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But Qin Xiong doesn’t care much. Now he is bent on finding his own money in the shady world. Of course, the more the better. But now, of course, attention can’t be spent on haggling.

Besides, Rick Link is right.
He passed the trial and is nothing!
Qin Xiong is a blank sheet of paper for Ajax.
Why ask for more?
Think about what Ajax will give him!
In addition to money, Ajax will give him a good growth environment and limited opportunities to get ahead. He worked hard by himself and has the strength to seize the opportunity!
It is not difficult for him to understand Freddie’s complaint. After all, Freddie is a British fan. From the perspective of fans, what should he see and hear? European giants compete for talents, how to seduce players at skyhigh prices, or compete in local competition, where young talents are suddenly poached, and so on. It is true that the football world certainly has fierce competition for talent resources plunder.
But maybe at this moment, they shouldn’t feel too good about themselves and take themselves too seriously. They should keep their mentality stable and lower their posture, and then look at today, everything is actually beautiful.
For all Qin Xiong in the past, today is a dream. What does he own?
This is a good one
On the way back to the apartment, he has leisure to enjoy the pastoral scenery.
They live in the west of Ajax Club, and waddell Street, which leads to the city center, belongs to a mediumsized community. There are many people living around it, but they are far away from the tourist attractions in Amsterdam. The overall living environment is quiet and less noisy.
When I got back to waddell Street, it was less than six o’clock in the evening. There was a restaurant opposite the apartment, and there was a laundromat next to the restaurant.
Three old men sat in front of openair tables and chairs outside the restaurant and chatted. When they saw these three old men Freddie, they were so angry!
Chinese whispered to Qin Xiong, They are all Zhou skinned!
Maybe he is out of shape, but Qin Xiong can understand that Freddie is actually accusing the three old men of being too bad!
These three old men are apartment owners, restaurant owners and laundry owners!
No wonder the apartment is not allowed to make the kitchen and the landlord’s washing machine, and it is not allowed to buy it yourself. Because you rent it, you can have the public sanitation in the room. The landlord lent it to you with great kindness!
So Qin Xiong and Freddie live in an apartment to eat conveniently, and they go to the third old man’s shop for laundry in the second old man’s restaurant.
It can be said that one tenant earns money from three families!
The landlord’s old man’s name is Root Manson. He wears a pair of glasses and is tall and thin. Although he is old, he feels like a knowledgeable scholar.
The restaurant owner’s name is Dekoizer. He is widebodied, fat and potbellied. Every time he sees him, he laughs. It seems that he doesn’t take the initiative to make an expression, but he squints and smiles in others’ eyes.
Laundry owner P pays great attention to wearing vest, shirt and trousers even in summer, which is quite deep and visual.
What makes Freddie unhappy is that these three old men, like those financial speculators in suits and elegant clothes on Wall Street, are decent and generous to the outside world, but secretly they are killing people without seeing blood in the financial market.
Rutmanson noticed his two tenants. In recent days, these two tenants are often in a hurry, like Qin Xiong, who goes jogging and comes back running, and then goes back to his room to eat, that is, never rest for a while. I don’t know what the hell they are doing.
Rutmanson caressed the glasses frame and walked towards the slow pace. Qin Xiong and Freddie said, Hi, where have you been?
These two people don’t seem to have regular workers when they are resting.
Freddie was too lazy to talk to the stingy landlord Qin Xiong, who was in a good mood. He rolled his eyes and smiled and said, I will sign up as an Ajax player when I go to Ajax Club one day.
Perhaps it is the first time in my life to experience such joy and excitement. One day, Qin Xiong took the initiative to share his happiness and gave it to the other party who was called a stranger.
Root Manson Deke Izer P three people at the same time expression zheng root Manson immediately suspicious way Ajax signed you? Where did you play football before?
He probably wants to ask which club Qin Xiong plays for.
Qin Xiong smiled and answered in China.
Although China is a football desert, the restrictions on the introduction of overseas players are relaxed. For the Netherlands, there are many players from countries with low football level. People will not be surprised where they come from or make a mockery and contempt after being surprised. It is too fall in price, which is both lacking the most basic respect and making themselves shameful.
Qin Xiong was surprised to see that three old men suddenly put their heads together and didn’t know what they were whispering.
Is it China?
I think so.
Things were really a little fuzzy more than 20 years ago.
桑拿论坛I remember it was China.
When they finished whispering, Rutmanson took the initiative to pull two chairs at the table and invited Freddie and Qin Xiong to sit down.
Although Freddie was unhappy with the three old men, he couldn’t refute them, so he sat down in front of them and didn’t know what they were going to talk about.
Qin Xiong just sat down with a potbellied Dekoyize and smiled at him. Hehe, welcome to join Ajax.
His tone is strange, and Qin Xiong seldom thinks so as if he were the boss or master of Ajax.
Freddie thinks it’s normal
Of course, the ownership of the club belongs to the shareholders of the board of directors, but from the emotional club, it belongs to the fans, especially those rooted in the local soil.
This is very common in Europe, and it is even more natural in Britain. It is a belief that local fans have a strong sense of ownership of the club, support the club from the bone and defend the honor of the club.
What are you talking about?
Qin Xiong is curious about what they talked about mysteriously just now.

But what if the woman bought it from overseas or someone else gave it to her? We can’t rule out that a man bought it to give it to a woman. Such screening is like looking for a needle in a haystack, even in vain. Shen Wei’s eyebrows are slightly wrinkled.

