Go watch the Lansys cooking surface,Because there is no special noodle,Francis just cooks noodles to seven yards,fish out,Boiled water,Sprinkle salt,ginger,sugar,Minced garlic,Pepper oil,Chili oil,Onion,Carrot wire sequentially。

Stir vigorously,Mix the noodles uniform。
Take out two bowls,Pick the face,Put on the table。have to say,Noodles are really good,Although the flexibility is general but this is not a special cylindrical fine。Seasoning,The erythrics of garlic are blended with spicy taste masks,Sweet and then hot,Plus a little slight paralysis,Various tastes are very strong,Soon will dissipate。
This is so,Wen Di is still a spicy。
Put your apple juice,Wen Di is not politely drinking,In a short while the half basin noodles are eliminated。
Maybe because it is very comfortable to eat,Weidi simply closed his eyes to sleep。
It’s really no way,I don’t know what to do tomorrow.。
Francis is helplessly looking at this leisure guy。
never mind,Still put this guy on the bed.。
Francis looks at the face of the like,The skin is not like,Long eyelashes cover the star man in your eyes。The whole person is soft,It’s very easy to hose it.,No bedroom to Wendi,Francis still puts him in your own bed。
Debon,Tap,Take a hat,It is a familiar operation。
Barbatys lying in bed, I can’t afford it frown。
This guy,Actually a gentleman?!
Feel the people who have been hugged,Weidi continues to keep the side sleeping posture,only,The guy seems to be hugged from front.!(?Д?)?
Two people are so sleepy…………
Nothing happened!
Really didn’t happen anything!
(PS:Here,Currency is not subject to the game,The area of each country will increase,This book will not describe the fighting scene,After all, it is difficult to write.,And is a daily article,The protagonist is a semi-invincible state。
Skills highest level 13(Not much in the game),Lv13Equivalent toMax。
in addition,Because the author is a name,Words in text,Zhong Bo(Clock and two words),燊 燊 都 都 是 强 强 强 强 强 强 强。There will be a call behind“Value”Harp,Be taken(Teeth)。Cough!Basically, everyone guess.!(This gathering time,Role。
The poem is actually called“Rain poem”of,But I think about it later.,Word poems are more fit,Change into a poem,Meaning“Person with poems”。
The name of Frances is taken from French。Meaning:“free,Unconscious。”(I don’t know if it is,After all, so many words,And free name is basically female name,Male names found in Baidu library。
In addition, the protagonist is called。
Meaning:reborn。指 is generally“Musical instrument”Not the most favorite instrument of the protagonist。
In addition, I just take the title.。
Author high school students,Writing is not good,Forgive。
After all, it is the original God Weidi.,Quantity。
I used to look at the abyss mage and Shrem,I feel that no one dares to write2600Year ago,Some disappointment。
Now finally。
the next day,Francis wakes up and often,But there is more waste of the wind next to it.。
It’s still not bright,Even chickens are falling asleep。
Ignite the three oil lamps in the kitchen,Start making breakfast。As a waste poet who does not sing a poem,Francis is doing noodles。
After all, this thing will not be specially tangled.,Especially the mixture of pepper oil,In fact, most people can do this level.。
Then there is only……

“Um,It’s not bad to follow Li.,Future development will definitely get better and better,I still help him to take care of the winery.。”

