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Prester suddenly sounded in Mo Xiaoxie’s mind. At such a long distance, the other party was able to talk with him. The real strength of prester simply made Mo Xiaoxie daunting.

After the extreme, it is a demigod, but the extreme has three definite divisions: the early, middle and late odd stages. The threestage division of the different extreme is not a vague concept like odd, but it is quite obvious that Mo Xiaoxie and prester are not separated by two stages.
Prester is getting closer and closer to Mo Xiaoxie, and his figure is getting clearer and clearer, and his expression of coming to settle accounts makes Mo Xiaoxie fall into the valley step by step.
Chapter 213 Accidentally entering the midlevel plane
As the sense of oppression grew stronger, Mo Xiaoxie became more and more worried.
In front of prester, a demigod, it is impossible for him to have a chance. It is still far away from the lower plane ahead. Mo Xiaoxie carefully judged that it is impossible for him to get there before prester chased him. prester is too fast!
When the plane closest to him is a larger mediumsized plane, it is almost just enough for him to fly there.
Mo Xiaoxie doesn’t want to go to the middle plane now, but there is no other way to choose now.
In prester, oppressing Mo Xiaoxie turned his head and rushed toward the middlelevel plane next to him.
Prester once again sounded in Mo Xiaoxie’s mind, You can’t escape anyone who has offended me! Prester was upset that the blade of destruction was taken away. He left his lair and left the plan to invade other planes aside. He also came to get Mo Xiaoxie.
Prester, Mo Xiaoxie just ignored these words. He is not in the mood to talk about this and that at this moment of life and death.
The front middlelevel plane is getting closer and closer to him, but prester figure is not the case.
He was surprised that the tremendous pressure made Mo Xiaoxie slow down a lot.
Prester is not far from him, and his ferocious appearance is just too consistent with his identity as a hell.
Fortunately, even if there is no mistake, Mo Xiaoxie finally came to this middleorder plane before prester was killed. Dozens of loworder planes revolved around this middleorder plane, which was shaped like a small star, and the whole little star revolved around the main god plane in the vast Xinghai.
In front of me, the middlelevel plane is not a planet, but a mass of energy. It doesn’t seem to be very big, but it is absolutely unimaginable inside.
Mo Xiaoxie hurriedly took out Ben Lei to prepare for the strongest attack. In this energy, he made a decent crack to hide in.
However, prester is getting closer and closer, and he doesn’t intend to let Mo Xiaoxie hit a bright light so easily and go straight to Mo Xiaoxie.
An attack from a demigod is absolutely serious.
Mo Xiaoxie quickly gathered his strength in the rush of thunder and then cut it hard toward the front energy body because he had several experiences, and this time he succeeded by accident.
A 10meterlong crack appeared in the energy body crack ahead. Turbulence is very dangerous when it is as deep as a nebula. If you force this turbulence, you will end up like Otis. The body will be torn to pieces. Mo Xiaoxie needs to cast a spell to hit the entrance of this middlelevel plane so that you can enter.
But prester’s attack has come, and he has no time to think about it
The strong light blinks to Mo Xiaoxie, and the evil can teleport and get away with it.
Look at the place where the light shines. That energy body was blasted out of a big hole, just like a bottomless tunnel. If you go in along this tunnel, it should be that the hole is shrinking rapidly. Mo Xiaoxie flew in without hesitation.
A moment later, prester arrived and Mo Xiaoxie’s figure had disappeared into the turbulence.
Prester wants to dive in. Some middlelevel demigods are strong and can force their way into prester, so they are ready to do so.
The hole has become very small. prester was angry and immediately became bigger when he tore it. He was about to jump in. An unknown voice suddenly sounded, Those with too high ability refused to enter.
Prester didn’t give up the idea of forcibly entering it until his face changed. He didn’t dare to challenge a patron saint of a plane to invade a plane and completely destroy it and make it disappear in the vast Xinghai. Destroying the stability of the vast Xinghai will annoy the Lord God. The consequences are very serious.
After Mo Xiaoxie jumped into the turbulence, the scene around him was like getting into a shuttle. He quickly went backwards along the tunnel attacked by prester. So far, it was safe, but soon the tunnel gradually narrowed and eventually disappeared.
He has no chance to hit the entrance to this plane by casting spells, and now everything can be resigned.
Turbulence makes Mo Xiaoxie’s body change shape, long and short. Squeezing and pulling his body makes him feel worse than in the magic well
桑拿会所Mo Xiaoxie gritted his teeth and moved all his defensive skills, but it didn’t make him feel better. Finally, he entered the incarnation of the real demon, which eased the situation, but the situation was not optimistic, not just his body. He found that his soul was being broken a little bit.
Mo Xiaoxie has never met such a problem, and he doesn’t know how to face it.
The situation is simply too bad. Mo Xiaoxie hopes that he can survive this difficulty, but he is not very confident.
The broken soul made Mo Xiaoxie feel dizzy. He went into a coma several times, but he always woke up.
The surrounding scenery suddenly changed dramatically, and the deep chaos and turbulence disappeared, replaced by blue sky and white clouds.
It’s good to breathe fresh air again, but the situation in Mo Xiaoxie is very bad now.
What’s left of his life, but that’s not the point. The point is that his soul is in a mess. If it weren’t for his helmet, he believed that he would be finished.
The force fell on a meadow, and Mo Xiaoxie felt his eyelids heavy, his head dizzy and his vision blurred. There were simply too many negative States brought about by soul chaos in the attention method, and he did not know how to target mentally.
This middlelevel plane is as strong as a cloud, and there are countless roles that are more powerful than him, and now he is in this state, which is simply adding snow and frost
Mo Xiaoxie thinks he can’t go on like this. He needs a long sleep and has to find a safe corner.
He got scared from the ground and waved his wings to fly, but his mental confusion caused him to fail and fall to the ground again, so he summoned a demon hand to take care of himself.
In the light, a female demon appeared. As soon as she appeared, she bowed down respectfully and said, Thank you for giving me life, my master. What can I do for you?
Take me to find a place to rest, the more hidden the better. Mo Xiaoxie gradually couldn’t bear it, and then he fainted
In the twilight, he felt that he was in pieces. Although he was repairing and restoring himself, the progress was slow. He had never had such a bad experience.
After waking up, Mo Xiaoxie found herself in a dark passage with poor light. The female demon magic lit up the way forward, and water drops fell from the top from time to time.
Mo Xiaoxie felt that he had not improved at all, and his head was still groggy. What he saw in the attention method was not only vague, but also there were many illusions, just as there seemed to be three female demons beside him who helped him advance.
Where is this? Mo Xiaoxie asked.
Report to the master that I found it in a remote ravine, which looks like a grave.
Grave? Mo Xiaoxie doesn’t want to sleep in the grave. He wants to scold this female demon, but considering the current situation, he didn’t do that. Let’s go to the grave. Probably no one will like to come to this place.
He thinks he may need a long, long sleep, and the more secluded he is, the better.