You said that I have considered it. Let’s look at the sales situation as soon as possible. Both men and women should investigate. Although it is a needle in a haystack, this only clue should also be tried. Ye Zhanshen’s tone is serious with the spirit of never giving up in the wolf base.
On how hard and difficult the road ahead is, to be an excellent special soldier, let alone to find a needle in a haystack, even if you are looking for a pearl the size of a grain of rice in the snow, you have to look for it seriously without saying anything.
Well, when necessary, we should also thoroughly investigate the limited Chanel production sales channels to find out the winning list and see if there is any connection with people in S city. Shen Wei has a wolf light on his face and eyes.
Time is pressing, we have no other way to take shortcuts, Major Shen. We must aim at the right goal and always gain something after hard work. Ye Zhan plunged into his head again.
The two men began to look for a needle in a haystack and a pearl in the snow with great vigour.
In the southwest corner of S city, a large luxury residential area with excellent environment, the penthouse on the top floor of the highest two super apartments is in the middle of Yingying and Yunmo’s home.
They live very close, in the same community, and the adjacent apartment buildings are both penthouses.
桑拿会所Both of them can see each other in their own top floor garden.
It’s not freshman’s military training day for Yunmo and Luoying after the holiday, but it’s not time yet.
S city has strict requirements for the new generation of education. All middle school students have to carry out military training every summer according to the series.
Middle school students are sent to the juvenile military training center, while college students who are close to adulthood are sent directly to the training base of the S military region.
Che Xiaoxiao, freshmen arrange military training days at the top.
However, the number of military training days for sophomores and juniors is relatively reduced.
I am a junior in business school, and I am about to enter my senior year. Yunmo and Luoying are scheduled for military training day, which is ten days in the middle of the month.
All the prospective senior students in colleges and universities have a particularly heavy academic workload, and the pit that is about to graduate is dug to death.
Yun Mo and Luo Ying both stopped the racing club’s imperial racing department, because it was not only their son Ye Yan and Che Xiaoxiao, but also the military training base. None of the four emperors were idle.
The current club affairs are managed by Fang Wei led by the top ten elites.
In order to face the senior courses as soon as possible, Yun Mo and Luo Ying spent almost all day in the business school library, consulting materials, doing exercises and writing papers. The two points at home and business school were so busy that their cheeks shrank slightly.
However, this hard mental torture someone feels that they are still not busy enough, because hurting their friends is just a cruel torture.
In Zhengtu Museum, Zhonghe Luoying buried himself in consulting information, and Yunmo received the best joke about hurting friends.
Section 149
Smile … What’s the matter … Uhhuh? It’s the boss’s guarantee to finish. Yunmo was very happy when he received the message, but he was happy that his face was getting more and more bitter gourd, and it was constipation after he finally hung up.
Mo mo smiled and said something? Make you become this poop face across the table fall ying big strange.
Xiaoying Ying tells you that you can’t run away from Xi Xi Xi. Yun Mo laughs and gloats.
I’m not running. I’m sitting here. Didn’t you see it? Momo, are you stupid? Luo Ying’s baby face winks and keeps showing cute expressions.
Hum, little Yingying, don’t be lipsynching. I’m telling you, Xiaoxiao gave us three or four days to learn to grind coffee beans and make good coffee, and then she came back to check if she didn’t like it then. Yunmo turned her eyes and scratched her head.
Why can’t you chop your hands? Luo Ying was careless about pie pie.
She gave us two choices: chop hands or chop birds. Which one do you want? Cloud devoted to quickly put the table information and so on what department neatly packed up.
… why can’t you give a third choice? Luo Ying looks sad and hands and feet and quickly tidies up her things.
Laughing also said that Xiaoying would chop her tongue if she dawdled again. Yun Mo smiled with a treacherous face and picked up her backpack and roared off.
I wipe I wipe Nani Nani Zhennani! Xiaoxiao is a big bad guy! Fall ying drum face tightly with cloud devoted to footsteps.
Small ying ying hurry up when compact cloud stranger strode straight to the library parking lot.
I’m not running behind you. Now where are we going to make coffee?
Let’s find my little brother to go to his S city. There are several top western food chains with many talented people.
In this way, the time is like a tortoise crawling and a rocket flying, so it’s all right anyway, it’s been four days in a row
Che Xiaoxiao spent four days safely in the military training base.
And in ten thousand, Hiderigami spent a little time holding the flat brain, and it took four days to study the basic knowledge department in life. Occasionally, something was wrong. Five people in the dormitory were impatient and physically taught by themselves.
As a result, the flower building is very basic and there is no difficulty in communicating with her
Four days later, Che Xiaoxiao didn’t get up on time for breakfast and training as usual, but slept lazily again.
It was not until nine o’clock that Jiang Aitong knocked on the door of her bedroom No.3 and sent her a rich breakfast.
Enjoying the same treatment as the special battalion chief of the Wolf Head Base, a talent is lazy and leisurely, and his feet are packed and his stomach is filled, and the bedroom door separated by one room and one room is pushed open.
Did you eat breakfast in floret? Is everything packed? We are ready to go.
Xiaoling, they called me back. I had breakfast and my food was ready. I can go and smile.
Flower building singlehandedly picked up a bag from Jiang Zhu coming towards the door.


A few people rushed along the extension direction of the roots of blood poisoning fruit trees as soon as they called.
No, this guy is faster!
But not far away, a few people face a heavy.
In the ancient forbidden area, the speed of shadow toad turned out to be faster.
Not far ahead, at the end of the hall, the roots of bloodpoisoned fruit trees extend into a notsowide tunnel, so that they can enter the tunnel. The shadow toad is huge, so it is a way to continue to hunt them down
品茶论坛But as far as the situation is concerned, they will be chased by the shadow toad before they get to the passage.
Chen Moqian successfully stopped the shadow toad with his gold imprint and black dragon strike skills, but the sea spear didn’t recover yet. Chen Mofa made the sea spear attack.
You can use a crossbow without using a sea spear.
However, the attack distance of the hand crossbow is more than ten meters, and the impact of the hand crossbow is very weak, and the effect of the gold mark will be very weak, so the shadow toad will not be stopped.
I’ll stop him and you take the opportunity to escape!
The partner of the broken blade is really the weakest and runs at the last edge. He knows that he has never escaped, so he may bite his teeth and say to the broken blade and others.
Good brothers!
The broken blade can’t help but feel a hot air fluttering, but it can’t help but envy the broken blade.
Such companions are hard to find with lanterns. If several of his companions are reduced to the same situation, will they do the same thing? The wind is fluttering, but I have no idea at all.
Stop the dead monster!
The companion of Broken Blade is a soldier. He doesn’t know what made the rare scroll glow with blood, and then he turned around and rushed to the shadow toad.
You have a good brother, Chen Mo cast a glance at the blood clan player and said to Broken Blade.
Although the broken blade and others are in danger, Chen Mo is still sure to get into the passage before the shadow toad chases.
The blood shadow teleported, the gold coin flashed, the phantom cracked, but he actually had a lot of means.
Who said it wasn’t! Broken blade nodded sharply
The rear broken blade companion intercepts the shadow toad, and the shadow toad is indifferent to it. Before attacking it, it can kill the player, but the eye broken blade companion failed to kill him in the first attack after making the magic scroll.
It was not until the shadow toad attacked for the second time that the blood clan soldier fell to the ground and died.
I missed an attack, but the speed of the shadow toad was greatly slowed down, and others took this opportunity to escape a lot of distance 3.
Shadow toad, who killed the blood clan warrior, chased after him again. After the rest of the people rushed into the passage, he still refused to give up and bumped into it. As a result, he slammed into the hard rock wall.
Rao, the shadow toad still doesn’t give up attacking several people. Its scarlet tongue suddenly sticks out. It sticks out more than 20 meters and reaches into the channel. It stirs wildly to kill Broken Blade and Chen Mo and others.
Shadow toad this attack surprised several people, if it weren’t for Chen Mo to play it by ear and quickly summon a bear pet to block the broken blade in front and the wind is fluttering, two people would not be able to react and be killed by shadow toad.
Thank you, brother.
To the channel out of the distance of more than 30 meters, after thoroughly settled in, the blade was broken and the wind was fluttering and said
Nothing Chen Mo gave.
There are four people left in ten people’s eyes, and then he will die alone. Of course, Chen Mo can save one.
Just now, even if his hand is broken and the wind is fluttering, they will still die if they can’t react. After all, bears and pets will help them resist an attack.
Let’s go find the poisonous fruit tree in the ancient forbidden area and get the poisonous fruit.
The silence a wave of his hand said to several people
Among the four people, he was suspected to be the strongest on the ground before, and just now he saved Broken Blade and others have no objection to Chen Mo’s words.
I wonder what monsters will be in the ancient forbidden area?
The broken blade followed Chen Mo behind him and looked around very uneasily.
Beside them is a large section of ancient huge roots more than one meter thick. This root is covered with a thick layer of bloody dust and blood poison. The roots of fruit trees account for one third of the size of the passage. It is unlikely that there will be too huge abnormal monsters like Shadow Toad here, but after the continuous pursuit of Broken Blade by Shadow Toad, people have left a shadow on monsters in the abyss area.
It’s better not to have monsters. Feng Piao couldn’t help saying that he was not much better than the broken blade.
Is it possible? It’s impossible to think about it. Here, it is said that there can be no monsters in the forbidden area in the Middle Ages! Broken blade despise cast a glance, the wind is fluttering.
Going …
Just before the broken blade said this, there was a burst of rushing sound in the front channel, and several bloody monsters appeared.
You crow mouth! Right front can’t help but coldly said to the broken blade
The broken blade looked at the passage and there were monsters or several people who couldn’t help crying.
Why does he have nothing to curse himself for? It’s really hopeless!
Be careful, it seems that blood bats seem to be difficult to deal with.
Chen Mo looked at the shadows that appeared in the wake way
The ancient forbidden area is the ground, although it is not dark, but the light is still not comparable to the outside.
Several blood bats appeared in the dark passage. These blood bats are not small, and each one is the size of a basketball.
For a bat, this size bat is quite amazing.
The number of blood bats is just four. Four blood bats are coming towards four people one by one.
Talent awakening!
In the face of the unknown monster broken blade, all three of them woke up without saying anything.
They were scared by the shadow toad, worried that they would be killed by the blood bat if they were not careful.
It is better to awaken talent to fight blood bats.
The passage is not predictable, and most of the paths are these blood bats. If they can find a way to deal with blood bats, they can deal with blood bats without relying on the increase of talent and skills.
Come into my team!

