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Prester suddenly sounded in Mo Xiaoxie’s mind. At such a long distance, the other party was able to talk with him. The real strength of prester simply made Mo Xiaoxie daunting.

After the extreme, it is a demigod, but the extreme has three definite divisions: the early, middle and late odd stages. The threestage division of the different extreme is not a vague concept like odd, but it is quite obvious that Mo Xiaoxie and prester are not separated by two stages.
Prester is getting closer and closer to Mo Xiaoxie, and his figure is getting clearer and clearer, and his expression of coming to settle accounts makes Mo Xiaoxie fall into the valley step by step.
Chapter 213 Accidentally entering the midlevel plane
As the sense of oppression grew stronger, Mo Xiaoxie became more and more worried.
In front of prester, a demigod, it is impossible for him to have a chance. It is still far away from the lower plane ahead. Mo Xiaoxie carefully judged that it is impossible for him to get there before prester chased him. prester is too fast!
When the plane closest to him is a larger mediumsized plane, it is almost just enough for him to fly there.
Mo Xiaoxie doesn’t want to go to the middle plane now, but there is no other way to choose now.
In prester, oppressing Mo Xiaoxie turned his head and rushed toward the middlelevel plane next to him.
Prester once again sounded in Mo Xiaoxie’s mind, You can’t escape anyone who has offended me! Prester was upset that the blade of destruction was taken away. He left his lair and left the plan to invade other planes aside. He also came to get Mo Xiaoxie.
Prester, Mo Xiaoxie just ignored these words. He is not in the mood to talk about this and that at this moment of life and death.
The front middlelevel plane is getting closer and closer to him, but prester figure is not the case.
He was surprised that the tremendous pressure made Mo Xiaoxie slow down a lot.
Prester is not far from him, and his ferocious appearance is just too consistent with his identity as a hell.
Fortunately, even if there is no mistake, Mo Xiaoxie finally came to this middleorder plane before prester was killed. Dozens of loworder planes revolved around this middleorder plane, which was shaped like a small star, and the whole little star revolved around the main god plane in the vast Xinghai.
In front of me, the middlelevel plane is not a planet, but a mass of energy. It doesn’t seem to be very big, but it is absolutely unimaginable inside.
Mo Xiaoxie hurriedly took out Ben Lei to prepare for the strongest attack. In this energy, he made a decent crack to hide in.
However, prester is getting closer and closer, and he doesn’t intend to let Mo Xiaoxie hit a bright light so easily and go straight to Mo Xiaoxie.
An attack from a demigod is absolutely serious.
Mo Xiaoxie quickly gathered his strength in the rush of thunder and then cut it hard toward the front energy body because he had several experiences, and this time he succeeded by accident.
A 10meterlong crack appeared in the energy body crack ahead. Turbulence is very dangerous when it is as deep as a nebula. If you force this turbulence, you will end up like Otis. The body will be torn to pieces. Mo Xiaoxie needs to cast a spell to hit the entrance of this middlelevel plane so that you can enter.
But prester’s attack has come, and he has no time to think about it
The strong light blinks to Mo Xiaoxie, and the evil can teleport and get away with it.
Look at the place where the light shines. That energy body was blasted out of a big hole, just like a bottomless tunnel. If you go in along this tunnel, it should be that the hole is shrinking rapidly. Mo Xiaoxie flew in without hesitation.
A moment later, prester arrived and Mo Xiaoxie’s figure had disappeared into the turbulence.
Prester wants to dive in. Some middlelevel demigods are strong and can force their way into prester, so they are ready to do so.
The hole has become very small. prester was angry and immediately became bigger when he tore it. He was about to jump in. An unknown voice suddenly sounded, Those with too high ability refused to enter.
Prester didn’t give up the idea of forcibly entering it until his face changed. He didn’t dare to challenge a patron saint of a plane to invade a plane and completely destroy it and make it disappear in the vast Xinghai. Destroying the stability of the vast Xinghai will annoy the Lord God. The consequences are very serious.
After Mo Xiaoxie jumped into the turbulence, the scene around him was like getting into a shuttle. He quickly went backwards along the tunnel attacked by prester. So far, it was safe, but soon the tunnel gradually narrowed and eventually disappeared.
He has no chance to hit the entrance to this plane by casting spells, and now everything can be resigned.
Turbulence makes Mo Xiaoxie’s body change shape, long and short. Squeezing and pulling his body makes him feel worse than in the magic well
桑拿会所Mo Xiaoxie gritted his teeth and moved all his defensive skills, but it didn’t make him feel better. Finally, he entered the incarnation of the real demon, which eased the situation, but the situation was not optimistic, not just his body. He found that his soul was being broken a little bit.
Mo Xiaoxie has never met such a problem, and he doesn’t know how to face it.
The situation is simply too bad. Mo Xiaoxie hopes that he can survive this difficulty, but he is not very confident.
The broken soul made Mo Xiaoxie feel dizzy. He went into a coma several times, but he always woke up.
The surrounding scenery suddenly changed dramatically, and the deep chaos and turbulence disappeared, replaced by blue sky and white clouds.
It’s good to breathe fresh air again, but the situation in Mo Xiaoxie is very bad now.
What’s left of his life, but that’s not the point. The point is that his soul is in a mess. If it weren’t for his helmet, he believed that he would be finished.
The force fell on a meadow, and Mo Xiaoxie felt his eyelids heavy, his head dizzy and his vision blurred. There were simply too many negative States brought about by soul chaos in the attention method, and he did not know how to target mentally.
This middlelevel plane is as strong as a cloud, and there are countless roles that are more powerful than him, and now he is in this state, which is simply adding snow and frost
Mo Xiaoxie thinks he can’t go on like this. He needs a long sleep and has to find a safe corner.
He got scared from the ground and waved his wings to fly, but his mental confusion caused him to fail and fall to the ground again, so he summoned a demon hand to take care of himself.
In the light, a female demon appeared. As soon as she appeared, she bowed down respectfully and said, Thank you for giving me life, my master. What can I do for you?
Take me to find a place to rest, the more hidden the better. Mo Xiaoxie gradually couldn’t bear it, and then he fainted
In the twilight, he felt that he was in pieces. Although he was repairing and restoring himself, the progress was slow. He had never had such a bad experience.
After waking up, Mo Xiaoxie found herself in a dark passage with poor light. The female demon magic lit up the way forward, and water drops fell from the top from time to time.
Mo Xiaoxie felt that he had not improved at all, and his head was still groggy. What he saw in the attention method was not only vague, but also there were many illusions, just as there seemed to be three female demons beside him who helped him advance.
Where is this? Mo Xiaoxie asked.
Report to the master that I found it in a remote ravine, which looks like a grave.
Grave? Mo Xiaoxie doesn’t want to sleep in the grave. He wants to scold this female demon, but considering the current situation, he didn’t do that. Let’s go to the grave. Probably no one will like to come to this place.
He thinks he may need a long, long sleep, and the more secluded he is, the better.

This Barcelona team is vying for UEFA Cup qualification.

There are two rounds left in the league, and Barcelona ranks seventh with 50 points.
Along with them are the sixth Mallorca and the sixth Seville.
In addition, there is a good chance that the ninth athletic score of Bilbao is 49 points.
It’s bad enough that Barcelona didn’t qualify for the Champions League. If it doesn’t qualify for the UEFA Cup …
It is a great shame for a giant like Barcelona.
But the enemy’s shame is that he always wins and loves to see you. Aren’t you always awesome?
Then I’ll let you not even play the UEFA Cup!
Make you awesome again! Make you feel superior!
Besides, Valencia and Barcelona still have accounts to settle.
He took over the last round of the league last season, Valencia challenged Barcelona away to come to the fourth place in the league, and Valencia finally lost the game and was robbed of the Champions League qualification by Barcelona, so he could play the UEFA Cup himself.
Although this game is not a constant victory command and there is no constant victory, it does not prevent the constant victory from saying something
Although we have won Barcelona more than once in the league, it is not really revenge. We have a real chance to finish revenge. Since Barcelona can prevent us from playing in the Champions League, we can also disqualify Barcelona from playing in the UEFA Cup!
Before the game, the mobilization meeting always wins and says this to his players.
Guardiola was silent next to him. He felt that he could have foreseen the tragic fate of Barcelona this season …
He is really worried that Barcelona’s future will really collapse.
But what can he do?
Because this war is not always won.
It can be said that laporta provoked shouldn’t provoke people …
It’s not good to choose who to vote for in your own campaign. Why do you have to choose a winning streak?
Chapter two hundred and twentythree Scorpio
Valencia’s home game against Barcelona started as scheduled on Saturday night.
On this day, the Mestalla Stadium was full of people.
The Mestalla Stadium, which can accommodate 55,000 people, is packed.
Most of them are Valencia fans. They are here to witness Valencia’s defending league title.
Valencia fans don’t doubt that they beat Barcelona at home.
Although their opponent is Barcelona, can Barcelona beat Valencia away now?
Valencia fans have such confidence.
Before the game, laporta and Oti, two club presidents, had lunch together, and the atmosphere was harmonious. Both sides had a tacit understanding and there was no winning name.
Before the game, the two presidents had dinner together, which was the unification of La Liga.
No matter how bitter the two sides are, they should sit down and have dinner together, and the atmosphere will be very good. This is a ceremony to show the gentleman of football.
Of course, it was not without exception. Before Hertha and Atletico Madrid played, Old Hill refused the invitation of Hertha President Flores to have lunch, which made Flores angry to death at that time, showing how much the Spanish club attached to this ceremony.
Although the atmosphere was good at dinner
But this does not mean that the atmosphere will be friendly when the two sides play.
When introducing the players on the live broadcast, the fans and home team players gave generous cheers and applause, and also sent boos to Barcelona players.
In fact, Barcelona players belong to Valencia fans who are lying on their guns. This boo is not for them, but for Barcelona President laporta.
However, there are no club presidents from both sides on the appearance list, so Barcelona players have to suffer for the Lord.
Laporta was very unhappy when he heard this hiss.
Shh, shh, shh. When the game is over, we’ll see who shh!
Laporta is still dreaming of his team beating Valencia away to qualify for the UEFA Cup.
Sniff at those fanatical Valencia fans in the south stand
But when the game started, laporta gradually stopped laughing.
His face became more and more dignified.
Although the score is still the same, laporta knows very well that his team is not dominant.
The situation was completely controlled by Valencia.
约茶Everyone plays to control football.