Meng Shao

Meng Yichen nodded slightly Let’s go
Chuting smiled and nodded good
He walked past her without looking at her, as if she were special.
Yin An dyed slightly bowed his head and silently packed his things.
She had little appetite to eat at night, and a strange upset flooded her mind.
She plays with her brain in her bed, and she has a common group with Qing Shuang and Qin Ai.
Three people chatted with Gu Qingshuang and discussed that they could go to Qingcheng Mountain together on weekends.
Qingcheng is a city not far from A city, which is famous for its tourism. Although it is not far from A city, Yin Anran has never been there once.
Can go to play things Qin Ai is in favor of both hands and feet.
She had just typed a good word and sent it over. Suddenly she heard a car outside.
An errand made her put her brain on the balcony.
The probe looked out and saw the tall and straight figure of Xin Chang. Yin Anran watched him walk into the villa on the balcony.
She dumped her head and he couldn’t come back. Why did she mean that? !
She trotted into the room, tidied up her brain and got into bed.
When Meng Yichen entered the room, he saw that the little man was fast asleep, and his lip corner evoked a self-mockery
What does he think? Don’t expect her to wait for him to come back for fear that she would rather he didn’t come back!
Thinking of this, the irritability and anger surged up again. He tore off his tie, changed his clothes and went into the bathroom.
Yin Anran slowly opened his eyes facing the balcony.
After a long time, she felt Meng Yichen lying beside her, and neither of them spoke.
After several days, ChuTing heart sometimes will come to Meng Yichen, and ChuTing heart invitation Meng Yichen did not refuse.
It rained cats and dogs outside the class that day.
Outside the building of Yin Anran and Yang Sisi Company
Alas, the rain is still so heavy. Yang filar silk suddenly failed to look at her. Hey, Xiao Ran, why don’t you go with the president? Doesn’t he have a car?
Yin Anran was about to open his mouth when a car drove up in front of them. Yang Sisi’s eyes lit up. Xiao Ran’s boyfriend has come to pick me up. I’ll go first.
Yang filar silk excitedly rushed into the car.
Yin Anran smiled and waved at her.
The heavier the rain, the more it seems that there is no intention to stop.
When she glanced at it, she was about to go out with an umbrella. Suddenly, a black Bentley stopped in front of her, and she stopped.
You can see Shen Feng when you shake the window.
Miss Yin
The rear window also shook with the handsome but cold face.
Meng Yichen looked at her indifferently.
Shen Feng leans slightly. President, why don’t you let Miss Yin drive? It’s raining hard outside.
Meng Yichen looked at her eyes with emotions that she couldn’t read.
Yin Anran took one look and removed the line of sight.
Drive! Meng Yichen said coldly and then shook the window.
As soon as the car sped out, it disappeared into Yin Anran’s sight.
Yin Anran took a deep breath and the rain was still a little small compared with when she first arrived.
She walked out of the company building with an umbrella.
On the weekend, Yin Anran and Gu Qingshuang made an appointment to start early in the morning.
She got up early and had breakfast.
It’s almost time for the president Shen Feng came in.
Meng Yichen should be a light and then got up and followed Shen Feng and went out.
Meng Yijie saw Meng Yichen go out on the first floor. She hummed an unhappy face, sat down and took a sip of milk. Aren’t you angry with Sister Xiaoran?
Yin Anran was asked by her sudden question What?
Section 45
My brother, do you know what he is going to do today?
Yin Anran shook his head.
品茶论坛But he has nothing to do with her, right?
You really don’t care? Aren’t you my brother’s woman? He is going out to play with your aunt today or spend the night.
Yin Anran zheng, he and his aunt … Spend the night …
At the thought of this, she held the cup hand tightly.
Xiaojie, I’m in a hurry. She picked up her bag in a hurry when she looked at it.
She made an appointment with Qing Shuang and them at a place.
Meng Yijie’s words were stuck in her mind all the way by car.

She chuckled, Good or bad …

What’s wrong? I’m just trying to increase everyone’s fun. I’m a koo stand hand.
Shuang’er immediately gather together to hug ~ ~
Hey, hey, I just broke out in a smelly sweat. Stop hugging! I pushed her little hand.
Well ~ ~ She summoned the gills to help Shuang’er is going to cry …
Er …… is threatened by her simple language. I can put my arms around her little head symbolically. Be obedient and wait for me to take a shower. Shall we hug slowly?
She just nodded, but she asked again, All right, Shuang’er will take a bath ~ ~
Good good you want to serve how to serve … I completely surrender.
Shuang’er hugged me three feet two waists with satisfaction.
… Gong … can we talk about this later? The Story Of Diu Sim noodles are reddish.
But neither Shuang’er nor I have this consciousness.
When I took a bath in Shuang’er, I came out wrapped in a wide and rough bath towel.
Well, do you want to be hugged by me now? I sat on the bed and asked her
Shuang’er’s little face was flushed slightly by the hot air. Do you want it … She sat up directly.
I put my arm through her neck and put my other hand on her slender waist, so I rolled down on the couch.
Her face grew redder and her body shrank slightly.
Hey, hey, don’t get me wrong. I blew a sigh into her ear.
She shivered. Huh?
I really just hug you. I smiled and put her little pink ear beads in my mouth.
19 Cheng Yuer
Does the public know about this? Cheng Yu handed me a piece of tissue paper.
What else can we do in Shuofang? I took it by surprise.
On February 14th, Ting Wei announced that he would be dismissed for sitting on the job.
I can’t help but feel refreshed. Who is this … who is this?
The dog just arrived in Linrong early this morning. He smiled lightly.
Nani? !” I immediately sat up. Can you introduce me?
I’m joking. That’s what I’m thinking … Cheng Yu waved to the outside. Come on, Wu Er!
Uh … It’s hard for me to accept that he calls himself so rudely.
Here, however, his father’s excellent genes were left in his early twenties, and his length was more than a foot by visual inspection, but I was on a par with him, but he was slightly thinner than Cheng Yu’s slender figure. He was obviously a lot burly. I met Ma Daren in Cheng Wu! As soon as he reached the ground.
Cheng Xiong welcome I also arch hand will help him up.
kneel! Freeze suddenly drank one.
I can’t help shivering with my legs and kneeling on the ground with Cheng Wu.
… male … genus didn’t make you kneel … Cheng Yu was surprised.
I reluctantly pulled Cheng Wu up with me. Mr. Zhong, you are full of gas … Brother Cheng, how can I kneel down on my equal footing?
This is statecraft he stared Cheng Wu seriously.
Although the people here are big and burly, they obviously have great respect for their father and immediately kneel down to our bank again.
I scrambled to help him up again. Okay, okay, don’t make these vain gifts. Does Brother Cheng have any plans to come to Shuofang this time?
By adult arrangement Cheng Wu is very polite.
It’s very difficult for you to say that. I pushed the assignment to Cheng Yu again. It’s up to you, Mr. Zhong.
Cheng Yu nodded and promised Let’s go, old man.
Father and son went out in tandem.
Looking at the back of the father and son, I sighed unjustly.