People who lie in the trough and actually use others as shields can also be presidents? Masked legions of people also spit in succession, making no secret of the disdain in their eyes. It is so dirty that such a thing can be done.

When the people saw this scene and heard the socalled command of lean I, they stopped the siege of the masked legion together and stood up in the same place. When the white came over, their faces were even more disgusted than the masked legion, and they turned a deaf ear to his socalled president’s command. Instead, they silently gave up some to Ace Cadal
Their masked legions are all different from each other in the same guild. Of course, they are all familiar with the unlucky confidant. They know more about the confidant. I am lean in many cases, but the orders are all given by the confidant. Dako said bluntly that to some extent, the confidant is lean in my right hand and useful in my life. He has done a lot of things and offended many guild members.
But ….. That’s how when facing the crisis, I was a lean man and took him as a whipping boy without thinking? Isn’t this kicking down the bridge and killing the donkey? Is there anything more disgusting and chilling than this?
If we say that the poor performance in recent days is caused by the lack of ability to be lean all my life, we can barely bear it, although we are dissatisfied. After all, not everyone is born to be a president.
But what he is doing now is not a question of ability, but a question of people. Even his loyal cronies can do such a thing without hesitation. Do you dare to expect all his guilds to value the interests of all guild members? It would be nice not to sell the big guy.
What are you still doing? You dare to disobey my orders. Are you going to rebel? ?” Seeing that thousands of horses in hand, Ace Cadal, are getting closer and closer, no one came out to stop me from panicking. At the same time, I have long been anxious and out of tune. The baiwenhang are all baiwenhang who have raised you for nothing. I always warn you that if you die here today, no one will want to be better!
However, when I heard such an order, everyone still didn’t move. I just looked on coldly. Hehe, did you raise us? Did we raise you, the president of a glutton?
You! Be ace Cadal Tiger Claw flashing cold light shook his eyes to see bullying without a lean and inducements very good! From now on, all the highlevel posts will be removed. From now on, someone will sell them, regardless of rank, occupation and ability, and allocate guild positions in the order of hand!
As a result, everyone is still indifferent to this day’s competition for favor. Hehe, if you follow you, you will grow up to a higher position. What’s the matter? In the end, you’ll be the scapegoat like that confidant.
The lean man in this life has finally been completely desperate. Until now, he has not lost his hands. What will suddenly become like this? But he knows very well who all this started from.
I hate biting my teeth and my eyes are splitting. The whole face is ferocious and twisted. I am full of resentment. Once again, I put my eyes on Wu Shen’s words through my teeth. It is even more hateful. You wait for me today, and I want you to die … ah!
Words to a half time ace Cadal claws finally waved to accompany a scream seconds kill!
The whole world is quiet …
Listen I lean didn’t say that finish words looking at him lying on the ground body wu koo shrugged today can’t blame me? Is your own death …
Not dead, but digging your own grave!
Although it is clear that a lean body is not a good bird, Wu never dreamed that he could do something that offended public anger in front of everyone. This is simply mindless. It is not terrible for a president to die. Losing people’s hearts is the most terrible thing.
In addition, if he has joined a lot of guilds to guard the masked legion at the resurrection point, as I said, he will once again lift a rock and drop it on his own foot, and it seems to be quite heavy.
It’s not hard to imagine that after such a incident, the president base will be the first to compete for favor, and everyone’s performance just now is a good proof
At the same time, it is a good thing for Wu, which saves him a lot of effort. At this point, he doesn’t need to do anything anymore. It has become an inevitable trend that the shortterm platform will be vacant. Then former Wu has always suspected that the black hand behind the impeachment of his body will take action again, and at least he will find an agent, so he will be one step closer to the truth.
喝茶约茶Well, this kind of person is alive in the waves! It’s a pity that this is a game in which you can be resurrected after you die.
It is this kind of scum that should not be alive. The masked legion also called it one after another
And it’s even more complicated for people to look at Wu.
Although I was not a good bird, they all thought he deserved to die in their hearts, but how to say it, he is still the president of the real competition. In a sense, it means that the face of the competition is so killed by outsiders in front of them, and it is still their face that they can’t let Wu and the masked army leave so easily
But let them talk to Wu. After all, Wu is their old president, and now that the lean man is dead, the order will not count …
Ace Cadal seconds kill I lean in also ignore others came back with their heads held high, who also dare not stop, but at the same time, they are no one from silently closed the encirclement again and looked at the masked legion eyes suddenly don’t know what’s going on.
Wu also ignored them hey hey wryly to ace Cadal’s side with a hard face. That … Xiaobai, let me tell you something. Can you stop biting me after listening?
Ace Cadal leng is also a small asked what do you say first.
Wu apologetically said, Actually, it’s not a big deal. Do you know that there is a skill called’ member knot’ in the game?
Ace Cadal nods, I know.
Wu silently took a small step back and continued to laugh. Then you should also know that this skill is only available to guild members, right?
Ace Cadal didn’t say, I know that, too. So what?
Wu has secretly selected the’ member knot’ and silently took a small step back and said, No, nothing happened. I am going to fly back to White Tiger City with this skill, but you are np and can’t join the guild …
Speaking of which, I saw that Ace Cadal was panting and gaping at him. Wu Yi was clever and rushed to make a knot and Brothers took off! to be continued
Chapter one hundred and fifteen Goddess landing
No matter the masked legionnaires or the daycompeting people, they didn’t understand why the gang of ace Cadal suddenly turned against each other and looked at each other.
But fortunately, the masked legion had already received Wu’s takeoff notice as early as before. At this time, I heard Wu’s propaganda, and at the same time, the air ticket had appeared. Of course, I chose OK without thinking.
Brush brush! White light is on.
In the blink of an eye, the masked legion disappeared like this, as if they had never been in a general field, scratching their heads, competing for favor with everyone and being furious, but they jumped at Ace Cadal, staring at each other with small eyes, and how strange it was.
And masked legionaries have a don’t fall in the headquarters is located in the southeast corner of the white tiger city 【 posture au 】.
When I first arrived here, the exquisite and unique environment and atmospheric architectural style immediately attracted everyone’s attention. I was all excited, looking in all directions, chattering and talking all the time, and I left the matter of Ace Cadal’s defection behind me.
Wow, this is our headquarters, which is simply’ highend atmosphere, lowkey, luxurious and rich’. I said, how did you cheat the director in such a beautiful place? Oh, no, how did you get it?
Yeah, look at this rockery. There are goldfish in this pond. It’s so chic. I’ve never been so extravagant in this place. After that, this place will be us, right, Great God?

