Tadao Hojo is also an old fox in the mall,Click until,Immediately nodded:“understand,understand!I just said it casually,Let’s implement as originally planned!I hope the new issue will become a hit。”

“Lu Sang,I’m actually a scholar,I like Mishima Yukio’s work very much,I also visited Mr. Yoshiki Tanaka,I have a deep memory of Tanaka-kun who killed everyone。”
Tadao Hojo takes a turn,I tried to discuss literature with Lu Menglin again。
Lu Menglin heard the other party mention the famous Tian Zhong Fangshu,Can’t help laughing:“Yes!Butcher Tanaka deserves his name,Whenever I think of the chapter where Yang Weili was assassinated,Will be very tangled in my heart。”
Tadao Hojo is a character who is very good at communicating with people,He has a keen sense of smell,It’s easy to find what you have in common with each other。
“Lu Sang,Why don’t we go have a drink!”Tadao Hojo smiled。
“Just us?Ha ha,Don’t use it anymore!”Lu Menglin shook his head and smiled。
“Haha!An old saying in your country,Since ancient times, celebrities are really romantic!And I have always felt,Life alive,Aesthetic wine and beauty can not be disappointed!Lu Sang,please hold on,Let me arrange。”
Talk about it,Tadao Hojo beckoned at the crowd not far away。
Someone over there has been paying attention to the movement here,Seeing Tadao Hojo beckoning,Two people quickly greeted me。
“Xiaoqi,Lu Sang and I are going to drink。Need beauty,You go find some of the best!”When Tadao Hojo spoke to this little seven,,Arrogant,Like ordering a dog。
The young man named Xiaoqi looks gentle,Wearing a pure white designer shirt,Citizen on my wrist,Looks like a dog,I didn’t expect to do this kind of business。
“Good!no big deal,I will handle it。”Xiao Qi nodded and bowed。
“Wait a minute!”Tadao Hojo stopped him suddenly。
“We just drink purely,Lu Sang and I are very pure people。do you understand?The beauty you found,It’s best to be a simple girl,Just like them,Understand?”

“Dare not,Dare not!I pay!”Liu Qiangbei cried and said。

“I also out!”Internet tycoon Ding Xing nodded quickly。
Several rich men all spoke up,To make this huge sum of money for Ming。
no way,People under the eaves,Had to bow!
These people are in pain,I also hate Mingliu secretly。
If you really lose money,,I will recognize!
But now it is the powerful characters brought by Ming Liuyin who are forcing everyone to pay,This is another taste。
In front of so many representatives of the family,Several super rich recognized this gambling capital,Lu Menglin is not afraid of them going back,And believe they dare not go back。
Even if they are not afraid of Lu Menglin,I’m also afraid that this strange-tempered fairy master will go to heaven and earth to chase and kill!
Can make more money,Lost my life,This life really passed!
And this money,Most of them will get it back from the Ming Group,In front of big capital,There are too many practical methods in business。
“Do you two have an opinion?”The invincible fairy asked Li Qingsong and Pang Yuandao。
Both of them were shocked at the same time,Then he shook his two heads like a drum。
The two of them obeyed the command of the leader,The referee,Although they don’t want to see Lu Menglin win,But Ming lost,And also lost so thoroughly,They can’t do it reluctantly。

“Brother Joe,The café in this Hilton six-star hotel is very nice,Their Blue Mountain Coffee is definitely the best in the world!go,Let’s go and taste together!”