The semifinal is held in the afternoon.
In the first game of the Reform Movement of Xu Huang, the team played onesided, which made the previous defeat bring shame to their ancestors and Tuoba Ye.
Qin Zhen led a group of brothers to do warmup exercises. I always took the players to watch the first game without wasting extra energy.
按摩The Xu Huang team is not blindly brave in playing football, but both offensive and defensive, advancing and retreating in an orderly manner, which is very different from the socalled offensive and defensive of ordinary beginners. They have confirmed that there are always enough defenders in the rear when they divide their positions and attack; However, the 1898 team is one level behind, and the defenders are not clear about their own positioning. They often can’t help running around with the ball, but the ball is exhausted without touching it several times.
The general trend of public order ban is set Li Dian nods.
Is this what Ma said about football? Cheng Wu jumped out from behind him and his face was full of excitement.
I laughed. Do you want to play? The horse is coming.
I’m afraid it will trouble adults? He hesitated.
No, I waved. You change your jacket and prepare for the game.
He no longer refused to change his clothes immediately.
At 1:6, Xu Huang sent the biggest dark horse in the competition, the Hundred Days Movement, back to their hometown.
Two other hardline opposition teams, which were expected by many people, made a grand appearance in a burst of applause.
Qin Zhen is on his high horse. This time … I won’t show mercy!
Oh? I raised my eyebrows. Then I’ll continue to be merciful.
He raised his eyebrows. Look at me shooting you speechless!
I put up a finger at him and waved it gently, then nodded to Cheng Wu.
Cheng Wu was assigned to the right winger because in my opinion, offense changed hands more than defense.
I gave the ball to the left winger, and I stopped Qin array behind me tightly.
Qin array team defense is also very fierce, although we are all butch riding soldiers, but under the leadership of Qin array, there is obviously a big difference with my direct team.
I think it is necessary to correct this group of overexcited opponents later, but now they can continue to play.
Qin array didn’t have the strength to make too many moves. He was running slowly near the midfield.

If the powerful skills are broken directly like my neighbor totoro, it’s just that this dark caterpillar is biting the game directly!

And this is not the same as making the skill crack. The red, green and green lines appear in the bite of the dark caterpillar, which reminds Chen Mo of the hacking scene in many movies.
Chen Mo frowned. He knew it might be difficult for him to do those things, but he didn’t expect such an amazing secret to be hidden behind him!
No matter how you look at this black caterpillar, it is not a simple thing in this game world!
The black caterpillar bites quickly, and it is going to drill away from the bite. Chen Mo no longer waits for his body to move suddenly to the black caterpillar.
Black dragon, strike!
Facing the black caterpillar, Chen Mo brazenly made the black dragon strike skill with the fastest hand attack power and attack speed.
Chen Mo is not sure that he can stop the black caterpillar without black dragon’s batting skill.
Black dragon strikes like a flash, and blinks at a distance of tens of meters, that is, like a snapdragon magnetic storm, the sea spear stung the tiny body of the black caterpillar.
The black caterpillar obviously didn’t expect it to be attacked at this time. In the face of the magnetic storm sea spear attack, there was a look of panic in its eyes. It was already trying to avoid being nailed to the body by the magnetic storm sea spear and pushed out more than ten meters away.
While the black caterpillar was pushed away from the biting position, Chen Mo took the opportunity to rush forward and prepare to arrest the black caterpillar.
But can you hold Chen Mo? I have no idea.
Just now, he saw clearly that the magnetic storm sea spear hit the black caterpillar and pushed it more than ten meters away, but the black caterpillar was not hurt, as if he was attacking a creature in the game. Otherwise, even if the black caterpillar was strong, it would not be hit for more than ten meters and would not be hurt.
Ice crystal armor!
When rushing to the black caterpillar, Chen Mo just learned the ice crystal armor skills.
Outside Chen Mo’s body, he was immediately covered by a layer of ice crystals to form a armor with glittering and translucent light.
Compared with ice crystal skin, this ice crystal armor not only has the ability to resist ice properties, but also can effectively resist ordinary attacks. Moreover, during the coverage period of ice crystal armor, Chen Mo attacks have a chance to freeze the enemy.
Although the probability is not high, a few more attacks will always work. Chen Mo wants to freeze the black caterpillar to see if he can catch it.
See Chen Mo came at it with a look of anger and cruelty in the eyes of the black caterpillar.
It’s scary to see this black caterpillar swell up to the size of a thumb, and then it instantly becomes ten times larger and becomes a huge caterpillar as big as a bucket.
When the black caterpillar gets bigger, it roars at Chen Mo. Chen Mo looks at the black caterpillar and his pupils suddenly shrink!
What kind of ghost attack is this!
Looked at the attack Chen Mo horror.
After seeing the black caterpillar roar, although it was not broken around, it was like a lake with a slight ripple, and red and green alternating lines appeared in front of Chen Mo.
Although I don’t know what effect these lines have on him, Chen Mo is obviously afraid to touch them.
I’m afraid even if you have enemy defense skills in the game, touching these lines will not have a good result!
Chen Mo flashed this idea in his heart. He was in a hurry to bypass these red and green lines and catch the black caterpillar.
The black caterpillar became huge, roared out this strange attack, and then its body became smaller again.
Not good!
After Chen Mo’s black caterpillar became smaller, he could catch it with a little stop, but he didn’t expect to dare to set foot in the rippling place, but the black caterpillar swooped to the side.
Not only that, it obviously becomes very fragile, and the black caterpillar can easily bite through its mouth.
Three shots!
The sea spear can’t be used for the time being. Chen Mo can make the grayfeathered hand crossbow attack the black caterpillar in three shots, trying to stop the black caterpillar from escaping.
Chen Mo’s reaction is not unpleasant, but the latitude of being yelled at by a black caterpillar is obviously different from ordinary.
In the normal game, it is absolutely unreasonable for Chen Mo to shoot the crossbow, but in this rippling lake, the arrow shot by Chen Mo is not shot at the black caterpillar, but is offset by a full meter.
According to the position of the three arrows, Chen Mo quickly corrected the deviation, and the gray feather crossbow moved the crossbow and shot it again
This time, even if there is an offset, Chen Mo is sure to shoot the black caterpillar accurately
But when Chen Mo shot the second hand crossbow attack, the black caterpillar was already rippling and biting out a crack that it could get into.
The black caterpillar didn’t get into it for the first time, but looked back coldly. Chen Mo looked at the arrows coming at it. It didn’t bow its head into the crack until the arrows were about to hit its body.
Chen Mo shot the arrow and followed it, but the black caterpillar was not afraid of the arrow attack. Even if Chen Mo’s arrow hit the black caterpillar inside, Chen Mo would stop the black caterpillar from leaving.
Still let this black caterpillar escape!
Chen Mo heart sank.
The first time he came into contact with the black caterpillar, he didn’t know what means the black caterpillar had. If he knew in advance, the black caterpillar would never escape from his palm.
What Chen Mo didn’t know was that even if he had seen a black caterpillar before, it was unlikely that he would try to stop it.
Compared with the black caterpillar before, the black caterpillar has evolved significantly.
As Chen Mo’s heart sank, a huge body suddenly flashed before his eyes!
Chen Mo didn’t expect my totoro to appear at this time.
My neighbor totoro didn’t say hello to Chen Mo either. It was a big hand, a hand and a palm, and it plunged into the black caterpillar’s escape force.
桑拿会所Cheep! ! !
When an angry sound came, my neighbor totoro’s palm stretched out from the crack, and it grabbed the escaped black caterpillar in its palm!
Chen Mo’s heart is happy. I didn’t expect things to turn around. My neighbor totoro took the initiative to help him catch the strange black caterpillar!
It seems that he has been wrong about it before. This guy is still very reliable sometimes!
But for a moment, Chen Mo never imagined that things appeared.
When I saw my totoro’s big mouth, I threw the black caterpillar into my mouth, and when I clicked it, the black caterpillar turned into pieces and disappeared.
This, this …