I heard Ye Double is also followed by Li.,Ma Xiaoliang is even secretly celebrating that he has no running road.。
Day night,Ma Xiaoliang also told Zhou Qiaoqiao to say the leaves of the leaves.。
Zhou Qiaoqi also feels some unexpected,But more firm let Ma Xiao Liang follows Li Hui Feng。
Li Hui’s ability is still skeptical about Ma Xiaoliang,After all, I have done so many years.,I always feel a kind of professional and wrong, I always feel that there is a kind of professional.。
But I think it is a rushing of the leaves.,He feels that it should be a talent.。
In this way, he feels that Horse Xiaoliang will try it.,Anyway, there is a double double,What big should not have?。
After passing,Ye Shuanghuang also opened a meeting directly,Announce Ma Xiaoliang as a temporary factory。
Everything is handed over to Ma Xiaoliang。
First arrived,Ma Xiaoliang felt crowded。
Liu Dafu originally thought that Han Shanshan left,How did this factory generally turn to him?。
I didn’t think that Li Hui lived in a person.。
How can this endure?。
When you find someone to give Ma Xiaoliang。
Even those workers greeted him with him without saying hello.,See this scene,Liu Dafu is also very dark in his heart.。
Ma Xiaoliang also did not expect the first day to meet a bunch of things.。
The factory worker negative is not said,Even the financial department report has problems。
This makes him endure.。
Directly, I found a finance and workshop director.。
Facing Ma Xiaoliang’s reprimand,The accounting of the Ministry of Finance is a face, the Director of the Finance.。
They listen to Liu Dafu said.,Ma Xiaoliang is temporary。
In the end, can the factory manager or Liu Dafu。
And they do this,Just to make Liu Dafu faster.。
Once Liu Dafu went up,Then many oils in the factory will become their。
Thinking of those they also feel, you can take a risk。
After all, the risk is the most, it’s sin.,In case,That is a bicycle change motorcycle。
Failure, the old man,I won’t have any problems.。
But let them not think of it is,Ma Xiaoliang’s sentence after completion,But it is directly let the two become face.。
The first thousand five hundred and forty-three chapters
“If you don’t want to do it?,You can have a resignation report now.。”
This exit,The other two faces come without a change。

Liu Ying responded,Quickly walked out of Wang Youcai’s room。

After getting dressed, Xu Li gave a red and white look, Wang Youcai said:“Satisfied!You must make people look at me foolishly“
“You clean up,We go out today,You should go back,This is not a problem“Wang Youcai smiled and said。This guy is so sophisticated,Before leaving, he would never forget to take advantage of others。
Xu Lihong,Face suddenly changed,She whispered:“Didn’t you say you won’t let me go back??Why did you change your mind again,Did Chen Xiaodong give you any benefit??“
“Don’t talk nonsense!You can go back without worry。Chen Xiaoju is my former girlfriend,I greeted her specially,She won’t trouble you anymore“Wang Youcai said with a smile。
Xu Lihong,A little bit unbelievable:“Sister Chen is your girlfriend,Really can’t tell。But Brother Wang is here for this,I believe that as a little girl“
Wang Youcai sees Xu Lihong agrees,But go to the door,Yelled Tianwa a few times behind the house。In a while,Tian Wa ran in,He asked with a smile:“What’s the boss?“
“You go and arrange your work,We will go out to the city right away,The oil in the dining hall is gone,This is indispensable“Wang Youcai finished talking to Tian Wa,Went to the kitchen。It seems that Liu Ying didn’t lie,This cooking oil is almost done。
More than ten minutes later,Wang Youcai drove his broken jeep on the mountain road leading to Pingdu。Xu Lihong is with him these days,He thinks this life is a lot more interesting,It’s a pity she is such a woman,Otherwise, stay and take care of him for a while.。
Tian Wa sitting in the passenger seat,He looked straight ahead,Look at both sides of the road from time to time。Wang Youcai glanced at Tian Wa and said:“Do you want to say something?“
“Yeah boss!You see from Baishui Town to the city,All paved road,Only our section is a dirt road,This rainy day,What does this road become like?I mean to suggest to the boss,Harden this road for us, It’s safe to get in and out”Tian Wa said with a smile。
Wang Youcai snorted coldly:“Do you think the boss’s money was blown out by the wind?”
Xu Lihong in the back row smiled and said:“Although the boss’s money was not blown out by the wind,But as long as they are happy,Don’t say it’s a business like road construction,Even foolish,Spent once,There is not much difference in repairing this road”
“What you said too,But where are you going back to Chen Xiaoju this time?,Must listen to her,If Zou Yong dares to trouble you,Just call me,Understand?”Wang Youcai drove the car,Speak loudly。
Xu Lihong nodded gratefully,She whispered:“Brother Wang’s person is so nice,Sister will never forget you in this life,You know the house I rent,Come to me when you have time”
Three people talking,The car quickly entered Pingdu。In the old place,Where did Wu Wu wait?。Because when the car was in Baishui Town,Tian Wa has sent him a message。