"Don’t! I want to divorce you! " Nie Yutong found that in the face of Zhuang Junhui’s gentle treatment, her determination to divorce was somewhat shaken, and her tears were even more fierce. The grievances were overwhelming and she was completely submerged.

"Oh, you want to divorce me so much!" Zhuang Junhui simply picked her up and smiled and said, "Let’s go home and talk!"
After pondering for a long time, Li Zhenyu’s mind flashed with flashes of light, and finally he figured it out. He said to Xia Xue, who was with him, "There was another person in the bedroom besides us!"
"who?" When the words came out, Xia Xue felt incredible. "You don’t mean Yuxuan!"
"Yes, that’s him!" Li Zhenyu didn’t mean to joke at all. He immediately got up and called the family doctor, and the metal surveyor repeatedly searched for it.
The bracelet and anklet were all picked, and the metal surveyor kept ringing. After repeated tests and inspections, Yuxuan finally found a pocket bug in her armpit.
That bug is the size of a small grain of rice, and the armpit skin of a child can’t be found if it isn’t so seriously searched for roots repeatedly!
Recommend Yan Mang’s modern ending article "Contract Flash Marriage"
"What are you going to do? We are a contractual couple! " Seeing some wild animal approaching with dangerous breath, she woke up in horror.
Without hesitation, he threw her down on the soft bed and smiled. "The contract doesn’t stipulate that I can’t exercise my husband’s benefits!" "
She belongs to the sheep, and he belongs to the tiger. The fortune teller said that they would not listen to the fortune teller’s nonsense together, and she knew very well that being with him was just like saying "the sheep went into the tiger’s mouth".
When black belly meets Leng Qing’s silence and confronts man show’s new love pk’s old love, a series of fierce collisions and sparks are everywhere, and wonderful love is performed!
17 is not dreaming!
桑拿网On that day, Luo Bin pretended to be a masseur and massaged Yuxuan. It was incredible that a bug was quietly implanted in Yuxuan’s armpit while people were unprepared!
Regardless of the public, it’s a miraculous challenge for him to say that the bug is so small that the baby’s skin tissue is so thin that he doesn’t hurt the child or make the child behave differently during the implantation.
Finally, the family doctor took out the rice bug and repeatedly observed Yuxuan’s armpit, concluding that "this is a simulated skin paste and it is not really implanted in the young master’s skin tissue."
I see! This is logical! Otherwise, Luo Bin wants to implant the bug into the skin and tissue roots of Yuxuan before anesthesia. It is impossible to stimulate Yuxuan slightly, and Yuxuan may cry.
The source of the leak has been found! No wonder the secret conversation between husband and wife in the morning can be leaked. It’s this bug that caused trouble!
Xia Xue thought of a new problem. Since her conversation with Li Zhenyu can be eavesdropped by Luo Bin, when they are intimate … is it not equal to live broadcast! Thought of here, Qiao face could not help but spat crimson-pervert!
"Robin, you pervert! Come at me and don’t hit my wife and children! " Lizhenyu growled at the pocket bug
I can see that Li Zhenyu was stimulated by Luo Bin. At this time, he lost his usual composure and was a little excited. Xia Xue and Yuxuan were the most important people in his life. He resolutely refused to allow people to covet their mother!
"Jin Woo calm down! If you mess up, wouldn’t it make Luo Bin more satisfied! " Xia Xue quickly comforted him and held his big hand tightly, hoping to lose his strength to him and let him calm down as soon as possible.
Li Zhenyu closed his eyes slightly, trying to calm down his heart and set off waves of anger. He had to calm his head as soon as possible to think about what to do. He opened his eyes again for a long time, and it was clear in Kurome. Although he calmed down, he still looked cold and gloomy.
Gently take Xia Xue into her arms and Li Zhenyu sighed guiltily, "You are scared with me because of the snow!"
"Don’t say such things! We are husband and wife! You should share happiness and hardship! You are what Yuxuan and I rely on. When will our mother be with you to face the ups and downs together? " Xia Xue stayed up and kissed his perseverance and gentle encouragement way
Feminine tenderness is a good medicine, which slowly relieves Li Zhenyu’s tension and violence. She snuggles up to his arms and he has the courage and strength. On how powerful the opponent is, he is willing to last stand.
Sister-in-law Liu led in a small, middle-aged man with a pocket tablet in his hand and put the words input fingerprint in front of Li Zhenyu.
"Snow puts your finger in the middle box!" Lizhenyu wake up way
"What is this?" Xia Xue was puzzled.
"This is intelligent fingerprint recognition! In order to prevent Luo Bin from sneaking into our house again in disguise, I have set up a fingerprint anti-counterfeiting system at every door. Everyone who enters or leaves our family, whether they are bodyguards or nannies, must verify their fingerprint identity! "
Xia Xue dazed, that’s a good idea! A person’s appearance can be disguised, but fingerprints can’t! Zhen-yu li this method is fundamentally put an end to the security risks, but it can be seen that zhen-yu li fear of robin is simply jittery.
Love for his wife and children makes the strongest man fearful. He is afraid that Robin will hurt his wife and children! To think that Luo Bin swaggered into the house to give Yuxuan a massage and paste a piece of imitation leather of the bug into Yuxuan’s armpit, he would feel a chill. If Luo Bin had done something to Yuxuan at that time, for example, feeding something to Yuxuan or injecting something, it would have made him crazy.
The same thing will never happen again. He decided to install an intelligent fingerprint identification system at home to prevent Luo Bin from entering the room again.

When Uncle Zhang saw Yu Enze Anbao, he immediately trotted over excitedly. He hugged Yu Enze’s waist and upturned his little face, like Yu Enze’s eyes were full of joy. "Uncle Zhang, how did you find me? I’m so happy to see you."