Meng Shao

Meng Yichen nodded slightly Let’s go
Chuting smiled and nodded good
He walked past her without looking at her, as if she were special.
Yin An dyed slightly bowed his head and silently packed his things.
She had little appetite to eat at night, and a strange upset flooded her mind.
She plays with her brain in her bed, and she has a common group with Qing Shuang and Qin Ai.
Three people chatted with Gu Qingshuang and discussed that they could go to Qingcheng Mountain together on weekends.
Qingcheng is a city not far from A city, which is famous for its tourism. Although it is not far from A city, Yin Anran has never been there once.
Can go to play things Qin Ai is in favor of both hands and feet.
She had just typed a good word and sent it over. Suddenly she heard a car outside.
An errand made her put her brain on the balcony.
The probe looked out and saw the tall and straight figure of Xin Chang. Yin Anran watched him walk into the villa on the balcony.
She dumped her head and he couldn’t come back. Why did she mean that? !
She trotted into the room, tidied up her brain and got into bed.
When Meng Yichen entered the room, he saw that the little man was fast asleep, and his lip corner evoked a self-mockery
What does he think? Don’t expect her to wait for him to come back for fear that she would rather he didn’t come back!
Thinking of this, the irritability and anger surged up again. He tore off his tie, changed his clothes and went into the bathroom.
Yin Anran slowly opened his eyes facing the balcony.
After a long time, she felt Meng Yichen lying beside her, and neither of them spoke.
After several days, ChuTing heart sometimes will come to Meng Yichen, and ChuTing heart invitation Meng Yichen did not refuse.
It rained cats and dogs outside the class that day.
Outside the building of Yin Anran and Yang Sisi Company
Alas, the rain is still so heavy. Yang filar silk suddenly failed to look at her. Hey, Xiao Ran, why don’t you go with the president? Doesn’t he have a car?
Yin Anran was about to open his mouth when a car drove up in front of them. Yang Sisi’s eyes lit up. Xiao Ran’s boyfriend has come to pick me up. I’ll go first.
Yang filar silk excitedly rushed into the car.
Yin Anran smiled and waved at her.
The heavier the rain, the more it seems that there is no intention to stop.
When she glanced at it, she was about to go out with an umbrella. Suddenly, a black Bentley stopped in front of her, and she stopped.
You can see Shen Feng when you shake the window.
Miss Yin
The rear window also shook with the handsome but cold face.
Meng Yichen looked at her indifferently.
Shen Feng leans slightly. President, why don’t you let Miss Yin drive? It’s raining hard outside.
Meng Yichen looked at her eyes with emotions that she couldn’t read.
Yin Anran took one look and removed the line of sight.
Drive! Meng Yichen said coldly and then shook the window.
As soon as the car sped out, it disappeared into Yin Anran’s sight.
Yin Anran took a deep breath and the rain was still a little small compared with when she first arrived.
She walked out of the company building with an umbrella.
On the weekend, Yin Anran and Gu Qingshuang made an appointment to start early in the morning.
She got up early and had breakfast.
It’s almost time for the president Shen Feng came in.
Meng Yichen should be a light and then got up and followed Shen Feng and went out.
Meng Yijie saw Meng Yichen go out on the first floor. She hummed an unhappy face, sat down and took a sip of milk. Aren’t you angry with Sister Xiaoran?
Yin Anran was asked by her sudden question What?
Section 45
My brother, do you know what he is going to do today?
Yin Anran shook his head.
品茶论坛But he has nothing to do with her, right?
You really don’t care? Aren’t you my brother’s woman? He is going out to play with your aunt today or spend the night.
Yin Anran zheng, he and his aunt … Spend the night …
At the thought of this, she held the cup hand tightly.
Xiaojie, I’m in a hurry. She picked up her bag in a hurry when she looked at it.
She made an appointment with Qing Shuang and them at a place.
Meng Yijie’s words were stuck in her mind all the way by car.

After a slight hesitation, the moon charm retreated.

They are magic people. If they fall into the hands of angels, there is definitely life and death.
Save the devil, swallow the shadow and hope to stay and die. Moon charm is not that stupid.
If it weren’t for that guy, I would have succeeded!
On the charm while running away, I hate thinking about it.
Tyrael wanted to kill the moon charm, but he chased it for a short distance and found that the speed of the moon charm was also surprisingly fast. After trying to chase it for a long distance, he hesitated slightly and finally did not chase it.
There are still a large number of intruders nearby. If he chases after them, he may be tricked again. If he is tricked again, no one can stop the demon from swallowing the shadow and being rescued this time.
Tyrael returned to deal with the three demons who had not left yet.
When the three magic people saw that the moon charm had retreated, they also knew that the rescue of the demon Swallowing Shadow Hope was also intended to escape.
However, one of the three people was entangled in an angel, but eventually he failed to escape and was rushed over. tyrael directly killed him without spending too much effort.
The junction of Aegean Kingdom and Grey Feather Kingdom
The escaped Moon Charm and two demons are waiting in a hidden grassland forest. Before the plan, the Moon Charm and the demon agreed to meet here.
After half a day, several figures appeared in the vision of the moon charm
The third is to be continued.
Chapter seven hundred and ninetyseven Catch
Take the lead, but the face is white, but the evil spirit is around. The number of magic people is one less.
He set a trap for the angel to come, but it turned out that the angel was more powerful than he expected.
These winged angels actually have common chain skills. A golden chain appears on them to connect the six winged angels together. Then the strongest angel forced a golden crystal to break the seal circle and rushed out through the chain with the help of other angels.
The remaining five angels are also extremely strong by virtue of their common chain ability, but one angel is missing, but their strength is still stronger than their magic man. A magic man companion at the last cover them to escape and sacrifice their lives.
There is also one person missing from the moon charm, who looks a little embarrassed and obviously fails, but the demon evil saw it and did not blame the moon charm them.
When tyrael rushed out of the seal circle and they couldn’t beat the angel, the demon knew that they were going to fail, and it was not bad that Moon Charm and others escaped alive.
go! We have been marked by those angels. We must return to the abyss immediately, or we will be hunted by angels, and then we can find a way with the help of those adventurers.
The two sides joined forces to take the lead in debuting.
In the final escape, the angel did not intend to let them go, and gave them a sacred sign.
With this mark, if they are still on the sacred continent, they will be targeted and hunted by the angels.
Angels are slower than them at most, and the moon charm and others dare not delay and hurry back to the East China Sea abyss crack direction behind the demon evil and others.
They are fast, and after three hours, they have returned to the seaside.
When you get to the seaside, evil spirits and others are not afraid of others seeing you and flying away directly.
Not long after they left the sea, a small boat with several people saw them.
Black wings guy! Yes, these are the magic people! The sharp sword fish sent the location back.
The wooden boat is a group of pirates dressed in disguise. After discovering the figures of the demon and others, they all looked happy. Then one of them quickly wrote that the location of the demon and others was tied to a flat and powerful silver long fish.
Swordfish have flash fish in sacred waters, saying that their speed in the sea is amazing, and they move like flash. No one has ever caught and grown swordfish. Their swordfish is a swordfish when it is very young, and it is caught and raised before the speed advantage appears.
Only in this way can swordfish deliver messages quickly.
When swordfish fell into the water, its tail wagged and it drew a silvery white trace and disappeared into the sea. The speed was more than twice as fast as that of flying the magic man in the sky, which was amazing.
We’re almost at the crack of the abyss. It’s a good thing those angels didn’t follow us.
A few hours later, the demon and others flew back to the island near the abyss crack.
桑拿会所All the way, they were worried that the angel would come after them and saw that the entrance to the crack was just around the corner, so they were finally relieved.
Beware of ambush, the moon wakes up
She betrayed the whereabouts of a group of people. People know that this entrance is not safe. That hateful guy knows that.
If you don’t worry, you can’t hide at the entrance. If it’s a big deal, we’ll just blow off the entrance rock and go straight in.
There is a magic man suggested
This is indeed a convenient and quick way, a little tired, and several magic people nodded their heads in agreement.
Having said that, this island is so small that no one can hide it. It is 100 meters away from the island, and it is a little tired to come all the way. The demons are slightly relaxed.
They will be safe when they enter the abyss area
But just as they relaxed a little, a huge silvery white thunder burst out of the square sea and hit the last monster.
The magic man fell from it as soon as his body became numb.
What’s going on?
Yaoxie and others are all surprised after a slight stay to react.
Seeing that the companion who was bombed by Lei Guang was falling to the sea, the magic man whose wings were closest to him quickly tried to rescue him.
But another almost the same Lei Guang slammed out from the bottom of the sea again
If this magic man goes to save his companion properly, he will be hit by Lei Guang.