Gao Zhiqiu "…"

Li Lili also smiled and said, "Yes, Zhiqiu must have high requirements for the other half, right?"
Gao Zhiqiu frowned just then another roommate came back and said on entering the room, "Zhiqiu Building has something for you."
"My words?" Gao Zhiqiu is one leng.
"Yes, my aunt asked me to call you. Go quickly."
Gao Zhiqiu suddenly couldn’t care about anything but home. She really didn’t know who else could call her.
Don’t … What happened?
She turned pale and immediately ran out without thinking about anything.
品茶论坛  title=When I arrived at the building, my aunt was watching and seeing her smile, which was amiable. "Senior students are coming, and your boyfriend is anxious."
As soon as Gao Zhiqiu picked up the words in the past and "fed" them into the microphone, a low and magnetic voice "It’s me" came from the other end.
"…" Gao Zhiqiu suddenly surprised to say a word and couldn’t help but look at the aunt.
She just said "your boyfriend" …
So does Yu Jinchuan claim to be?
"Why don’t you talk?" Yu Jinchuan sounded again.
Gao Zhiqiu busy "oh" a "total teaching …"
Section 72
"Have you got everything back?" Yujinchuan interrupted her.
Gao Zhiqiu said, "I got it back."
"That’s good."
After this sentence, he didn’t speak again, Gao Zhiqiu didn’t speak, and they both fell silent.
Gao Zhiqiu could vaguely hear the words there, but she could hardly help breathing. She thought of the night outside the barracks dormitory, and he smoked quietly with his back against the tree.
Is he smoking at the same end now as he did that night?
After a while, Gao Zhiqiu couldn’t help but say, "You …"
"You …" Yujinchuan even spoke at the same time.
Gao Zhiqiu stopped awkwardly and said, "You go first"
Yu Jinchuan asked in a low voice, "Have you had dinner?"
"What about you?" Gao Zhiqiu asked 1.
"Eat" Yu Jinchuan’s answer is very concise.
Then two people fell silent again.
Gao Zhiqiu didn’t know when to say something, and then Yu Jinchuan said, "I have to hang up in advance."
"Good again …"
The word "see" has been hung up before it can be said.
Gao Zhiqiu wait for a while held the microphone in his hand for half a day before slowly putting it back.
"Gao classmate, is your boyfriend a soldier?" Aunt suguan sound qi
Gao Zhiqiu looked up at the past and blushed and said, "No, he is not my boyfriend."
Aunt Boardhouse looked "I knew it". "He didn’t trust me when he sent you in that day and asked me to find you an ice pack specially. This young man is really nice and looks good …"
Barabara said a lot.
When I received it, Li Gao Zhiqiu still went to work in the fast food restaurant every day except for classes.
And Yu Jinchuan often comes over late to order a coke and sit in the old position without talking … When she is finished, she will accompany her to take the bus back to school, send her to the dormitory and turn away.
Sometimes if you don’t come, you will call her.
He doesn’t talk much all the time. Every time, he just asks about his study and physical condition …
Gao Zhiqiu felt that her contact with her family was not frequent with him.
Although she has never been in love, she, like every girl in seed of love, has read the little Taiwan Province romance novel and knows what a heartbeat is.
And every time I hear his voice, I look at his eyes, or they are a little close … Her heart is pounding and her face is very Yi Hong, and she can’t even speak neatly.
She knew … that she liked him.
So after two months, they remained the same until one day Yu Jinchuan suddenly called her and asked her if she had it the next night.
The next day is Friday, which is also the annual Christmas Eve.
However, at that time, the Christmas atmosphere was far less intense than it is now. Without realizing it, Kochi immediately said, "It’s Friday night and I have to work in a restaurant."
"Well," Yu Jinchuan replied and asked her, "What time will it end?"
"About nine o’clock in the evening," said Gao Zhiqiu.
"…" The words paused for a while and then Yu Jinchuan asked, "Can it be an hour before?"
Yu Jinchuan said, "I want to take you to a place."
Gao Zhiqiu "…"
Huang Xiaoyu immediately grabbed her and asked, "The school organized a Christmas party in the evening. Will you go?"
"I’m going to work in a restaurant if I don’t go late."
"No, you have to go to work? It’s a Christmas Eve party, and maybe I can meet a senior from Shuai Shuai and have a vigorous love! "
There are a total of three people in the dormitory who have been in school for so long, but one person has found a boyfriend. He is not ugly, but the ratio of boys and girls in D has always been yin and yang, which has led to such a scene
Li Lili said at this moment, "Don’t shout Zhiqiu, she has a boyfriend."
Huang Xiaoyu blinked and nodded. "You should have an appointment tonight, right?"
Gao Zhiqiu suddenly thought of Yu Jinchuan’s words … Is he going to date her tomorrow?
"Haha, it’s really a date. You’re blushing."
As soon as Huang Xiaoyu said this, he stretched out his hand over his face.
Sure enough … It’s hot!