The defensive effect of this shell alone,No less than the peak treasure。

But he only used this shell to defend against the ancestor of the monster beast,Not merciful,But humiliation。
The ancestor of the monster beast fought for a long time,I found my divine power consumption is getting bigger and bigger,There is no injury at all against the demon god,Although my eyes are red,But still had to retreat。
Which is important, face or life?,He still knows。
As for the rampant demon god, he didn’t hunt down,Although the ancestor of the monster beast is a bit weak,But it’s really difficult to kill the strongest in the universe。
Can humiliate the ancestor of the monster beast,And made him feel very face。。。do not forget,This is the space of black stone pillars,At least sixty to seventy universe masters saw the scene just now。
“Unexpectedly—Can still be like this”
Li Ming’s eyes shine,I was just watching a play,The battle between the two strongest men in the universe,Maybe some inspiration。totally unexpected,Rampant Demon God opened the door to a new world for him。
Don’t get dirty,Li Ming is devouring the starry universe, although he is already a few hundred thousand years old bachelor,But it’s not enough to have any interest in special life。
He is interested in the rampant demon‘shell’。
“By devouring various precious metals or other substances,Improve yourself‘shell’Strength of,The defense is comparable to the peak treasure。”Li Ming thoughtful,“Logically,Arcana refining is easier to increase the strength of the material,And the living body is more fragile,If you want to improve, you must consider all aspects。but—My He Ling clone itself is a metal life。”
For others,Even the master of the universe of metal life,Although the divine body is inherently tougher,But it’s hard to improve again。
But the main reason,Because most of the masters of the universe are going‘Time and space’This avenue。
Time space,Has nothing to do with strength。
But Li Ming felt,But it is the five basic laws of origin,According to Li Ming’s perception,,Also clearly understand,In fact, these five basic principles,What is involved is in the rules of the universe‘substance’This aspect。
Other masters of the universe,Even if you want to improve your body‘strength’,Are also at a loss,Can only rely on experience at most,Combine at most some ideas for refining the treasure。
But Li Ming can refer to“The Law of Origin of Gold”Wait for the five rules to analyze and study。

These are not surprising。

Chen Xiu’s Wuji Slash is theoretically also a sword spirit。
The purer the true Qi,The more powerful,The more terrifying the urge。Legend of some ancient swordsmen,The sword energy urged can reach thousands of miles,The mountains must be flattened wherever they go,Rivers and seas will be cut off,The sky will be torn apart。
But Dugu hurts the energy urged by the weapon,Contains a hint of sharp gold,Extremely powerful。
“The Law of Metallicity!”
Li Gang as a famous thief,Not necessarily high combat power,Eyesight is definitely the best among everyone present,Remind loudly:“Be careful,The infuriating energy spurred by the law of metallicity is naturally suitable for compatibility with ice blades,Sharpness is not comparable to the general law of attributes!”
Chen Xiu raised his eyebrows,Fight against many masters,This is the first time I met“gold”Master of Attribute Law。
Although Dugu injured sword spirit is strong,Compared with the aura of the innate realm master, it is far behind!
Chen Xiu is a person who has just passed the congenital realm,With the mystery of my own small sword,Or Qingyun Sanshou’s domineering,He has the confidence to take the Dugu injury。
He wants to try his Wuji Slash。
Wuji Zhan is just his unintentional work on earth,Limited power。But after the last battle with Liao Ying,I faintly feel that Wuji Slash still has a lot of room for improvement,Can perfect a more subtle knife。

See this scene,Li Hui also did not talk nonsense,Go directly from Lu Changsheng,Then I put it over。