In the distance of the sea, the outline of the mainland can be seen faintly, and the city emits charming colors at night.

That’s Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
With a slight smile, the man with a sea breeze blowing at the bow raised his glass and narrowed his eyes to observe the free city in the far south.
He is the owner of Abu Chelsea.
Last summer, he entered Stamford Bridge with the ambition of subverting the European football system.
He made money, Chelsea rebuilt its body, and the new body team immediately entered the Champions League. It doesn’t seem too far away from his dream of winning the Champions League and winning the top of European football.
But maybe he underestimated football.
He did bring Chelsea a strong new body, but he injected new soul into Chelsea! to be continued
[Text 1 Hatred of the Rich Stimulates]
Qin Xiong was put in a slightly awkward position by the Dutch media when the quarterfinals of the Champions League arrived.
75 times gap midfield confrontation!
The Dutch media compared Chelsea’s top midfielder Lampard with Qin Xiong.
夜生活Hehe, I still haven’t discussed competitive sports.
But the annual salary difference between the two people to make a comparison.
Abramovich signed a new contract for Lampard Terry immediately after he entered Stamford Bridge, and Lampard got a skyhigh contract, and Lampard also became a toppaid player in the Premier League.
And his annual salary is 75 times that of Qin Xiong!
Qin Xiong’s weekly salary is 2 euros. He roughly calculated the difference of 75 times. Lampard earns pounds in London, which is equivalent to more than 10 thousand pounds a week.
This is the reality that people earn more in a week than Qin Xiong accumulated from joining Ajax to the first half of March.
Qin Xiong doesn’t quite understand the significance of this comparison by the media.
It was not until Koeman delivered an impassioned speech in the dressing room before the game that Qin Xiong got a little white about the media.
Chelsea players are all millionaires! They have money, they earn the least players and more players than we earn the most! But what does this mean? Are we not as good as them?
The gap between the rich and the poor has always been a longstanding social status quo.
Of course, the football circle also has the epitome of this kind of problem.
This can easily arouse the players’ different hatred of the rich mentality!
Maybe in society, the poor ask what you are so rich, and the other party will confidently answer me, what is the theory of academic qualifications, academic background, connections and talents? The poor may finally be able to say the default facts.
But in football, this reality will not be recognized, even the worst team still has a chance to subvert the facts!
There is always suspense without a game!
Even if the world champion plays against the thirdrate fish maw, who can say that the result will not be a terrible cold?
The players corresponding to Ajax certainly know that even if they beat Chelsea, their income will not be equal or surpass, but in a way of I earn less than you but I can beat you, the players will be more motivated to win in generate and laugh at their idealism to comfort themselves.
We are playing real football, we are the defenders of the law of football development, and our strength is not the flashy accumulation of money.
Perhaps this kind of psychology is selfdeceiving, because it is hard to say that Qin Xiong is not tempted by money. After all, wealth in this society will bring countless material vanity.
Live in a better house, pull the wind, and wear a car to make the most extravagant and dazzling cards to attract more enchanting beauties to spend together. * * It doesn’t fucking cost money?
Of course it needs damn money!
But we don’t have a rich boss. There is an Abu in the world now. Damn it, what did he buy Chelsea? Not Ajax?
In this realistic and ideal selfcontradictory psychology, Ajax players, stimulated by Coleman’s words, not only sought for victory, but also aroused more eagerness to beat their opponents against Chelsea.
If you can’t get it, destroy it!
Let those rich people who earn more than a month, a quarter, a half a year or even a year in a week taste the bitterness of failure, make them lift their heads and let them go back to London in despair!
The media discussed that the game was out of the scope of competition, and Ajax players aroused fighting spirit when they walked out of the locker room, and some of them did not come from pure competition
Qin Xiong’s teammates are in the player channel. Chelsea players don’t look at them, and they also despise their opponents.
On the one hand, the football upstart is arrogant, and on the other hand, the atmosphere is very strange.
Ajax fans in the packed stands of Amsterdam Athletic Stadium are sniffy about Chelsea. Fans hate Chelsea’s deep pockets, which makes Ajax, a European elite club talent base, more vivid. At least in the past, when teams like Real Madrid and Milan took talent from Ajax, fans could comfort themselves. Players were chasing their dreams, but what the fuck is the attraction except money if they were seduced by Chelsea?
34 seasons Champions League 1/ In the first leg of the final, Ajax is about to play at home against Chelsea from England. Ajax has almost locked in the league title, and now he can concentrate on the Champions League. Chelsea has made progress in the league than before. After the new boss generously donated a lot of strength and support, Chelsea stayed in the top three in the Premier League. Although it is impossible for Arsenal to compete for the championship, at least they seem that the gap between Manchester United is not big. This is a team that has attracted the attention of Europe. Everyone is paying attention to the changes in Chelsea. It seems that the only team representing the Premier League in the strong stage of the Champions League is Chelsea!
Let’s have a look at today’s list of both sides.
Ajax 433
Goalkeeper Labant

Limited level 1 can be equipped with

Physical Defence +4
桑拿网Magic Defence +4
Constitution +15
Agile +5
Not bad, it’s a red door, equipped with tough leather armor, and his blood can be increased by 3 points!
Being a mutant boss, king Slim couldn’t explode a piece of green equipment, and then Chen Moma found another piece of green equipment and a staff!
Rattan staff
Describe the ancient rattanwoodmaking staves, which are light in weight and can increase the casting speed of messengers.
Equipment quality green
Limited summoner, mage, priest level 1
Basic physical attack power 3545
Basic magic attack power 557
Intelligence +2
Spirit +15
Additional properties dry rattan
When a player successfully attacks an enemy, he has a 5% chance to summon a dry vine, which will bind the enemy and make it move in 2 seconds.
What a powerful weapon!
Chen Mo couldn’t help staring at the property of rattan stave. If he had a corresponding level 1 green weapon, it would be twice as fast to kill King Slim!
This weapon can be sold for 20,000 to 30,000 now! Chen Mo guessed.
Rattan staves can sell 20,000 to 30,000 tough leathers, and tens of millions of them can also be sold. There are still some equipment around them that have not been picked. So if you kill a mutant Slim king, he can earn 100,000 yuan at least, which is much more than his usual money.
Well, think of it as extra money. If the virtual network prevents him from making such a small sum in the game, he will not lose too much.
I’m worried that someone will come to Chen Mo and look at one thing without picking one, but pick everything up and put it in my backpack.
After picking things, Chen Mo didn’t forget to mutate King Slim’s body to make a picking skill to see if he could pick anything out.
Tell me what you got Call slime!
Hand to find out Chen Mo really picked something or a summoner skills!
The summoner of Summoning slime can summon multiple summoners from slime at one time after learning the skills.
Good thing. I wonder if you can get this skill outside. If you can’t get it, it must be more expensive than rattan staves. I don’t know how many times. After all, rattan staves have good properties, but they will be replaced at level 2, but the skills can last for a generation.
Then the silence looked at the backpack. There were more than a dozen pieces of equipment in the backpack. King Slim was a mutant boss. It was not too shabby, but this dozen pieces of equipment were almost blue in white, but none of them were mutated. The boss dropped things and it was still guaranteed.
Chen Mo finally found what he wanted in his backpack except the blue one!
Purple equipment Slim king bracelet!
Slim king bracelet
Describe the Slim King Collection Bracelet Slim King Jewelry Set with three different parts. The Slim King Jewelry can be opened to hide the attributes of the set.
Equipped with purple suit parts
Limited level 1 can be equipped with
Basic physical attack power +15
Basic magic attack power +15
Power +2
Agile +15

But Qin Xiong doesn’t care much. Now he is bent on finding his own money in the shady world. Of course, the more the better. But now, of course, attention can’t be spent on haggling.