“Hahaha,Buddy parley,Are you Jinwu Cangjiao today?,Why don’t you let me in?I just want to drink the coffee in your room!”
After speaking, Qiao Tianyu gave Michelle a wink,Michelle knows that she will act immediately,Stare at the door before it closes,Qiao Tianyu took Palizovsky to the presidential suite with a smile on his face.。
Although Palizovsky was from a fighting nation,But persevering Qiao Tianyu is born with supernatural power,Can’t pull Qiao Tianyu at all,So I had to be dragged towards the room by Qiao Tianyu。
“Hey.”Palizovsky saw Qiao Tianyu was determined to go in,I had no choice but to smile and shook his head,Walked in with Qiao Tianyu。
After seeing the presidential suite,Palizovsky is busy making coffee for Qiao Tianyu,Qiao Tianyu has been staring at Palizovsky with a smirk.,Finally stared at Comrade Lao Pa uncomfortably,The whole body is like thousands of bugs crawling。
“Damn,Brother Joe,Just talk if you have something,Why are you staring at me?,feels awful!”Palizovsky is really uncomfortable being stared at,Finally can’t help it。
“Haha,Buddy parley,Don’t you have anything to tell me?”Qiao Tianyu asked with a smile。
“I.What can i have?”Palizovsky said hesitantly。
“Haha,Looks like Palley has a bad memory recently,Then let me remind man?”Qiao Tianyu said with a smile,“Talking about Palli,What’s the matter in the British Virgin Islands this time??”
“Of course it is here to help you, brother Joe, dominate the offshore financial market in the world!”Palizovsky patted his chest and said。
“Oh?is it?How about you think again?In addition to helping me dominate the world’s offshore financial market,Does your man have any other purpose?”Qiao Tianyu stared at Palizovsky with interrogating eyes and asked。
“No.No more。”
Although Palizovsky denies,But his forehead is already sweating,Obviously lying,But he is still trying to stay calm。
“Brother Joe,Have you heard any rumors?Brother Joe,do not worry,Although Palizovsky has done a lot of bad things in my life,But for you,I am worthy of my conscience,I swear my Palizovsky has never done anything against your brother Joe!”
Palizovsky is about to put his fingers up and swear.。
“Haha,Buddy parley,I didn’t say that you did something against me,Don’t get excited!”Qiao Tianyu reached out and pressed Palizovsky’s outstretched right hand。
“Buddy parley,I am Qiao Tianyu,You should know best,I will never sorry brother,So I can’t figure out why you are hiding from me this time?Is there something we brothers work together to overcome,Isn’t it bad?”Qiao Tianyu said emotionally。
“Not bad,We are afraid that you are too embarrassed,That’s why we.”
Palizovsky was infected by Qiao Tianyu’s emotions,Just said,I suddenly realized that I missed my mouth,“Slap”I covered my mouth with my hand。

Tian Lu flipped through the new mobile phone the salesman had brought,Key to debug each function,The salesperson kept in the ear like“fly”General“Buzzing”Keep recommending。

Brand mobile phones in various models and colors in front of you,Tian Lu struggled in her heart,Seems a little hesitant:Ye Xingkong,Who am I,It’s just a character that passersby meet,Why should I spend money to buy him,This money is not too much,But it’s not small, I’ll buy it or not?
The salesman kept pushing,“This is the latest model this year,And it’s a hit,Higher than previous pixels、Sharpness、Dozens of large capacityG,Very good……”
of course,Tian Lu is struggling between buying and not buying,Be careful:Forget it,Buy him,Friends,He will be paid in the future when he goes to work,I’m not sure I can spend money for me in the future,Come and go。
Don’t buy it,Also passable,It’s just why there is a weird feeling in my heart。Not paying back,Care a little bit,Who let him go to a big family、It’s another rich man who found a job。
Isn’t it a cheap idea?,Whatever,People,Who is not a layman,It’s not too much to have this kind of thought,Normal,Hum……
First64chapter Buy machine
Tian Lu in the dream bought a branded mobile phone for Ye Xingkong,Easy to contact。
Tian Lu standing by the counter holds the new mobile phone given by the salesman,Keep turning and inspecting,The expression frowned for a while,For a while, both sides of my mouth are beeping,I’m completely overwhelmed。
Unknowingly three to five minutes passed,The salesman sees Tian Lu not expressing opinions on buying or not,In a daze,A little impatient,So much tongue,The customers in front of me seem to ignore it,Not on the same channel at all,Yelled a few times:“Hey、Hey、This customer,Would you like to buy or not?”
Tian Lu thought it was a salesperson selling,Selectively filter out words,Until the salesman put his face close to Tian Lu,Re“Hey、Hey”Two beeps,My voice raised a little,He brought Tian Lu’s mindful thinking back to the status quo。
“Do you buy or not?”The salesman repeated。prior to,Keep introducing,Professional and dedicated attitude,Let Tian Lu couldn’t refuse,Arouse Tian Lu’s desire to buy。
“buy!”Tian Lu smiled exaggeratedly,A decisive beep to the salesman,A big deal。
The salesman quickly brought the packing box,Get the new phone on the counter,Billing into the computer,Then report the amount to Tian Lu。
Tian Lu turns on the phone,Mobile banking is popular nowadays,along with“Ding”A bang,Payment successful,QR code payment is simple and fast。
The salesman puts the packed mobile phone on Tian Lu’s packaging,Smiled and sent it to Tian Lu,The opposite of the expression at the beginning,Came a big turn。Businessmen change their faces very quickly。