"Your mother told me that you studied here, and then I found you." Yu Enze made up a white lie.
This cute little guy in front of me is his son, who is five years old.
It turns out that he still has a son. He and long summer share the same baby.
For five years, he didn’t know anything all the time, so he separated from his son for no reason for five years.
Yu Enze hugged his arms, Anbao’s eyes were hot and humid, and he suddenly didn’t know whether he should be happy or sad at the moment.
Simple AnBao today, he met an uncle named Zhang by chance. He didn’t know that holding him now was his real father.
If Amber knew that he was his father, would he be happy or sad?
"Oh, that uncle Zhang is coming to play football with us, right?" Amber blinked her beautiful phoenix eyes and looked at Yu Enze.
"My good uncle is going to play football with you." Yu Enze suppressed his excitement and complicated mood and forced a smile.
In the afternoon, the sky was covered with purple and pink haze, and the sunshine was full of Anbao’s sweaty and innocent smiling face, which was like a layer of bright gold. The soft breeze echoed with his laughter after he and Yu Enze won.
"Let’s take a photo with our uncle to celebrate our victory in Laianbao." Yu Enze pulled Anbao to his side affectionately.
"Ok, uncle, don’t forget to give me one when the photos are developed." Amber couldn’t wait.
The mobile phone "clicks" a blue sky, a green lawn, a big one and a small one, and a clear smile is fixed into eternity.
My heart is beating violently and my hand is shaking. Maybe I have to cry for joy to form Yu Enze’s mood at this moment.
He stare big eyes straight wait for a while looked at the photo, one big and one small, which is almost as handsome as him. Yan Anbao is his Anbao, his own flesh and blood. Yes, Anbao is his son. It is true.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-three That uncle, you will be my father.
"Uncle Uncle" Amber cocked her little head and kept shaking her arms, staring at the photos in her mobile phone.
Yu Enze recovered his mind. His eyes were half full of glittering and translucent lips. At this moment, he wanted to tell Anbao that he was his father, but his throat seemed to be blocked by something and he couldn’t say a word.
"Uncle, why are you crying?" Amber held out her tender little hand and lovingly wiped away tears from her face.
If it weren’t for Anbao waking up, Yu Enze didn’t realize that he was rude. A five-year-old child shed tears in front of him. He hurriedly forced himself to suppress his excitement and smiled gently at Anbao’s own son in front of him. "Uncle is happy with you. Uncle shed tears happily."
"If you are happy, just laugh. Don’t shed tears. Tears are sad." Anbao solemnly told Yu Enze, "Uncle, you should laugh happily with me later, okay?"
"A good uncle must laugh like a dear Amber." Yu Enze hugged Amber in his arms. He held him tightly for fear that Amber would disappear from his world in a second. This is his baby. He loves his sweetheart and treasures his heart.
"If your father suddenly appears in front of you one day, will you be happy?"
Amber suddenly fell silent. He slowly walked to the audience and sat down to see him. He looked at the immature voice in front of him gloomily, but seemed to be carrying a limit. He floated in the air. "I don’t know if my father would be happy if he suddenly appeared in front of me. Maybe he would."
"What" Yu Enze Anbao sat beside him and his mood suddenly became heavy.
"Maybe it’s because I miss him so much that I’m sad." Amber seemed to sigh.
Yu Enze stared at the picture of Anbao, which was very similar. His cold and handsome face was covered with Anbao’s age, so he shouldn’t be so sad at this time.
Who is wrong now?
Who drew a long-unhealed wound for Anbao’s young mind?
For so many years, Amber has never had a father’s love. When he grew up in childhood, how much did he have to bear? He should not bear the pressure.
Whose fault is it?
If you want to study the matter from beginning to end, you can’t blame long summer alone, but Yu Enze is also responsible.
Although he didn’t know anything about Anbao before, he was Anbao’s biological father. He did disappear from Anbao’s world for five years. He didn’t give Anbao the fatherly love he deserved.
So he Yu Enze is also at fault.
Do you want to tell Amber who he really is?
品茶What if I told her that Amber was not prepared?

Long summer raised her hand and just touched Xiaowa’s forehead skin, and she was shocked. "It’s so hot, Xiaowa, you have a fever."