Besides, Rick Link is right.
He passed the trial and is nothing!
Qin Xiong is a blank sheet of paper for Ajax.
Why ask for more?
Think about what Ajax will give him!
In addition to money, Ajax will give him a good growth environment and limited opportunities to get ahead. He worked hard by himself and has the strength to seize the opportunity!
It is not difficult for him to understand Freddie’s complaint. After all, Freddie is a British fan. From the perspective of fans, what should he see and hear? European giants compete for talents, how to seduce players at skyhigh prices, or compete in local competition, where young talents are suddenly poached, and so on. It is true that the football world certainly has fierce competition for talent resources plunder.
But maybe at this moment, they shouldn’t feel too good about themselves and take themselves too seriously. They should keep their mentality stable and lower their posture, and then look at today, everything is actually beautiful.
For all Qin Xiong in the past, today is a dream. What does he own?
This is a good one
On the way back to the apartment, he has leisure to enjoy the pastoral scenery.
They live in the west of Ajax Club, and waddell Street, which leads to the city center, belongs to a mediumsized community. There are many people living around it, but they are far away from the tourist attractions in Amsterdam. The overall living environment is quiet and less noisy.
When I got back to waddell Street, it was less than six o’clock in the evening. There was a restaurant opposite the apartment, and there was a laundromat next to the restaurant.
Three old men sat in front of openair tables and chairs outside the restaurant and chatted. When they saw these three old men Freddie, they were so angry!
Chinese whispered to Qin Xiong, They are all Zhou skinned!
Maybe he is out of shape, but Qin Xiong can understand that Freddie is actually accusing the three old men of being too bad!
These three old men are apartment owners, restaurant owners and laundry owners!
No wonder the apartment is not allowed to make the kitchen and the landlord’s washing machine, and it is not allowed to buy it yourself. Because you rent it, you can have the public sanitation in the room. The landlord lent it to you with great kindness!
So Qin Xiong and Freddie live in an apartment to eat conveniently, and they go to the third old man’s shop for laundry in the second old man’s restaurant.
It can be said that one tenant earns money from three families!
The landlord’s old man’s name is Root Manson. He wears a pair of glasses and is tall and thin. Although he is old, he feels like a knowledgeable scholar.
The restaurant owner’s name is Dekoizer. He is widebodied, fat and potbellied. Every time he sees him, he laughs. It seems that he doesn’t take the initiative to make an expression, but he squints and smiles in others’ eyes.
Laundry owner P pays great attention to wearing vest, shirt and trousers even in summer, which is quite deep and visual.
What makes Freddie unhappy is that these three old men, like those financial speculators in suits and elegant clothes on Wall Street, are decent and generous to the outside world, but secretly they are killing people without seeing blood in the financial market.
Rutmanson noticed his two tenants. In recent days, these two tenants are often in a hurry, like Qin Xiong, who goes jogging and comes back running, and then goes back to his room to eat, that is, never rest for a while. I don’t know what the hell they are doing.
Rutmanson caressed the glasses frame and walked towards the slow pace. Qin Xiong and Freddie said, Hi, where have you been?
These two people don’t seem to have regular workers when they are resting.
Freddie was too lazy to talk to the stingy landlord Qin Xiong, who was in a good mood. He rolled his eyes and smiled and said, I will sign up as an Ajax player when I go to Ajax Club one day.
Perhaps it is the first time in my life to experience such joy and excitement. One day, Qin Xiong took the initiative to share his happiness and gave it to the other party who was called a stranger.
Root Manson Deke Izer P three people at the same time expression zheng root Manson immediately suspicious way Ajax signed you? Where did you play football before?
He probably wants to ask which club Qin Xiong plays for.
Qin Xiong smiled and answered in China.
Although China is a football desert, the restrictions on the introduction of overseas players are relaxed. For the Netherlands, there are many players from countries with low football level. People will not be surprised where they come from or make a mockery and contempt after being surprised. It is too fall in price, which is both lacking the most basic respect and making themselves shameful.
Qin Xiong was surprised to see that three old men suddenly put their heads together and didn’t know what they were whispering.
Is it China?
I think so.
Things were really a little fuzzy more than 20 years ago.
桑拿论坛I remember it was China.
When they finished whispering, Rutmanson took the initiative to pull two chairs at the table and invited Freddie and Qin Xiong to sit down.
Although Freddie was unhappy with the three old men, he couldn’t refute them, so he sat down in front of them and didn’t know what they were going to talk about.
Qin Xiong just sat down with a potbellied Dekoyize and smiled at him. Hehe, welcome to join Ajax.
His tone is strange, and Qin Xiong seldom thinks so as if he were the boss or master of Ajax.
Freddie thinks it’s normal
Of course, the ownership of the club belongs to the shareholders of the board of directors, but from the emotional club, it belongs to the fans, especially those rooted in the local soil.
This is very common in Europe, and it is even more natural in Britain. It is a belief that local fans have a strong sense of ownership of the club, support the club from the bone and defend the honor of the club.
What are you talking about?
Qin Xiong is curious about what they talked about mysteriously just now.

This wave of Z team’s wild play is very detailed. First listen carefully for a while before choosing.

Yes, and the star control is also very decisive. This wave is very beautiful. It is a pity to get a head. If we can tear down the defensive tower, this wave of Z teams can fight back some disadvantages.
I can’t ask for more. From the situation, the A team still occupies the initiative.
The third Xiaolong will refresh this time in about 20 minutes. Although the Z team has a little bit of fighting power, it still has no choice to play the group.
Meng Fan said, Let’s delay for another six minutes. After six minutes, we will play with the other side.
This wave of group battles is not very easy to fight. Meng Fan wants to wait for the road to get out of Central Asia and make up for the output himself, so that Hai Tiansheng can also have some meat. Then it is easier to fight in a group.
Meng Fan thinks it’s very good. The Z team also handles it like that.
However, the other party directly chose to hold a group after taking off the third little dragon.
The first goal of this wave of people is to tear down the tower without playing virtual.
Put or not? Otherwise, make a wave in the tower? Fat mouth at this time
Meng Fan glanced at can hold but the other menacing this wave play it by ear.
They immediately agreed to a.
The third one still chooses to give up. From the fourth one, the Z team will fight for stability for so long, and it will take some time to play the group.
桑拿网The other side pushes the Z team defense in the middle.
It’s still good to have Victor here. The two sides were deadlocked for a while.
Meng Fan felt that the other party should want to leave when relieved, but before Meng Fan spit it out.
I saw the other demon Ji calling a QR. The target was Meng Fan and someone around Meng Fan.
Demon Ji directly went back after QR.
This QR is to consume the Z team’s blood volume, and Meng Fan’s blood volume is consumed by more than half. This enchantress hurts a little too off the charts.
And the most nai time just Lin day also in front, he was also hurt by R.
The man who was touched was born in the sea, but his blood volume also dropped a lot, and the blood volume of three people was a little residual.
Lin Tianbai’s wave is that the other side has done a lot of damage. I want to let the Z team lose blood and have to let go of this defensive tower.
Lin Tian has some regrets that he was just in the front position because he was fat behind him. Lin Tian thinks that if something happens, the fat will eat him in one bite.
But just now, the demon Ji was too fast and fat, and she didn’t react.
Z team three people have lost blood, and this wave is not going to continue to defend.
Finally, the Z team released a tower in the middle.
This vegetarian dish is spiritual. R hits the damage and forces the Z team to retreat. He just never thought about killing the Z team. This R is just to persuade him to retreat, Zhou Shiyun said.
It was the first time she had seen such a spiritual sheet.
LSPL is powerful, but there are really few pixel dishes that are so powerful, even Meng Fan can’t compare with it.
Of course, in terms of stability, vegetarian dishes are also inferior to Meng Fan
This wave of Z team’s tower outside the middle road has been solved. A team is ahead of 2,500, and the situation of two towers and three little dragons is very unfavorable for Z team.
It depends on whether the Z team can drag it to forty minutes, even if it lags behind ten thousand economy. At this time, herring said
That’s true, but it’s a little difficult for the Z team to drag on for forty minutes. The other team has three little dragons. It is estimated that there will be five in thirtytwo minutes. How will the Z team defend then? Asked the beach
The herring said, So I said that a little dragon is very important. If the Z team can get nature, it is a good thing. If it can’t get this game, it will be a bit difficult.
At this time, Team A laid out the field of vision after tearing down the tower outside the middle road.
I feel that the A team has been attacking this game, and it is not chaotic at all.
Make the Z team extremely uncomfortable.
Lin Tian is indeed an outstanding individual, but in this situation, Lin Tian is also difficult to play.
I really want to find someone to fight, murmured Lin Tian, but there is nothing I can do to find trouble with him.
He wants to show off the enchantress, but it is estimated that he is shown in most cases.
Lin Tian didn’t think about going to bring disgrace to oneself.
The other side turned to attack the road, and there was not much blood in the tower outside the road. I felt like I was going to drop, Xingyu Lin said
The road is going to drop … then we are not going to drop all three towers? Lin Tian frowns
If the towers are all off three roads, it will be difficult for Z team to control the field of vision.
However, there is no way to do things. Team A and Team Z fought for it again and again. After six minutes, the fourth little dragon in the backcourt was refreshed.
If this little dragon has to get it, the Z team will enter a great disadvantage.
If you get it, the Z team can drag on for six minutes.
They can fight for 30 minutes, 35 minutes, 40 minutes, which is better. If it is delayed for 45 minutes, even after 50 minutes, it will be easy to fight.
But the first minute is very tiring.
Little dragon has brushed my vision. Fat said.
Hai Tiansheng also helped fill a few horizons, but the other party went faster and has put a real eye in the little dragon circle.
If Z team puts one in A team, it will eliminate one without hesitation.

… but don’t worry about it now, it’s much better.