“Yes,It’s you。”Rosemary showed a kind expression for the first time。

“boss,boss,Your car is repaired,”Bob ran into the office very excited,Rub your hands:“Do you want to go see?”
“Repaired?”Chen Geng stood up,Surprise Road。
Since I’m the boss,Lincolncontinental Mark 2The restoration work was handed over to Bob and Anderson,Chen Geng’s request is simple:Don’t be afraid to spend money,But what must be repaired is like a new car,All parts that need to be replaced must be original parts!
Fortunately, although production has been discontinued almost20Years old,But after all, it’s not those classic cars that have been discontinued for 30 to 40 years,The accessories for this car are not particularly hard to find,The only problem is that the price of these accessories is really not expensive,If it weren’t for Chen Geng’s money now,He really can’t repair this car。
“All right,”Bob nodded repeatedly:“I assure you,Your carcontinental Mark 2Absolutely all existing in the United Statescontinental Mark2The one with the best appearance and driving quality among them。”
I heard Bob,Where can Chen Geng stand it??Get up and go out immediately:“go,Take a look!”
Bob walked in front of the dog:“boss,please follow me。”
Lincolncontinental Mark 2The repair work is carried out in the repair shop that Bob is responsible for,Don’t need Bob to lead the way,Chen Geng came to the repair shop on his own,Looking at the car covered with custom-made jerseys,Chen Geng……
Chen Geng did not have red eyes、Hypocritical trembling hands,He could not wait to tore off the black velvet jersey,next moment,Lincoln that has been renewedcontinental Mark 2It caught Chen Geng’s eyes。
Bob gave Chen Geng an extremely dog-like explanation:“boss,according to your request,This carcontinental Mark 2on,All the places you want to renovate,Refurbished by the originals we all use,Need to be replaced,They are all replaced by new original genuine parts,In addition, we have carried out a comprehensive maintenance of the engine and gearbox according to your requirements,and……”
I didn’t wait for Bob to finish,Chen Geng raised his hand:“Give me the key。”
Bob closed his mouth cleverly,Obediently give the key。
Open the door,Sit in a large, soft and comfortable calfskin seat,Chen Geng immediately felt that he was trapped in the soft leather sofa.,Comfortable,What does that sentence say?The large and soft leather sofa and the front passenger and co-pilot seats are the essence of American luxury cars.——Let’s imagine,When you and your beloved woman are racing on the road,Suddenly interested,It’s when the love is deep and the girl is pushed down,Or two people get off the car and go to the back seat?
I really disagree and have a relationship,As a result, there is still an obstructive shift lever between the driver’s seat and the passenger seat、Handbrake and cup holder blocked,I have to go to the back seat anxiously,What is a bad view?This is called horrible scenery,In Chen Geng’s view,Hold back、Foot brake(Change the hand brake to foot)And front seat,This is the essence of American cars,unfortunately,Such a fine tradition has been abandoned,You Shu Ou Zhe is angry but not angry?
Bob looked at Chen Geng sitting in a daze in the car seat with a strange look,I don’t know what my boss is in a daze,Waited for a long time,I found that Chen Geng was still quiet,He gave a cautious cry:“boss?”
“what?Oh,”Chen Geng wakes up,listenV8Low engine running sound,Did not drive,But suddenly asked Bob:“Bob,You said,It’s better to sell this car or keep it for myself?”
“Sell off……How much can this car sell?”

“forget it,Even if the spider is gone,But I don’t necessarily have the ability to return to the royal family and meet their princess。the most important is,At the beginning, I wanted to get the title through spiders。I am not a nobleman now,It’s not right!No change at all from before!”Liu Xing is very angry,I think Qin Feng is nonsense。

Then Qin Feng shook his head,“no no,Of course it’s not over yet。Although the spider was broken up,Has lost the ability to fight in large groups。But some of their senior staff are still running around,Even originally they have close relations with some European countries。At this time we will find those people,Then it shouldn’t be difficult to use some means to get you the noble title award!”
“This.”Liu Xing was obviously moved by Qin Feng’s words。
Chapter Four Hundred Three chapters
Seeing the meteor so divine change,Qin Feng knew that his flicker still worked,“Then it’s so decided,You clean up and get ready,We will leave tonight or tomorrow,I find a place to sleep first!”
Qin Feng was naturally tired after watching the plane for several hours,So apart from anything else, find an empty room and lie down and sleep。
Knowing that Qin Feng left,Liu Xingcai recovered from his meditation,“Bastard Qin Feng,He hasn’t apologized to me yet!I actually talked to him like this!Forget it,Big men shouldn’t be angry about this little thing!”
Liu Xing shook his head,He has always thought about his trip to Europe。But because I know my strength is not enough,So I haven’t been able to act。After returning to Myanmar, I have been living a life like a bastard。
He feels he needs to wait for a chance,only,His strength does not allow himself to do this。To know,There are a lot of spiders,Even if any,Not something Liu Xing can contend with。
And now,Since Qin Feng proposed it,And according to what Chu Xiao said before,Qin Feng belongs to the Sky Series,So he thinks,If you follow Qin Feng,Not necessarily without chance。
of course,Qin Feng said before that he wanted to catch a certain spider’s high-level fish that slipped through the net.bī)Forcing him to help,Liu Xing knows this is unrealistic。So,He plans to test Qin Feng’s strength first.,In case Liu Xing is not much different from him,Then you will lose your life if you suffer.!
So he must confirm that the two teams have the ability to protect themselves。But Liu Xing remembered Qin Feng’s spear skills,Think it’s useful。
finally,After thinking twice,Liu Xing went to Qin Feng’s room,Then kick the door open again。
If you don’t say anything, you must fight Qin Feng directly。