I thought it was impossible for him to find a good spot so accurately. After all, it was too short for that position to be able to find a spot, but I didn’t expect him to find that spot perfectly. I have to say that he has reached the pinnacle after controlling the track! And I don’t know if you have noticed that there is a small detail when he landed on the second level just now. This exercise determines whether he can land on the second level perfectly …

I thought it was impossible for him to find a good spot so accurately. After all, it was too short for that position to be able to find a spot, but I didn’t expect him to find that spot perfectly. I have to say that he has reached the pinnacle after controlling the track! And I don’t know if you have noticed that there is a small detail when he landed on the second level just now. This exercise determines whether he can land on the second level perfectly …
At the moment, all the people have been aroused by autumn waters. When they hear him say this, they can’t help but rush and ask, What details are fuck? Tell us about it?
Qiu Shui once again smiled mysteriously and said unfathomably, Maybe many audience friends also noticed that the night baby in the hands of Mo Tianyuan, the great god, had already cut off the little monster before it fell to the ground just now!
Cut the monster before landing?
They smell speech and don’t understand. Maybe Mo Tianyuan, a great god, just happened to land on the second flat ground, stabbed him and hit him with a knife …
Listen to Qiu Shui continued, Actually, all of us can recall that Mo Tianyuan just jumped on the first flat, because the length of that flat was longer than that of the second flat, so he could step on the flat and cut the monster with a knife, and there would be no danger, but the second flat was quite short, and it was suspected that it was quite dangerous to blow the monster off after falling to the flat.
And because the meteor lion is bigger, it increases the possibility of this danger, but Mo Tianyuan has already taken out a knife to fly the little monster before he just fell to the ground, but it can be avoided that he is in danger from the little monster and the flash monster, and because he is so fast that we can’t see this column of exercises clearly, everyone will think that he fell to the ground first and then cut the monster according to our habit of doing exercises …
After Qiu Shui’s explanation, the audience gradually understood what had happened just now. Of course, many people didn’t listen to Bai for a while. At this time, they all chewed Qiu Shui’s explanation carefully, but a moment later, the audience once again sent out a breath of air.
Psst …
If everyone was surprised to see gorgeous exercises just now, then after listening to Qiu Shui’s explanation, I realized what a dazzling and complicated technique there is behind this column of gorgeous exercises!
541. 541 Handheld sword falls like a high wind!
When they heard the winter snow, they quickly looked up and looked forward.
At this time, I saw a long flat land in front of Mo Tianyuan, but this flat land is obviously not so stable. First of all, Mo Tianyuan saw two spikes with golden luster, and the tips of these spikes had a flying monster with flapping wings.
Immediately after the nail stab, two white missiles lit up, with two tandem missiles coming straight from the ground at a track position. Behind the missile, another monster floated together, indicating that its heart was about to be chopped up.
There are about three meters behind this little monster. The ground on this road section has come to an end. Mo Tianyuan came to the two spikes and saw him turn over and jump quickly. The little monster quickly cut the tip of the spike and fell as fast as the wind.
After turning over the nail, two missiles that don’t stick to the ground in front have already come crashing. If he is in the mode, he is bound to lean over and slide at this time. The socalled male man can bend and stretch, but even the missiles can be cut and fly. In the attack mode, Mo Tianyuan is contemptuous when he faces these two feet and hits many disappointing pages.
Hands up and down! Hands up and down!
Even before the two missiles touched the dark night baby’s purplish lace dress, she pulled out two silver machetes in her hand and cut them cold, exposing the lonely monster shivering in the face of the powerful coercion of the dark night baby.
Mo Tianyuan is naturally not polite, so that little monster has also become a lonely ghost in his hand. At this time, the night baby is no longer the gentle and affectionate petite woman. She is more like a bloodthirsty elf flying in the dark night and has no mercy on all guys who stand in the way.
The road ahead seems to have been calm for about three meters, and there is no longer a flat ground. The younger generation dares to obstruct her footsteps. At this time, the meteor lion also summoned a wave of meteor showers, which seemed to want to give the night baby who had just experienced a big war a mouthful of poisonous milk. However, when the audience didn’t come to breathe a sigh of relief, they suddenly saw with horror that the original Ma Pingchuan flat ground riding the meteor lion night baby suddenly collapsed in front of it and fell in two pieces!
Night Baby’s eyes are frozen. She directly looks at a missile in front of her, ignoring the provocation, but suddenly turns over and glides to see the terrain. If the missile is cut off, I’m afraid she will fall into the abyss with it …
The audience saw that Mo Tianyuan came to a fragmented fault plane at this moment. At first, he fell to the ground before his eyes. There appeared a fault with a length of about three meters, and at the right end of the fault was a flat section with the same length of about three meters. The altitude was slightly lower, for example, the edge of the screen was higher than the width of a track. A missile crashed on this flat section.
Then the missile behind the flat area seemed to know that it was alone and posed no threat to the monsterchopping night baby, so it called friends and the audience saw that the same horizontal line of the same two miserable white missiles behind the missile lit up.
There is a fault with the same short length behind the first flat section, but the second flat section with a length of about three meters behind the fault suddenly appears, and there is a cute little monster jumping in the middle of the flat section.
Everyone was shocked when they saw this. Although the number of missiles and mobs on this road section is generally small, they can’t stand it. They are located in a fragmented fault. This makes it more difficult to pass through this road section. If it is a general fault, it’s okay to encounter this difficulty there, but the two roads are close to 40,000 meters. Is it so complicated to look at this position?
However, riding a meteor lion night baby for a moment gave everyone a standard answer.
Just before the ground was broken, I saw the night baby leaping over. When she slid to the first section of the ground near Fang, she didn’t stop, and even ignored the three missiles on the ground. Instead, she directly came to the second section of the ground at a higher altitude through a gliding Shi Shiran, a place with a cute little monster.
桑拿论坛Before I could see the face of the invading enemy clearly, there was a silver light sliding in front of me, and then it became a lonely ghost in the hands of the night baby.
Everyone’s heart is startled, and they can’t help but take a breath of air conditioning. How precise exercise is needed to step on this flat ground and remove the obstacles on the flat ground in an instant? I have to say that this great god fuck is really amazing!
After thinking about this question, the audience asked themselves that if they were themselves, they would never have passed this difficult point so smoothly. Nothing unexpected happened. They either fell into the pit directly with falling to the ground, or were picked up by several missiles or smashed by mobsters, and then they might be nervous. One careless mistake led to a tragedy.
However, instead of this happening, it seems that this is not a small difficulty. How can it not be surprising that the whole road section is like flowing water?
Explain that autumn waters have repeatedly launched their own surprises at this time. That’s wonderful! Mo Tianyuan once again gave us a vivid lesson!
First of all, we can think of the first time he met the one with two nails stabbing the ground, where he turned to cut the blame. It’s no problem. It’s hard to fuck after those two nails stabbing …
I remember that there were two missiles that didn’t touch the ground behind those two spikes just now. These two missiles are closely connected. We know that many players are often used to bending over and sliding when they encounter this situation. After all, this is what we often do in our classic mode. Of course, this kind of exercise has no problem, but it can help us hide the two missiles smoothly. But if you like to play attack mode, friends will find a problem, that is, when cutting missiles, especially when these missiles are connected, it is very dangerous!
542 Chapter 542 Deadly missiles
They smell speech puzzled.
Is it dangerous to cut missiles? What’s the danger? Can’t it be said that it’s not enough to fly directly after encountering missiles in the attack mode? Where is the danger point?