Looking at Murasame Reine with a smile, Natsume realized that he had become much easier.
I’ve been thinking about what will happen later, and I’ll decide in the future, and everyone will take action, etc. That oblique problem seems to be gone for myself now
Whether to say heart or relaxation, Natsume is very grateful to Murasame Reine for doing things by himself.
… well, it’s time for you to decide.
I know, the duel between Yeya and Xixian must be divided into a winner.
… according to the survey, they may be impatient because of the outcome, and their physical strength is also uneasy. If an earthquake is triggered, the consequences will be unimaginable.
I know that, too
Natsume nodded, as Murasame Reine said, absolutely can’t let the earthquake appear here.
Is it time to take action? Introduction: Elf girl, save the Elf girl, and then, seal the girl and learn to fall in love.
From the position, Natsume is very relieved.
Very well, let’s work hard now!
… hard? It’s good to work hard. By the way, Tempura just needed one thousand yen.
so expensive!
It used to cost money.
Natsume returned to the dormitory from skr after giving Murasame Reine the money to buy tempura:
A15. At the front end of the incident, Miss Elves had their own emotional accidents.
Walking on the road paved by the shade of trees, Natsume decided to take the initiative to prevent Yeyaya and Xixian from falling into the past.
So, it’s not a target to find an elf now, but an evening string.
Perhaps because of his good luck, Natsume saw a bird flying overhead and moving in the direction of his family. He followed it and looked around, looking for something to dance with.
She is now dressed as a school sailor, tying her long goldenorange hair into a threepiece braid, and has a better figure than dancing.
Walking towards the seaside, she squinted listlessly, and her personality was as calm and gentle as the opposite.
Running towards her, Natsume called out her name on the way.
Dancing in the evening!
Say hello, isn’t this Natsume classmate? What can I do for you?
If you want to say something, are you looking for someone now?
Just call me Xixian, and now I’m looking for Shi Dao, a classmate who has long since disappeared.
Is Takamiya Shinji gone, too?
Maybe he did the same thing in skr or with himself, that is, he went to talk to Yeyaji.
Because Natsume’s idea is that only by confirming the minds of the two dancing elves can we better decide what to do next.
If you confirm it unilaterally, it will bring unnecessary trouble.
Like the evening string, Natsume took a look around and said his decision.
桑拿论坛Can I have a moment with you?
Question, Natsume classmates want to talk about? If it’s one o’clock, I’ll go to Shidao later.
That’s great. Let’s have a seat over there.
Around this hotel, there are several different forests, so there are many seats where people can rest.
The seat is made of stone, which looks a little cold in the shade.
Windson is like blowing out of a cave, slightly damp.
Different from the sea breeze, compared with the sea, the smell of soil brought by this gust is much fresher, and it is totally different.
The sunlight coming obliquely is very dazzling. It’s noon now, and the temperature is higher than usual, which makes people feel a little hot and dry.
To tell the truth, Natsume thinks he is a heatresistant person, no, he is a person who is not afraid of summer.
Hate the heat, but not afraid of summer.
Strange as it sounds, this is the truth.
Natsume recognizes that his actions are for reasons, that his life has certain rules, that he is not influenced by others, and that he moves forward according to his own ideas.
Traveling through different times and looking for ways to live and go back is Natsume.
He likes living now, but at the same time, he also thinks about the truth in the past.
Even if this is true, Natsume also recognizes that this is different from himself, virtual reality.
I always fantasize about my hero.
I don’t understand, what does Natsume mean?
It’s like an ordinary kid. He will be a great man and become a pillar of society after recognizing himself, but that idea is not even a wish, but a fantasy.
The hand will be blown back by the wind, and the evening string is puzzled by Natsume’s words.
She is an elf. Maybe it is a wish for her to let Yeyaji live.
That’s a wish, not a fantasy.
Well, some digression … I’m really sorry.
No evening string didn’t feel troubled, but Natsume classmate, what you just said, I think it’s very severe.
Very powerful?
Definitely, being straightforward and direct is different from procrastinating all the time, which makes people envy.
No matter who it is, in the eyes of a specific person, there is a’ powerful’ side.
If it is the real world in the past, will you be sure of yourself? That’s a real irony.
Shook his head, throw away your thoughts, Natsume said
So, I’d like to ask you a question. In your eyes, what is it like to be a target?
Hesitant, evening string think everything is very important; Although we have become two people because of the accident that came to this world, we have different ideas and decisions, and we have fought very hard, but in the view of Xixian, it is irreplaceable.

She chuckled, Good or bad …

What’s wrong? I’m just trying to increase everyone’s fun. I’m a koo stand hand.
Shuang’er immediately gather together to hug ~ ~
Hey, hey, I just broke out in a smelly sweat. Stop hugging! I pushed her little hand.
Well ~ ~ She summoned the gills to help Shuang’er is going to cry …
Er …… is threatened by her simple language. I can put my arms around her little head symbolically. Be obedient and wait for me to take a shower. Shall we hug slowly?
She just nodded, but she asked again, All right, Shuang’er will take a bath ~ ~
Good good you want to serve how to serve … I completely surrender.
Shuang’er hugged me three feet two waists with satisfaction.
… Gong … can we talk about this later? The Story Of Diu Sim noodles are reddish.
But neither Shuang’er nor I have this consciousness.
When I took a bath in Shuang’er, I came out wrapped in a wide and rough bath towel.
Well, do you want to be hugged by me now? I sat on the bed and asked her
Shuang’er’s little face was flushed slightly by the hot air. Do you want it … She sat up directly.
I put my arm through her neck and put my other hand on her slender waist, so I rolled down on the couch.
Her face grew redder and her body shrank slightly.
Hey, hey, don’t get me wrong. I blew a sigh into her ear.
She shivered. Huh?
I really just hug you. I smiled and put her little pink ear beads in my mouth.
19 Cheng Yuer
Does the public know about this? Cheng Yu handed me a piece of tissue paper.
What else can we do in Shuofang? I took it by surprise.
On February 14th, Ting Wei announced that he would be dismissed for sitting on the job.
I can’t help but feel refreshed. Who is this … who is this?
The dog just arrived in Linrong early this morning. He smiled lightly.
Nani? !” I immediately sat up. Can you introduce me?
I’m joking. That’s what I’m thinking … Cheng Yu waved to the outside. Come on, Wu Er!
Uh … It’s hard for me to accept that he calls himself so rudely.
Here, however, his father’s excellent genes were left in his early twenties, and his length was more than a foot by visual inspection, but I was on a par with him, but he was slightly thinner than Cheng Yu’s slender figure. He was obviously a lot burly. I met Ma Daren in Cheng Wu! As soon as he reached the ground.
Cheng Xiong welcome I also arch hand will help him up.
kneel! Freeze suddenly drank one.
I can’t help shivering with my legs and kneeling on the ground with Cheng Wu.
… male … genus didn’t make you kneel … Cheng Yu was surprised.
I reluctantly pulled Cheng Wu up with me. Mr. Zhong, you are full of gas … Brother Cheng, how can I kneel down on my equal footing?
This is statecraft he stared Cheng Wu seriously.
Although the people here are big and burly, they obviously have great respect for their father and immediately kneel down to our bank again.
I scrambled to help him up again. Okay, okay, don’t make these vain gifts. Does Brother Cheng have any plans to come to Shuofang this time?
By adult arrangement Cheng Wu is very polite.
It’s very difficult for you to say that. I pushed the assignment to Cheng Yu again. It’s up to you, Mr. Zhong.
Cheng Yu nodded and promised Let’s go, old man.
Father and son went out in tandem.
Looking at the back of the father and son, I sighed unjustly.

The semifinal is held in the afternoon.
In the first game of the Reform Movement of Xu Huang, the team played onesided, which made the previous defeat bring shame to their ancestors and Tuoba Ye.
Qin Zhen led a group of brothers to do warmup exercises. I always took the players to watch the first game without wasting extra energy.
按摩The Xu Huang team is not blindly brave in playing football, but both offensive and defensive, advancing and retreating in an orderly manner, which is very different from the socalled offensive and defensive of ordinary beginners. They have confirmed that there are always enough defenders in the rear when they divide their positions and attack; However, the 1898 team is one level behind, and the defenders are not clear about their own positioning. They often can’t help running around with the ball, but the ball is exhausted without touching it several times.
The general trend of public order ban is set Li Dian nods.
Is this what Ma said about football? Cheng Wu jumped out from behind him and his face was full of excitement.
I laughed. Do you want to play? The horse is coming.
I’m afraid it will trouble adults? He hesitated.
No, I waved. You change your jacket and prepare for the game.
He no longer refused to change his clothes immediately.
At 1:6, Xu Huang sent the biggest dark horse in the competition, the Hundred Days Movement, back to their hometown.
Two other hardline opposition teams, which were expected by many people, made a grand appearance in a burst of applause.
Qin Zhen is on his high horse. This time … I won’t show mercy!
Oh? I raised my eyebrows. Then I’ll continue to be merciful.
He raised his eyebrows. Look at me shooting you speechless!
I put up a finger at him and waved it gently, then nodded to Cheng Wu.
Cheng Wu was assigned to the right winger because in my opinion, offense changed hands more than defense.
I gave the ball to the left winger, and I stopped Qin array behind me tightly.
Qin array team defense is also very fierce, although we are all butch riding soldiers, but under the leadership of Qin array, there is obviously a big difference with my direct team.
I think it is necessary to correct this group of overexcited opponents later, but now they can continue to play.
Qin array didn’t have the strength to make too many moves. He was running slowly near the midfield.