"It seems to be Sister long summer. I feel that my body is so uncomfortable." Xiaowa’s tone is getting lighter and lighter.
Long summer got up from the ground without thinking, knocked on the window and shouted, "Somebody is sick! Somebody help!"
"What are you yelling about?" A man in black who was guarding them stormed in.
"My friend has a high fever. She needs to go to the hospital now." long summer was anxious.
"Elder sister, I ask you to use your head, okay? This is the middle of nowhere in the middle of nowhere. What hospital should I go to?" The black dress person shouted impatiently at long summer.
"Eldest brother, you can’t stand by and watch." long summer tugged at the arm of the black dress person and begged him. "If I treat my friend from time to time, she will really die. I beg you to save my friend.
You don’t want to take her to the hospital, but it can be so cold. You must have cold medicine with you. Give her two tablets of acetaminophen, okay? I beg you. "As long summer tugged at the arm of the man in black, long summer noticed the mobile phone in the pocket of the man in black.
"Ah, come on." long summer, a man in black, cried and wiped his tears over and over again, and thought that Chen Moran had specifically told him not to let these two women make mistakes. He reluctantly threw a box of acetaminophen tablets to the ground.
"Get well soon, Leon. We really don’t know how the boss wants us to guard the Great Northern Wilderness all day long. Why do you two drag bottles have to be killed and scraped simply?" The black dress person said "thud" and locked the door.
Long summer hurriedly picked up the cold medicine and ran back to Xiaowa. She helped Xiaowa to lean against the wall. Then she took out two pills from the box and sent them to Xiaowa’s mouth. "Xiaowa, come and swallow these two pills. If you burn them, you will return."
Xiaowa swallowed pills with difficulty, and hot tears rolled down her cheeks. She was ashamed and sad. "Sister long summer, I’m sorry that I have caused you trouble. You always leave so much food for me in my body, but you eat so little yourself. Now I’m unwillingly sick, so you have to beg those heinous people. Sister long summer, I’m sorry."
"Xiaowa, you say that again." long summer was angry. She held Xiaowa’s cold hands. "You are my sister who shares weal and woe. How can I ignore that you don’t always have negative thoughts? The stronger you are, the faster you get better."
"Well" Xiaowa nodded with tears, and all her hopes have been pinned on long summer.
"I just saw the mobile phone in the pocket of the man in black." long summer whispered to Xiaowa’s ear and told her, "If we want to find a way to get the mobile phone of the man in black, we can unite grace."
"Sister long summer, have you thought of a way?" Xiaowa looked at long summer with anticipation.
"Xiaowa, you have a good rest first. Tonight, your fever is almost gone. I’ll tell you what I think early." long summer comforted Xiaowa.
Early the next morning, long summer gently asked Xiaowa, "Are you feeling better?"
"Sister long summer, I am much better." Wow looks much better than yesterday.
Long summer touched Xiaowa’s forehead, and her fever was gone.
"Xiaowa, listen to me." long summer told Xiaowa in a tiny ear that she had found a way.
Xiaowa quickly understood long summer’s meaning and saw that she began to lie on the ground and roll in pain.
Long summer looked at Xiaowa and winked at him. Then he shouted out of the window, "No, someone’s killed! Somebody!"
Chapter one hundred and thirty-five I can count on you
"What’s the matter with the noise?" The black dress person rushed in in regret when he heard the shouting.
Long summer ran to the front of the black dress person with tears in her eyes, clutching the arm of the black dress person with both hands. "Eldest brother, please help my friend. She’s dying." She glanced at the pocket of a black dress person in the corner, but his cell phone was still good.
Lying on the ground, Xiaowa was convulsing and breathing disorder, and turned his eyes.
The sudden situation obviously made the men in black panic. It seemed that they were in big trouble. He quickly squatted down to observe Xiaowa’s situation.
Long summer behind the black dress person immediately made a wink to Xiaowa. After being instructed, Xiaowa quickly pulled out the mobile phone in the black dress person’s pocket. long summer played it by ear and directly swung the shovel by the fireplace and slapped it at the black dress person’s head to prevent the black dress person from being violently attacked. The bright red blood flowed out of the back of his head. Before he got up and resisted, he had fainted.
Long summer found out the gap between the men in black tied by the rope and Xiaowa immediately dialed the international rescue number, and then dialed the number of Yu Enze.
Yu Enze was driving back from the Woods when he heard the phone ring. He quickly took out the words from his pocket. The screen showed that it was unknown, obviously it was also processed, and it was Chen Moran calling again. He picked up "hello" grumpily.
"Boss Yu, I’m Xiaowa. Sister long summer and I are now imprisoned in Chen Moran. Canadian ehorse, come and help us." At the other end of the words, Xiaowa was anxious for help.
"Little" Yu Enze was about to speak when there was a harsh cycle busy tone.
桑拿网  title="long summer Jr. and her friends are now imprisoned by Chen Moran in ehorse, Canada. Now things have turned into a major transnational kidnapping case. Take me to save them as soon as possible." Yu Enze was in a hurry.
"Well, I’ll report to the superior immediately. It seems that we have to apply for the assistance of the Canadian police." The novel tried to pick up the words and call his superior.
Maybe it was too long when the men in black went into the hut and didn’t come out for a long time. His three men in black couldn’t help but get suspicious and decided to go into the hut together to have a look.
Wow, I saw through the window that the three men in black were coming towards the cabin. After hiding from the door frame, they clung to the wall. long summer nodded.
Long summer immediately raised his pistol from the black dress person who fainted just now because he got a shovel after receiving the information of Xiaowa’s eyes, and was ready to attack at any time.
The door was slowly opened by a man in black. long summer stepped back to hide himself better. At that moment, when the man in black first stepped in, long summer turned his gun on the temple of the man in black.
"Don’t come here. If anyone comes here, I’ll shoot him." long summer grabbed the man in black who was under her control and threatened to others while approaching in the direction of Xiaowa.
I’m the two men in black across the street saw the situation evolve to the point of life and death, and they were ruthless regardless of the willy-nilly. Their teammates were under long summer’s control, and their bodies were a random shot. long summer was quick-witted and was shot in front of him, and the men in black narrowly avoided their bullets.
As long as they proudly held guns to cover the black man who was shot dead in the corner, long summer and Xiaowa, long summer did not hesitate to send two bullets cleanly and accurately and mistakenly hit their hearts.
Looking at the three bodies in a pool of blood, long summer and Xiaowa kept gasping for breath, and their cheeks were red with fear.
"Sister long summer has one left. What should I do?" Xiaowa pointed to the ground and was firmly tied. The black dress person who had been unconscious asked long summer anxiously.
"Keep this alive, he is the evidence that the police arrested Chen Moran." long summer said that his voice suddenly became hard and his forehead was cold and his face became pale.
Xiaowa suddenly worried "long summer elder sister, what’s wrong with you"
Long summer, this just showed a bullet to Xiaowa from the left shoulder. she entered the snow, and the blood in the soft skin was soaked in the white coat, which spread all the time, and almost the second half of the body was printed as red blood.
"Sister long summer, you’re hurt." Xiaowa looked at long summer with shock. His left back shoulder was raw, and he couldn’t stop crying.
"Don’t cry, Xiaowa." long summer endured the severe pain and forced himself to laugh. "I can stand this injury. Don’t be afraid that I won’t die."
"Sister long summer, what should I do to you? You tell me and I’ll do it at once." Seeing that long summer was seriously injured and lost so much blood, she was frightened and helpless.
"Calm down, Xiaowa." long summer gritted her teeth and comforted Xiaowa. "I’m fine. This gunshot wound is nothing. It’s inconvenient for you to move now. Stay here. I’ll go out and see what you do for a while and I’ll tell you."
Long summer trudged to the door. It turned out that the men in black lived next to them. Except for the snow-capped mountains and Snowy Road, there were only two huts left. The sparsely populated place was the foot of the mountain, which was a long way away.
Although the houses of those men in black are humble, they are much warmer than those of long summer and Xiaowana. They have beds, tables and chairs and plenty of food.
Long summer opened the desktop drawer one by one and started rummaging through anti-inflammatory drugs, disinfectant and gauze daggers. Sure enough, the men in black were prepared for accidents before their death.
Don’t worry, long summer Xiaowa took all the men in black pistols and keys to hide, then hopped outside and locked them together.
"Sister long summer, what did you find?" Xiaowa jumped up to long summer and put the pistol and key on the table.
"Wow, how did you get out? You’ll hurt your feet like this." long summer couldn’t help but be scared when she saw that Wow was jumping out.
"Sister long summer, I don’t trust you. I’m afraid something will happen to you." Xiaowa’s words are serious. "I can’t escape if I lock them in."
Seeing long summer find out those potions, gauze and daggers, Xiaowa can’t help but stare big eyes. "Sister long summer, you have to take out the bomb yourself."
"I didn’t take it, you took it for me." long summer calmly watched the worried little wow.
"I" Xiaowa’s heart is about to jump out. "Sister long summer, I have been holding a knife for so long. Count it with five fingers. Do you believe me? Are you afraid of any mistakes?"
"Xiaowa" Beads of sweat dripped straight from his forehead. long summer clenched Xiaowa’s trembling hands and her eyes were weak. "Don’t panic and don’t be afraid of me."
There are also people in this wild mountain. You can help me take out the bullet. I can rely on you. Don’t you remember? You are a man with a gun. It’s nothing to help me get a bullet. I believe you and please believe in yourself. You can. "
Long summer handed Xiaowa the sterilized dagger in his hand. "Come and take this and do whatever I ask you to do."
Xiaowa swallowed heavily, and she took the dagger from long summer hesitantly. Her hands kept shaking out of control, and her heart suddenly lost rhythm, and sweat soaked her clothes.
Long summer turned his back on Xiaowa and encouraged, "Xiaowa, don’t be afraid. I believe you don’t hesitate to put a knife in it and pick it out. Are you saving your sister?" See long summer biting a wooden stick in his mouth. "Come on, sister, I am far stronger than you think. I can stand it."

The first one is Huo Jiujian, who indicates that he has entered the ruins of Shenhuang but has lost his way.

