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"And the chairman of the board of directors, you prepare a big gift. I’m going to visit in a few days. This time I have to find a way to make up for the fact that I can’t let the cooked duck fly. This child is too worrying. He ran away and asked me to clean up this rotten stall." Wei Xiji Yun sighed.

"You are too kind to the gentleman," sighed Lao Wang.
"Since I am his mother, of course I am responsible for him."
Chapter 57 Who says that you are unhappy without money?
Wei Xi and Gu Xiaomi left the villa by boat. Although they were still afraid of seasickness, Gu Xiaomi tried not to let Wei Xi worry. Strangely enough, Wei Xi didn’t speak and Gu Xiaomi didn’t dare to ask more questions.
"hee, where are we going?" the boat gu Xiaomi finally asked carefully
"I don’t know. Let’s find a car first." Wei Xi waved a taxi by the roadside.
Because it is a suburb, I waited for a long time to come to a taxi. After two cars, Wei Xi looked at Gu Xiaomi’s little face and looked very serious. I couldn’t help laughing and squeezed her little apple face.
"Hey, what’s your face like the end of the world?"
"Are you still in the mood to laugh?" Gu Xiaomi took a white Wei Xi.
"Why not in the mood? It’s no big deal. Don’t worry." Wei Xi took care of Xiaomi.
"What shall we do after?" Gu Xiaomi still looked worried.
"After that, we will live together."
"Why don’t you want to suffer with me now that I’m not a gentleman at our headquarters?" Wei Xi deliberately teased Gu Xiaomi.
"Do you think I am the kind of person who craves vanity?" Gu Xiaomi pursed her mouth and said.
"Of course you’re not." Wei Xi gently kissed Xiaomi on the cheek.
"I am willing to bear hardships with you because I let you break with your family. I am really sorry." Gu Xiaomi shook Wei Xi’s strong hand.
"This is also no way to let’s talk about it later." Wei Xi sighed and looked out of the window.
"Xi, where are we going now? Go home?" Gu Xiaomi looked at Wei Xi, who was lost in thought.
"Oh, no, I can’t go home. My mother will definitely send someone there to find us. Let’s find a hotel first."
Wei Xi turned to the driver and said, "Hilton, please."
"Xi Hilton is too expensive. Let’s live cheaper." Gu Xiaomi whispered in Wei Xi’s ear.
"How can I let my beloved woman be wronged with me when I say that I want you to accompany me to suffer hardships?" Wei Xi said coolly.
"Xi" Gu Xiaomi was touched by a little loss.
The car stopped and the doorman at the entrance of Hilton Hotel opened the door for them.
Wei Xi paid the fare and pulled Gu Xiaomi into the hotel lobby.
"A presidential suite, please"
"Good. Would you like to pay in cash or by credit card, sir?" The receptionist asked politely.
"swipe your card" and Wei took out a card from his wallet and handed it over.
"Just a moment," the receptionist took the card with both hands and put it into the ose machine.
"Sorry, sir, you can’t swipe this card." The receptionist handed the card back to Wei Xi.
Wei Xi took the card and read it before and after, then took out another card from his wallet.
"Try this."
"Okay, just a moment."
"Sorry, this card can’t be swiped either."
"Try this again" and hand out another one.
"Sir, I’m sorry or no"
I tried seven cards one after another, but there was no one to brush. Wei Xi’s face became more and more ugly, and the table was filled with various cards, which attracted people’s attention.
"Try this again" Wei Xi lowered his voice and took out the last card from his wallet.
"How about it or not?" Wei Xi looked at the receptionist and asked.
The receptionist shook her head.
Wei Xi had never been so embarrassed, and said angrily, "How is this possible? So many cards are not working. Is your machine broken?"
"I’m really sorry, sir. Why don’t you change another one?" The receptionist said patiently.
Wei Xi was silent.
Gu Xiaomi said to him, "Don’t worry, don’t try this one." Gu Xiaomi took out a black card from his wallet and gave it to Wei Xi.
Wei Xi smiled and shook his head.
"No, it’s my mother."
Gu Xiaomi asked, "What did you say?"
"My mother had all my cards stopped, and now I’m really poor." Wei Xi slowly put away the table card.
桑拿论坛"It can’t be that their machine is broken. Please try again." Gu Xiaomi handed the card to the front desk.
Wei Xi grabbed Carla from millet and walked out of the hotel.
"Hee, are you okay?" Gu Xiaomi looked at Wei Xi’s side face and asked.
"Nothing, but I don’t have any money now. I have to rely on you to support me." Wei Xi opened his wallet and there were some money left.
"No, I still have some savings enough for us to spend a while." Gu Xiaomi comforted.
"Now the hotel can’t afford to stay" Wei Xinai smiled.
"If you can’t stay in a better hotel, there’s nothing as good as home. It’s cold everywhere, and I’m telling you, every time I stay in a hotel, I sleep super uncomfortable." Gu Xiaomi grabbed Wei Xi’s arm and said that he was foaming at the mouth.
"I know you comfort me and thank you, Xiaomi." Wei Xi touched Xiaomi’s head.
"I’m serious," Gu Xiaomi said with a smile.
"Well, let’s go to dinner. I want to take you to Hilton’s famous western restaurant and I can’t go now," Wei Xi said with some disappointment.
"What’s delicious about dry steak? Let’s go and eat it better." Gu Xiao ran a few steps from Milla to Wei Xi.
"Come here." Gu Xiaomi took Wei Xi for a long time and finally found a small shop in an alley. Although the shop was small, it was bustling and full of people.
"Xiaomi, do we really want to eat here?" Wei Xi hesitated at the door and didn’t want to go in.
"Of course, this is my public comment. Looking for a particularly famous Beijing snack, it is said that we have to wait in line for a long time to eat. We are lucky today. You see, there is still a table to go in for a while." Gu Xiaomi pushed Wei Xi’s back and pushed him in.
"What would you like to eat?" The boss took a small table with a standard Beijing accent.