Good understanding also met! Aren’t you going to see a movie this afternoon? Go! Yan smiled at LingRong. It seems that she didn’t see LingRong and her friend dragging Fu Ting if they left.

You … you wait for me! Lingrong friends looked at Yan and their attitude was even more spiritwracked. If it wasn’t for her own ability, she would jump directly and tear them both up.
Purple culvert! Don’t be angry! Let’s go to the hospital first! Lingrongan caressed his angry friend.
Song Zihan Ling Rong is the only intimate friend. Forget it and don’t go to the hospital! Song Zihan’s voice is full of resentment. Obviously, she is spoiled and she has never been treated like this.
Don’t worry, I won’t let you suffer in vain! Two people through the crowd of onlookers Song Zihan stopped LingRongFang to Song Zihan open eyes cruel seems to be determined.
Don’t! Song Zihan opened his mouth to stop that little bitch’s skill. You can see that you are no match for her. Don’t confiscate the pickedup person and let yourself suffer.
I won’t! Ling Rong said faintly, That root is not the root of Imperial University, so I don’t worry about what threat she will pose to me!
Is that so? Song Zihan didn’t feel relieved until she said this. It’s not costeffective to always hurt the enemy by impulse!
I know! LingRong said lightly, how could she put herself in? If you dare to bully her, you have to bear her revenge. No one can be safe after bullying her.
By the way, what’s the story of Fuyuan High School? Song Zihan asked while looking at his wound in the mirror, and immediately thought of this problem. If it is not solved, the consequences will be very serious. He quickly put the mirror down and looked at Ling Rong with a serious face and said, You have to reassure Uncle Ling about this matter, otherwise this kind of thing will be exposed. Not only do you have things, but Uncle Ling will suffer! She also spends money to buy grades, but her university is not so highend and that student’s grades are not so proud. No one in the school will look at her. And that broken rule in your school is about to take an exam. You have no idea!
The original also vowed that Ling Rong suddenly sank her face. Song Zihan realized that things were naturally her worries. Fortune High School was also a good solution. It was useless for her to insist that she was Yan, who had an accident and ruined others. What worried her most was that she didn’t know her grades in the midterm exam in a week.
Students with excellent grades like him are piling up. It would be nice if Imperial University didn’t take the last place in the exam. What’s more, it’s the top student in the subject? And if she does get the countdown to the grade, she will definitely be dropped out of school, and even if she doesn’t drop out of school, she will be drowned by her classmates’ spit, from being the top scholar of Imperial University to the countdown to the exam results. It would be strange if there were no gossip.
桑拿网Have you studied hard? Song Zihan look at her face will know that there must be a problem in it. Heavy face Song Zihan is also anxious for her. Ah, you shouldn’t have found a result so good at the beginning! If you want to be the last one in the exam, it will be disappointing. If you take the exam as the last one, you will break your brain!
What did you say? LingRong like suddenly got the inspiration to seize the Song Zihan sound anxiously asked.
I said you should have found a result so good! Song zihan said
Not the last sentence! Lingrong grabbed Song Zihan like a straw.
Song Zihan was scared by her and quickly recalled what she had just said. She finally remembered, I mean, if you take the last exam, you will break your brain!
Yes, that’s it! Lingrongli took a clap.
What are you so excited about? Song Zihan glanced at her with a puzzled look. Did you think of a way to avoid it?
I broke my brain! Lingrong smiles brilliantly.
Ah? Song Zihan stared at her still confused about what? Are you in a hurry? Said here also reached out to LingRong forehead to try what she has a fever.
Ha ha ha ….. not to the exam? I can hurt myself. How can I attend the exam? This injury is not a big deal, is it? Ling Rong looked at Song Zihan and smiled with confidence. She was injured. Who would suspect that she was intentionally injured because she was afraid of the exam? She’s the top student, isn’t she? Hehehe … Thought of here, LingRong wanted to laugh. Sure enough, let her learn. She can’t. It’s not difficult for her to plan great things.
This is a good method! Song Zihan also clapped his hands to show his approval, but he immediately lost his smile. If it is fake, it will be even more unclear for others to know?
If you want to do it, you have to be serious! What’s the harm if Lingrongdao can get through this hurdle?
But … Song Zihan paused and then raised his hand and touched Lingrong’s face with pity. You will suffer a lot!
Nothing! LingRong shook his head. What is this bitterness? And watching my mother die with my own eyes, and watching my father and other women fall in love with each other in front of me, what’s so painful?
So what are you going to do? Knowing that she said she was going to be a man, Song Zihan stopped persuading her. She was going to ask her if she was going to help her friends. Isn’t that right? You don’t need anything to share weal and woe, just show up when you need it
There is still a week before the exam! I don’t want to suffer so early! Ling Rong said that the first monthly exam of Fuyuan High School was the same, and the midterm exam of Imperial University was almost the same. Fuyuan High School started the exam on Monday, while Imperial University started the exam on Wednesday. She had to have an accident next weekend. She didn’t want to stay in bed for ten days.
Well, let me know if you need it! Song Zihan said, And that little bitch, you must let me know when you want to clean up!
Don’t worry, how can there be a good show without you! LingRong smile said hit her? It’s the first time for her. It’s interesting to see who dares to hit her!
Go to the hospital first! My face is swollen! Song Zihan stretched out his hand and poked LingRong face said with a smile
Ling Rong looked at Song Zihan’s face. Her face was more hurt than her own, but she … Good to go to the hospital! This is her only true friend. No one can bully her at will without her permission, but she will be beaten like this. She will not let go of all three people.
And Yan, the three of them left the zoo directly in Luo Bin’s car without taking a taxi when Bin Luo came to leave by car.
How to fight! Yan knocked FuTing head staring at her novel way
Section 64
I didn’t want to fight! Fu Ting patted his hand. It’s really that woman doesn’t know how to see that fake, so I’m very upset. Does she dare to provoke and look for a fight? Fu ting feels very sorry for herself. She is really a literary doll. She won’t hit people unless she has to.
Don’t be impulsive after doing things! Driving Bin Luo said coldly with a frown, this girl is really bold. If it weren’t for him today, would she suffer?
Fu Ting rewarded him with a grimace. Come to the two fake white lilies to see if she will suffer.
… Bin Luo didn’t say that the more people like this, the worse it is to offend her. Is everyone as onetrackminded as her? If you’re angry, slap twice. If you’re not angry, smile? Those people are better at intrigue and calculation, but today they have been offended by Fu Ting and his Fuyuan High School. They can’t reach in and her class is in danger.
Hum! FuTing also ignore Bin Luo going to focus on yan body do you know how to say that fake? Said she hit her brain after the college entrance examination and ruined her memory. Nima, can you hit your brain and lose your height? Is there a photo of you in our school’s wind and cloud record? It’s clearly written in 167, and she’s the only one who capped it in 167. Isn’t that seven centimeters sawed? Mom is ridiculous!

But what if the woman bought it from overseas or someone else gave it to her? We can’t rule out that a man bought it to give it to a woman. Such screening is like looking for a needle in a haystack, even in vain. Shen Wei’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled.