Then the second note was full of complaints.
"Are you kidding me? Do you have a friend like you? After I came in, the map root couldn’t find you, and I don’t know where to hide. I’m now in the desert. Is there a big bird attacking me and a sand whale using me as bait? If I show my identity, no one will talk to you. If you don’t die, get over here. I know you want to go wherever you want. This place is dying. It’s really drunk without a baby to find."
A pile of complaints shows that Huo Jiujian’s mentality is exploding badly, and you are really a little happy to see that his mentality is uneven and he replied coldly with the word "waiting"
Chapter one hundred and eleven While waiting.
When Huo Jiujian received your crazy voice, two ice-blue horns jumped out of the forest. I can’t see from what angle, but it is certainly a kind of spirit beast.
The angle attack power is not high, which means that even if he carries it hard purely by physical strength, he will leave a trace at most.
Knowing that he may be killed, he still exposes his position, and he can understand that the horn owner protects his home. Facing such a spirit beast, Huo Jiujian respects it from the heart, so he has no intention to fight back.
He did invade the territory, but the terrain of the remains of the God Burn is really complicated and there is no exact map. He also strayed into this place, and these spirits and beasts kept attacking innocently, even if they were not prepared for any big move when delaying, or luring the enemy to attack in depth.
There is nothing to take to attack the practice. In terms of defense, it is purely a multi-layer defense of Xuanli and power. Huo Jiujian was harassed by this kind of anodyne attack all the way. Otherwise, you have to pretend to be decent before you are crazy.
Complaining with you crazy is purely because you are always dissatisfied with the spirit beast, which really doesn’t cause too much trouble.
After getting lost, he strayed into this desert because he felt that the fluctuation of the mysterious force of Jun Kuang really came here. Only then did he conclude that there seemed to have been a huge battle before, and at the same time, Jun Kuang had passed through another magic practice here. Although it was extremely powerful, since Jun Kuang had the spare capacity to make the magical power, it meant that he won easily.
But the avatar means that he must have recovered Huo Jiujian and immediately reached this conclusion.
The so-called returning to the truth is the first step into the realm of God.
Dominating the realm can be regarded as a great accomplishment, so that you can stand on your feet in this world. It doesn’t mean that the practice is over. There are only a handful of strong people in the realm of truth, and even the super gods who have won the honor of being useless.
Returning to the truth and becoming an adult’s spiritual realm seems to be a great realm, but this great realm is not cultivated. The level is not cultivated to a certain extent, and it will definitely be promoted. It is like a madman wandering in the spiritual realm for 100,000 years. It is obvious that epiphany and opportunity are important at the beginning of returning to the true realm.
Huo Jiujian’s self-study is not bad, but it is nothing compared with Jun Kuang, so just as Jun Kuang is very dependent on him in politics, he can also rely on Jun Kuang very openly when fighting.
So after he got lost, the first thing he did was to inform Junkuang, and then he complained to Junkuang and told him to wait for him. He’d better wait in the same place. Although this man may not be reliable in speaking and doing things, he is not the kind of guy who teases people at will regardless of the occasion. Huo Jiujian thinks it is necessary for him to wait like this.
There are more and more sand whales attacking in the forest, and his feet are surrounded by a large area. In the day, there are still many big birds waiting for an opportunity to sneak attack if they stay in the hinterland of the desert. Even if they are not attacked, Huo Jiujian decides to go into the forest and attack his "children" who are not stingy with their beautiful horns.
"I’m going" is when his mind moved and swept by the forest, only to find that there was an excellent hidden layer of prohibition. Suddenly, he bumped into the prohibition and appeared several cracks, but he soon recovered gradually, leaving him with a red nose.
He calculated that the direction was south.
"Oh, this is not hitting the south wall, but if you break the ban directly, will it scare them?" He muttered back and forth in circles.
Therefore, it is not convenient for sand whales near the boundary to jump around Huo Jiujian, which can be regarded as a demonstration, and the big birds have not attacked Huo Jiujian again, even though this place is at the border of territory, all races will not invade each other.
He got into the forest by accident and didn’t want to invade the forest so savagely, so he could temporarily hold back his emotions and see if there was any way for the guys hiding in the forest to accept him as an outsider normally.
"Good boy, are you hungry? I have meat here." He turned his hand and threw out a piece of animal meat.
The spirit beast lay down for a while, and soon began to dry up and lose water, and the oil in the flesh began to leak out, and the best taste was lost.
Huo Jiujian didn’t try so hard to stare at the strong light while waiting to take out a water bag and pour some water into his mouth as a supplement.
After a while, he threw another piece of meat, which was a little smaller than the previous one.
According to his guess, it is impossible for these cautious spirits to get close to each other easily in a few hours.
However, this is his measurement, but in fact, the meat failed to attract the spirit beast in the forest, but attracted the big birds in the sky, and soon he was surrounded by a large number of birds
Huo Jiujian looked at it carefully and found that these big birds are not wild birds, but look more like larvae of the same race, and in terms of attack power, they are not much better than ordinary birds.
If he is happy, he can immediately call out Xiao Ji. With the momentum of the descendants of Tongying, Xiao Ji Qing Luan can suppress them and cannot move.
Does the Lord need my help? Xiao Ji whispered that he also took a little interest in this larval big bird because he found a little familiar feeling from these birds
Forget it. Do you know what race they are? Is there any taboo? Huo Jiujian sighed in his heart. The young birds have limited tolerance. It would be bad if they were accidentally scared.
Nothing. If you eat anything, Xiaoji said confidently
In this case, Huo Jiujian turned his hand and took out a large piece of meat and tore it into strips to feed the young birds, but the young birds got out of the way in a very orderly way to let a darker young bird eat first.
I’m afraid this guy is the future leader of this group. Xiaoji is awake.
Understand that Huo Jiujian tore a piece of meat and held it in his palm. Be careful, he still made a layer of protection by Xuanli. After all, even a young bird, its beak is still very sharp.
The young bird seems to be quite proud and coldly wind Huo Jiujian as if he were looking at something. The worm cocked his head and looked at Huo Jiujian with a face of disdain.
Although Huo Jiujian doesn’t mind, Xiao Ji is impatient after all.
"Love to eat or not" is a high-pitched cry. The virtual shadow of Qingluan rises slowly from behind Huo Jiujian, and it is hard to resist momentum and coercion at first sight.
Chapter one hundred and twelve Bad friends meet particularly jealous
There was a hint of displeasure in this imposing manner, which made the birds panic for a while, and it took more than a dozen breaths to calm down.
桑拿会所The first young bird seems to realize that qingluan is not easy to offend it, and its blood tells it that qingluan is very dangerous. If it doesn’t understand me, it may not survive today.
Out of fear of Xiao Ji, he stared at Huo Jiujian for a while and bowed his head and picked up Huo Jiujian’s hand meat.
Huo Jiujian tore a piece of it and ate it. It seems that he still maintains the demeanor of a leader.
"Well, you can take this leg to eat." Huo Jiujian fed the leader and gave it a huge beast’s hind leg.
"It’s strange how there are no adult birds in this place that need young birds to hunt by themselves." He picked his eyebrows, obviously asking Xiao Ji.
I’m afraid that adult birds can’t hunt by themselves, or for some reason, almost all of them are annihilated. I can’t feel the adult breath. The figure of a child is gradually solidified on the right hand side of Huo Jiujian
Smell speech Huo Jiujian not a sigh "that’s really"
"There must have been a great war here before." Xiaoji thought carefully. "Speaking of it, the avatar seems to be able to restore some dead things to the living. There seems to be no way to do this."
"Yes" Huo Jiujian nodded his head.
The young birds they see are the last remnants of the fierce wind and sand eagle family. Most young birds have little qualifications to fill the ordinary raptors because of their thin blood. Only the leading one caught Xiaoji’s attention, otherwise he wouldn’t bother to show up. After all, Huo Jiujian was also sent away. It’s all the same what kind of spirit beast to feed.
"But that leader even has a lot of connections." Xiao Ji pondered, "I can feel from his body that the primitive blood is recovering, and it is reasonable that his identity is noble." A dying race finally unexpectedly appeared an atavistic strong man, which is probably a relief.
"Do you know what kind of bird it is? Is it worth raising as an adult bird?" Huo Jiujian didn’t think about it.
"He’s a bird, but he doesn’t have much blood superiority except that he’s physically stronger, but it’s necessary to lead the way in the future." Xiao Ji can conclude that "if he catches the auction while he’s a young bird, he’ll surely get a good price for the race. I’m not sure if he’s never seen an adult."
Huo Jiujian was not disappointed when he heard this. "Since there is such a thing, I think it’s better to keep it." He looked at the departure direction of the birds. "They are not easy to get worse when they are born, and they are still in their infancy, and there are such outstanding leaders. If I want to catch it, it will be easy, but his young birds are likely to lose their backbone, and when the whole population disappears, I will be damned."
"Heaven just doesn’t care about such a trivial matter" Xiao Ji gouged out Huo Jiujian and said grumpily.
After all, Heaven is a crazy old partner. Most of the time, we still have to thank one or two for this bitter friend. Even if Huo Jiujian makes any small mistakes, he will be forgiven. Heaven cannot blame Huo Jiujian for natural selection. This is common sense.
"You this character?
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How is it getting colder and colder? "Huo Jiujian shrugged his shoulders regretfully." Come on, let’s see what’s in the forest. "
They’ve seen the size of a sand whale, and their jumping ability is amazing. Huo Jiujian was almost blindsided by them several times, and it’s not so easy to feed such a big guy.
The ice blue angle no longer attacks Huo Jiu’s sword forest. It seems that there has never been any noise. Generally speaking, the spirit beasts don’t understand the hidden breath, so they can almost see through their hiding place at a glance.
"mainly rush in?" he asked

Chen Shu cut to the chase and said, "You go and kill Chu Feipeng."