The original green movements become smooth at this moment,The things it signs are the most common sword moves,But there seems to be a huge power hidden in these sword moves。

And Xia Chenglong himself,Seems to have changed a little at this moment,His whole body space is one foot,Surrounded by invisible power。
This power is his domain,Power from the sword field。
At this moment, it is actually completed the cultivation of another artistic conception.,Although there is still a little gap with Mo Yijing,But the gap is not very big。
At least Xia Chenglong is confident enough to perfect it,of course,This still needs some opportunities。
When the spirit villain completely soars in Jianyuan,In an instant。
Can’t help but growl,Then came the invisible force spreading around,Finally submerged in the hanging wall。
Open your eyes,Take a breath,Smile unconsciously,Very satisfied with the state at the moment。
Perfect fusion of spiritual power,There is naturally no meaning here,Then……Do you want to go down next??
His mood has improved here,So even if you go up, it’s a small profit。
But still go down,After all, there is no way to say curiosity。
What is this low,Is the role of the token only the previous point?,There is no business chart,There are naturally some problems going up now。
Chapter VIII Bottomed out
“Quotient Chart,Give us what we already have,This is a place no one knows,If we insist,You can’t stop。”
“Not give!”
“Not give?Then don’t blame us for being impolite,Is it possible that you think we dare not?”

They are best friends who grew up together,Talk about anything,Almost no secrets,You can tell that she has something on her mind at a glance,Dodge and refuse to say,What the hell happened?

Based on her knowledge of Lu Xin,Although this eldest lady has a bit of temper,but,Far from being unreasonable,If it’s because the skirt is dirty,A bit far-fetched。
No accident happened overnight,What is the reason for her unhappy?
Smile and say hello to your friends,Coming to Lu Xin,Take a close look at her look,Asked confidently:“Xinxin,Say something unhappy,I can help you。”
Take a look at holding a tray,The waiter who shuttles between guests,The meaning is clear,Just say,Definitely vent her anger。
Of course Lu Xin wanted to make Lu Yao embarrassed,but,The skirt has been changed,If you hold on,Looks petty,and,She soiled the skirt herself,It has nothing to do with Lu Yao,Confrontation,It’s not reasonable。
Shook his head,I just wanted to say something to cross this topic,Suddenly saw Duan Xiuying’s ears empty,“Where are your earrings?Why didn’t you wear it?”
Duan Xiuying touched her ears,No earrings,Thought for a while,I took it off when I changed clothes just now,Seems to be on the table,Then go back to get。
but,When they opened the locker room door,But found that the table was empty,Nothing at all。
After confirming the relationship,Lu Liang gave her a gift,Significance,This is the second time to wear,Just lost,It’s a pity。
When I adjusted the surveillance, I found that after they went out,Only one waiter came in,When going out,The hand seems to be sliding across the pocket。
And the waiter,The woman who had an upset with Lu Xin just now。
This is just great,No need to find fault with Lu Xin,Duan Xiuying won’t let her go。
But when I see guests inside and outside the villa,The angry brain gradually calmed down,Take a deep breath,Changed my mind。
Under the lamp post on the lawn,They stopped the waiter,Duan Xiuying considers herself noble,Don’t want to make a big deal,As long as she returns her earrings,Apologize and get out,After all, this is my own banquet,It’s not good to cause a scandal。
but,The waiter seemed to see her intention,Not only did he deny that he stole the earrings,Bite back,Said they spit their mouths,Let them apologize。
Lu Xin is not angry,A woman like Lu Yao,Same as her mother,I just like what Xiao thinks doesn’t belong to them,Nowadays,Finally caught her handle,Must clean her up,Vent mother!
“We have checked the monitor,Only you have been in that locker room,You didn’t take it,Could we frame you?”