You said that I have considered it. Let’s look at the sales situation as soon as possible. Both men and women should investigate. Although it is a needle in a haystack, this only clue should also be tried. Ye Zhanshen’s tone is serious with the spirit of never giving up in the wolf base.
On how hard and difficult the road ahead is, to be an excellent special soldier, let alone to find a needle in a haystack, even if you are looking for a pearl the size of a grain of rice in the snow, you have to look for it seriously without saying anything.
Well, when necessary, we should also thoroughly investigate the limited Chanel production sales channels to find out the winning list and see if there is any connection with people in S city. Shen Wei has a wolf light on his face and eyes.
Time is pressing, we have no other way to take shortcuts, Major Shen. We must aim at the right goal and always gain something after hard work. Ye Zhan plunged into his head again.
The two men began to look for a needle in a haystack and a pearl in the snow with great vigour.
In the southwest corner of S city, a large luxury residential area with excellent environment, the penthouse on the top floor of the highest two super apartments is in the middle of Yingying and Yunmo’s home.
They live very close, in the same community, and the adjacent apartment buildings are both penthouses.
桑拿会所Both of them can see each other in their own top floor garden.
It’s not freshman’s military training day for Yunmo and Luoying after the holiday, but it’s not time yet.
S city has strict requirements for the new generation of education. All middle school students have to carry out military training every summer according to the series.
Middle school students are sent to the juvenile military training center, while college students who are close to adulthood are sent directly to the training base of the S military region.
Che Xiaoxiao, freshmen arrange military training days at the top.
However, the number of military training days for sophomores and juniors is relatively reduced.
I am a junior in business school, and I am about to enter my senior year. Yunmo and Luoying are scheduled for military training day, which is ten days in the middle of the month.
All the prospective senior students in colleges and universities have a particularly heavy academic workload, and the pit that is about to graduate is dug to death.
Yun Mo and Luo Ying both stopped the racing club’s imperial racing department, because it was not only their son Ye Yan and Che Xiaoxiao, but also the military training base. None of the four emperors were idle.
The current club affairs are managed by Fang Wei led by the top ten elites.
In order to face the senior courses as soon as possible, Yun Mo and Luo Ying spent almost all day in the business school library, consulting materials, doing exercises and writing papers. The two points at home and business school were so busy that their cheeks shrank slightly.
However, this hard mental torture someone feels that they are still not busy enough, because hurting their friends is just a cruel torture.
In Zhengtu Museum, Zhonghe Luoying buried himself in consulting information, and Yunmo received the best joke about hurting friends.
Section 149
Smile … What’s the matter … Uhhuh? It’s the boss’s guarantee to finish. Yunmo was very happy when he received the message, but he was happy that his face was getting more and more bitter gourd, and it was constipation after he finally hung up.
Mo mo smiled and said something? Make you become this poop face across the table fall ying big strange.
Xiaoying Ying tells you that you can’t run away from Xi Xi Xi. Yun Mo laughs and gloats.
I’m not running. I’m sitting here. Didn’t you see it? Momo, are you stupid? Luo Ying’s baby face winks and keeps showing cute expressions.
Hum, little Yingying, don’t be lipsynching. I’m telling you, Xiaoxiao gave us three or four days to learn to grind coffee beans and make good coffee, and then she came back to check if she didn’t like it then. Yunmo turned her eyes and scratched her head.
Why can’t you chop your hands? Luo Ying was careless about pie pie.
She gave us two choices: chop hands or chop birds. Which one do you want? Cloud devoted to quickly put the table information and so on what department neatly packed up.
… why can’t you give a third choice? Luo Ying looks sad and hands and feet and quickly tidies up her things.
Laughing also said that Xiaoying would chop her tongue if she dawdled again. Yun Mo smiled with a treacherous face and picked up her backpack and roared off.
I wipe I wipe Nani Nani Zhennani! Xiaoxiao is a big bad guy! Fall ying drum face tightly with cloud devoted to footsteps.
Small ying ying hurry up when compact cloud stranger strode straight to the library parking lot.
I’m not running behind you. Now where are we going to make coffee?
Let’s find my little brother to go to his S city. There are several top western food chains with many talented people.
In this way, the time is like a tortoise crawling and a rocket flying, so it’s all right anyway, it’s been four days in a row
Che Xiaoxiao spent four days safely in the military training base.
And in ten thousand, Hiderigami spent a little time holding the flat brain, and it took four days to study the basic knowledge department in life. Occasionally, something was wrong. Five people in the dormitory were impatient and physically taught by themselves.
As a result, the flower building is very basic and there is no difficulty in communicating with her
Four days later, Che Xiaoxiao didn’t get up on time for breakfast and training as usual, but slept lazily again.
It was not until nine o’clock that Jiang Aitong knocked on the door of her bedroom No.3 and sent her a rich breakfast.
Enjoying the same treatment as the special battalion chief of the Wolf Head Base, a talent is lazy and leisurely, and his feet are packed and his stomach is filled, and the bedroom door separated by one room and one room is pushed open.
Did you eat breakfast in floret? Is everything packed? We are ready to go.
Xiaoling, they called me back. I had breakfast and my food was ready. I can go and smile.
Flower building singlehandedly picked up a bag from Jiang Zhu coming towards the door.

Tang Jixiu looked at her trembling shoulders and eyes, and the light became darker and darker. He asked again slowly.

can you?
It was a question, but he said it in a certain way.
He is determined that Qi Cancan can’t let Shen Sixun know that they can misunderstand Tang Qing by comparing them. She is lucky in misfortune because no one will worry about nothing.
As if it had been a century, Qi Cancan loosened his hand in front of him.
How long
Her voice trembled. She had fantasized about them several times, but now she wants to run away.
Until you get tired of it, okay?
Her tone is praying that her heart is cold.
JiCancan shouldn’t ask him, but ask yourself how long it will take to kick Tang Jixiu out of his heart:
Chapter 75 The heart was tender as the sea (1) 【 The ticket is full and more 】
桑拿会所JiCancan bowed slightly in situ, wiping his nose and tears while watching Tang Jixiu drink one glass after another slowly. He restrained himself from pouring half a cup every time. He seems to be in a good mood now, smiling all the time and never paying attention to her again.
He has always been so autocratic and overbearing. He has finished what he wants to say and won’t listen to Qi Cancan again.
She cried and cried and was tired. She just sat down in his bed and buried her head in the quilt and continued to sob. Qi Cancan’s mood is extremely complicated now. She can’t guess Tang Jixiu’s mind. He seems to have been a giant for more than ten years, but she is like an idiot. She shouldn’t covet that little warmth, let alone indulge in it.
The best way to get out now is to be yourself, just like you dug out your bloody heart and gave it to someone, and what did he do with you if you didn’t speak?
JiCancan clenched her hands and beat the bed reluctantly. She always told herself that she was going to be a mother and could not be so naive.
She’s gone as far as a circle now, and then she’s back in a flash.
Tang Jixiu drank the last sip of wine in the cup and looked up at JiCancan.
Have you cried enough
Although JiCancan sound pressure is extremely low, but has not stopped listening for a long time, but it is a little scratching my heart.
Ji Cancan cried her head buzzing and held her breath in her heart. She tightened the sheets and didn’t even lift her head. But at the moment, she cried enough. She grabbed a discarded bed shirt and wiped her face hard. This shirt is supposed to be Tang Jixiu’s recent change, and he still has his unique flavor.
If you cry enough, go back to the same trick. Don’t do it too many times. I’m tired of watching you play.
Tang Jixiu’s attitude is still as cold as usual.
He can easily tear all the disguises of Qi Cancan with one sentence, but when these wounds are exposed to the air, she hates everyone in her heart and can call her hypocritical Tang Jixiu.
JiCancan suddenly raised his head and stared at Tang Jixiu. Then he turned Tang Jixiu’s legs around and looked at her, and he didn’t stop it. There was quite a fight with you.
Qi Cancan will hold back Tang Jixiu even if she doesn’t. She can really pretend to be a hundred poisons sometimes.
I have to say that everything in the highend hotel is really neat and tidy. After a while, she pulled out a pen and a piece of paper from the low cabinet. She wrote a few lines in a hurry and carefully looked at it for a long time. Finally, she wrote clearly what she wanted to express. Then she put a heavy bite on the paper and made a row of impressions on the flat paper.
JiCancan took a sniffle and strode to Ji Tang to cultivate one’s morality and handed the paper to Ji Tang to cultivate one’s morality.
I can stay with you, but after three years, even if you send these photos to the Internet, I won’t say a word. Ji Tang, don’t try to tie me up all your life.
Qi Cancan and Shen Sixun agreed that after three years, she would be free. She could find a small city with a slow pace of life and spend her life safely. With children, the two of them are no longer bound by feelings and become her true self. Until now, she has realized that what she pursues is ordinary but ordinary.
She pursed her lips for fear that she was not thorough enough, so she added.
Please don’t make a mistake. I didn’t stay because I have feelings for you. I need Shen Sixun now and I won’t leave him.
Tang Jixiu looked down at JiCancan’s crooked words and was too lazy to look at the specific ones. He snorted a row of small teeth marks with some saliva, and his mouth was still mocking with some disgust.
Who asked you if you were staying together because of your feelings? Don’t do unrealistic fantasies if you know the impossible without being pressed.
JiCancan narrowed his eyes and smiled sarcastically, then thrust the paper into his mouth according to Tang Jixiu’s shoulder.
Tang Jixiu was obviously annoyed. He raised his hand and tore open JiCancan’s reflexive finger, pressing the joints in the soft chair and tapping her nose tip.

Buffon wonderful save! If it is a little later, the ball will go through the Juventus goal!