"And the chairman of the board of directors, you prepare a big gift. I’m going to visit in a few days. This time I have to find a way to make up for the fact that I can’t let the cooked duck fly. This child is too worrying. He ran away and asked me to clean up this rotten stall." Wei Xiji Yun sighed.

"You are too kind to the gentleman," sighed Lao Wang.
"Since I am his mother, of course I am responsible for him."
Chapter 57 Who says that you are unhappy without money?
Wei Xi and Gu Xiaomi left the villa by boat. Although they were still afraid of seasickness, Gu Xiaomi tried not to let Wei Xi worry. Strangely enough, Wei Xi didn’t speak and Gu Xiaomi didn’t dare to ask more questions.
"hee, where are we going?" the boat gu Xiaomi finally asked carefully
"I don’t know. Let’s find a car first." Wei Xi waved a taxi by the roadside.
Because it is a suburb, I waited for a long time to come to a taxi. After two cars, Wei Xi looked at Gu Xiaomi’s little face and looked very serious. I couldn’t help laughing and squeezed her little apple face.
"Hey, what’s your face like the end of the world?"
"Are you still in the mood to laugh?" Gu Xiaomi took a white Wei Xi.
"Why not in the mood? It’s no big deal. Don’t worry." Wei Xi took care of Xiaomi.
"What shall we do after?" Gu Xiaomi still looked worried.
"After that, we will live together."
"Why don’t you want to suffer with me now that I’m not a gentleman at our headquarters?" Wei Xi deliberately teased Gu Xiaomi.
"Do you think I am the kind of person who craves vanity?" Gu Xiaomi pursed her mouth and said.
"Of course you’re not." Wei Xi gently kissed Xiaomi on the cheek.
"I am willing to bear hardships with you because I let you break with your family. I am really sorry." Gu Xiaomi shook Wei Xi’s strong hand.
"This is also no way to let’s talk about it later." Wei Xi sighed and looked out of the window.
"Xi, where are we going now? Go home?" Gu Xiaomi looked at Wei Xi, who was lost in thought.
"Oh, no, I can’t go home. My mother will definitely send someone there to find us. Let’s find a hotel first."
Wei Xi turned to the driver and said, "Hilton, please."
"Xi Hilton is too expensive. Let’s live cheaper." Gu Xiaomi whispered in Wei Xi’s ear.
"How can I let my beloved woman be wronged with me when I say that I want you to accompany me to suffer hardships?" Wei Xi said coolly.
"Xi" Gu Xiaomi was touched by a little loss.
The car stopped and the doorman at the entrance of Hilton Hotel opened the door for them.
Wei Xi paid the fare and pulled Gu Xiaomi into the hotel lobby.
"A presidential suite, please"
"Good. Would you like to pay in cash or by credit card, sir?" The receptionist asked politely.
"swipe your card" and Wei took out a card from his wallet and handed it over.
"Just a moment," the receptionist took the card with both hands and put it into the ose machine.
"Sorry, sir, you can’t swipe this card." The receptionist handed the card back to Wei Xi.
Wei Xi took the card and read it before and after, then took out another card from his wallet.
"Try this."
"Okay, just a moment."
"Sorry, this card can’t be swiped either."
"Try this again" and hand out another one.
"Sir, I’m sorry or no"
I tried seven cards one after another, but there was no one to brush. Wei Xi’s face became more and more ugly, and the table was filled with various cards, which attracted people’s attention.
"Try this again" Wei Xi lowered his voice and took out the last card from his wallet.
"How about it or not?" Wei Xi looked at the receptionist and asked.
The receptionist shook her head.
Wei Xi had never been so embarrassed, and said angrily, "How is this possible? So many cards are not working. Is your machine broken?"
"I’m really sorry, sir. Why don’t you change another one?" The receptionist said patiently.
Wei Xi was silent.
Gu Xiaomi said to him, "Don’t worry, don’t try this one." Gu Xiaomi took out a black card from his wallet and gave it to Wei Xi.
Wei Xi smiled and shook his head.
"No, it’s my mother."
Gu Xiaomi asked, "What did you say?"
"My mother had all my cards stopped, and now I’m really poor." Wei Xi slowly put away the table card.
桑拿论坛"It can’t be that their machine is broken. Please try again." Gu Xiaomi handed the card to the front desk.
Wei Xi grabbed Carla from millet and walked out of the hotel.
"Hee, are you okay?" Gu Xiaomi looked at Wei Xi’s side face and asked.
"Nothing, but I don’t have any money now. I have to rely on you to support me." Wei Xi opened his wallet and there were some money left.
"No, I still have some savings enough for us to spend a while." Gu Xiaomi comforted.
"Now the hotel can’t afford to stay" Wei Xinai smiled.
"If you can’t stay in a better hotel, there’s nothing as good as home. It’s cold everywhere, and I’m telling you, every time I stay in a hotel, I sleep super uncomfortable." Gu Xiaomi grabbed Wei Xi’s arm and said that he was foaming at the mouth.
"I know you comfort me and thank you, Xiaomi." Wei Xi touched Xiaomi’s head.
"I’m serious," Gu Xiaomi said with a smile.
"Well, let’s go to dinner. I want to take you to Hilton’s famous western restaurant and I can’t go now," Wei Xi said with some disappointment.
"What’s delicious about dry steak? Let’s go and eat it better." Gu Xiao ran a few steps from Milla to Wei Xi.
"Come here." Gu Xiaomi took Wei Xi for a long time and finally found a small shop in an alley. Although the shop was small, it was bustling and full of people.
"Xiaomi, do we really want to eat here?" Wei Xi hesitated at the door and didn’t want to go in.
"Of course, this is my public comment. Looking for a particularly famous Beijing snack, it is said that we have to wait in line for a long time to eat. We are lucky today. You see, there is still a table to go in for a while." Gu Xiaomi pushed Wei Xi’s back and pushed him in.
"What would you like to eat?" The boss took a small table with a standard Beijing accent.