Lonely double double,Give a little red wine。
“Come,We are today is the first time.,Also the first cup of wine,According to our rules,The first cup of wine is one heart,A boring brother,But considering that Li Jie and Red Sister have a pair of problems.,I propose a man’s boring,Feminist,how?”
Wanhong listened to this,I am not happy.。
“breeze,You are discriminationless women.,How can the first cup have to come to a few truth?。”
Wanhong, let Li speak in the wind,Instantly Li Hui also thinks it.。
“Hey-hey,The first cup, I wish Li Jie to talk to the big brother.,Good thing,How to marry soon?”
Chapter 898 has a thousand autumn
With Li Hui, this proposal came out,Wanhong Rapida follows up。
“This is good,I like。”
Ye Shuangzhou is also laughing:“Lang Talent,I have to witness a boring.,I felt that Li Boss is very common.,I didn’t expect this everything.?”
“Hey-hey,That is nature,Let’s take a cup together.!”
With the first cup of wine,Li Hui also hurry to let everyone eat vegetables.,After all, it is easy to drink if you drink, don’t eat vegetables.。
Wanting, just put a piece of cucumber and put it in the tempting cherry.。
Crispy,Sweet,Especially the fragrance of the garlic,You feel that she doesn’t know how to express it.。
She eats cucumber,However, Li Hui’s dish actually tastes it is very different.,At least a grade。
“Hey,It’s so delicious.,Xiao Li,How do you make a cucumber??
Is there any secret??”
Looking at Wanhong, I took a piece of four or five pieces of appearance.,Li Hui also laughs:“Nothing,It is more useful to use a little sesame oil.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Wanhong is also a great realistic。
Ye Shuangzhou is also just a fried prawn.,It is also the feeling of being a tenderness in the moment.。
“Lee brother,This dish is also an absolutely,good to eat,It’s so delicious.。”
Others see that two people eat, they have to hurry.。
soon,Everyone is conquered by Li Hui’s table.。
Especially the last crab and the nurseo soup,Let everyone feel that it is worthless,Even the leaves of the leaves also ridicule:“Lee brother,I am fortunate that I have been with my face tonight.,Otherwise I have missed the delicious world.。”
“Hey-hey,There will be more delicious in the future.,The premise is that Yafo wants me to develop more villages.,The village is good.,Can make money,In order to attract those who are delicious veteran work。”
For Li Hui Feng,Ye Shuangzhou is also a deep understanding,After all, the skin length is not high.,But that technology is absolutely not to say,Even he admires。
The things that he uses the horizontal instrument is not as good as the standard with one line.。
Soon with the atmosphere,Wanhong is coming,Laugh:“You said,If this town has a casino,Finish,Drank,Then go to entertainment,Is it simply a life to enjoy??”
“correct,If there is a bar,Then go to sit and wake up,By the way, enjoy the beauty,It’s impunity.。”
Li Mei is following this sentence,Let Li Hui’s eyes are bright.。
“Hey-hey,Two sisters,Soon, we have it.,You are all people who want to engage in entertainment venues,bar,KTVThese are not all??”

Village committee office,Only Xia Jian and Zhao Hong sat,Zhao Hong buried his head in writing,Xia Jian has been drinking water,Thinking about what happened last night。

last night,It’s eleven o’clock after their meeting,Zhao Hong may be the cause of a little discomfort,Was the first to leave the office,Immediately after Xia Sanhu, Chen Erniu and Mo Yan left,Because Xia Jian called Wang Lin,So it was a delay,
When he sees Song Fang and him,Inevitably make people feel a little embarrassed,He stood up,Smiled slightly:“It’s late,Get off work soon!“Xia Jian left the office after speaking。
Song Fangyi listened,Hurriedly locked the office door,Chased up from behind,As soon as you enter the alley,Song Fang posted it,She whispered:“Can you go to my house tonight?“
Xia Jian didn’t say a word,But hastened the pace,I didn’t expect Song Fang to chase after him,at this time,A dark shadow in front,There was a rustle of water,Xia Jian’s brain turned,Shouted softly:“Chen Erniu,You send Song Fang back,She is afraid of the dark“
Unexpectedly, this person is really Chen Erniu,The meeting was too long just now,He can’t hold it anymore,So once I got here,It started to solve it。
“Ok,I sent her there“Chen Erniu responded。
Xia Jianyi listen,A happy heart,Originally came home from the front alley,He turned a corner,Walked from another alley。in the dark,Song Fang annoyed and kicked the wall。
“Did Chen Erniu carry you a scapegoat?“Zhao Hong suddenly asked。
Shocked Xia Jian,The tea cup in my hand almost fell to the ground,He lowered his voice and said:“What are you talking about?What do you mean by carrying a scapegoat for me“
“Humph!Song Fang clearly entangles you,But why did you become Chen Erniu last night?,I can’t figure it out,This woman can no longer stay in the village committee“Zhao Hong stopped working,Said unconvincingly。
Xia Jian glanced out the window,Whisper:“You know she is pestering me,How do you say that you are carrying a black pot for me,There is a problem with what you said,If you don’t understand,I really thought something was going on with us“
“You have a guilty heart,Not as good as Chen Erniu“Zhao Hong said,Bai Xia Jian took a look。
What does this mean?Why do women think the problem is different from men,Xia Jian glanced at Zhao Hong,A little angry and stopped talking。
Zhao Hong couldn’t help but smiled and said:“I know you and her are fine,She’s bothering you, right?!But last night,If you really have anything to do with her,That’s really smelly,You didn’t find,Some people are waiting to make a fuss about this“
at this time,Chen Erniu walked in wearing overalls,Although he said there are still blue patches on his face,But he went to work early in the morning,He manages this pig farm very well,Really regarded it as my own career。
“President Xia,Song Fang and Wang Lijun divorced,I’ll marry her,You guys have to support me”Chen Erniu walked in,So I told Xia Jian。