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First734chapter Healthy competition
Seeing Chen Geng walk down his iconic privateMD—82,Meng Haibo、Huang Wenqing、Wang Dazhi、Zhang Ying and the leaders of the Ministry of Aviation Industry and others hurried forward,All of them are excited:“Mr. Chen,You are coming?”
“Such a big thing,I must come,”Chen Geng laughed:“Now that we have reached that point?”
“The engine assembly is almost complete,Our engineers are working with engineers from the UK to conduct a final inspection of the engine,”Meng Haibo rushed to say:“If everything is ok,You can ignite and test drive。”
Chen Geng nodded。
According to the original and Rawls·Royce’s agreement,After the agreement is officially signed30Within months、Which is two and a half years,China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Industry Group uses Rolls·Some processing materials provided by Royce、Rough parts、Finished parts and casing、Starter and other accessories,Copied with Rawls·Royce of the same quality level“tay”MK650-8CTurbofan engine;
When the first step is achieved,The goal of the second step is to basically achieve domestic substitution within four years,Use domestic materials、blank、Finished product and accessories copied out with Rolls·Royce origin“tay”MK650-8CEngines of the same quality and life level。
What the contract stipulates is30Months,Which is two and a half years,Now it has reached the first phase goal nearly eight months in advance,to be frank,Chen Geng was really excited。He asked Meng Haibo with his head sideways:“Vice President Meng,The progress of the project is a bit fast beyond imagination。”
“It’s not everyone’s heart for work?”Talking about this,Meng Haibo’s smiling mouth couldn’t close:“Our unit has a high salary、Good income,Don’t raise lazy people,Two or three hundred for a month of hard work、Three or four hundred is normal,I get a basic salary of more than 50 yuan a month if I don’t work well……Everyone has a big family to support,Can the big guy work well??”
There are some things Meng Haibo can’t say,But in fact, everyone has a mirror in their heart:China Commercial Aircraft Manufacturing Industry Group is a joint-stock company of China and the United States.,Not a state-owned enterprise,There is no big pot of rice at all!
The way for foreigners is very simple,Reward for hard work and punish laziness,Who does more work,Whoever earns more money、Take more money,Who sneaks,Although our country stipulates that workers must not be fired for no reason,The company regularly organizes workers to conduct vocational skills assessment,Also to assess the daily work,Any one of the assessment goals can not be reached,Can only go to the vocational skills training center to relearn,But when you go to the vocational skills training center, you can only call students,There is only a minimum basic salary in one month,bonus?welfare?nonexistent。
One side is several times the salary of the peers,One side is eating bran throat vegetables,Those who don’t work well,His family won’t let him go:Don’t do it well with such a good job,Can you still want to go to heaven?!

Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Eight Loss of soldiers

“Forget it,Don’t do it。No need!”Qin Feng said at this moment。After speaking,He looked at Zhang Enci,“have to say,This is the worst strategy I have ever seen。”
At this moment, Zhang Enci was laughing.,“Haha,It doesn’t matter if the strategy is bad or not,As long as you get the bait。look,Isn’t it all right now??”
Liu Xing looks at Qin Feng,“Qin Feng,We really just got caught?”
“What’s the point if you resist and bring these people down?It turns into conclusive evidence,And become a national wanted criminal。Really unnecessary,okay,Just leave this to me。”Qin Feng appeased everyone。
Zhang Enci smiled,“Take it all!”
The Zhang family members stepped forward and handcuffed everyone。
of course,After being taken away by them,The men in the army did not take them to prison in accordance with formal means。On the contrary, they and others were taken blindfolded to the outskirts of the capital。
“Qin Feng,We really don’t resist?It’s going to die!”Liu Xing knew that Qin Feng was sitting next to him,So I can’t help but remind。
But even now it’s a bit late to say these things。After all, they were handcuffed and still covered their faces,I don’t have the ability to break free。
of course,Unless they have thief-like skills to unlock,Otherwise, everything is said for nothing。
But Qin Feng is still very calm,Didn’t even speak。
Others are a little anxious,But out of trust in Qin Feng, he didn’t speak。
“Qin Feng!”Still Liu Xing,After all, the relationship between him and Qin Feng is actually hard to clarify。
“rest assured,Wait, then!”
In the end Qin Feng said a few words,It’s useless for Liu Xing to worry。Because this evolved into the emperor’s no hurry。
For various reasons,Finally everyone stopped talking,Was sent to the suburbs。
It’s just that Zhang Enci and others didn’t follow,Only a team of dozens of uniformed personnel is required to execute the order。