I droop my eyelids

Several girls kept kowtowing. Perhaps they knew that Ye Xiangyuan had diverted the target and begged me for mercy.
But what if it succeeded yesterday?
Then I’ll be disgraced. Ye Xiangyuan will also be laughed at by Li family cronies …
I tilted my head and pretended not to hear them ask for help.
If you forgive everyone who tries to hurt me, you are not responsible for yourself.
So I can’t accept their begging for mercy.
Ye Xiangyuan gave me a look with a touch of appreciation.
He lifted the bar slightly and soon several tall men came in.
Several girls with their mouths covered can sob and cry and struggle constantly.
But in the end, I was torn off and pinned down …
Their eyes are full of despair.
Chapter 121 Shopping
As soon as I started, I couldn’t bear to look at it again. Don’t be embarrassed in silence.
Ye Xiangyuan hugged me from behind and lifted me up. Ba Shen said, "Look!"
I was forced to stare at the ground and roll into a ball of men and women.
There are people taking pictures next to them
Those girls earned their hands and feet fiercely, tied with ropes, and left a string of red marks because of their struggle. Those men were so dynamic and rude that they finally lost their strength to struggle, and some of them were almost unconscious.
Ye Xiangyuan’s breath blows my ears. "Look at me carefully. I hope you don’t need to be persecuted by me once."
I couldn’t bear to look at Tsening chess when he was punished, so he forced me to stare until the end.
He wants me to get in touch with this cruel world more deeply.
Just like he told Xiao Jin to keep training every day, so that Xiao Jin knew that he was carrying a blood feud.
I closed my eyes and opened them again, looking harder at the chaotic picture.
Section 114
To be with him is to get in touch with these bloodiness and ferocity, and maybe there are more unacceptable things waiting for me in the future.
I have to get used to it
Ye Xiangyuan didn’t let me go until it was all over.
Those girls were dragged away, leaving us in the warehouse.
There is still a strong smell in the air, which makes people sick.
No matter how much I tell myself to calm down, I am not affected by it.
Ye Xiangyuan hugged me and kissed me on the forehead, encouraging, "Baby, you are doing very well."
I wry smile.
He led me out slowly. "I’ll leave things here to Xiao Wen. Let’s go home."
I’m still a little breathless
His tone is too understated, as if the cruel punishment was just a fireworks or a playground, and a program didn’t leave any waves in his heart at all.
Once again, I really saw how cruel his world was
Maybe it’s because I’m in a low mood and the fallen leaves have been holding me far away and stuffing me into the car
At this time, it is just the most poisonous time in the afternoon. Although the sunshine is good, it will burn people’s eyes.
The car was turned on alternately, and I couldn’t help shivering.
I took a deep breath and felt the coldness of my hands and feet.
Ye Xiangyuan suddenly took off my low-heeled sandals and held my feet.
His palm is wide, hot and gently rubbed and massaged.
I looked up at him in shock.
He just looked over and his eyes were gentle and deep, as if he could drown people.
I couldn’t bear to look away, so I looked at him quietly.
He smiled and leaned in to kiss me. "Baby, don’t be afraid of me."
I suddenly felt a warm current floating in my heart, as if it had been warm from being gripped by his ankles to my body.
He judo "I have nothing to do to go shopping with you today, right?"
This makes me even more surprised.
He smiled slightly. "It took three months to come back. Sometimes, of course, you have to spend more time with your wife."
I pursed my lips.
He warmed my instep for a while and then warmed my hand before starting the car.
On the way back, the sunshine glass reflects dazzling eyes, which makes people warm.
My heart is warm too.
Finally, the car drove into the city center and stopped at Yuncheng.
夜网论坛I have a deep memory here …
I bit my lip awkwardly.

But it’s what makes people miss me the most. That’s the mentality now. Although I am a husband and wife with Wei Qingyi, marriage is a transaction. I don’t know if Wei Qingyi’s feelings for me are as good as I am to him. I just can’t bear to give up my lust and want to cling to it.