“Wash just wash!This is not building a rocket, I can’t do it“Xia Jian also said something,He was taking the lunch box and went to the water room。

Xia Jianyi went out,Yao Junli hurriedly said to Ouyang Hong:“What’s the matter with you!I call you over,I didn’t make you fight with him。Moreover,Who can explain this clearly?。Can not be together,Can’t be a friend?You are too good!“
“Who is rare to be friends with him,A hillbilly,I never want to see him again in my life“Ouyang Hong said not angry。
Yao Junli smiled and said:“Now I think he is a hillbilly?You didn’t seem to say that before。I said you are a knife mouth tofu heart,Have a look,Be careful he throws your lunch box into the trash can,He really can do this“
Ouyang Hongyi listen,Can’t sit still,She stood up immediately,Ran to the door。Yao Junli couldn’t help covering her mouth and secretly smiled。It seems that my own trick still works,Otherwise tonight will be a restless night again。
Before the water room,Xia Jian put the lunch box under the tap,Just don’t want to do it。He was thinking,Regarding him and Ouyang Hong,Who did it wrong。After thinking about it, I didn’t think of a result,Blame it,I can only blame the distance between them。
If it weren’t for Ouyang Hong transferred to the provincial capital,,Even if there is a little misunderstanding between them,Frequently seen,It won’t be eliminated soon。Xia Jian thought of this,Can’t help but shook his head。
“Go aside,I know that your mouth is so good,Wash a lunch box to see if you are embarrassed“Ouyang Hong said and came over,She pushed Xia Jian away from the faucet。
This woman uses a lot of strength,Pushed Xia Jian away a meter or two away。Xia Jian didn’t expect Ouyang Hong to follow,He said angrily:“You can wash it if you can!“After speaking, I walked out of the water room,Standing in front of the glass window at the end of the passage,Staring straight at the dark night sky。
After washing the drinking box, Ouyang Hong walked gently behind Xia Jian,She asked softly:“Mayor Xia is watching the stars?Good mood!But tonight is cloudy,There seems to be no stars in the sky。So I don’t have to install it anymore“
Xia Jian turned around,Smiled slightly:“Miss Ouyang doesn’t seem to be in a beautiful mood?Who made you angry“
“I was in a good mood,But when I saw someone,This mood is naturally not beautiful”Ouyang Hong said,I turned my face a little angrily。What she said couldn’t be clearer,Even a fool can hear it。
Xia Jian snorted coldly:“In this case,Then i’m leaving,I don’t want to affect Miss Ouyang’s good mood。Yao Junli worked hard on you here“Xia Jian finished,Really turned around and left,Not at all pretending。
“stop!You’re such a bastard,Take one step further, you don’t want to see me again in this life“Ouyang Hong gave a cold cry。

of course,Although the character is funny,But the fighting power is not weak,Pure physical fitness is equivalent to Li Ming,And it looks very rough,But in fact, Zhang Tufu is also a folk martial artist,Not small,The distance from the realm of Huajin is also close to the door。