Buffon wonderful save! If it is a little later, the ball will go through the Juventus goal!
Qin Xiong is very excited, and he is not too disappointed.
Just after the war, casillas will challenge Buffon again.
God, how many players on active duty have this opportunity?
Juventus’ attack is still half dead.
Their attacks are often ended by arsenal’s defense in the frontcourt. I am surprised to be familiar with the fast pace against arsenal’s defenders in the premier league!
Is this Juventus?
Is it the opponent who was fired before the game?
I can’t feel the pressure!
Fortunately, there are still one or two superstars in Real Madrid who rely on their personal abilities to make the defense very headache and make dangerous things happen in front of the door.
Juventus didn’t even get a decent shot!
On the contrary, Arsenal rely on fast and smooth cooperation to constantly create shooting opportunities in attack.
In the 29th minute of the game, Qin Xiong made a tacit agreement with Pires on the left to cut into the restricted area for cover. After Qin Xiong dragged on, he suddenly missed the defender Thuram Cannavaro and was rushed into the restricted area by the back point. Ljungberg headed the ball!
It’s a pity that Ljungberg’s goal in front of the goal was really slippery. He headed the goal and flew directly to the stands, otherwise it would be a beautiful goal!
Ljungberg missed a chance to score a goal with a back nod. It can be seen that Buffon was not in a good position just now. He couldn’t have moved to the back to block the near post for the first time. Ljungberg had to head the ball to the back of the goal, but he missed it!
Wenger covered his face on the sidelines to show that Naitan didn’t love and hate Ljungberg, but missing an opportunity in the peak showdown might really be an instant of regret for life!
Capello is really stunned. Arsenal is better than he thought!
There are also some defenders in Juventus who can’t defend Arsenal headon. They must make more defensive efforts to turn the situation around.
But how to work hard?
There is a foul!
From this moment in the game, Juventus is not only very weak in attack, but also frequently fouls in defense, which can change the game from dynamic to static, and let the old Juventus sometimes slow down and rearrange their defense lines.
Soon Juventus players will get a yellow card, and what happened in the 35th minute of the game may be unexpected for all Arsenal fans! to be continued
[The first volume of the sword has become a front before it is drawn. ]
Once again, I wish you a happy MidAutumn Festival!
More finished
Ask for a monthly ticket clearance
National Day breaks out again at the beginning of the month!
Vieira shoveled down Qin Xiong!
When Vieira first returned to Highbury Stadium, most gunmen fans in the stands chose to ignore it.
Neither welcome nor dislike.
After all, the captain of the team was the cornerstone of the team.
Vieira Arsenal has made countless contributions and can be said to be a player of the times in the Premier League!
However, when he wore a Juventus jersey and was knocked down by the fans in a familiar way, the stands first fell into a short silence
Then arsenal fans in the stands seemed to have lost their minds and made a move
Shh! Endless!
Just as Vieira took the initiative to reach out and pull up Qin Xiong, he stopped moving. He heard the harsh hiss. He turned his head and looked as if he could see the fans in the stands showing ferocious expressions at him!
His body froze, then stretched and then retracted his hand. He turned around and ignored Qin Xiong. He also ignored the referee and showed him a yellow card.
Qin Xiong got up by himself. He still respected Vieira, but at this time, he had to put his personal feelings aside. He didn’t take a look at Vieira.
What caused Highbury hero to become a public enemy sinner in front of a familiar crowd a year ago?
Is it the score card Arsenal 1: 1 ahead of Juventus?
Was it the most difficult time for the team to turn around and leave?
Or is it that the waves behind the Yangtze River push the waves before?
Can’t say for sure.
Although there are stories of loyalty betrayal in football, betrayal is always more dazzling than loyalty, and it is easier to become a vent target. Moreover, the reason for leaving the old people will always be misinterpreted or summarized as betrayal
It’s better to see each other when you’re away from home!
桑拿When it is necessary to meet again and revisit the old place, every deserter may have to be labeled as the public enemy of the betrayed person. If someone can warmly welcome you back with a smile, then you should be grateful because there are very few scenes like that!
Juventus’ offense is still a mess except foul and improved defense!
The more you kick, the less you will fight.
This makes Ibrahimovic feel that there is an evil fire in his heart at the front line.
In the last game, he thought that Qin Xiong was taller, but now Qin Xiong is sharpedged, and he seems to have entered hibernation, and even the number of touching balls is pitiful, let alone what he has done.
The top teams in European football have their own tacit attack groups.
Juventus is no exception, but there are key players in it!
Devid is the key factor, which is to attack the core players in the group.

If the powerful skills are broken directly like my neighbor totoro, it’s just that this dark caterpillar is biting the game directly!

And this is not the same as making the skill crack. The red, green and green lines appear in the bite of the dark caterpillar, which reminds Chen Mo of the hacking scene in many movies.
Chen Mo frowned. He knew it might be difficult for him to do those things, but he didn’t expect such an amazing secret to be hidden behind him!
No matter how you look at this black caterpillar, it is not a simple thing in this game world!
The black caterpillar bites quickly, and it is going to drill away from the bite. Chen Mo no longer waits for his body to move suddenly to the black caterpillar.
Black dragon, strike!
Facing the black caterpillar, Chen Mo brazenly made the black dragon strike skill with the fastest hand attack power and attack speed.
Chen Mo is not sure that he can stop the black caterpillar without black dragon’s batting skill.
Black dragon strikes like a flash, and blinks at a distance of tens of meters, that is, like a snapdragon magnetic storm, the sea spear stung the tiny body of the black caterpillar.
The black caterpillar obviously didn’t expect it to be attacked at this time. In the face of the magnetic storm sea spear attack, there was a look of panic in its eyes. It was already trying to avoid being nailed to the body by the magnetic storm sea spear and pushed out more than ten meters away.
While the black caterpillar was pushed away from the biting position, Chen Mo took the opportunity to rush forward and prepare to arrest the black caterpillar.
But can you hold Chen Mo? I have no idea.
Just now, he saw clearly that the magnetic storm sea spear hit the black caterpillar and pushed it more than ten meters away, but the black caterpillar was not hurt, as if he was attacking a creature in the game. Otherwise, even if the black caterpillar was strong, it would not be hit for more than ten meters and would not be hurt.
Ice crystal armor!
When rushing to the black caterpillar, Chen Mo just learned the ice crystal armor skills.
Outside Chen Mo’s body, he was immediately covered by a layer of ice crystals to form a armor with glittering and translucent light.
Compared with ice crystal skin, this ice crystal armor not only has the ability to resist ice properties, but also can effectively resist ordinary attacks. Moreover, during the coverage period of ice crystal armor, Chen Mo attacks have a chance to freeze the enemy.
Although the probability is not high, a few more attacks will always work. Chen Mo wants to freeze the black caterpillar to see if he can catch it.
See Chen Mo came at it with a look of anger and cruelty in the eyes of the black caterpillar.
It’s scary to see this black caterpillar swell up to the size of a thumb, and then it instantly becomes ten times larger and becomes a huge caterpillar as big as a bucket.
When the black caterpillar gets bigger, it roars at Chen Mo. Chen Mo looks at the black caterpillar and his pupils suddenly shrink!
What kind of ghost attack is this!
Looked at the attack Chen Mo horror.
After seeing the black caterpillar roar, although it was not broken around, it was like a lake with a slight ripple, and red and green alternating lines appeared in front of Chen Mo.
Although I don’t know what effect these lines have on him, Chen Mo is obviously afraid to touch them.
I’m afraid even if you have enemy defense skills in the game, touching these lines will not have a good result!
Chen Mo flashed this idea in his heart. He was in a hurry to bypass these red and green lines and catch the black caterpillar.
The black caterpillar became huge, roared out this strange attack, and then its body became smaller again.
Not good!
After Chen Mo’s black caterpillar became smaller, he could catch it with a little stop, but he didn’t expect to dare to set foot in the rippling place, but the black caterpillar swooped to the side.
Not only that, it obviously becomes very fragile, and the black caterpillar can easily bite through its mouth.
Three shots!
The sea spear can’t be used for the time being. Chen Mo can make the grayfeathered hand crossbow attack the black caterpillar in three shots, trying to stop the black caterpillar from escaping.
Chen Mo’s reaction is not unpleasant, but the latitude of being yelled at by a black caterpillar is obviously different from ordinary.
In the normal game, it is absolutely unreasonable for Chen Mo to shoot the crossbow, but in this rippling lake, the arrow shot by Chen Mo is not shot at the black caterpillar, but is offset by a full meter.
According to the position of the three arrows, Chen Mo quickly corrected the deviation, and the gray feather crossbow moved the crossbow and shot it again
This time, even if there is an offset, Chen Mo is sure to shoot the black caterpillar accurately
But when Chen Mo shot the second hand crossbow attack, the black caterpillar was already rippling and biting out a crack that it could get into.
The black caterpillar didn’t get into it for the first time, but looked back coldly. Chen Mo looked at the arrows coming at it. It didn’t bow its head into the crack until the arrows were about to hit its body.
Chen Mo shot the arrow and followed it, but the black caterpillar was not afraid of the arrow attack. Even if Chen Mo’s arrow hit the black caterpillar inside, Chen Mo would stop the black caterpillar from leaving.
Still let this black caterpillar escape!
Chen Mo heart sank.
The first time he came into contact with the black caterpillar, he didn’t know what means the black caterpillar had. If he knew in advance, the black caterpillar would never escape from his palm.
What Chen Mo didn’t know was that even if he had seen a black caterpillar before, it was unlikely that he would try to stop it.
Compared with the black caterpillar before, the black caterpillar has evolved significantly.
As Chen Mo’s heart sank, a huge body suddenly flashed before his eyes!
Chen Mo didn’t expect my totoro to appear at this time.
My neighbor totoro didn’t say hello to Chen Mo either. It was a big hand, a hand and a palm, and it plunged into the black caterpillar’s escape force.
桑拿会所Cheep! ! !
When an angry sound came, my neighbor totoro’s palm stretched out from the crack, and it grabbed the escaped black caterpillar in its palm!
Chen Mo’s heart is happy. I didn’t expect things to turn around. My neighbor totoro took the initiative to help him catch the strange black caterpillar!
It seems that he has been wrong about it before. This guy is still very reliable sometimes!
But for a moment, Chen Mo never imagined that things appeared.
When I saw my totoro’s big mouth, I threw the black caterpillar into my mouth, and when I clicked it, the black caterpillar turned into pieces and disappeared.
This, this …