Then came Pan Dong’s harsh voice "You are not qualified to order me"
Chen Shudao: "Do you think you can still live if I publicize your betrayal of Ye Er?"
Pandong didn’t speak.
Chen Shudao "It’s like this when I give you two days."
In less than a minute, the amount of conversation information is huge.
I looked Pan Dong in surprise.
He is still calm.
桑拿论坛It turns out that he already knew Chen Shu.
And … Chen Shu said he betrayed Ye Xiangyuan …
I looked at Ye Xiangyuan again.
Section 242
He looked as usual and couldn’t see what his mood was.
It suddenly occurred to me that Ye Xiangyuan said that rape was with him and Ye Li’s card was also his close person.
Is Pan Dong the traitor?
It occurred to me that when Ye Sanye sneaked into Qinyuan and took me away, Pan Dong deliberately pretended to faint. Could he have done that because he wanted to let Ye Sanye go?
But he showed it to Chu, at least to prove that he was still on Ye Xiangyuan’s side.
I didn’t think much about it, and the third recording was released again.
This recording is a key record of Chen Shu ordering another killer to kill Chu Feipeng.
All this has to do with Chen Shuyou.
I looked at Chen Shu, and his calm face didn’t know what to think.
No wonder he was absent-minded. Maybe he knew he would be targeted like this?
But I’m not as scared as his face.
Maybe it’s because I did too many bad things that I expected this day.
I thought I would wait until this lawsuit was over before giving the information my grandfather gave me to the police and letting the law deal with him.
It seems that this is not necessary now.
Pan Dong said a few words after giving these three decisive evidences to the effect that Chen Shu asked him to kill Chu Feipeng, but he didn’t promise Chen Shu to find someone else.
Later, other people’s cards also produced evidence that He Xinlong framed Chu’s ship.
Generally speaking, Xinlonghe doesn’t want to turn over again.
When the last witness finished his testimony, Li jiaqi got up and left directly. He didn’t wait for the verdict.
His face was horribly black, and he gave Ye Xiangyuan a gloomy look before he left.
The outcome, of course, is that Chu won the lawsuit.
Chen Shu and Xinlong, the old man, were detained in court
After waiting for them, of course, it is the public inspection machine for interrogation and legal sanctions.
Old Xinlong was very excited and kept shouting injustice.
Chen Shu was horribly calm. He looked back at me and Ye Xiangyuan before he was taken away. His eyes were strange.
I’m a little scared.
But he quickly gathered his eyes, and I wondered for a moment if I was delusional.
After that, I didn’t delve into it. It’s impossible for him to send someone to kill us, is it?
Even if he wants to kill someone, it’s not that easy to succeed.
Just like Li jiaqi, he always wanted to step on Ye Xiangyuan, but he still lost.
Now Li jiaqi is estimated to be distressed about how to shut up Xinlong, the old man, and not send him out.
But this is not what I want to worry about.
Chu won the lawsuit, which is the most exciting.
And I didn’t expect such an amazing reversal at all.
Although I expected that Ye Xiangyuan must have another move, I underestimated his affairs and means.
This is simply unilateral crushing.
The ironclad evidence is thrown out, and the other party doesn’t even have a chance to argue.
It took me a long time to recover from such a shock.
Ye Xiangyuan looked at me with a smile. "I didn’t hear what I just thought."
I grasped his hand tightly. "You …"
I don’t know what to say or ask.
I always feel that words can’t express my thoughts.
He smiled and touched my face. "It’s time to go back. If we can make it, we can have lunch with grandpa and them."
We have just gone through a lawsuit that may completely bankrupt Chu’s ship, a thrilling trial that may threaten the whole Chu and Ye’s conspiracy.
But he’s so light as if he’s just been manipulated, but he can’t go home to eat with grandpa and them
I mumbled something to my lips for a long time and sincerely said, "You are amazing."
He seemed to be amused by me and pinched my face. "It doesn’t feel bad to be worshipped by my wife."

Brother, let’s join hands together

Fang Yun eyes flashing. What he needs most now is genuine support. Fortunately, however, this is just a static sword curtain. Otherwise, the sword light keeps flowing, so he can’t afford it.
Brother, let’s join hands together …
A strong budo, seeing Fang Yun, just spoke, only to feel the flash of shua in front of him, and the other party disappeared.
This … turned out to be a master!
The man was dazed, and it took him a long time to turn around.
Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!
Sharp and unparalleled firm but gentle, one after another bombarded the dusty world clock. Every blow has the same strength, and it has the power of thousands of horses, which is unmatched.
Fang Yun hid in the clock of heaven and earth, only to feel the whole body shaking. That strong vibration almost scattered the whole body skeleton. If it weren’t for the combination of the Five Pr ison Bones Emperor, I’m afraid I would be injured just a few times.
Strong shock wave impact, let Fang Yun have a kind of incarnation boat, in the storm, the feeling of sharp bumps. The whole body qi is also extracted and absorbed at an incredible speed.
What a terrible power!
Fang Yun secretly disturb. He is now only able to cultivate the five products of Tian Chong, but he can’t reach the point where he can quickly absorb the true qi from many planes of vanity and instantly replenish the consumption of the true qi . In other people, there is a universal clock, and now it is dead. But Fang Yun abruptly resisted.
Fang Yun long breath, rolling the true qi, immediately from the puppet body, take out. Fill the true qi in an instant.
The bell body trembled at the sound of om The blue sword curtain disappears. Fang Yun finally wore this sword curtain.
In a short moment, in Fang Yun’s perception. It is extremely long.
Good magic weapon, incredibly can block bronze sword curtain! It’s really a waste of time for a strong man who can use these instruments. Let us use them!
Yin zhi’s voice, Fang Yun’s head, black robe bulging, big sleeves open, like a huge night bird. Fang Yun looked up and saw a pair of sen’s cold eyes, as if to pierce Fang Yun.
Yin and Yang go against the chaos!
The sleeve robe was opened, and a black paw, full of evil spirits, came out from the sleeve robe. I saw the palm, a pat in the void, and there was a stream of true qi, which was divided into black and white, and separated from its sleeve. A spin in the void, immediately bear fire transpiration, roll to Fang Yun.
Fang Yun only felt that the world was dark, as if he were in an endless darkness. And over the night, in January, the sky shines, red as fire and white as silver. At the moment of staring, there is an invisible force, as if to peel off the soul and inhale it.
Don’t dare to show off in front of me!
Fang Yun nu smile, eyes flashing, dark void, immediately broken. This fighter who uses the way of Yin and Yang’s rebellion leans out with one hand, only a few inches away from Baihui point above his head.
I dare to break ground on my head, and I will send you to the West today!