But Butcher Zhang’s way of fighting monsters is also very wretched,Play chrysanthemum、Piercing、Most monsters are huge,These insidious tricks have little meaning to humans,But it’s very effective against monsters。
And this terrible pangolin monster,On the power is only slightly stronger than the strange snake killed by Li Ming,But the defense power is higher,It’s also more insidious and better at fighting。Actually,Before Li Ming’s thoughts swept over this monster,,Digging slowly,I’m afraid I want to raid the resettlement point in the county center.。It’s also fortunate that Li Ming’s power of mind can discover。After it was discovered, it fought with Li Ming。Although Li Ming’s flying sword is strong,But pangolins still know how to unload,So that Feijian can’t hit it hard。Until Butcher Zhang arrived,The two teamed up to kill the pangolin monster!
“This pangolin monster is also dead,Zhang Tufu,right nowPZThere aren’t many monsters here, right?!”
“Yes,Before i come out,The military and police in the county are already recovering the county seat,It’s a pity that many houses have been destroyed,I don’t know if these hapless mortgages should be repaid?”
“If you need to repay your mortgage-—-That’s a good thing!”Li Ming also sighed。
Zhang Tufu was taken aback,Then nodded。indeed,Although the house is gone and the mortgage is still being paid, it is very unacceptable for some unlucky people,But in other words, it also means that the social order is good,To repay the mortgage。。。
If the social order cannot be restored to the previous state—-China is not the leader of capital,If the situation keeps getting worse,Society will undergo great changes!This change,Will only change to the worse side。
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Chapter Twelve Ask for help
Dididi~”The phone on Li Ming’s waist rang。
The two looked at each other,But soon,Li Ming took out his phone,Got the call。
“Mr. Li Ming,I’mPZKobayashi,I just saw you and Mr. Zhang killed the pangolin monster,Personal representativePZMy fathers and villagers thank you for your contributions。”Hear this,Li Ming frowned,This person who calls himself Xiaolin isPZSecretary of the county official,Also responsible for contacting Li Ming and others,But according to the previous rule,It’s okay for him to call。
“Just say anything,Don’t be vague!”
“Mr. Lee,The news I just got,Something happened over Pohu,The leader of the Pohu Garrison hopes you can help!”

Li Tan stunned,Why is this expert from outside the territory suddenly speaking like a splash?But he had to believe this reason,Because the Holy Spirit was suddenly hit hard and eventually returned to heaven,Is something that happened recently,After that, the juvenile sitting ceremony,He has heard about all these things,And has a detailed report,This guy said it himself,It is equivalent to confirming。

have to say,The alien world this guy is in must be extremely powerful,How strong is hard to say,At least far beyond the world of freedom,Just an evildoer,He and Brahma can’t help it together,One or two more will be a big trouble。Li Tan suddenly became anxious。
“Ha ha,Daoist casual,Make Lee envy。”Li Tan smiles,“But I don’t know if you can find a home right now.?”
“What do you mean?Do you want to chase me away?”
“That’s not,It’s uneasy to bother,Just ask casually while caring,Li has a ruthless request,If not disgusted,Taoist friends will not be put in the imperial court for two days,You and I can sit down and talk,Isn’t it a big deal?”
“Not going,If you want to fight again,You don’t have to pick a place,It’s good here?”Just finished,The bright moon bloomed with dazzling brilliance,The little figure inside has jumped out!
“Wait a minute,Li didn’t come to fight,Shi Cai has benefited a lot from the conversation,I just don’t understand many things,Just took the liberty to invite,Do not misunderstand Daoists。”
“Think about it if you don’t understand,Don’t bother me again!”
“Lee retires,But if you really want to understand,Can you talk again?”
“talk later。”That little figure flew back to the bright moon,The pale brilliance suddenly dimmed,After the moon slowly sank into the Temple of Five Elements。
Li Tan sighed,Staring blankly at the Five Elements Temple, he left the young God hiding world。
At this time, the gate of the defense formation was already full of people,Elder Qi speaks in secret,Young palace master is in trouble,Almost all the high-level gods on the Five Elements Island gathered here,Surround Li Tan and the Youth League。
Li Tan stands against the wind,There is an air of arrogance between the eyebrows,The young man sat cross-eyed on the cloud,And Li Tan’s huge Faxiang body in midair did not show obvious hostility,Everyone is looking at Elder Qi,Just wait for his order,He immediately chopped Li Tan’s body into pulpy,Elder Qi pays close attention to the youth’s demeanor、expression,If something is wrong, you will be troubled。
“brat,What you said is not true。”Faxiang Zhenshen suddenly spoke,Li Tan’s body, standing aside like a sculpture, was immediately restored to life。
The teenager opened his eyes,Also jumped up from the cloud,“Don’t blame me,You yelled and woke it up。”