会所Tang Xiongqi was not annoyed. He pulled out a cigarette and threw it to Wu Tianyou first, then lit one himself and sneered, "Let’s talk about it without going to the Three Treasures Hall!"
My woman is personally in charge.
"I don’t smoke!" Wu Tianyou puckered up his handsome eyes and showed disgust. He always looked down on the Tangs, and he didn’t like the Tang Xiongqi people. Today, he took the initiative to find others. He really wanted to do a lot of things and said a lot of insincere things.
Take a drag on the smoke Tang Xiongqi spit out the smoke. "Let’s get down to business! I heard that your child was killed by the surname Li. Do you hate him? Ha ha ha! "
Watching Tang Xiongqi open his mouth, Wu Tianyou wanted to give him a fist, but he resisted the impulse to hit someone and said coldly, "Don’t you hate him?"
"hate! Of course he fucking hates it! " Tang Xiongji slammed the bedside table with a fist and smashed the vase on the surface. A little nurse smelled it and came in to see it, but he yelled, "I’m chatting with my brother. What are you doing running in? Get out! "
So the little nurse was driven away.
"Tang Xiong" Wu Tianyou barely raised his mouth, revealing a subtle irony. This Tang Xiongqi is uneducated, has no manners and has no patience. How can he blame him? But how many people dare to challenge Li Zhenyu in Yuncheng? Although Tang Xiongqi is hateful, he is not weak and timid. He is looking for him and is ready to form an alliance. "Today’s visit does have something important to discuss! But it’s not my personal vendetta. There is still a way out for Brother Tang to develop Yuncheng in the future. "