Depressed, vomiting blood, holding a pillow, I was lying in bed tossing and turning. If I wanted to go back to Wei Qingyi with one click, he was so kind to me. If I responded early and told him how I felt, wouldn’t it be the current situation?
The night is as cool as water. In early autumn, the moonlight shines on the windowsill. I feel very lonely. No one likes loneliness and doesn’t want to be disappointed.
I closed my sense of ignorance about Wei to protect him. I blindly believed that he was an honest man and tried to say that he was not the kind of irresponsible person.
I don’t know when I fell asleep, but I made a Mengmeng.
The next day, I was woken up by bamboo again. I was so sleepy that I didn’t want to get up, but bamboo woke up and didn’t get up. I couldn’t get up. I could hold the bamboo building while rubbing my eyes and hand it over to the housekeeper. I didn’t go upstairs to wash my face, brush my teeth and change clothes again.
"Yeah, yeah, fish, fish, fish" grabbed a small bamboo hand and reached into the water, then quickly pulled it back and then pulled it back. Bamboo was fooled by me and giggled.
Seeing that bamboo was so funny, I laughed, too. Qi Guanjia accompanied us for a while, and then I went to busy with his business. I strolled along the corridor with bamboo, and a gust of wind blew and smelled the fragrance. I was happy to hold bamboo in my heart and accelerated my pace.
When I came to the south yard around the corner, my eyes lit up and I saw clusters of golden small flowers blooming in the courtyard. It was refreshing to smell the flowers swaying in the wind!
Seeing this full house of sweet-scented osmanthus, I thought that I didn’t taste a mouthful of sweet-scented osmanthus when I made it in Osmanthus Jelly a few months ago. Who will I cook it for?
I sat dimly on a tree, stone bench, bamboo stretched out his hand and pulled the small flowers on the floating stone table. I took a few flowers and put them in front of my nose. I sniffed them and thought about it. I went back to the main house with bamboo in my arms and took a cloth bag to push the bamboo stroller and pushed the bamboo. I came back to the south yard.
I picked a sweet-scented osmanthus for bamboo to play with in the bamboo cart. I picked up the small flowers in the tree with a cloth bag and reached for the dense flowers.
桑拿会所Section 226
When Bamboo saw me picking osmanthus, it was also making baby. She stretched out her hand to pick the railing and got up. She held the car with one hand and reached into the middle with the other, making baby. She called me to take a look and picked one for her. She took osmanthus branches and sat and played with them again, so I left her alone.
There are a lot of osmanthus trees. I picked most of the bags unconsciously, and my neck was tired and my hands were tired before I sat down and rested. I saw that most of the bags were sweet.
I didn’t remember that it was Sunday until Li Jing came to find me when I forgot to play in the South Yard. I was going to eat at Li Jing’s house.
About no3 is just a deal. Chapter 23 is too lenient.
"It’s a good thing I’m here, or you’ll forget to specify it." Li Jing came to the South Yard to find me, and I forgot to agree on a good thing when I took care of picking sweet-scented osmanthus.
I ha ha quick way "this is not busy picking sweet-scented osmanthus. Come and help me pick some more. I can’t reach it" and handed the bag to Li Jing.
Li Jingnai took it and looked at the tree. He walked over and stretched out his hand and pulled the higher branches to pick osmanthus and put it in the bag. It was easy for me to pick it with Li Jing’s help.
Li Jing grew taller, and if she could reach higher, I would pick short osmanthus flowers, and soon we picked a bag full.
Li Jing held the bamboo, and I put the bag in the stroller and pushed it back to the main house. I gave the bag to the chef Rong and told him to take it to the sun and help me pick more. Chef Rong readily agreed.
"Let’s go" Li Jing said to me when he saw that I had explained the matter.
"Wait for me to get something upstairs." I said that and went upstairs. Li Jing said, "Well, hurry up."
I nodded and went back to my room to get diapers, underwear and some milk powder. I put things in my backpack and changed my clothes. I simply dressed up before I went to my handbag and backpack.
When I came to the living room and saw Li Jing smiling, I wondered, "What’s so happy?"
Li Jing shook his head and said, "Is there nothing to go?" I nodded should go to the door Li Jing holding bamboo followed out.
Li Jing’s car stopped outside the gate, and we went out of the gate. Li Jing gave me the bamboo. I held the bamboo and gave it to Li Jing. I just wanted to get in the car and saw Yi Yue driving back.

Chapter 49 Destroy the strange girl through three views

I am one Leng
It’s most thoughtful of Ye Xiangyuan.
But I was drugged, and he did the same thing, so I was relieved.
Nannan said, "It’s a good thing he told me, otherwise I would have to worry."
We chatted for a while, and I felt much better.
I spent the next week at home.
Zhou Yi and Ji Shu both let me rest for a few days. I also want to be quiet and simply ask for leave from school.
Nannan went out to cover for me.
Of course, it’s no problem that she graduated from college and taught sophomores in one of my majors.
But I wonder why she has such an interest.
She explained that she was too idle to find something to do, and she was going to change to a teacher next year.
It’s really hard to be a teacher. Although a university teacher is relatively better, it’s not easy. It’s necessary to do projects and evaluate professional titles …
Section 45
But Nannan is not a monkey. She must have thought about it for a long time. Besides, her father is the principal, and she must have analyzed the interests with her.
So I didn’t persuade her again.
Send me a WeChat after South-South class that day [Ye Xiangyuan came to the school to find you]
I suddenly remembered that I had an appointment with Ye Wen to meet at the weekend to learn about Ye’s family affairs.
Unfortunately, an accident put the plan on hold.
And now I’m hesitant to promise Ye Xiangyuan agreement, so I’m not in a hurry to see him.
I thought for a while and called him.
Ye Wen laughed. "It’s not urgent that I happened to pass by, otherwise I will contact you directly."
That’s true. It’s not like he doesn’t have my number.
We hung up without saying a few words, and nothing happened that day.
In fact, I will be embarrassed to think of that person that day.
品茶After a week, I almost recovered and went back to school.
Zhou Yi actually gave me words to give me a re-examination.
I’m not surprised that he can get my mobile phone number, but I’m surprised that he is so upset.
I know he didn’t contact me to see the far side of the leaf.
But now I don’t want to talk to Ye Xiangyuan at all
Talking to him will remind me of that crazy day …
So I declined.
Zhou Yi didn’t insist, which relieved me.
And Ye Xiangyuan never came to me, just like he disappeared.
The anxiety in my heart gradually subsided.
But at this time, a post flowed out of the net.
The theme of the post is "One Destroy Three Views and Strange Women"
# There is nothing important in the circle of people who eat melons in the entertainment circle recently. Not long ago, a birthday banquet for a film winner was quite grand. A qualified film winner also attended and met many celebrities. But today, if it weren’t for the film winner, it wasn’t those celebrities, but a good friend D …
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